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  1. Nice one. Which are your most favorite assassin's creeds?
  2. Most wanted is a great choice
  3. Well, uhm, again it’s better to read more than the first sentence. You asked me if I have a problem with it. You are free to write what ever you want but it’s most likely that nobody cares for your posts in this thread. Finding your hand full of posts will be difficult too but you can give it a try.
  4. I don't give a fuck if people which I don't like comment on this thread or not. For me it's about me getting something done in a month and getting motivation from the other people who get some games done. My message was just a reminder for you to save time by the end of the month when some games maybe don't count. We have the rule that a game counts as backlog when the first trophy has been unlocked at least 6 months ago. It would be better for you if you actually read the first post of a forum thread instead of trolling around. So in your words. You either have a game with 6 months old trophies on it and can participate on this event or you unlock 1 trophy and wait 6 month for it to count. 23 Games on your account should fit the rules the other PS3 or PS4 games take a while to fit into this event
  5. Not sure if your account ( on the signatur) is the wrong one but backlog are games where you havre to have at least one trophy unlocked for more than 6 month to make it count for backlog
  6. Took me years to complete that game too. Keep going - it is motivaton mr too
  7. Same - my backlog is already great enough.
  8. About this game. It's not that hard but a huge grind with the 1000 games. This will take a while and make people run away from this game. Then you have luck based trophies ( 10 seconds and 3 kills and 2 kills in one instand) both of the luck trophies are glitched too so good luck on those. The next trophies which are glitched are the get a ship on veteran and legendary fleet. Took me 15 winning games to get the legendary trophy done ( veteran took several atemps). And the least part of this game which will be annoying is the wave 10 in havoc since you need good team mates and little bit of luck that the enemy's consterlation is not to fucked up. Ohhh and did I forget to mention that some game modes are dead so good luck on boosting elimination. This game deserves to be a ultra rare but more in the 3-4% area
  9. This game looks interessting. What is the difficulty of the trophies and does it work with a broken controller ( R3, R2 and R1 + X and O are not working)
  10. If people rather play Doom instead of uncharted 3 then it's their fault of not getting the free DLC trophies in the naughty dog games. No way that naughty dog is going to extend the server life time after a 3 month deadline. I am glad that they gave us enough time to beat all three games with plenty of time left to watch some new movies like Lion King or One Piece
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2 - this game fits perfectly to the first one which I have done but WipeOut 2048 is awesome too
  12. Go for it. BF BC is doable if you keep playing it
  13. What about the 200k silver in one battle? In world of tanks the dlc trophy for getting 100k in one match is already hard enough
  14. What are your trophy thoughts on this game - any tankers interessted in this platinum?
  15. I am happy to get this game finally done. Was sitting way to long on my backlog ( could have been under top 10 first achievers) but hadn't enough platinums in that time. Star Trek Online 100% - First trophy 8th December 2016 - Completed in 2 years, 11 months The current rarity for plat is 0.34% while the 100% is 0.30%