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  1. Are there more game where characters from super meat boy take place in?
  2. That guy looks like a Character from super meat boy - Are the trophies any difficult ?
  3. Played 10 rounds so far and I have always been in the best squad and still no trophy >.<
  4. What's the name of the first dlc in trophy psn store. I see several dlcs with the name Specat but which one is the dlc trophy one ?
  5. Thanks so I just need to be 100% focused and then I'm safe I will keep this in mind when I try to get the rest of my BO2 trophies
  6. i know already if i join public matches in cod I will might happen that I get all trophies because of an hacker. heres my question can they also unlock trophies from other games or am I safe if I have the game already on 100%.
  7. whats the difficulty of this game and how long does it take to platinum it
  8. Same thing if u want to delete 0% games which are already regristated on psn profiles. They disappear only if you get a new trophy in any game
  9. Add me
  10. Deffianlty loves Madden and when I see the other games, sports games in general
  11. Same here it would be nice to filter all 100% games out.
  12. Looks like a new super meat boy is incoming
  13. Stupid tooled up trophy from Crysis 2
  14. Never played a NHL are they good?
  15. Much to learn you still have when using guides you do