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  1. Yo Simba! Just though i'd pay a visit and thank you for the comment on youtube there, guys over there post the most stupid comments, jealousy init lol hope your still keeping up that gaming time as well as them 100%'s, its allllll about that 100% collection.

    1. BDKSimba


      ain't nothing. legendary skills gets legendary notification. :-).people tend to run off @ the mouth about things they have no knowledge of. takes but few words for one with the knowledge to get point across. anytime hommie.

  2. i just 100% this game today, i worked myself like crazy to get this done before christmas as i predict the main game mode in MAG will be dead along with the DLC once christmas hits which is a shame because this truly is one of the best FPS games i've played but yea you may stand a better chance with MW3 to be honest.
  3. how'z MAG coming along.?

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    2. DOX90


      Well as surprising as it was it was very much appreciated by both me and shawzer, thank you! I saw you recently started Socom, hows that going?

    3. BDKSimba


      Awesome game. had to buy a 2nd copy. My 3yr old stuck 4 games in My ps3. don't know how, but they all came out but Socom was a casualty. won't load past stg 5.should be here on tuesday. but awesome non the less. don't for see any problems Platting.

    4. DOX90


      good shit, thats what i like to hear :)

  4. status update on those cards I been waiting for.

  5. watup hommie.? anything new over yonder.?

    1. DOX90


      naa not much although it appears England is going crazy atm with all these riots. FKN CHAVS!!

    2. BDKSimba


      riots.? sweet.

  6. I don't think there should be a review team, in my own opinion it's completely pointless, when i looked at .com's reviews they didn't sway my decisions on games in the least. The reason for this is because take Homefront for example, nearly everybody i know barring a few exceptions hated that game yet i loved it so one persons opinion on a game shouldn't make up your mind for you or influence you in any way as everyone has different tastes in games. As for trophy teams, i don't really have an opinion on them except i don't feel you should need a team for something i feel 1 or 2 commited people could do themselves. News teams can be very handy as i really did enjoy the news updates on .com at times, they can provide a lot of useful information on anything PS3 related saving users the bother of going around the internet and raking for it themselves. All i can say is keep it simple, remember 'less is more' and hopefully then it won't turn into a total break down of communication between everyone here like it has with other sites. I personally think Sly has done an incredible job designing & updating this site constantly and would love to see it flourish in the future.
  7. Sunderland vs Newcastle second game of the season, i love owt like that me!