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  1. Rayman Legends. You would have to get married to that game (for up to a year?)
  2. Your theory about the DLC actually makes perfect sense.
  3. You're right, Deep. I forgot that only trophies related to medals are restricted to the host only. You know, it's about time someone writes a guide for post-shutdown DLC trophies ofr Uncharted 3, in order to clarify this mess. And I think that'd be a mission for one (or both) of us. @ThatDrunkGuy About the glitched trophies... "Triumvirate" is known for being... "unreliable". Sometimes people seemed to get the criteria right, but still got no trophy. But I don't have the slighest clue for what happened to "Statuesque". Someone could even acuse you of cheating. =/ If "Overseer" popped, then "Statuesque" should definetely have popped some 10-13 seconds before.
  4. Both trophies popped up quickly one after the other for me IIRC. Maybe a glitch. About Triumvirate, did u make sure u were the host? U have to be the host in order to earn trophies in LAN Also I just looked at your profile and the only trophies you can no longer achieve are HOARDER and GLADIATOR
  5. Spyro 2 My favorite mascot game
  6. I'll go with Risen 2 just because I can't purchase the DLC in my country (Brazil).
  7. Bioshock infinite is superb. If u dare going for 100%, the Burial at Sea DLC is mindblowing (CitC is sucky, though)
  8. Sorry. Is this against the rules? I've reported one of them, but I couldn't report the other. @DeepEyes7 and me worked hard to determine which DLC trophies are still available, and there still seems to be confusion regarding the 24 available trophies both here on PSN Profiles and on Playstationtrophies. I say that because he was flagged and latter whitelisted. And I vouch for the guy.
  9. Other likely cheaters: This trophy applies to a competitive (not cooperative mode), and thus, from our researches, can't be gotten via splitscreen/LAN. @ELCONROLADOR has definetely cheated because he also got Thrillseeker. I'm clueless as to why @leandrodeassis would cheat just for this one trophy, as all other DLC MP trophies (even the most difficult ones) were seemingly gotten before the shutdown.
  10. That's the grey market in Brazil for you. I have successfully purchased this elusive piece of DLC (and other stuff) from this same website (I'm Brazilian). But I can't vouch for the website. Particularly, I find It wierd that they have so many digital copies of a DLC that the average Brazilian gamer couldn't care less about.
  11. He may have cheated. Currently there's no known method of earning competitive MP trophies
  12. damienjablonski recently bought the DLC and he's not brazilian. U may want to try contacting him. I am brazilian and I bought it just fine last year, along with some other games from this website.
  14. GTA: Vice City (my favorite one)