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  1. Just counted my PS3 games I'd want to get 100%. It's about 86 games now plus some unfinished games on my list. When will I have the time to finish the rest? Probably never, lol.  (˃ᆺ˂) 

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Got about 68 to get to 100%. Even if the backlog doesn't get cleared, it's at least worth a try. 👍

  2. Finally got a platinum trophy from RE: Resistance & was beaten up a lot (:   Injured Goku Smile Meme Generator - Imgflip 


    Played it like really mad past 2 weeks & didn't know it wasn't that easy & the diff rating is probably somewhere 7 & the newbie or anyone who started this game gonna have a real hard time against the tough mastermind. 

  3. What would you do if someone joined in your boosting session yet they don't say anything nearly for a week? Like start a new boosting session and get other people & make a separate group chat? I left 2-3 questions for them, like which day would work better for them and anything like that & nobody answers since I'm the host of the boosting session and I'm trying to make it work for them. Oh well... 

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    2. r3viladdict


      Feels like it's time to stop this maybe after I'm done with RE: Resistance. A 2 players such as co-op game is cool. 

    3. HarasserPL


      Over the past year, I did all kinds of online boosting in almost 60 games (cleaning up ps3 backlog) and if you have a good mindset, it's not a problem at all. If you stress about it a lot then yes, it gets to you, and its annoying as hell. But if you just make or join a session, wait for people to gather, and just see if they want to boost or not, then it becomes way manageable. 

    4. r3viladdict


      Yeah but when I make a session, everyone can see what time and date I set up & if it's good for them, we all should be on time. It's not easy being person who set up the session especially a game that required more than 6 people & I get that and I've been there before. Not all people are the same & but it's not hard to say, "hey sorry, I can't be available." 

  4. Today is a good day! I won the giveaway, but I had no idea what it was about. Someone DM’ed me on a Twitter and congratulated me for winning the copy of RE3 earlier this morning. Literally had me shaking a little bit...! wow. that was awesome. 17 days to go! 




  5. by SBSDsurendra. 28 days left!


    1. MrTrofyHunter


      Can't wait too. When you going to play RE: Revelations 2? And come on man, finish up RE7 will ya. 😜

    2. r3viladdict


      Nope, Resident Evil 3 first! 😋 

  6. by ドイツ犬 @doitsukenby_.jpg

  7. Yes! Resident Evil art poster =) 32 days left.


  8. By ハヤケン・サレナ (Hayaken). 44 days left till Resident Evil 3. =) Hayaken_Salena.jpg

  9. Today's pickup. I'm so excited to play VANQUISH again, my favorite game of all time!87063322_1297686590419530_35807209863637 

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    2. r3viladdict


      Yup because of tactical challenger trophy. 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      It's a pretty sweet deal/price too. I'm surprised its 39.99 for both games, which is technically 20 a game. They could had easily made more. Waiting on Amazon to price drop it slightly though. xD 

    4. r3viladdict


      Yep! It's fantastic and I'm really enjoying it now. 

      I was thinking about getting Yakuza Remastered Collection but I don't think I could get it lol. Maybe next few months I will see if I can get it :) 

  10. Messaged to 10+ people who need for Bikes as they joined the session and I still got no replies from them. The boosting session is a bit of useless now. >.> I have 2 people who are active now. 

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    2. r3viladdict


      Yeah I think it should allow us to see who is online/available on every boosting session so we can use the instant message with them. We can see who’s online users on the forum page of this site, right?

    3. r3viladdict


      That’s true, Atooya. I did like that for Aliens v. Predator. When you find some reliable boosters, you stick with them for good. What’s frustrating thing about these boosting sessions is when one join the session, he or she never says anything.

    4. Atoya


      Yeah, the design of the boosting session is stupid honestly, it’s not helpful at all, and a lot of people aren’t serious so I don’t know why the enter In first place

  11. Man, DRIVECLUB crashed 30+ times as soon as I loaded it up, no idea how it happened, so I was looking for a solution. I went to back up the save data, then deleted it, tried to see if it works, no crash, but too bad I lost 60 gold stars.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      And this kind of stories make me question why are we paying plus to Sony? Is it to have access to other party server that doesn't work?

    2. r3viladdict


      I think it’s okay now, but I haven’t used plus as much as I did on PS3. Things I want to tell about DriveClub I found ridiculous so much are the challenge server. It’s not always loading properly which would frustrate those who need the challenge trophies. I mean, we have a couple of months before the server goes down, why is it not working right now? Also, about that crash thing, whenever I start up my main account, it always crash like I said, but when I open another account, no crashes at all. 

      Other time, my PS4 didn’t read the RE7 disc because it says unrecognized disc, but I tested other 4-5 PS4 disc games and no unrecognized disc message. RE7 was a hell of a brand new. Made me question to Sony too. Never had this problem much back on PS1-2, but PS3 sometimes freezes while on the XMB screen. Oh well... 

  12. Just wanted to say... Happy 20th anniversary to Resident Evil 3! 

    1. thepeaguy83


      I feel like an old man now. Lol.

    2. r3viladdict


      Me too. I think I'm gonna play it tonight.