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  1. That's pretty much the reason why this whole thing started. Gearbox patched a game that was having no issues until about 9 years later then when we say there's problems with the game they just say "oh it's too old for us to fix now k bye" without even considering why this started in the first place. May not be the most popular opinion but I did kind of think that cross-saves was kind of dumb for this game anyway, especially considering that they added in a lot more loot that couldn't be sent back to the PS3 version, and especially considering you have to play through the moxxi DLC and the rest for the trophies again. Feels like they could've just left the old version alone but considering how Gearbox has handled updating the Steam versions of BL2 and TPS the past year or so it's hardly surprising anymore.
  2. I'll wait to see if its actually possible before starting this game. If they actually patch it then I'll actually give the devs props doing that since there are plenty of other devs that wouldn't.
  3. For me it'll definitely be any of the guitar hero games. Not that I'm bad at them, but I guess I don't possess the skill level to convince Activision to bring the servers back, but that's on me lol. Same situation with the DLC for Borderlands GOTY (JP) but that's a bit of a different situation. Past that, I don't think I've ever actually started a game that I think would be completely impossible for me to platinum. A very difficult one for me this year has definitely got to be Audica, but I know that I can beat it eventually.
  4. I don't doubt that, but any source for that?
  5. I wouldn't count on it. You can complain about this being complete BS that many people will have missed the opportunity here, and you'd be right to say that, but this is EA we're talking about here. Some people here have tried to contact the devs to see if they'll put another challenge out to give users another chance, but I wouldn't see it as definite considering there's already a new PvZ game out that they've already given up on. In the unlikely case that they do give players another chance for these trophies, I'd say take it, as it probably won't happen again. That's why I jumped on board last time. Basically the majority of DLC trophies, there haven't been events pop up for some of them since late 2019 (as you can see on the recent achievers list) If you're only interested in the platinum, you should be able to get that just fine.
  6. Is Tracker of Deeds still possible? Seems like no one has earned it in a while.
  7. Yeah I can't figure out what the second part of the flag is, so I don't know what other 'damning' evidence was made against me to have the game flagged. But the first claim I can dispute in the imgur link above showing that I earned the '12 second trophy' after loading into a different song. Apologies, KirbyTwoSecond is my second account. I didn't want to log out of my forum account to continue posting.
  8. Of course, I clearly needed to play through the tutorial to learn how to play the game I had 200 hours in prior to starting it on this account. And I did play through it for 17 hours straight, I can pull up many more screenshots if you're asking for them. The current record (previously 2nd place) is still 20 hours, is theirs too hard to believe too?
  9. The tutorial that I intentionally left until last because you can play it at any time? Here are the screenshots that I earned when playing through the game, if this doesn't clear my name I don't know how to. https://imgur.com/a/cP7Guzf (order messed around because imgur is shit)
  10. These games can be disputed: Beat Saber • Reason: "Supreme Get full combo on any level on expert difficulty without any modifiers." He earned trophies at 15th Mar 2020 5:36:16 PM for finishing a level and earned another trophie at 15th Mar 2020 5:36:28 PM. There is not a song with 12 seconds or less. There is also The flag just abruptly ends there. No idea what weight the second half had but I can confirm that the first half is bullshit.
  11. Heard good things about this game, but I remember hearing people say it might not translate to PSVR all that well (at least I think) which is why it's taken so long to come out. Glad it has a platinum though.
  12. If I was to write a guide on this game, I would probably include the estimated score requirements for what each song needs for a gold star, probably based on the lowest score seen that still counts for a gold star. Mainly because the game does kind of a bad job doing this itself. I'm not sure when you played Beat Saber, but that game at launch was nothing compared to how it is now in terms of tracking. The devs had to put a lot of work into making the game feel smoother on all platforms, which is why getting an SS rank is far easier than it was when it first came out. Just a shame more devs don't consider this when porting games to the PSVR. Also, on the subject of gold stars, I was going to say how I found this Steam guide which gives the maximum possible scores but doesn't actually say what the gold star requirements are, however it seems like its been updated recently to say that the gold star requirements are 90% of the maximum total score. Using G.O.A.T as an example, which has a maximum of '3,696,875' points available, 90% of which would be '3,327,188' making that the gold star threshold. And from what I can see on the leaderboard, the lowest gold star that I can see is '3,330,796' points, so I would say that this is accurate. Feel free to look for yourself, hope this helps some of you guys at least. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1725944274
  13. Not from what I can see, apparently its been out on XbOne and Switch for a while now. Only thing is an old trailer from December of last year. Cool to see it has a plat though, first time in the series.
  14. Will update dropshot when I'm next at my PC 👍
  15. Of course not, we don't get that kind of heads up around here lol. If I had to guess, it'll just change from dev to dev, some will see it as cross-play = cross-trophy whereas others will probably cash in on adding an extra stack. Mostly depends if Sony allows it.