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  1. Ohhh this cancer finally arrived on PS4 :O. Still working on the PS3 trilogy, I'm glad there are no Multiplayer Trophies
  2. You are wrong in your logic, just because people got the platinum doesn't mean that the platinum trophy is still available for people who start at 0% trophies. CoD BO2 platinum is unobtainable because of 1 online trophy - I already have that trophy -> for me it's obtainable and for others not. But as the people already said the platinum is still obtainable. Are you going for the PS4 platinum ?
  3. Are the trophies likely to get and still obtainable including dlcs
  4. I have played the first Sacred + Add on/Dlc on the PC and loved it. I couldn't get the 2nd game for some reason. Right know I see the 3rd game on sale and I'm wondering if this game is good or not. I hope you can answer my question: are there any online trophies, are the trophies obtainable, is the game itself good/ interesting as the first one ( Good and various quests/side quests) and why is the platinum percentage that low
  5. 2nd Week - Disc Jam - Shadow Warrior
  6. Save spot I add games later
  7. I'm not talking about changing the system clock, all clocks Change during summer and winter time at least im my country. The duration while I'm playing the game will still be 10 hours in total but the Playstation Network will say that I have just played from e.g. 10PM-7AM -> this website will say I only played 9 Hours. And if this trophy would be a MP trophy like play 10 hours online ( and all other trophie could be done online too in that time) than this website could might spot me as cheater. So my final question is: Does this website also calculate Summer/Wintertime?
  8. But the summer/winter time change is an automatically process. What if we talk about an online game during Winter/summer time change?
  9. Can I play AC:BF's Freedom Cry and then automatically get 100% in the stand alone ?
  10. I was thinking if you play a game without internet connection and you get a trophy for playing a game "for 1 hour" in 1 hour. Then the time changes because of winter and summer time and you get the trophy for playing the game "for 10 hours" in only 9 Hours ( I know you technically still play 10 hours but EndTime-StartTime = 9 Hours). Lets say you are good enough to get all other trophies as well, so you are number 1 of the fastes achievers with a time of only 9 Hours. or does psn/psnprofiles knows when summer/winter time is and also calculate that into the fastes achievers list? Would this count as cheat if your achivemening time is just 9 Hours? PS. you update your trophies when you get the platinum/100%
  11. My thought was that the increase of total players is higher per year than the increase of players who buy a game years after release. Of course old games have an extremely high lead than games who got released 2 days ago but games who got released 1-2 years ago should be very close to the old games. Ok To compare destiny with Black ops 1 isn't the best idea but still it shouldn't be that far behind ( on psn profiles destiny has 50% amount of owners what Black ops 1 has). For me it's weird that today's AAA titles get not even close to old AAA titles ( in a few of 2 years after release of today's AAA titles ) PS. I'm not comparing total Sells/Owners, I'm comparing PSN-Profiles owners
  12. I can understand that old games have much more time to generate a fan base and much more people have the opportunity to buy it. On the other the amount of gamers who start playing video games also grow up higher and higher so shouldn't new games or old PS4 games get an higher owner rate than games like BO1? I literally don't get it, for me it seems obvious that games like Destiny should have a higher ownership than those PS3 games.
  13. 2851 Trophies unerarned :/
  14. Shadow Warrior Platinum [Trophy Hunter]
  15. I finished everything till 2nd last lvl ( that with the 4 waves) pretty quick but then died on Zilla ( the boss on 2nd last lvl) so I rage quitted for like a 3/4 year . Today I gave it another try and finally got the Platinum trophy