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  1. Thanks @dieselmanchild @scemopagliaccioh. I've settled with DMC3, for the time being. DmC does look like a fantastic action game, but I think I'll go for a more "classic" DMC. As for Bloodbourne, that game has a gorgeous art style. I've heard it suffers from framerate frops, though. Look, I'm in no way a graphics whore, but one thing I've come to respect is a solid fps. I'm totally against stacking lists, but if there's a game I wanted to plat again is the remaster for Dragon's Dogma, just because it was a gr8 game with shitty fps. It totally killed the immersion when I wanted to cast magic. For that reason, I may wait to play a future remastered Bloodborne and settle with Dark Souls HD (I've heard ghost stories about Blight Town in the original). How was your experience with Bloodborne, graphics wise?
  2. Thanks for the input. I have all of the GoW games, except for Ascension, for which I don't care much. I'll make sure to plat 1, CoO, GoS and GOW4. I also have Lords of Shadow complete and the Devil May Cry HD trilogy. I don't plan to finish all three in this lifetime (too much backlog). Which do u suggest I plat, DMC 1 or 3? Yeah. Metroidvanias are awesome. I already have Castlevania LoS MoF; Teslagrad; Song of the Deep. I'll definitely get Bloodstained, Symphony of the Night and Guacamelee. Thanks for the other suggestions. Yeah, I know it's a shame. I've skipped soulsborne games entirely on PS3. Luckily, they all got remasters with better FPS on PS4. I may go for the original Dark Souls and Sekiro.
  3. Guys, I haven't answered to the past 3-4 posts, but I've been working on increasing my game (and trophy) collection. I've indeed bought my PS4 and I'm starting a little collection of quality/artistic titles and I'm taking your opinions into consideration. THANKS! So far, I have (for PS4): Spyro, Crash and Medievil remakes (all classics that I loved back on PS1) SotC remake and TLG (plus ICO on the PS3 collection, I'll have platted the whole trilogy, as suggested in this thread) Battlefield 1 as suggested here - I don't have a single WW1 title, and this one was acclaimed by critics * SF 30th anniversary collection - for nostalgia/respect for gaming history; * L.A. Noire (I didn't get the plat on PS3) * GoW 4; Horizon: ZD; The Witcher 3; AC Origins; Until Dawn = gr8 titles from this generation (also covering the much needed hack'n slash and horror genres) I also got Ether One (thanks for this suggestion, guys); Abzû; and Song of the Deep (I'm still not sure is this was a good acquisition) - artistic titles Portal Knights - sandbox RPG Far Cry Primal - for the setting FF XII (all of the games are physical complete editions) ----- I've also been hunting for rare/uncommon PS3 titles, and I've bought too many to remember which, but I'm creating a list separating them by genre/subgenre I plan to share with u guys. So far, I've noticed I don't have the following: Musou Shmup (horizontal/vertical) Dancing text adventure - is there any? "interactive movie" (?) Roguelike Tactical RPG "1st person party" Construction/management simulation Life simulation/pet raising That's just to name a few. If anyone could give me suggestion on the above categories, that's highly appreciated. I've also played/platted many games since I've created the topic, but u can look it up yourselves. (I've finally started El Shaddai - crazy awesome game).
  4. @thistleboy, Can u please share your experiences on farming treasures with us? As of now, we are the only 2 people to have gotten all treasures in the antiquity set post shutdown. And you were rather quick, taking only two weeks. I've chronicled my advances on farming the treasure in this thread, and it seemed to take much more time. The math is just brutal. Basically, it took me from November 4th to january 4th. Two months of intense play (and getting the other trophies as well). Each rare treasure averaged from 4 to 7 days to drop, and there are 7 of them.
  5. The PS4 version is on my (quite huge) to do list. Thanks.
  6. Well, you learn something new every day. i didn't know that the PS4 had a port (remaster?) of Doom 3, and it indeed seems to lack the MP trophies, thankfully. I may plat that one. Seems a very atmospheric game, anyways. No problem, man. Dead Nation has been under my radar and I plan to get a PS4 this week anyways.
  7. I might do Crysis, yes, coz of no online, and also it's relevance to gaming. It surely will bring some diversity to my FPS experiences. I've considered doing Doom 3, but online has scared me. I think I'll settle for the port of the classics and maybe the newer ones for the more franctic action, which is what I know the series for. I had NEVER heard of the Ys series. Thanks. This thread has been proving very informative for me (and I hope others too). For those asking me to do research, I already did. That's why I've got to know so many good/weird games. Now I want some educated opinions. I now have some options for wrestling games, some tile suggestions for 1st Person Puzzle Games (very welcomed), and some advices for action rpgs and FPS. I'm a bit clueless about: Musou Shmups Roguelike Grid based strategic RPGs some racing games branches Sports games in general (I abhor soccer games, so I might settle with Summer Stars and Sports Champions)
  8. Man, thanks so much. The Turing test and The Spectrum Retreat will have to suffice in place of Portal 2. I had NEVER heard from these games and they look noice. U caught my attention. Can u please elaborate? The only TSS I've platted are Alien Breed Games (still have to plat #2, tho)
  9. Thanks for the input, man. Remember how I said I've platted almost every PS3 game featured on top 10/25? Well, my biggest regrets are the server closure of Portal 2, my total lack of stomach to endure months of Rayman Legends grinding, and GTA IV's online trophies (I don't care as much for this last one. I got burned out from GTA V and my love is for Vice City anyways). If someone would buy me a chinese digital copy of Rayman Legends, I'd plat it and not get 100% - the chinese PS4 version doesn't require the online for the platinum (It's not like my profile can ever get to 100% anyways, with Uncharted 3 and Pinballistik )
  10. Child of Light: beautiful, that's a sure pick Deus Ex: HR DE: I own it Dishonored, Yakuza and Bayonetta: I'll start on PS4 Infamous 1 & 2: I've platted the later and already own the former Heavy Rain: Platted Sleeping Dogs: I plan to do it on the PS3, I heard the PS4 remaster has more fps drops
  11. Thanks for the input. I was clueless about wrestling games. I'm not really into it, and I just wish that Rumble Roses got a remaster, LoL. Now I'm split between WWE legends of wrestlemania and WWE smackdown vs raw 2010: the later seems to get better reviews, but the former seems to take itself less serious and at least feature 1 to to 2 characters I can recognize. Thanks. I do have the HD collection for ICO, SotC, but I'm intent on starting SotC on the PS4. How would you rate the remaster. And yes, TLG is beaaaautiful. In fact, I plan to grab my PS4 tomorrw, that's why I'm making sure I've experienced almost everything the PS3 has to offer.
  12. Thanks, man. I'm taking note of everything u guys are saying. Darksiders: will definitely grab the remasters. Thanks. Castlevania LoS: I have it, DLC included. Shadow of Mordor (PS4): is on my to-do list (huge tolkien fan) // SoW, not Killer is Dead: I have it (I think I have all Suda51 games for PS3) Sekiro: will eventually do, gorgeous SW TFU 1 (I can't buy the DLC here in Brazil... T.T I can't start it and not 100%) // SWTFU 2 (don't care) Hollow Knight: lovely indie title, it's on the list Ni no kuni (PS3): I own it. S2 Hellblade: YESSS! I'll get it Inside & Limbo: thanks Soulsborne games: you are right. I haven't started a single one. I'm considering starting the series on PS4 (better FPS). I may sell my copy of Demon's Souls and eventually settle for the remaster. I dunno Gravity Rush: those look gr8 Bloodstained: that's metroidvania, right? Will deffo to this one Games I don't know/ will research on: Nights of Azure Little Nightmares Nonary Nights of Azure looks gorgeous, it gives me some Eternal Poison (PS2) vibes - I wish EP got a remaster. Little Nightmares - That's what I'm talking about - what a lovely art style Nonary = not a priority. I'm not into visual novels and I already have Hakuoki, which I'll soon plat for variety purposes. But it wouldn't hurt to have these.
  13. BTW, I plan to plat Crash TR NF (I loved it back then). Any tips for the best wrestling games with obtainable plats and some racing games to bring variety?
  14. That's what I meant! Thanks for the input. Hack'n slash: I have all GoW games; I have DmC HD collection; I plan to plat Bayonetta on PS4 (better fps, lovely art direction); I may go for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (ouch) Action RPG: I've platted Dragon's Dogma (loved it, I could go for the remaster, but I don't like stacks); I'll definitely plat Skyrim on PS4 (no save file size issues); from Bethesda I only have Fallout 3 and NV IIRC; I own the KH remasters for PS3, but I'm inclined to start them on PS4 (is it better?) 1st person: I'm not into military shooters, but I love WWII games and games with an identity (Borderlands, Bioshock), having said that, I'll definitely plat CoD MW remastered and Battlefield One. I don't know if I want to suffer thru Black Ops MP (advice?). Fighting Games: you are right, the MK series is not represented at all. I'll go for the Arcade Kollection and call it a day (it's FAR from my favorite series); I'm not into Injustice GAU; I may go for Marvel vs Capcom 3 vanilla or MvC2 (I loved it back then,how hard is the plat? I have to buy it). I have plats for 2D and 3D fighters, but no wrestlers. Racing games: yes, they are barely represented. The problem is that most of them have unobtainable plats. I only have 1 kart racing plat (LBP Karting, though I own El Chavo kart and Sonic ASR); NFS: HP plat (arcade style) and Ski-doo snowmobile (MetalJesusRocks' recommendation). I do own Gran Turismo 6 (simulator style). I wanted to have a motorbike, a rally, a boat game and many other sub-genres.
  15. Hi everyone, I view my trophies as the history of my gaming (and life) experience from 2013 (the year I started teaching) on, as well as my love for the video games medium. If u guys look at my profile, you'll notice that I like a vast array of game types, and I'm always looking for new experiences. I have platted almost every game featured on top 10s/25s of PS3 and I also have a HUGE library with many rare games I haven't started (El Shadday, We Love Katamari, Majin & the forsaken kingdom, 3d dot game heroes), and these kirky games define me as a person. I'll eventually add all of them to my list. But what other genres, sub genres, developers, influential franchises, old school ports, etc am I missing? Please advise me on what to buy. For example, I know I don't have any shmup for PS3, and I don't have a single sports game in my account. I do have RTS games (XCOM: enemy within; Red Alert 3), but I haven't started them. TL;DR - take a look at my profile and advise me on what games would help me diversify my trophy list. Don't be afraid to share your own perosonal hidden gems - some of the best games are often overlooked. Thanks in advance. Have a gr8 day y'all.