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  1. Chasing Jill Read a Letter Left Behind by Jill. RESIDENT EVIL 2
  2. PlayStation One - Metal Gear Solid Legend of Dragoon Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Chrono Cross Parasite Eve I & II Fear Effect I & II PlayStation 2 - Fatal Frame Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly Fatal Frame III The Tormented Evil Dead - A Fistful of Boomstick Evil Dead - Regeneration Hunter - The Reckoning Wayward Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Silent Hill 2 & 3, and The Room for the proper remastered. Obscure & The Aftermatch God Hand & Killer 7 Resident Evil: Outbreak File #I & II T H E THING Haunting Ground K U O N PlayStation 3 - Demon's Souls Deadly Premonition Heavenly Sword
  3. Yes, based on some articles I read, there will be physical retails coming out later. LINK
  4. It looks beautiful and looks like fun to play, but I agree that it does look like any other PS4 games, so no surprises there. Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, God of War, The Order: 1886 , Red Dead Redemption 2 and a few other games that do look fantastic already. PS1 to PS2 to PS3 to PS4 showed how much difference between them in terms of graphics and till now, admittedly (myself), seeing at this game-play of Godfall, I thought, like yeah, not much has changed and “next-gen graphics” word probably became meaningless to most people because they’ve seen better. BUT, not really much of graphic whore myself, I’m just very curious to see what launch titles are for PS5. It's just nice to know that this is one of the first PS5 games that’s being announced early. Also, what Spaz said, I hope too. Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall fell down quickly into disgrace. Haven't tried Knack but I've always wanted to play it. I thought K:SF was an okay game, just not as good as KZ2 was.
  5. "Godfall" short gameplay revealed. "It's technically your first look at a next-gen launch game in action." More information coming.
  6. @Cryogenicide_X I'm not sure, honestly. Resident Evil 1.5 had a large variety of enemies and later, it was scrapped in 1997. Considering that a hat for Mr. X and Elza Walker costume who was supposed to be one of the main protagonist from Resident Evil 1.5 RETURNED in the reimagining or “remake” RE2, I imagine that RE2: Director Cut might borrow some enemies from original concept of RE1.5. We will see.
  7. Got something here for ya. There’s rumor floating around that Resident Evil 2 might be getting Director’s Cut. I would be really surprised if it was true. "Resident Evil 2: Director's Cut...?"
  8. This had me thought for a second like there's sort of DLC or something lol. It's not. it only moves you to PS Store if you'd want to preorder the digital version of RE3. Just got trophy! Here's this letter if you want to read.
  9. Is that all? Aww, that's okay, I'm just happy to go back to play RE2 anyway. Can't wait to read that file and wonder what it says.
  10. I went to local GameStop and preordered RE3: CE just two days ago. In early February, I received my RE2: CE. I would say it’s really incredibly amazing. The Leon figure is just so stunning! Can’t wait to put Jill Valentine’s figure right next to him. Will share a few photos if you don't mind.
  11. Interesting, looks like it might be more than just a trophy. Jill meets Kendo in this photo.
  12. There better be Mad Jackal, but I'm worried a bit, at least because RE2 lacked the Extreme Battle.
  13. it gets worse every night... obviously the dodge mechanic returns as you can see this in action. Curiously how to see it handles on the live selection. And hope Nemesis'd still drop the weapon after being defeated by Jill or Carlos. Also, Jane Shishlyannikova is the face model for Jill Valentine in this RE3 remake. Updated: A friend informed me that Jane has confirmed that she's not a face model for Jill on Instagram. Someone made a fake account over there on Twitter. My apologies for misleading information.
  14. I... just preordered Resident Evil 3: Collector's Edition! Hyped AF. I should go to bed now or.... dig more into details about this game all night. Hmm. I wonder if Live Selection would be there? Hopefully we'd be able to fight against some spiders in it.
  15. Hey I was wondering the same thing. I would say keep checking on Best Buy and they might eventually release a steelbook without a game for $10. They did that for RE2 but it sold out really really quickly! Hopefully they’d release the deluxe edition with the steelbook version.