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  1. Bummer guess its time to build a idle set up
  2. I agree. Tried this on my other account and it seemed ok but after 20 mins waiting to get a match I just turned off and deleted. Either no ones playing like you say or the games just dead at the gates
  3. I tried to get this since I first started playing but I noticed even when I had the voiceover say triple down and all that it never popped I mostly played it weekly crucible list but the first daily crucible I do I get triple down and popped the trophy (this was in clash and i killed them all in roughly 3 mins in the order war, war, hunter, hunter, hunter , warlock , titan). If its not popping for you id play in daily crucible for a bit warlock stormcaller is what I used but anyrhinv will do really
  4. I would like to partake in this draw as US store sdems to have better deals anyway unless ive missed it
  5. Clan Name:Not safe for working Clan Platforms: PS3/PS4 (Mainly a PS3 clan but ps4 players also welcome) Clan Page Link: Clan Message: new clan for new players who want to do clan strikes , raids and pvp. veteans are also welcome Clan Membership Restrictions: Open to all.
  6. I just got this game a few days ago and made a clan for newish players or poeple who just wanna do pvp strikes crucible and raids. The clan is called Netherstorm (tag Ns10) you will have to create a account on to join but I hope poeple will come and play or even join with alts etc Im currently level 31 and must say im enjoying it but questing solo gets a bit boring lol
  7. Glad I could help
  8. It is yes some trophies are glitched on disc version wich unlock on digital version and vice versa
  9. My brain picked it up wrong thats what I get for staying up too late lol
  10. Not really retro if its after 2005 I was dust off my commadore 64 lol unless I misunderstood the rules
  11. Very impressive ive been thinking of getting mgs rising is it any good (I know its not stealthy)
  12. Ah I get you now thanks for clearing thaf up satoshi and joker
  13. I dont really get what you mean by this? Am I understanding that its a region locked trophy list?? @satoshi is the code you got for strider cross buy with ps3/ps4 orr is it 2 codes one for each
  14. This is very nice of you thanks (if I somehow win and can choose a prize dmc hd plz)