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  1. I won't give his ID but I'll share a copy-paste of the first message he sent for in case some of you are curious about it:
  2. He's unemployed and not willing to pay more ­čśČ. I've asked $50 for the online trophies and $125 for the history ones and he told me that he doesn't have the money.
  3. So a guy who claims to have OCD has offered me $50 in exchange of getting the RDR2 platinum in his account, I declined since it takes a lot of time but my question is: ┬┐Have you been offered money to get a platinum? ┬┐How much? ┬┐Should had I accepted his request? $50 for 300 hours is not worth. .
  4. So I was playing as a medic early this morning (I was level 0) and after doing one operation I leveled up to level 2, which made me earn 2 trophies at the same time. Is it normal? I got 52 kills during that match but on the guide it says it takes 4 hours at least.