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  1. JP - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10087-megaquarium
  2. My HC game for this month is Beep! Beep! Deliveries. It features a ghost and a dragon. Other games for this month are Delta Squad, Distraint, and Just Ignore Them (3x).
  3. So, finally found the time to test it. And yes, you have to be online for the trophies to pop. Being offline doesn't unlock a single trophy - and I have tested this with more than one alt account.
  4. What? That's ridiculous... But I was offline too when I tried it yesterday. Will try it when I'm back home tomorrow.
  5. Tried this game on an alt account yesterday. Started campaing, played until level 10, not a single trophy. Haven't touched this game since then. 🤷‍♂️
  6. You mean this one? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9845-lostember This list is around here for quite a while already.
  7. GRIP Legend 2.91%
  8. Another game in which Toplitz Productions are involved without a plat - what a surprise! 🙈 But thanks for letting us know.
  9. NA - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9819-mad-games-tycoon EU - https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9820-mad-games-tycoon
  10. That's a very weak indicator. I have 10.37 trophies per day and I'm not a team account.
  11. I think PSNP would get a lot of errors the first time due to profiles which changed their names. But this should be a one-time issue and not a big deal afterwards.
  12. Removing all inactive users would be the worst idea from marketing point of view. Turning back on auto-updates would be the right thing imho. If they can't handle all updates at once, they should do it in batches then.
  13. From what I've read on the internet I can say that this game is easy, but a huge grind. None of the kill related trophies come naturally and can't be done in career mode. They have to be done in quick match instead.
  14. No, this isn't fixed yet. Don't know if it will ever happen.