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  1. Awesome, congratulations on Jill! Mica Team IMO nailed the writing tone of Va-11 Hall-a in the script for this collaboration event; since you liked it quite a lot, if you can enjoy VNs, I'd absolutely recommend Va-11 - one of my personal favorite video games from the past few years, no question. Just be aware that Va-11 Hall-a's Gil....differs, aha. I myself continue to sacrifice hoards of resources to the RNG Goddess in a futile reach at KSG. Desire Sensor never bit me - until now. Edit: a meager 2 - a meager *2* - contracts after, home came KSG. Public complaints succeed!
  2. Complete all minigames, that'll make or break me, a la Judgment, as expected, aha. Might withhold 30 pieces of trash until after the most arduous trophies, in case I fall short, because *good gravy* does trash collection at the beach require monumental patience. Confident in my mahjong talents by now, yet I can foresee misfortune by the boatload will confound that 1-tile-conceal victory. Anyway, since I began w/ Y3 on PS3, it feels like half an era passed since this franchise wavered in worldwide limbo. No qualms here to purchase 3 again out of respect!
  3. SWEET. Best gaming news in a while, heck yeah! \o/ Super-grateful toward SEGA West and/or Japan to follow through on the expanded global fanbase and deliver these remasters. Gonna be one heck of an RGG-centric 2020 for me, what with Yakuza 3 (again), 4, and 5, plus 6 patient on the back burner. More close to home, I grew up one of the SEGA+Atari kiddos and am elated to behold their increasing resurgence. Blessings to them, everyday~!
  4. Not even joking: a viable candidate for my 69th Platinum in a couple years. :> Although, I should hope the actual game isn't total rubbish. Also, I expected a "double-dip" entendre already~
  5. Pinging any other PSNP shikikans for discussion or curious passersby for a trim introduction. With the GFL x Va-11 Hall-a collaboration in full swing, it's time to mix drinks and *end* lives. What is Girls Frontline? Girls Frontline is a light tactical Chinese mobile RPG from Mica Team. Commanders for Griffon & Kryuger obtain, level, organize, and deploy echelons of raifus Tactical Dolls (female android combatants, named after their assigned firearms) against the rogue A.I. dolls of Sangvis Ferri in an alternate post-WW3 near-future. It goes by Dolls Frontline on the Japanese server; any below references derive from the ENG server of GFL. Got a gacha? Yep, albeit largely for cosmetics. In-game dailies and logistical ops amass resources (Manpower/Ammunition/Rations/Parts) to roll for new T-Dolls, equipment, and so forth. One *could* invest a minor fortune into resources to brute-force the entire roster, but almost everybody simply runs with logistics and leans on the mildly favorable pull rates over time to bestow their ladies of choice. As hinted, 4* and 5* T-Dolls pop out at decently favorable rates under optimal recipes; moreover, several 2* and 3* T-Dolls can even play roles through midgame and later, plus the main storyline enables friend supports to ensure virtually anyone can clear the plot w/o difficulties. Currency gems trickle in anyhow through login bonuses and scattershot rewards, making it viable for F2P commanders to expand base infrastructure at a slow-going pace. All that said, anyone who eschews mobile gacha gaming by design may safety ignore GFL, no harm done! Personally, it's the only mobile title I spend a small amount of time to play, as I stick to PSN and PC for the clear majority of my electronic entertainment. How's it play? Three basics factor into GFL: echelon composition, map deployment, and real-time grid combat. Echelons: New and leveled T-Dolls alike can slot into of a handful of Echelons, five per squadron. Unit synergy strongly encourages three core Echelon variants: AR/SMG (assault rifle + submachine gun), RF/HG (rifle + handgun), and MG/SG (machine gun + shotgun). Our ladies level via typical EXP and upgrade individual unit skills via acquired training data. Most imperatively, T-Dolls can Dummy Link with up to four copies of themselves and/or blank dummy cores upon ascension to specific level thresholds; expectedly, the 4* and 5* T-Dolls consume factors of cores above the 2* and 3* gals, in exchange for generally superior stats and skills. Tactical gear like scopes, laser sights, and ammo packs also becomes equippable after other level thresholds. An example ARSMG Echelon (not mine, although I do field each of those five in places) is depicted below. Maps: Missions play out on node-based maps, giving a faint 2D C&C vibe. Almost every map requires an echelon to capture the enemy HQ node, although various foes and obstacles, including formidable S.F. boss units, can obstruct and therefore necessitate circumnavigation and/or judicious termination. Bonus objectives award extra medallions and modest rewards to incentivize the pot, whereas the unavoidable EXP grind can soften with proper knowledge of optimal quick clear routes. GFL's main plotline unfolds across the standard missions, whereas tougher emergency missions and specialized night missions present amplified challenges to yield additional plot bites. The maps appears as follows: Combat: Skirmishes play out in real time whenever opposing Echelons collide. Each side fires automatically; individual unit skills can be manually selected or set to activate automatically after cooldown. Here is where echelon composition comes into play, since each unit type confers helpful tile bonuses for complementary T-Dolls positioned on said tile buffs. Since the opposing forces can complicate matters with varied assault types or unique cut-in boss skills, the player can drag units to direct them to new positions on the 3 x 3 combat grid, to counter effective return fire or minimize team damage from enemy super skills. A sample encounter appears below. Teach Me, Miss Litchi! o/ While GFL *did* receive an Arc System Works crossover feat. BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, I'll defer to the experts and veterans for rigorous metagaming academics. The subreddit r/girlsfrontline plays home to a litany of sagacious if grumpy at times devotees, and the up-to-date Game Press guides provide a decent ream of accurate data. Other viable visits include the GFL Matsuda archive - ah, again, coarsely penned - and the GFDB Baka statistician database for precise T-Doll recipes and pull rates. Consult the ENG wiki solely at your own discretion; it frequently merits fact-checks against more intimate sources. All the best to everyone! My UID's 154724, 10 Dorms, ARSMG friend support. Cheers~ Oh, and: 522 Manpower / 320 Ammunition / 404 Rations / 137 Parts = ENG decensor recipe. Posted for completion's sake. Sunborn didn't cover up much, but they permit this official workaround nevertheless.
  6. I enjoyed Cyber Nep 4GO as one of the stronger Neptunia spinoffs. Earned its platinum awhile back. Nothing challenging & as you suspected, a shorter JRPG, although 20 hrs. might push it - I'd venture 30, unless the player rushes. Story doesn't amaze, per se, but it spins a decent fun time, incl. w/ a few service-y CGs more so than e.g. Action U or Hyper Noire. Uncomplicated combat - ah, bear in mind you may need to assume spot healing duty for the daredevil A.I. teammates. I mained lotsa Uni. Worth $20-30 IMO so snatch it up for $14 if it catches your fancy!
  7. Heck. I am UNREASONABLY PLEASED by this announcement! - enough to employ passive voice, up there. Zanuff's enough, after all~
  8. No task reads overly ambitious or extensive to me, mostly the ostensible superboss or time grind, but the list could deceive and the full product may warrant a hidden heap of skill. Any demo players like to offer up their voice? Likely won't partake of the demo, myself, but the game appears to aim to buck RPG Factory's traditions & that sounds sufficiently appetizing.
  9. #37: Ar no Surge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star 2019 has incessantly delighted me with video gaming from fresh to classic, and in between, in the crop from recent years, the inimitable PS Vita has served up three succulent scoops: the rich investigative otome Collar x Malice, the unparalleled Akihabaran time- epic Steins;Gate, and now, the song-infused JRPG from the mind of Akira Tsuchiya and his universe of Exa Pico, Ar no Surge. I picked up Surge's LE back when it released, yet only now did I Dive into its Genometrics - and wow, thank Noire I did. If it isn't quite Gust's #1 strongest in gameplay mechanics, it lays a fierce claim to the pinnacle of narrative in their library, a full triumph of B+/A- gaming. Unusual, rigorously built, mindful, and oh so vocally melodic - let's cast a glance at a modestly flawed sapphire. Right from the start, yes: familiarity with the Ar Tonelico trilogy, particularly I, and this title's Jpn-exclusive predecessor, Ciel no Surge, will prove valuable - valuable, yes - but not, IMO, mandatory. The amount of time skipped and events dealt with ensure that newcomers or lapsed Tonelico veterans (read: myself) can nestle into Tsuchiya's meticulous macrocosm and breathe as it spins. Stick to the in-game encyclopedia and most will become clear. The cast ranges from Sarly the neko-headbanded wave scientist and Nayaflask the underdressed protector to Tattoria the recondite wannabe pharmacist and Nelico the, erm...ummm...yeah, Nelico yourself. Nearly every single primary cast member heavily grew on me across the game's dozens of hours, and the ever-magnifying scope of Surge's tale ensured that all of them necessarily underwent personal character growth in order to confront alarming perils. It is unquestionably a slow burn, and in my assessment, the overall piece could've benefited from ~30% trimmed neat-yet-partly-recyclable side chatter & ~30% extra scenes devoted instead to the main plot arc. It was, however, very nice to see the crew stick the landing. The game unfurls an unusual turn-based delivery which can be picked at and learned over time to harness its facets, such as enemy Waves (a Soulsborne-esque PvE setup, were Soulsborne magnitudes easier to breeze through), a tightly-focused small playable character set, several downloads of Song Magic for our heroine duo of Casty and Ion to unleash upon the fray, Harmonics to enhance, Burst to fortify - not quite Resonance of Fate, here, yet plenty to grasp nonetheless! Speaking of music, as expected, the Ar team wove a litany of strong Hymmnos songs, a few of which immediately became personal darlings for me. Several of the field and battle tracks also glisten, although unlike, say, Tonelico II's OST, Surge's more eccentric numbers lean too overly experimental and sharp to savor outside their context - or even, on occasion, within. Nevertheless, Exa Pico became known for its music for solid reason, and I'd recommend at least half its output to curious passersby. In terms of trophy acquisitions, nothing really leaped out as maddening or fatiguing. It helped that the game expands and optimizes its audio - music and voiceover alike - as it completes its tapestry of grace. At a crisp tally of 26 shinies, the only quirk came in that I obtained 16 of 'em across my final dozen or so hours. Backloaded here! To conclude, I have to salute Tsuchiya here for his sumptuous personal universe realized, across the triptych of Tonelicos and double dosage of Surges. As a non-premier product, Ar no Surge cannot by level and limitation of design compete with the Personas or the Final Fantasies or the Metal Gears or so on. For what it is, in that B+/A- ecology? It blossomed into one of my favorite Vita titles, one of my favorite video games by Gust, and a testament to the majestic possibility of a comprehensive IP. Well sung, Ar no Surge! *salute* Oh, and the bad ending is stupid. A stupid souffle succeeded by stupid sherbet.
  10. #36: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Falcom. Can do. No wrong. Bless. As I declared after I Platinum'd Trails of Cold Steel I, no chance I wait until Platinum entry #48 to conquer the sequel. The long-awaited 'cept for us PS4 players followup to the superb Trails of Cold Steel takes to the air (in the Sky~?) to deliver a fittingly frenzied second half of the experimental schoolyear for the sappiest buncha softies this side of the digital medium, Thors Military Academy's cozy Class VII. Seriously, I just sank into this group of characters across the first entry, and their gradual reunion and mutual personal objectives moved me to more than a couple bravos and teardrops. They exhibit oddities and odd flaws, as would any crop of JRPG protags, but they grew so daggone likable to me that I could scarce pry myself away from their exploits when leisure hours trickled to me. Rean's speeches rub off on 'em! Kudos to the assortment of ardent adults, also: hey, as an eroding age-appropriate fella, I like my VG adults competent and robust! The fortified turn-based mechanics continued to engross me as modern-day Materia. The cheeky game thus compensated for the party's surplus of highly capable maneuvers by smashing them in the face! - at least, on Normal - with tricky plotline obstacles and hard-hitting combat encounters. More so than in ToCS I, this served to underscore the peril Erebonia - even much of Zemuria - withstood, although IMO, it veered at times too sharply into "S-Break spam or die tryin', yo." Praise Aidios for the pack-in Zeram DLC bonanza... I liked several of the new musical tracks; that said, more than a couple regions recycled fairly unimpressive background tunes, robbing a few locales of their poignancy, whether revisited or newly traversed. Turns out, Falcom can do /little/ wrong, eh. Not none. *nod* The Platinum trophy itself stood nearly identical to ToCS I's. I felled it more rapidly in spite of II's broadened horizon since quick hops to refill CP formidably mitigated an array of imposing foe battles. Eschew those if ya aspire to play through as the honchos intended...or, heck, perhaps they sought for us to wield the power? Well, I certainly did, ahaha. I dooooo posit the concluding 5-6 hours could've benefited from streamlined and perhaps even trimmed structure. Relievingly, the subsequent NG+ material hints at the greater Zemurian scope. From what I glean, word on the street, Cold Steel III + IV integrate darn near the whole span of introduced continentals thus far. Eager for that. Definitely eager for a Kiseki cornucopia. All in all, 90 hours of a positively wonderful product graced my life. Trails of Cold Steel III nears; Ys IX tantalizes in development; Falcom inclines to port more back catalog - can I give a fist-pump? *fist pumps* Bring it ON! See Estelle for details.
  11. More I view of the Monstrum Nox cast and snippets, more anticipative I get. Call me nuts (partially am) but I relished the warp/strike in FFXV and can't wait to unleash a variant of it as "seaworthy" Adol Christin. Liking the new playables also, White Cat = . Ys IX and Cold Steel III have become top two anticipated upcoming titles for me, and I readily expect I'll highly relish them both. Falcom has become my favorite developer of recent, to say nothing for their prior works; I can chart my Ys fandom back to Oath in Felghana on Steam - speaking of, those recent interviews, by Kondo and such? Give 'em to me. More Ys, more Trails (in the Sky, Ao, Zero, etc.), more Xanadu, new IPs, just don't burn out!
  12. IMO, DERQ became CH's finest self-contained product. (Haven't yet played Varnir, mind.) This extends to the plot; as such, I am /highly/ curious if 2 will expand on Shina's realm - be it her Earth, or World's Odyssey - or introduce a new backdrop. I somewhat expect the latter. Also hope as a personal preference it resists the urge to lean too heavily into torture porn w/ events... But yeah! Surprised, for sure, yet I am down! ^^ Nice to see Compa's broadening.
  13. IT HAS BEEN TEN THOUSAND Y- - ah, actually, it hasn't. Nonetheless, jubilations! Eager to re-immerse myself into the timeless district of Kamurocho, this time as the nimble & hard-luck Light Yagami. Kudos, RGG Studio! KOWASE!!
  14. A robust haul in quantity for a VN style, >50. Going by the Japanese acquisition rate, an adequate guide should aid neatly. From what I skimmed about the game's premise and events, this miiiiight unsettle wimpy folks like me, yet I nevertheless aim to give it a bold shot. ^^ What's anyone else think?
  15. Pleased to see Kamiko shall expand its available platforms. ^^ Fairune was simple and breezy, and it took a meager amount of time and playthroughs, yet it offered no Platinum; Kamiko, to my surprise, *will*! This game always looked honed for swift bite-size playthroughs, yet the golds likely require adequate practice and game layout memorization - no damage, triple speedrun, so on. Alternately, I could be flat wrong & it'll fly by~ What does everybody expect?