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  1. You want a higher rank in the leaderboard? Go unlock more trophies. You want to climb up the leaderboad faster? Go play some EZPZ games with a lot of stacks. Removing inactive players does absolutely make no sense - you will anyway overtake them over time. Getting a higher rank in the leaderboard has a lot do to with endurance and dedication. You can't short-cut your way to #1.
  2. For everyone who's hoping for a physical release, here's your chance: https://www.play-asia.com/super-destronaut-dx-intruders-edition/13/70cg6h Note: It will be a slighty different game with new modes and a new trophy list. As stated above, it will be available ONLY as a physical edition and wll fo on sale on December 13.
  3. Could you please give us more details about this "very large percentage"? I only know about a few VR games that actually don't need VR (Volume VR, Paranormal Activity, The Invisible Hours).
  4. There has been a great exploit which made We need to go Deeper - Gold for Gauntlet a lot easier. Sadly, it has been patched a while ago. It might still work if you use the "revert to v1.00" method. The PS4 version of Claire has been patched in the NA but not in the EU store. If you downlod the game from the EU store, you still can use the Nightmare exploit.
  5. How many more disputes are yougoing to open? I think you've been told often enough that your flags won't be lifted.
  6. You're right, I wasn't thinking of the plat being the third illegimate trophy. In this case, both have enough illegimate trophies and should be treated the same.
  7. Actually, there are a lot of people who'd like to see him flagged for his D2R list - trust me. But to be flagged in a game, you need to have at least three illegimate trophies. Hakoom has only two in D2R, whereas OP has four in Uncharted.
  8. Looks like you both have the same exact timestamps on PSN. There's nothing psnprofiles can do about this. Maybe you're first because K comes for W. Also there's no guarantee that you're really the first achiever. Maybe someone earned this trophy earlier but simply hasn't synced their profile yet. And I wouldn't go that far calling this a major bug.
  9. Seriously? This has already been mentioned in the trophy guide from 2015. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/2603-bloodborne-trophy-guide
  10. For me, any theme is fine.
  11. Looks like you haven't been reported yet. I'm still able to report all of your stacks. The flags of @Nauticus87 and @ferryjan are cleary illegitimate and shouldn't have been approved. Problem is, the flag team isn't able to know everything about every game and thus, flags like this can happen. But that's why people are able to make a dispute. Once everything is cleared up, all false flags will be lifted and people won't get flagged anymore for such fast time stamps in this game in future.
  12. Another dev who has no idea how a platinum trophy works. Other good examples are Wer Weiss Denn Sowas? and Maria The Witch.
  13. Level 63 Level Up! Leveled up for the first time! Well, this wasn't done on purpose.
  14. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6808-the-bittrip I think the PS3 tag can be removed, as the physical release was for PS4 and Vita only.
  15. The Bit.Trip has been added.