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  1. Wait I didn't even realise this when I commented, but OP, you've already platinumed this game? I may have misread this thread at first, but what I will say is that if you want a game fairly similar that's easier than this to platinum and also doesn't require going into NG+, then Elden Ring literally meets that criteria lol. In terms of NG+, I think some people just like the challenge, bearing in mind that even NG+ get's capped at some point (I think NG+7) where the game no longer gets harder. Aside from that, I guess people play it because you can only get a limited amount of certain resources per playthrough (+10 weapons etc.) depending on the game. The save system is definitely old-school though, but it does play to the game's strength in terms of difficulty. When you reach a boss for say the 3rd time, you'll usually make it back there 90+% of the time anyway.
  2. On one hand, Bloodborne (and other souls games) are challenges that are worth overcoming, not through anything other than sheer skill and occasional luck. To lesser that experience, even when going for the platinum trophy, by resorting to pre-made builds and strategy guides takes away greatly from the euphoria of conquering that mountain, whether by yourself or with friends. On the other hand, cum dungeon.
  3. My button hasn't been getting a lot of use lately 😶
  4. It sounds made up, but I have genuinely had a game buy itself on my console before. Got in contact with Sony (which luckily got you through to a human at the time) and of course they had to verify things like "yeah you bought this on your own console, so you haven't been hacked". Luckily, it was a PS Plus game that I already owned, so I was able to use that as an excuse, but they still didn't want to give me my money back. Last ditch effort I asked to speak to a higher-up (mfw asking to speak to the manager) and I got a call back the next day from said higher-up literally just saying that I'm getting my money back, no arguments necessary. Sometimes you've just gotta be persistent.
  5. Then go for it. It'll either be the best 30 hours or the worst 5 minutes you'll have in VR.
  6. I personally don't have a problem with motion sickness, I've played other games like Beat Saber and Superhot for hours at a time in the past and never had any issues. The main problem with this game is that the HUD is basically 1-to-1 with the normal game, and there's nothing you can do to make it easier to read, especially when you're moving your head around. That being said, a lot of reviews of the game will likely have come out when the game first launched, where the VR version was basically comparable to the original 2012 release. Now that a lot more of the DLC is in the game, it is definitely more enjoyable to play, but unfortunately past adding Aim controller support, not much has really changed comfort-wise. You definitely can jump into this version and probably find it enjoyable if you like lengthy VR games, but I'd personally recommend trying out the non-VR version first and see if you think it's the kind of thing you'd want to play in VR.
  7. The best way from what I remember is to queue up with someone from the US and have them host the lobby.
  8. I personally found it to be kind of a rough port honestly, it's not amazing or immersive for a VR game, and it's still missing any sort of multiplayer and some of the main DLC from the original game. Most of the HUD and text are hard to read too. Only way I could stomach playing this game long enough to complete it was being sat down with a controller, which at that point you'd may as well just play the normal game instead. It's not a terrible game, it's just a rough port, and pretty much the only reason it's enjoyable is because it's Borderlands 2. Either way, if you do decide to buy it (hopefully on a sale) then hopefully you have a better time with it than I did.
  9. You actually can increase your chances by disabling and re-enabling online invasions in the settings, then waiting a few minutes. You'll also be more likely to get invaded right after completing a mission.
  10. Yeah, the matchmaking in this game is notoriously bad. Best thing to do is have 2 hosts from the same region, back when I was boosting we only found a match by having 2 NA players host for example.
  11. This is because you can't queue together in these modes, as it will put you all on the same team. You will need to search in 2 parties of 2 instead.
  12. Just had the exact same thing happen to me on the PS4 version, which is annoying because it's messed up the cross-save I was going to send to the PS5 version now. My last save is at 30/48, so it's not the end of the world, but it's very unexpected that this happened. I'd consider this a warning to anyone who's also trying to stack this game, the side quest trophy will now unlock earlier than expected.
  13. Oh jeez, fair enough. If that's the case, then at least it's possible, but I might leave it personally.
  14. Well I guess I'm gonna try to find out lol To be honest though, most of these games in this shutdown have been doable in like a weekend, so I'm sure this one is no different.
  15. Oh shit, does this include the other games too? Might play Ghost Recon if that's the case. Edit: Yes this includes every game, hopefully some more people can finish Rayman Legends in that case. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/help/gameplay/article/decommissioning-of-online-services-for-older-ubisoft-games-october-2022-update/000102396