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  1. Yeah I think this games trophies are glitched and unobtainable. I've finished class creator, all possible research and even save scummed at various points to complete all possible endings and don't have either of those achievements. I'm convinced that every achievement that says it can be done throughout multiple playthroughs are incorrect and must be done in the same one, and even in a single gaming session as that was the only way I could complete the scrap for 10,000 and trade for 10,000 achievements
  2. You can become allied with everyone and even get 100, the only requirement is that you beat the game with the phoenix ending. The mission is called Last Resort
  3. Every 3rd mission on average my game crashes and I lose a good 20-30minutes of progress, it's quite infuriating and I'm wondering what the experience is like for other players.
  4. Personally the game isn't as good as XCOM 2. The tactical engagements just don't feel as fun and most choices don't feel impactful either granted I'm just getting started there's definitely alot I have to learn but it hasn't really hit me as hard as the firaxis take. Geoscape is pretty cool though
  5. I've not tried this game but I've often heard of this and Lisa the Painful being compared to eachother. Ive played through Lisa and 100% the entire game and my opinion is that it is quite possible the best RPG experience available so I'm going into Undertale with very high expectations.
  6. My save file just hit 60 hours played with 12MB size and it's become unplayable outside of dungeons. Big rip I only started solstheim right as it happened too.
  7. Outside of some very rare occurances (3 times in my 50+ hours of playing) I've had moments where loading screens would take 10+ minutes but I assume it's some kind of bug because every time it's happened it's been a very lenient loading screen. Breezehome to whiterun for example. What happened in FNV made the game completely unplayable and I'm reaching the end of the platinum so to speak for Skyrim and I'm worried I'll be met with the same unplayable disaster.
  8. I havnt encountered any yet and I'm not sure if it's a prevalent issue in Skyrim, however I tried to 100% Fallout New Vegas in the past and encountered an issue where my game would drop below 2 fps due to my save file being large. Has anyone experienced this issue in Skyrim? Is this something that I need to worry about?
  9. Yes thank you never would've thought of that without you.
  10. Yeah I think I will do that I'm just a little disappointed there's no way to carry over a custom skaters trick setup/appearance without auto unlocking these trophies. I was kinda hoping that was all they allowed.
  11. Was kinda looking forward to doing it all over again but it's whatever.
  12. This should teach you how to maintain speed and more.
  13. Congrats on being the first player in the world to get the platinum on Tony Hawk’s!!! What an achievement and an insane grind to level 100!

    1. Ducktardy


      Thank you, yeah the grind was insane glad to be finished but still won't be putting this amazing remake down ahaha!

    2. Raveniteh


      @Ducktardy Big congratz! You kick ass.

    3. Ducktardy


      Thanks mate 😊

  14. 23,150 > 23,850 is the jump from 91-92 so it's 700 per level in the 90s as said by @MACHONACHO44556 What a grind.
  15. Good call it could be that, I'll confirm next level and get back to everyone here. And aye I'm getting closer but my God it's still atleast another 30 flat hours of grinding to finish this ahahaha.