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  1. To expand upon this further, if you mess up on level 4 like I did, you don't need to restart the entire game. If you use the strat of starting on level 4 (UP+X on the title screen) then you can get to 8000 points after clearing level 4 by just holding X on ever level. Worked for me all the way up until level 9, it doesn't seem to change.
  2. Glad that's finally over lol. GGs Obviously they didn't quite pop in this order but at least I got what I was after Feel pretty good about having this as my 400th Platinum though, so that's decent
  3. The PS4 version in particular has lost a lot of it's difficulty with the option of hosting a trophy world on a Realms server being just outside of what would normally be against the rules around here. Either way I'm always down for some more Minecraft, hoping they'll put out a PS5 stack at some point.
  4. Last song is just some random tier 1 song that I saved for last purely because I haven't gotten 5 stars on it before. Currently grinding out 1 billion points, gone from around 33% to 85% in like 3 days so hoping to get it done soon grinding out the HtO Album Version. Either way I'd say the platinum is guaranteed at this point. I suppose someone should start on a guide for this soon lol.
  5. Kind of a lengthy post, will post TL;DR at the bottom. So I may have made a rather large discovery, something that is likely obvious to some people but after solving it, is basically the only reason that I'm able to platinum this game. I've played Audica on the Quest for about a year now, and with that I've managed to GS basically all of the difficult songs, including G.O.A.T, HtO, and most of the album versions. However, for some reason, when I would try to take my skills into the PSVR version, I was getting nowhere near GS on even the easiest songs; and when I got an FC on G.O.A.T back in December that was around 50k off of GS, I was on the verge of giving up. Main reason was that I blamed the PS Move's poor tracking that was likely throwing my aim off and making me miss out on a shit ton of points. I believed that was true, until about 4 days ago. I went back to play G.O.A.T again, got a 100% OS (1 misfire), meaning that I still got points for every note, and I was 100k off of GS this time. However, the one thing that I noticed was that my aim wasn't that bad, around 640/750, but my timing was terrible, something like 580 or 590/750. At times when I was hitting notes perfectly, I was getting around 1400s for them, so I knew something was up. Something that I noticed was weird was the fact that this game has a built-in calibration system. Makes sense, it is a rhythm game after all. I'm sure Harmonix of all devs know what they're doing with this sort of thing, but it seemed strange to me considering the fact that you can only have 1 (technically 2 I suppose) types of PSVR, then why would you need to calibrate it if the game is designed for the platform. But this feature itself isn't the issue, the main issue is that by default, the calibration is set to 20/-40 (20ms for video, -40ms for input) which for a rhythm game is quite an extreme and odd choice. Simply put, I set the calibration to 0/0, and after 1 attempt at G.O.A.T that was like a -7, it already beat the 100% I had gotten like 5 minutes before. A few tries later, and what do you know: Since I've gotten that run, everything else has been pretty much easy. According to the game's tracker, I'm currently at like 98% with about 350 million more points to go. Trying to get the last 9 trophies to line up together, so wish me luck on that one. Don't want to post too many screenshots in here or try to flex too hard, so I'll throw everything in this Imgur album to show that I think I may be on to something. Obviously this won't help out some new player who's just starting out, but if you're skilled enough to get like -3 on most songs, this may be of use to you. TL;DR: I set my calibration to 0/0 and all of a sudden I'm getting wayyyy more points on timing.
  6. If you're playing Ranked (or Bomb mode on Quick Match) you should pick an operator that's good for planting the bomb that can also bring the defuser. Ace is a great example for this, as he was given a claymore in a recent patch. Use him to breach open hard walls, try to get a plant down, and use your claymore for hopefully a free kill. A lot of guides may say to use Thermite, but his claymore was recently changed to Smoke Grenades, which were taken from Ace, therefore making Ace the best choice for this trophy (provided you own him of course). If you don't have Ace, try to play anyone you own with a claymore and try to work as a team to get the defuser down. You don't even need to be the one planting, but if you defend the planter, you can easily sneak a claymore in once its set down.
  7. Nice one dude! Hopefully one day I can bring myself to get it too 😂
  8. This has always been possible with No-Fail anyway, but I am kind of curious to see if any of the new modifiers can benefit the trophy list. I suppose the "even faster" mod could help if that bug still works.
  9. It's a brand new studio, don't think they have any ME devs on. Either way though, I've seen worse knock-offs that have completely gotten away without getting sued, pretty much off of trying to separate itself from the original property. Besides that, game's pretty fun. Played the Steam version with Oculus controls, so I have no idea how well it'll translate to the Move buttons without analog sticks.
  10. Looks like a decent list. Personally I'm still waiting to hear more about that Stride game that got announced a while back, hopefully it doesn't get delayed. https://youtu.be/nG9sWZEjUJM
  11. Not sure if the trophy was supposed to pop there, but the glitch with the MuiMui House trophies has since been patched, and shouldn't break anymore provided you have the latest update installed.
  12. It's unfortunately a common issue, had the same problem with L2 and R2 in MGS:V, and I know some games it just won't work at all.
  13. I know Rayman Legends has a Chinese trophy list which I believe is only available as a physical copy (or at least that's the only way you're going to get it if you live outside of China, anyway). Pretty sure this meets the criteria.
  14. It is live, but I can't test if the glitch is patched as I already have the trophy.
  15. Still no multiplayer patch