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  1. Assumed as much, thanks though
  2. Is it possible for a game to be in more than 1 series at a time? If so, could you add LEGO Rock Band (https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/274-lego-rock-band) to the Rock Band series please?
  3. As long as the online has cross-gen support, I wouldn't mind playing the single-player again. I'm sure a lot of people would be happy if they don't have to grind to level 100 again. But this is Activision lol.
  4. It's a bit of a mixed bag in terms of difficulty when compared to the first game. You'll need to get 20/20 on some levels to get the music for the LocoRhythm trophy, but there's less levels overall as this game has more of a focus on mini-games I guess. Compared to the PSP version, some things are made a bit easier, and I think some of the hardest levels you won't need to 20/20, but I haven't played it in a while so hard to say. At least now that the game has been patched, it's a lot more consistent than it used to be I believe.
  5. It's definitely more enjoyable if you both go in blind, puzzles in the game are randomised but if you know what you're doing it can take from the experience I suppose. Other than that, it's just a fun and short co-op game.
  6. To my knowledge, since there were only 7 maps at launch, you just need to get a kill on any 7 maps, with DLCs included. I don't think anything has changed since.
  7. I could have sworn I did, swear it was the 3rd solo option earlier but now it's moved down to the bottom. That explains that then, thanks lol. Okay, think I've figured out what the deal is. It starts you on round 1, then teleports you to the area you left off last time. Turns out I'm just impatient haha.
  8. Has anyone actually figured out this mode yet? I started on round 1 on advanced start, got to round 11, and next game I was on round 1 again. How do I not have to replay rounds?
  9. Can confirm the crew trophies auto-pop. Pretty sure the level up trophies do as well, since your level will remain the same across both versions. Past that, I'm pretty sure anything solo/campaign based doesn't auto-pop, so you'll have to do them again.
  10. So guessing around 45 hours with 2x XP? Could give it a go I guess lol.
  11. What's the XP grind like in this game? Is Level 50 achievable in one weekend if starting on a new account?
  12. Just had this happen to me in the first dungeon. Very peculiar, no idea what causes it.
  13. Yes... kind of One of the trophies is incredibly hard to obtain because of some poor coding, have a look at this thread
  14. Can't quite remember this specific minigame, but I remember some of these being a pain in the ass to complete, pretty sure I just used the playstationtrophies guide and got them all in like a few hours though. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/super-monkey-ball-banana-spltz/guide/ Hope that's useful
  15. Worked for me, thanks! Just as a side note, I tried doing the 'double-tap home button' method to turn the internet off for step 3, but it didn't seem to work unless I manually went into the network settings myself.