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  1. If you open up Mafia 3, start the game, and pause, there is an "additional content" (or something like that) option found in the options menu. When you click this, you can see purchasable DLC, as well as a "Complete Your Collection" thing, which gives you the other two games in the trilogy for a discounted price. We're just confused because there are two of these available to purchase at different prices, but seem to offer all of the same content.
  2. I've had that happen too. Super weird. But no, in this case it's in the in-game store. AFAIK this can't be found on the actual PS store by searching for it.
  3. Does anyone have an answer to this? I recently encountered the same problem and wasn't sure if there was a difference between these two versions except the price, or even WHY there were two versions of this in the first place.
  4. Just got it. Had to jump off from the second story. Thanks for the help!
  5. I'm trying to get the Hot Tub trophy, and I'm having trouble finding lava. The only place I have managed to find it is in the Artus Mine level, but I'm having some issues. I am warping to that level (because I don't have a save from it), then no-clipping to the spot, then turning off the cheat, saving, exiting, restarting the game, then going back in and jumping in but it is not unlocking. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or are there other spots with lava that I am unaware of? Thanks.