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  1. GTAV ( I think it's unobtainable ) if u want an optaimable not to go for then Borderlands 1
  2. Thsts at at least not food enough because they will always say rocket league on my account but I won't do that ( dlc have to finished first) Havent rad much about th others comments yet but I'd finish InFamouse ( what you are doing right now), Until Dawn ( 2 easy playthroughs), Wolfenstein and Far Cry 3 - and you have to play the dlcs of resogun just fantastic
  3. I often read something like I don't care about the dlcs because they are to expansive but what about every dlc is free would you and everybody else still stick with the opinion that the platinum is enough or would you go for the 100%?
  4. For me a platinum should be given when you have 100% in the game because that's my definition for a platinum. You don't have to do anything anymore and you are really done with everything ( DLC included). I'd rather not have a platinum in a game than a platinum without the 100% - it's like a Paradoxon in my account when I see e.g. A new Minecraft dlc since it kills the 100%. So for me the platinum isn't meaningless - it's the definition for done and completion.
  5. Ohh that's nice to know that the bases are split by difficulty - have basically nothing with my permadeath char and I'm currently trying to get the glyphs with my strong normal character. I will try to go to easy addresses first before I try my luck on the halbert dimension. I have found easily 2 with my perma char but with my main it's difficult to find even one glyph too. i will try my luck with the galactic hub when I haven't found any glyph in a couple of hours thanks for the replies
  6. Do the story first so you get used to the game than endless mode
  7. Since many people try to reach the Centre and the Centre is smaller than like the outer core, shouldn't be more systems get discovered there? And if there are more systems discovered shouldn't be there more bases or do they plant the base at the beginning of their journey/ base gets vanished by leaving th galaxy?
  8. Killzone 3 is my advice but I'd like to see Sacred 2 100%ed
  9. Keep going everything else is "easy" just a lag of concentration and bad luck kills you ( as long as you have enough RPGs for the last wave in the yard ( don't waste any shots on wave 1-3)) ( second last chapter )
  10. Lets start a petition for Shadow Warrior 1 Kappa ohh and for meat boy and necro dancer too.
  11. Are there more game where characters from super meat boy take place in?
  12. That guy looks like a Character from super meat boy - Are the trophies any difficult ?
  13. Played 10 rounds so far and I have always been in the best squad and still no trophy >.<
  14. What's the name of the first dlc in trophy psn store. I see several dlcs with the name Specat but which one is the dlc trophy one ?