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  1. Hunter arena and other competitive modes do not award treasures. I got it by playing co-op arena solo with two controllers and enduring the abysmal drop rates.
  2. I am the first person in the world to obtain the COLLECTOR trophy (complete the antiquity set) after the server shutdown. My last treasure was Lion Nepal (bronze) and I got it via the semi-afk method me and DeepEyes7 devised. I left both my characters inside a house in the Village map, leaning safely against a wall. Every 25 minutes I'd make a kill with both characters and get two treasures. I call that a cycle. On my 4th cycle today, the treasure popped with my 2nd character, so I rushed ti grab it with my main. The trophy popped after a few VERY LONG AND DREADED seconds.
  3. I am officially the first person to achieve Overseer post server shutdown. I wouldn't be able to achieve this without the help of DeepEyes7 and,specially, the Overseer God, Bandido himself BANDIDO STRIKES AGAIN. THE LEGEND LIVES ON. Last night was an intense one, we struggled at first, but when all stars alligned, we managed to get the trophy for me (DeepEyes7 will be the next in line). And I am proud that I killed the last guy at what I suppose was his last frame of animation for reloading his RPG. I'm still missing two treasures, though.
  4. Well, at least in my case, I don't have the excuse that these 23 or 24 trophies were online and are now unobtainable. I treat them as offline singleplayer/co-operative trophies now that I've bought a physical GotY edition. Would I rather like to have 100%? OF COURSE. But it's not like my profile is '100%able' anyways. I should have bought the GotY edition long ago, but I didn't know it came with all of the DLC. I've never considered buying the DLC for this. I abhor competitive MP and its trophies, and the treasure hunting always scared me (and here I am...). The only reason why I 100%ed U2 and rationalized this one is because they made the DLC free. But at least I find comfort that I didn't get just a few - and not all - of the competitive trophies.
  5. Got Gold Pisces. Only three treasures missing.
  6. Damn! I'm now missing only 4 treasures, and they sure as hell are refusing to drop... Gilt Tara Ruby (never seen) Emerald Stickeye Head (never seen) Lion Nepal Bronze (never seen) Gold Pisces (I grabbed it with my 2nd controller and it didn't count, my mistake)
  7. And "Look out bellow, which you forgot. DeepEyes7 got it. I got "Triumvirate" and "All together now first" (well, we got it at the same time, but I'm listed first).
  8. To anyone still interested in this research: All of the trophies have been confirmed, with the exception of "Overseer" (it will come eventually, I'm sure of it) and "Collector". The last trophies to be obtained by me and DeepEyes7 where "Triumvirate" and "All together now". As for collector, I'm still half-AFK farming treasures on arena (airstrip-crushing). I'm missing 6 rare treasures. Across the attempts from me and DeepEyes7, the only treasures that still haven't appeared are: gilt tara ruby wraithful deity ivory emerald stickeye head lion nepal bronze The psnprofiles and playstation trophies guides should be updated in regards to DLC trophies.
  9. @shaunsheep677 I stand corrected: the hoarder trophy is seemingly impossible to obtain simply because the treasures don't drop for the competitive modes on LAN. Me and @DeepEyes7 are still hunting the antiquity set (collector trophy). I'm currently missing just 7 rare treasures. He is in a similar position. We are both doing the semi-AFK method we've invented. You should download XLINK KAI and the three of us should attempt Triumvirate during the week. We are going to tackle Overseer on Sunday. Those (and the hard difficulty variants) are the only trophies we are missing, and the only ones still pending for confirmation. You should update your list.
  10. With all respect, mr Shaunsheep, the only way that HOARDER can be declared unobtainable is if: A: treasures aren't saved on your LAN profile B: treasures exclusive to competitive modes (plunder, deathmatch, etc) don't drop on LAN when your boosting partner is killed C: the game locks the specific trophy from poping in LAN About intem C: Currently, we do know that you CAN'T unlock co-op trophies (like "I'm on a roll") via your LAN profile, with four exeptions: the trophies for finishing adenture/arena on hard/crushing without losing a single life. We can glitch those by using the "disconect cable" method. Maybe they only work because of their glitchy nature. Mr DeepEyes7 and me are working on the COLLECTOR trophy, which I highly suspect is obtainable. We have discovered through testing that the game will drop a treasure when you kill an enemy after 25 minutes have passed without a single treasure having been collected. The most interesting part is that it works for EACH OF YOUR CONTROLLED CHARACTERS. So you get two treasures 100% of the time under those specific conditions. He has been experimenting playing Shades on the Fort on normal difficulty. I've been playing Arena on Desert Village on hard. The process can be somewhat AFKed. I'm using a youtube video that works as a 25 minutes timer. I would deeply appreciate if someone with more knowledge on this game could tell us a location on any of the maps where enemies can't get to. BTW, I'm now missing only 8 treasures, all of them RARE from Arena.
  11. I got "Spartan", so that one is confirmed as well. I've found all adventure co-op treasure for the antiquity set and I have 3/3 lost pendants. All other arena-only sets are missing 1 treasure each (the rare one). Ouch. I theorize that HOARDER is still obtainable, but I have some considerations: *** I still haven't confirmed that the treasures are saved on your LAN profile (which is different from your SPLITSCREEN profile) after your ps3 is shut down. They aren't shown on a list, so you'll have to take notes, same as with COLLECTOR. *** I haven't found a single HOARDER-related treasure while playing aventure on HARD. In fact, I've only found the easy/normal counterparts, even on hard. Is that common and the rare treasures seldom drop among these? Or does it mean that the HOARDER set of treasures could only drop when playing online? Can someone please confirm this? *** Let's suppose that the LAN profile indeed saves your treasures, and let's hope that the trophy pops when you've got them all: you would have to play extensively on LAN - Competitive using xlinkai or splitscreen/both AND you would have to join someone's adventure coop using your LAN profile (yes, it is possible) so that you get a chance at the adventure mode treasure drops. *** Can you play Hunter arena with just your second controller? I've never been to the online portion of this game, besides the mandatory match for the platinum. Question: how many people ended their trophy hunt short of the two treasure related trophies and are willing to give this a shot? We could arrange a dedicate discord group and forum for this and play regularly. In case it is not clear for everyone: the only trophies that are confirmed to be unobtainable, are the competitive ones (25/50 of the DLC trophies). The two treasure trophies still need confirmation, and all other (23/50) are confirmed. We are potentially looking at exactly 50% of the DLC trophies unlockable (75% profile with platinum, 74% without). XLINKAI (third party program) can be used to play U3 in a state very close to when the servers were online, for anyone who's interested. Even the crushing co-op trophies (overseer, triumvirate, unwielding) can be gotten with two other players online (no splitscreen), by using an exploit with XLINKAI: one player, hopefully with a high level offline profile hosts on the co-op side and the two other players join through the LAN side. The only thing currently keeping people from the platinum or 100% is the fact that competitive trophies aren't unlocked through LAN. If only Naughty Dog would release a patch making the trophies unlockable through LAN.
  12. Updated list: - Air Mail --> YES ( @shaunsheep677 ) - Statuesque --> YES ( @wouties ) - Look out below - Key Master --> YES ( @Chingon_Player ) - Hanging on - Detonator --> YES ( @wouties ) - We can kill it --> YES ( @Chingon_Player ) - Pop Top --> YES ( @shaunsheep677 ) - Boom! Headshot --> YES ( @Clavietka) - Looking for loot --> YES ( @Clavietka) - Not afraid of the dark --> YES ( @Brandon ) - Spartan - Firefighter - Deathless --> YES ( @DeepEyes7) - Immortal --> YES ( @DeepEyes7) - I'm on a roll - All together now - Omnipotent --> YES ( @DeepEyes7) - Invincible --> YES ( @DeepEyes7) - Overseer - Unstoppable - Triumvirate - Fly on the wall - Collector * *potentially obtainable
  13. Thank you so. On easy I'll have even more lives to attempt that. Does anyone have a resourceful guide for the location of all treasures (including enemies who drop them)? The bellow list only shows the map:
  14. The playstationtrophies website is wrong in both ways (unobtainable trophies listed as obtainable and vice-versa). I'll continue farming treasures, but I'll need the help of my son or a friend to endure the adventure levels. Is anyone familiar with how drops work for those scenarios? I mean, do I have to get to end boss of each chapter in order for the rarest ones to have a chance at dropping? I got a treasure from a mid level boss in borneo on my first try, but no treasure from the end boss.