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  1. Fairly certain that you don't need to play the DLCs for the platinum, the requirements shouldn't have changed compared to Dark Souls 2 SOTFS
  2. Looks decent, might check this out. Would be great of them to do Origins too.
  3. It's an unfortunate side effect of this being an Activision game, they're especially notorious for making these kinds of screwups that mess up trophies and achievements. Sometimes by server closures, sometimes by completely messing up the games servers. And then there's the COD hackers etc. Best thing to do at this point is hope that they may be more open to listen when they finally decide to shut the THPS5 servers down for good. Could be years, could be never, but I don't personally see it getting fixed before then.
  4. Fair enough. Mostly just wanted to start grabbing PS5 physical versions to bolster my collection a bit more, but if that's how it is I'll stick to PS4 discs for now then, thank you.
  5. This question's probably been asked a thousand times already, so feel free to point me in the right direction. Say for example I wanted to buy the new Super Monkey Ball game (or any PS4 game with a free upgrade), I know there's a PS4 disc that you can upgrade to download the PS5 version for free, but for the same price is the PS5 disc. Would I be able to download the PS4 version for free with this? Thanks
  6. It was a while back, so my memory's a little hazy. Pretty sure I downloaded the PS4 version on an actual PS4. Synced that up in game on the PS4. Booted up the PS5 version on the PS5 and the trophies started popping. Neither consoles were connected, it was just over Wi-Fi and the game will handle all of the work. Just play a terrorist hunt or situation on PS4 and the PS5 version should ask to download the save.
  7. Managed to work around this by using the 'Manage Game Content' option when pressing Triangle on the game in the PS5 menu. No reinstall necessary!
  8. Aha fair, my bad. Yeah I can get some strange issues with some of my other PSN accounts sometimes, mostly to do with the web browser version. Usually some quick workaround though, but guess I got off easy this time lol.
  9. Was getting issues redeeming this on the PS Store on my NA account, so I switched back to my UK main account and it turns out its just free here as well. Seems like its free in the EU also if anyone's wondering.
  10. That's a couple of questions lol. Don't worry, I'll start from the top. You may have been unfortunate if what you say is true about songs beaten on higher difficulties locking you out of the previous difficulty trophies. Can't say I know specifically if there's a fix, but I can verify that beating every song on Expert will unlock the trophies for the lower difficulties (you can verify in my list, I earned them all at the same time.) Seems like you're doing a decent job with the Gold Stars if you're close to me on the leaderboard lol. If you're wondering how I was getting these scores even without getting an FC, I'd recommend reading this post that I made in the other thread here. To sum it up, I found that by changing the calibration settings from the absurd default that Harmonix sets it to (in my case I set it to 0,0), I was getting much higher scores based purely on timing rather than accuracy. Granted my accuracy was alright to begin with, mostly from playing on the Oculus Quest version more so, but feel free to give it a try and let me know what you think. As for the Gold Star 10x and 100x trophies, I can 100% confirm that you can use repeated songs. Believe me, there aren't even 100 songs in the game, even with all of the DLC lol. You don't need to keep setting new highscores, most of mine I grinded out playing Destiny over and over with completely varied scores, and there's absolutely no way that I was getting new scores across like 90 attempts, so you shouldn't need to worry about that. I assume you're already aware of this, but just to be safe, you can only get Gold Stars on Expert, despite what the Bodhisattva description would have you believe (no point in saying to get Gold Stars on Expert when that's the only place you can get them, anyway). For the issues you're running into, assuming you're playing on Expert then I'm not too sure what the problem might be unfortunately. As you said, the list should update after every Gold Star, which is exactly what it did for me, but if what you say is true, it is definitely concerning. Best of luck, hopefully you don't have any more issues going forward.
  11. Just a heads up for anyone who was as confused as I was trying to get the game to auto-pop. You have to send the game data from the PS4 version to the PS5 specifically from a PS4 console, meaning if you did what I did and tried sending it from the PS4 version on the PS5, it won't work. I had to completely set back up my PS4 (which I'd previously factory reset) just to get this to work, so if you guys still have your PS4s, they are necessary to getting this game to auto-pop. Hope this helps. No, it does not at the moment.
  12. I'm hoping we get a proper next gen version of the game around when 1.18 properly launches, would be nice to get a version to properly use the hardware rather than just using the PS4 version. Also if it does happen, hopefully they'll do the smart thing and keep the platinum the same rather than changing it like what happened between PS3 and PS4 versions, but to be fair I'd probably do most of the hard trophies on a realm anyway lol.
  13. I've heard something like this before, unfortunately the best thing to do is just to replay all of the songs until you get it. Any chance you have higher scores on Expert that's taking priority in the level select screen?
  14. The trophies are incorrect this time around (likely because they're just copy paste from last time) Level 2 has to be played on level 1 for 30 points (there's 40 total) Level 3 has to be played on level 2 for 40 points (there's 60 total) Level 4 has to be played on level 3 for 50 points (there's 60 total)
  15. From what I remember, you can only stack in groups of 4 to be allowed to queue for a public match (which is what's required for the trophies so I assume that's what you mean) If you want to use a full lobby to boost trophies, you will likely have to search in 2 groups of 4 and hope to find each other, which I'm pretty sure shouldn't be too hard to do since it is a much older game, so good luck with that.