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  1. Thank god I told myself that: Don't start the game unless you have finished some more online games on your profile. I sadly won't get the platinum anymore but at least it won't be an unobtainable for me (since it won't appear on my profile in the first place). Thank you for notificate us.
  2. Well it took a while and University and life is hitting hard. I finally managed to work on my backlog and try to find more time in the next months to get some games done and avoid all those server shutdowns! Battlefield V Completed in 1 year and 4 weeks! Rarity for the plat is at 6,17% With this I have completed every Battlefield game till BFV (no doubling ups) so 2042 is missing only
  3. I played the online mode only and the SP just for trophies.
  4. I haven't played the first two Mayos. Are they important in order to understand the story of the third one?
  5. Play in invite-only lobbies and nobody can place a hacked bounty on you. I did it this way and hadn't had any problems at all with hackers.
  6. I see this thread getting closed soon too. The leaderboard is comparing profiles and it doesn't matter if it's your fault or not when something happens with your profile. If your profile violates rules for the leaderboard then you are out. If someone is doping your food and you get tested positive during a sports tournament then your score is not valid either (at least in my country) - the same rule applies here too. I support the position of the website's owner.
  7. Bound by Flame - never even heard of that game but I did hear about Thief where I never see it on a list or completed. Nice two platinums 👍
  8. First of all, yay no online topic . Ok, so from the guides I know, that some side missions may not count but I am stuck with one main mission less than I should have after finishing the last mission of the sotry line. My research resolves that mission 12 or 13 did not count (normal mission for Trevor). So is there a way to get it done somehow or do I need to start all over again?
  9. It is one of my most favorite games. I played it when I was around 7 or 8 and as young child games are way more than they are now. It was a really awesome adventure with many side quests (Pearls, Animals). I was really scared at alpha section that time and it took me a year to finish because I got stuck somewhere when I was pretty young. I later played it on ps3 too. The soundtrack is also really nice plus it hits my genre of space games. I would say it is one of the small number of games that I would double or triple up on my account (try to avoid it as best as I can). Happy that you enjoyed it
  10. I know some games have been mentioned before but I want to drop the games I have played and liked here too Alienation (Battle Worlds Kronos) Maybe the Crysis games (Deadspace - you said no) Dreadnaught (Not really story and it is MMO) EVE (Online game) Everspace kerbal space Program_ Enhanced Edition (be aware that one edition is unobatinable) Nex MAchina No Mans Sky Planetside 2 (Online MMO) Resogun Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy Star Trek Online Any Star Wars Titanfall 2 Warframe XCom games PC Only: Freelancer (Best space game imo)
  11. Please don't write anything about this game. It makes me regret starting so many dead online games 😠🔫
  12. Dejavu. Wasn’t the same questioned asked a couple of days ago or am I wrong?
  13. Wish you good luck. I hope it will work 🍀
  14. Then you don't understand logic. Again Airpot example, you are not imprison everyone simply because you some you don't get do something wrong. I never said everyone is a cheater, I said we simply can't tell and therefore can't remove them. Learn to understand logic. The requirements aren't legit since the trigger is not there for everyone. Not everyone has the opportunity to get a bounty in the normal way
  15. What about the other players who bought an IT company, hacked Sony's servers and poped each trophy manually so that nobody can tell if they got it legit or not? To your question: We can not simply tell if they have done it legit or not. Imagine being in an Airport and you try to smuggle something and your justification would be: "there are so many people flying every day so there must be someone who is smuggling something too". Yes that would be right too but you can't get them - simply because you don't know who is doing it or not. For the people where we know they have cheated (or got influenced by hackers) they are fucked. Another example would be sports using drugs to be better at it. Imagine someone puts something in your drink which gives you an unfair advantage. Your Time would not be counted simply you have the unfair advantage. The ones who use drugs but you can't find simply had luck.