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  1. Don't worry guys, Square Enix isn't going out of business any time soon. The Kingdom Hearts fans won't let them
  2. If the game does get confirmed to be cancelled, anyone who bought it should seriously get in touch with Sony to try to get your money back. They'll make you jump through hoops for it, but it's your money and if enough people decide to then they may start offering refunds upfront.
  3. Its been out a few weeks now, think Psyonix just left it so long between DLCs that a lot of people haven't gone back to it yet.
  4. Interesting conept. For me its: Best of the Bunch from Rocket Leagues Club Update. 3.28% rarity with 1,821 achievers. Wasn't expecting this to me my rarest trophy considering I wrote the guide on this DLC. #shamelessplug
  5. Seems like it, I haven't unlocked them either
  6. Alright, so what do I do if I didn't do that? What am I supposed to do at this point? Because I don't see any staff giving any solutions.
  7. Honestly, i dont even know how to do the whole 'resigning saves' thing. Last time I tried to do something like that was with littlebigplanet a few years ago, and it didnt work. I dont know what happened to my save that caused the trophies to pop weirdly, or maybe it was something with the PS3, I dont know. But its not like I can just change the time stamps on the trophies, and i definitely can't go back and re-do the game, even if I wanted to. So I don't really know what I can do to prove that I have done this game legit really.
  8. Alright, then i'll explain better what happened. Basically, my ps3 was working fine until around a year ago. I was in between playing burnout and this game, when out of nowhere my ps3 crashes and stops reading disks anymore. I can't go online, and it won't even open downloaded applications, so the whole thing was pretty much screwed. As a last resort, I backed up all of my save data and did a full system restore, but it didn't fix anything. When I moved to my brothers ps3, I finished off burnout (which also has kinda messed up timestamps but nothing out of the ordinary) and I only got around to playing cod like a month ago, which when I moved my save over it popped several trophies almost automatically. Hope that clears some things up. I was about to say something about this until you edited it. I don't see why i can't use a save if it's my save file. It wouldn't make sense. Also if it was from a different account the trophies wouldn't have popped.
  9. wltrsjcwvita Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 brought save over from broken ps3, it gave me both trophies at the same time because they didn't sync
  10. The trailer
  11. Just ran through the second level TWICE and can confirm that the bug STILL HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. I just want to finish this game off ffs.
  12. So after 3 weeks I finally got a reply from Team 17 Good morning ---, Thank you for getting in touch and raising this issue to our attention. Unfortunately, there is a known issue with sub-goals that require you to finish with at least ‘X’ health. Please rest assured that the team is aware of this problem and working towards a solution. We are hopeful that a fix will be included in one of the next updates to the game, in the near future. Our apologies in the meantime for any inconvenience that this might cause you. Thank you for your continued support and patience, Team17 So I guess just wait for a fix now
  13. Worms WMD is currently has a glitched trophy. The trophy 'Billy no Mates' is unobtainable in patch v1.07, making it impossible for anyone with the digital version This is because any sub goal that involves 'Finish the level with x health left' won't count as done; no matter what.
  14. Might as well finish Ratchet Deadlocked
  15. Oh wow, thought I was the only one getting this glitch. It's been happening for me for about 2 weeks now and as far as I can tell there is currently no fix for it. The only solution that I could think would work is not installing the update data, which is unfortunate as it's impossible to download the digital version without the patch. If you have the physical version, then try that, but if you have the digital version then it looks like you'll have to wait for the next update. I'll contact Team 17 about it.