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  1. I like cross platform with xbox - I hate it against PC
  2. The answer is yes. If you manage to kill one MEC Helicopter with 1 person in it and then another one where the person leaves before you destroy it, then it still count towards the patch for killing 2 people in air to air combad
  3. Took me a while to get the game done but here it is: Laser League completed - First trophy 12th May 2018 - Completed in 2 years, 1 week I am a real laser lord now - lol. The platinum lies at 0.85%. It's just a grind fest and I am glad I got it over with. I am by far the last place on the leaderboard (Like +33% of the time from the second last one). I guess that was the perfect choice for a backlog game. Ohhh and an update for my Battlefield Bad Company journey. I managed to reach 8888 kills (out of 10002) and missing 4 more in-game achievements to get the other online trophy which I am missing. Maybe that's next month done . With Laser League Jan-May is completed with in each month at least one game.
  4. That is my problem. I know from people who got all awards but the trophy didn't pop and they had to call the support at that time. So I was just unsure. Well I can give an answer in the next months
  5. I got 1 kill in USA Chopper vs MEC and after that I destroyed 1 more MEC Chopper but the people left the chopper. The Patch still popped (Bronce,Silver; Gold) - is that really unlocked or bugged? I have heard that some people got all awards unlocked at screen but the server didn't counted all awards.
  6. Thank you I wanna get into those games and now I know where to start
  7. Can some1 create a Warhammer franchise list such in CoD, Battlefield or Crysis? I wanna see what games belong to the franchise and in what order they got released (without looking all the time to wikipedia or other sources)
  8. I don't know if this is the right place. Laser Leagues server are not working good anymore. You get stuck in Joining match screen and multiple friends have the same problem + after one hour I was still stuck in that joining scree. Maybe the servers are silently shut down PS. The error occurred for nearly 4 days now
  9. I have the trophy already so I vote flag.
  10. Resogun since I liked this game and it went to my top games of all time or go for Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man - it is already too long and unfinished on your account -> Would be great if some1 considers platinum + dlc on my account as I want to unlock DLC before platinum
  11. I am getting closer to one of my trophy hunter ambitions. Getting all Battlefield games done (no doubling up). All that's left is Bad Company and BFV. Battlefield 1 completed - First trophy 8th March 2017 - Completed in 3 years, 1 month The 100% lies at 0.95% while the platinum is at 8% I am glad to get that game off my list. One step closer to get all battlefields done, one backlock game less and one online game less. Hitting three birds with one stone.
  12. Yea those would have made this list far better. Not many people/developers think about trophies. They have some nice easter eggs in the game and sadly they don't add them with trophies. Even the Jessica strip scene wouldn't be that bad - I mean it's far away from hentai and is a good story implementation. On beaches alone, you will find more skin. I like how CoD handle easter eggs and trophies. I think that Until Dawn just wanted to get rid of the trophy requirement as fast as possible.
  13. And maybe console players get that one missing mission from the ps3 version. (Where you have to escape the island or it just bugged on me and skipped the evacuation)
  14. I had major problems with joining up too - sometimes it worked but I joined a dead server and got DC. So I waited for a better time when healthy servers were half populated and joined in the same on squad on the server and got the trophy first try. So I guess I got lucky. My advice would be trying to play with 4 people and join a dead sever. Capture all flags so that the game ends before the server can die (one team is doing nothing)
  15. I have that trophy already but I don't get the problem. Is it not doable anymore to join up on a Squad, join a game, play the game till the end while being in the same squad for the entire round or is this doable but the trophy doesn't pop? I had more problems to join up a mate and got the trophy after one round (I think how its meant to be). But yea again - where do you guys struggle at.