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  1. Thanks for that comment. It helped me to judge the value of the game and it's difficulty
  2. If I going to boost with some1 who has Far Cry 2, Bad company 1, gauntlet and other grindy games already finished then I can be sure that a grind won't stop him from a platinum. Player A is not on the leaderboard so I assume every game on the player's profile could be hacked and therefor the player losses my trust Player B has Black Ops 2 marked as hacked trophies so I assume he just got fucked up but is still playing legit.
  3. I am not padtric
  4. I don't know if a thread and topic about this already exist but when I see some's profile who is not on the leaderboard then I assume he has hacked trophies on his profile and therefore has been banned from the leaderboard. Since some people have 200games, I don't know which one got hacked. It would be nice to see the actual hacked game(s) on the profile marked red in order to understand if he just got bad luck in Black Ops 2/ GTAV or if he actually hacks. Profiles say much about a person and I would like to avoid full-blown hackers.
  5. Why are the servers offline? I want those trophies.
  6. Well, I see that similar but more in the way. What the fuck? Why the heck are those servers still running? Shut them off in 20.02.20
  7. We are talking about EA and I have the feeling that they just shut down the servers.... which means RIP trophies in total
  8. PS Home - wasn't a trophy hunter back then so unobtainable Pinballistik - wasn't a trophy hunter back then and it's unobtainable Borderlands 2 - PS Plus and this game is boring as hell (for me) Battleborne (thought it was overwatch lol RIP 50€) Zombi - well maybe this is even more boring than Borderlands 2
  9. Don't play something you don't like just for a milestone. You have no souls game on your list - bloodborne only so why go for demon souls. Super meat boy shouldn't be there either if you do it for the milestone only. I would vote for metal gear, far cry to since it's fitting in your game series or persona 5 because you maybe like it
  10. I am going to take a break from this event or at least how I play it. I finished all the Black Ops 2 DLCs last month but since it isn't 100% I don't really count it. I am working on driveclub, bad company and now with the server issues on Battleborn at the same time where all game take a ridiculous amount of time. So I am still aiming for this even although it will take a couple of month to get those grind fests done (not to mention the other grindy games on my list). I think it's better in the long term to focus on them now, than getting easy games done.
  11. @Last-_-Judgment looks like I am rekt now
  12. I don't like people who hide their trophies.
  13. I like to play a finished game more like a game which is cancer like BO3 at release. The SP wasn't playable so it's better to have a game later than nothing earlier
  14. But you get 1650 atoms a month. That's more than 16500 a year
  15. It doesn't have to be that cheap. More like play every map once, every game mode once, get 20 Headshots in total, play a round in private, get your first kill streak kill, be in the top three of the leaderboard, maybe win every game mode. Those trophies are still easy but they give the game a better shape imo. Uncharted 3 was enough for you, I see Kappa