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  1. Not sure if it's lag in the servers or my console/game, but it seems the time to exit is increased. I'll hit 'Leave Show', the HUD will disappear, but it now takes several more seconds to actually register it seems. I've gained kudos when exited early on maps I've never had an issue with before, like Rock n Roll and Fall Mountain (leaving when someone gets right on the final ramp). Maybe I'll restart and see, or if it was a fluke
  2. Jump Showdow. Whether it is a lot of players left or a few. I'm torn - it's my favorite final and I'm good at it, but I'm going for Infallible so I don't really like seeing it right now
  3. I don't think it does much for Infallible. The easy levels are still easy to qualify from. If anything this makes the 1st place trophies harder to get, though.
  4. It took mine a couple matches later to pop. I don't think the 3rd member was still spectating when I won, but not entirely sure. Are you guys still having issues with it popping?
  5. Cuphead was harder than Crash for me, but same concept where you don't have to do anything in one run. You can skip around and do things in whatever order you want, replay levels, etc
  6. No. Every level is "contained" within itself for the achievements (at least it was for the switch). There's really no comparison to SMB imo. I got all S-Ranks on the switch version and it took a couple weeks of work, but I don't think there's really any way I'll get the SMB plat
  7. It's tough but no trophy for all S-Ranks makes this an 8 or 9, not a 10/10. Should've went all out and made one for that
  8. Hi, I'm looking for help with the coop trophies. I can also host on my side to help with you as well! Edit: done !
  9. Looking for a boost to get the Doomsday Heist trophies. I had gotten the platinum before this DLC came out and finally cleared the backlog enough to circle back around to this. I am high level and have a good chunk of change for any weapons or anything that's needed for this. I have a mic and am in Pennsylvania (Eastern time). PSN is same as name here, please put "GTA Boost" or similar in invite
  10. I can get all the PS4 CoD games (Ghosts, Advanced WF, BLOPS3, Infinite WF, Modern WF remastered) for around $40-45. Are the trophies impossible to get for ones like Ghosts and Advanced WF because they are so old? Would they still be worth getting for the campaigns?