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  1. Got the platinum in 15 hours thanks to Malachen and all the other people who shared sims on the community, big thumbs up for everyone! Also for the "Black widow" trophy i used a slightly different (and maybe longer) method. I made a new elder sim on the household with the trop-hee family and set it to married to one of the women there and made them woohoo until the reaper came for him. It may take longer but it works and hey, death from snu-snu is an honorable way for a sim to leave 😂
  2. He precisely said that at a certain point He lowered the difficulty and went on to complete the game and then He re-did last it's not a checkpoint
  3. Reloading save or else chapter 14 takes an average of 10-15 minutes to complete on Suicidal, 5 mins (with all the process to reload saves etc is quite an average time) 😶
  4. Don't really know about your other games cause i'm reading with the phone, but i compared your storm 2 list with mine and doesn't look hacked or else...what was the reason given with the flag?
  5. Probably used a save for that, 'cause from the order of the trophies seems that he "plays" for real after completing the game I think that he has done this even in other games on his list, I only checked One piece Red 'cause i spent a lot on that game and he completed it in 1 day, and the trophy order is completely messed up
  6. I'm at peace with the fact that I can no longer achieve a 100% profile, so I'll play them (when I have time, all the low percentages games in my profile are games which I have to replay or games i will never touch cause they didn't match my expectations), every trophy count after all 😆
  7. Really hyped for this Basically the plot is outlast 2 with weapons 😂
  8. EDIT: Forget all i said in this post PLATINUM! Oh my, that was exhausting 😭 Finally made it! (And even made it in the top 50 leaderboard ) Thanks for all the advices you gave me!
  9. Reached that part again just now 😩 gonna try and do my best...thanks to both of you EDIT: YES! MADE IT TO CHAPTER 3 😭 (Imagine them as tears of joy)
  10. The section right after that, following Brian's video I dodge the arrows, get out of the window and rush to the house where i lock the doors, as soon as they bust them open I go out of the window and straight on the edge of the cliff...after that I need to cross a fallen log through a cliff, almost at the end he always shots me
  11. I've been following the videos of Brian from pstrophies, harry, PP and the one posted up here but for some reason everytime I'm running on the log past the 2nd encounter with nick and laird he always shots me at the last bit of the log 😢 any tips or is totally random?
  12. If you're referring to PowerPyx or Harry, under their video (or even in description) they say that they died at the end of insane so they edited the remaining part with nightmare difficulty
  13. Amazing! Simply amazing! Congrats on the plat I keep on dying at the archer ahahah PS: That persona theme tho
  14. Ended my insane run/no batteries at the second encounter with "Arrow" 😩 Made a mistake while running and got killed...I'm gonna try again tomorrow.
  15. So in total I need to use 7 batteries, thank you for the info