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  1. Yippie! 🥳
  2. Good to know, thanks! Have you had to redo the stars or did it unlock automatically?
  3. I think Iro Hero has been added by mistake to the Project Starship series. This game doesn't belong there; it isn't even from the same devs. Please fix. Thanks!
  4. Is your console language set to English (UK)? Try switching to English (US) and it might show up correctly. Most devs only update US and forget about UK or vice versa.
  5. You might have hidden this game. Your profile shows 18 hidden trophies which would match the amount of trophies of Gem Smashers.
  6. This doesn't explain that you've unlocked multiple trophies at the same time. But this game isn't disputed, so I won't go further off-topic anymore.
  7. Your list for The Crew 2 also looks strange. Just saying...
  8. These games are most probably done with a blank account. That's why they don't show any time on exophase.
  9. Wow, they really have no clue what they are doing. PlayStation support can't unlock a trophy for you. It's them who have to release a proper patch. What a shitshow! 🤦‍♂️
  10. I don't think it's glitched. I assume noone really bothered to finish this stack. I'm too thinking about buying the physical version and play it again.
  11. I have played War Theatre a while ago. As far as I can remember, what OP says makes sense and is possible to do.
  12. Yes, but is it physical only? Or might there be a digital release which shares this list?
  13. The trophies for unlocking 10 and 20 stars are glitched. Currently, there seems to be no way to unlock them. Hopefully there will be a fix soon, but I haven't heard anything from the devs since then.
  14. Okay, I finally made a major update on the list. I've added Awesome Pea Collection, Chasm, FoxyLand, FoxyLand 2, Ganbare! Super Strikers, Kid Tripp, Mercenary Kings, Miles & Kilo, Root Double, Task Frorce Kampas, and Xeno Crisis. I still feel like I have missed a bunch. There are some games where I'm unsure if they're really physical only (Nicole, Kawaii Deathu Desu...). And I don't want to add games like Hellmut or Contraptions as long as nowhere is clearly stated that this are limited releases.
  15. With the exception that games by SABIC don't have platinum trophies.