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  1. Hi again all, I just wanted to confirm that the asian/hong kong disc version is compatible with the DLC still listed on the hong-kong psn store, for those of you that are thinking about buying it from there. That was a relief but i won't be supporting any more of their future games such as xcom 2. Over and out
  2. Thx for your replies guys, but what about what "ars" said as quoted above? Should I go for an asian copy even though it would seem like a us-version has the same Product ID code? If I'm going for an asian copy, where could I buy one from to have it shipped to europe? My first thought was can I be really sure somehow that is the asian version that they are selling? Have anyone else used play-asia? Is it an ok store to buy from? Thx again! And I won't buy Xcom 2 neither.
  3. Hi all, i've bought the slingshot-DLC through a new and second Hong-Kong PSN-account. It doesnt seem to be compatible with my EU-digital version though sadly. Therefore i'm hoping someone could clarify which disc-version I should buy, the US-version or the Asian-version? I can't seem to find any info of their respective product ID, neither the slingshot-DLC or the disc-versions. Where is that info?? Can anyone say for certain which version is compatible with Hong-Kong slingshot? Don't want to buy bought versions in vain. Thanks in advance, I would be very grateful.