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  1. Basically, yeah.
  2. The game is notoriously buggy for auto-popping, and the only way to reliably get it to work is using an actual PS4 to upload your PS4 save for when it downloads to PS5. Uploading your PS4 save on a PS5 will work, but most of the trophies likely won't unlock.
  3. Hard agree on just about everything you said. The one thing I will say about Battleborn is that even though the trophies were supposed to be much easier at the time I was playing (which was during the year up to shutdown), the point at which I was actually motivated to play it through the game's servers completely shit the bed and refused to save any of the progress that I was making. Something to do with a new BL3 DLC coming out and that game getting server priority or some BS like that. Regardless, if you are going to make an online-only game, the bare minimum you could do is at least make the servers work properly, especially playing single player. I got to about 3 trophies unlocked, and after repeating the same challenge requirements 5+ times to no avail, I decided bollocks to it and hid the game off of my profile. The game clearly didn't want me playing anyway, so I wasn't gonna stick around any longer.
  4. It's easy to say that in retrospect, but this was a situation where the only winning move would've been to not release a patch on a decade old game to begin with. But with it being Gearbox, if you've ever played their games on PC, you'd know that they have some sort of obsessive compulsion to patch the Borderlands games long after it's even necessary, except nowadays it's usually to throw in a splash screen to advertise the shitty new games that anyone playing BL1 or BL2 either won't want to buy or already have anyway. It's even gone beyond PC at this point, I had this issue when I booted up BL2 on my brother's PS4 recently, the first thing you see now is a screen advertising the new Wonderlands game, because fuck just let you get on with the game you're already playing, am I right? It is difficult after how much I enjoyed the early Borderlands games that I've started to notice more recently how little of a shit Gearbox/2K actually care about their trophies, given their shoddy track record (Unobtainables in BL1 GOTY, Unobtainables in BL2 Vita, Broken trophies in BL3, Battleborn going from a buggy mess to downright impossible). At this point, I'll only pick up one of their newer games on a very steep sale, which given what I've seen about the recent Wonderlands DLC, it doesn't seem like I'm missing much. One thing that still bugs me about this whole mess, and this is just purely hypothetical, but if this issue was in the Xbox version and introduced broken achievements, do you think it would've been fixed by now?
  5. The thing is that it's even worse than that, since it was them patching a game 9 years after release that caused this mess in the first place. Only way this was likely ever getting fixed was through some sort of community intervention, maybe custom servers or something but I don't really know the specifics myself. But with how obscure this version of the game is, I don't see something like that ever happening.
  6. You 100% can with Guitar Hero 3 if you have that one. Otherwise I would recommend checking out something like Clone Hero if you have a PC, which you can play with Controller or Keyboard if you're low on options.
  7. The missable challenges aren't required for the trophy. Any challenge that is set in a specific area (I.E anything below misc challenges) aren't required.
  8. It would've been around mid-late last year, so yeah it's likely patched now. Fair enough.
  9. Don't know if it's been patched, but when I got it, it was in Squad Mode Hex-a-Gone. If any of the players on your team wins, it gives you 1 point and unlocks the trophy, but that was a while ago.
  10. Now that you mention it, it does say very specifically "Play The Stanley Parable for the entire duration of a Tuesday." At no point does it say that it has to be done in one run. That's actually a smart analysis. With that being said though, it is weird how this achievement was cheesable on both PC releases, especially given the revelation that you can pause the game and still get the trophy. Regardless, hopefully the theory that it can be done over multiple runs turns out to be true.
  11. Say what you will, but I'll always have an appreciation for devs who actually take the time to go back and fix the trophies in their games, even if it takes years to do so. But in this case, it does seem like they were genuinely trying to fix it for a long time, based on some of the other threads I've seen for this game. At least this one won't go down as another Borderlands GOTY incident.
  12. Fun, ain't it? Problem is that this achievement was designed with PCs in mind, as it was in the original 2013 game. As the PC version doesn't pause when you go to your system clock, it's never been an issue up until now. If you aren't willing to wait that long, then I would suggest waiting for a cheese strat to be found. However, I wouldn't get your hopes up without at least a patch.
  13. 😔
  14. The game pauses, so it doesn't work. It's 24 hours of game time vs 10 years of NOT playing, that's why the 10 year trophy is even remotely possible.
  15. Because it's 24 hours of playing the game vs 10 years of NOT playing the game. If you switch out of the menu on the PS4/PS5 versions to edit the clock, the game pauses, therefore it does not count as playing the game.