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  1. No needed anymore.
  2. Definitely most thankful for new Star wars game jedi fallen order. Always have wanted a good star wars game after force unleashed even was hoping for third instalment,but this one is amazing,it blew me away👍
  3. Don't know is it because of the region usa/eu but i had no problems with this trophy. Even after the the story while i was reaching 100% on each map i am constantly having encounters with all types of bounty hunters.
  4. As i have read there are no plans for dlc,but definitely would like to see more content..
  5. I would like to see Dead space and Dante's Inferno
  6. I can confirm this method works,Thanks !
  7. Maybe you can play with cheats till the end then turn it off cause they said during that "play session" so on final mission i hope we can turn it off and get the trophy for "jedi master" trophy ?
  8. I can confirm that method by playing in asia servers works well. I have found some guy from China and asked him if he can host for me,we played one match we won and trophy popped out,before that i had over 30 wins and i couldn't have got the trophy until i played on his servers,so all of you if you still have troubles with it,try to find some players from China,Japan here and ask them for help,some of them will answer you some of them will not,Cheers !
  9. I am not sure am i allowed to post here petition,cause some forums dosent allow it,so if anyone is interested in signing it,go to the Bethesda forum there is topic ''Mein leben'',on the last page is link to petition which i have already signed it.
  10. First of all,i was really super excited about this game,when i heard its coming out,so pre-order was the first thing i did. But must say when i read about that trophy ''Mein Leben'' i was deeply disapointed. I really understand the people saying about not being frustrated with that trophy cause in the end the game is the most important not some silly trophy, but you see from my point of view there are to two aspetcs ,yeah indeed the game is important,but on the other hand there are trophies for us people who like obtaining them. So there must be a balance with a game and trophies,i am always up for a challange but in normal limits,i am not having problems dying in some area x times, losing my nervs but in the end i will repeat it and complete it,this dumb thing just read it and say it does this really sound normal ? '' Hardest difficulty,single life and no save files'' Yeah in the end some will say it do it or not,its just majority of us are having normal daily job,family,kids,why should i be playing for 10-12 h in one sitting,or leaving my ps4 in the rest mode for 3-4 days,bills are expensive these days,or imagine some bug pops out,or power might went off,so many things that can affect your progress or imagine you die at last boss batlle, i dont know what to say,yeah probably the game should be in first place,but really like those trophies,anyway for those who think this must be changed,contact Bethesda/ machine games cause i will also.