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  1. I can’t get any club events to start/
  2. Sorry - are throw downs needed? Or are “no” throw downs needed?
  3. I have done all the career events but it’s not oo”poped the no event left behind trophy is this glitched or so I have to do the throw downs also?
  4. I’ve got over 400 now, but no trophy is this because it will only pop at the end of the season/
  5. Controls are good tbh
  6. Same here noth8 g so frustrating I u installed it
  7. After update no credits or rep at all no mater what race or where I finish ....... I have uninstalled it
  8. I a, not getting money finishing Ona weekend 2nd or 8th or anywhere, patch installed same.
  9. Hi anyone here think the historic all silver and all gold and the pro season are absolutely un achievable due to the hardness of the challenges etc?
  10. It is crap and nobody on line so you can’t get all trophies, look at mine also I got the trophy for win a race online but not the compete in your first online race so it’s bugged also