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  1. Can you use a save file that was already cleared to get this Trophy?
  2. Thank you so much! /thread
  3. I've been doing really well completing most everything I can in my first playthrough of the game, outside of reading all the books. I have maxed all social links except for the ones that max during the story and the Twins. It just struck me that if I'm not a high enough level to fuse a lot of the Confidant Max Rank personas for each arcana, will I lose that ability to fuse them in New Game Plus? I would rather not have to redo all the social links if I can avoid it. If anyone happens to know the answer to this you would relieve a lot of stress. Thanks!
  4. The trophies say clear 50%, 100% etc. parallel quests. You do not get a rank on a quest unless you are the host or you play offline. If you complete the quests you haven't played before, not get a rank as you were not the host, will that count towards the trophy? It looks like in the game the quest is never cleared but I'm not positive. I tried looking for this in regards to XV1 but didn't find much. Thanks!