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  1. Enter the Multiverse was glitched, but has been patched a while ago. This game needs (at least) 8 full playthroughs to see all 8 endings.
  2. I used Sonic for all races and only had to retry a few races on hard. I did most of them first try. I never bothered using a power character. Imho, those are completely useless.
  3. You need to completely run out of fuel, then you'll be able to buy an upgrade for your fuel tank. Run out of fuel again and you can buy the second upgrade.
  4. It's this version.
  5. Actually, the game auto-saves after each giveexplorernote command. Should the game crash, you can restart the game and continue with the number the game crashed with.
  6. What a legend you are...
  7. Really? Need to have a look at this on the weekend. Thanks!
  8. OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
  9. Peet's coma card still doesn't show up tho. At least not for me. 😢
  10. After seeing that a new patch has been released, and that someone actually got the plat, I decided to load up my old save. Much to my surprise, the missing card shows up now. 🥳
  11. Good to know, thanks! I will give this a try if I ever come back to this game.
  12. R-Type Final 2 and Söldner-X 2 can both be played on easy difficulties and still be a good challenge. Whenever you feel up the challenge, you can move on to a higher difficulty. And they never said that they want an easy platinum. My answer would have been different then. But I started gaming in the early 90s, every game was a challenge back then. 😂 PS: I hope I don't sound like a dick.
  13. There are of course also games like these: But they won't improve your skills at all. 😜
  14. Well, there are plenty. It all depends on what you're looking for. Horizontal, vertical, stationary, twin-stick shooter, bullet hell, cute 'em up... From shmups I've played recently: If you want a good one with an easy platinum trophy, I would recommend Cotton Reboot. There are several difficulties within this game. Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype would be another good choice. The challenges in this game help me a lot to improve my skills. See videos below. Of course, you can also do nothing wrong with the Capcom Arcade Stadium. There are some awesome shmups available as DLCs. Plus, you get a good variety of games. I think R-Type Final 2 might also be a good choice for you. You can start on an easy difficulty and work your way up all to R-TYPER. But good luck with that. But stay away from Euro shmups like Stellatum and stuff like that, if you want to improve. You won't learn anything from these type of games.
  15. I was going for this trophy a year ago. I ran this dungeon multiple times but never get this trophy. Even thought I always picked up both ingredients. I also did some research at the time and it seems that this trophy is glitchy. Basicallly, if you don't get first time, you'll never get it. 😕