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  1. Finally back in business and an avoid of an upcoming unontanable The Last of Us 100% - First trophy 21st June 2013 - Completed in 5 years, 11 Months damn 6 more days and it would have been 6 years. So all resources are going to UC 3 now.
  2. I wanted to have a signature a couple of years ago but It kinda didn't updated my trophies so I retried after a couple of day. I was just adding a second one and since I am allowed to have 2 on PSNP I thought its a nice look into the past. I don't own PS Plus anymore thats why the up to date one don't have a ps plus sign
  3. I could update my profile yesterday in the midday but later on it always sync my profile without updating trophies. So since I turnt Automatically log in off I thought this could be the problem. After getting the last of us plat I went to my PS3 trophies on the PS3 and pressed triangle and sync with server and I see my trophies on my PS4 ( the ones from PS3 which I just unlocked). My trophies are on the psn server but not updating to this site anymore Edit Finally Updates
  4. Thats what I am working on now. The last of us and uncharted 3. I don’t have much time due to university but unobtainable trophies are ugly af
  5. I believe there are two ways for your problem: 1st look at your downloads and download the things you need from there ( downloads on your console. You will have to look for a while) 2nd there should be a dlc bundle for free wich u can download with all available dlcs for,free
  6. they just talk about ps3 servers so you should be safe
  7. A lot like crysis two or a lot in the meaning of finding a carp in the mediterranean sea
  8. how much time does this game take from 0 to 100% ?
  9. how much time does this game take from 0 to 100% ?
  10. A classic game I finally start to play
  11. Back in the fight from MW3
  12. Especially world of tanks + going for the 100%. My second game of this month ist: April 2019 - This War Of Mine 100% - First Trophy July 2016 - Completed in 2 years 8 months 3 weeks
  13. April 2019 - Saint's Row Gat out of hell 100% - First Trophy December 2017 - Completed in 1 year 3 months Took me quit a while to get a game done. Everything is eating a lot of time and games like world of tanks or gems of war or warframe doesnt't make it easier for me to complete anything.
  14. I enjoy getting more and more trophies because the developer really do update their games. Some developer give shit about trophies but the Warframe developer also think about that when they release new stuff. It’s like hey look that’s new and Iike as a gamer.
  15. Just a friendly reminder. You can play ranked games now with a VIII Tank so for those of you who are looking for a more easy way than having a lvl X tank for this event should join now.