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  1. True but as I havent reach the platinum yet - thanks to way to 2409 - I am happy to do something else than waiting to repeat a daily I hope its not as time consuming as those lore trophies - dlc 1 was ok - trophy wised
  2. Sounds like we will se new trophies. It's a really huge update so I beleave its very likely that they add trophies as well.!
  3. Thanks, I was just wondering because PSNProfiles was always faster than myself in getting new trophy informations.
  4. Im really surprised that PSN profiles hast not updated the dlc from World of tanks. I thought it would get updated right away when the dlc arrives + many games are listed way before the acutal game is available in stores.
  5. Having exmanes soon so I had to finish a game early this month. Beyond: Two Souls 100% - First Trophy May 2016 - Completed in 2 Years 1 Month
  6. Are the dlcs just regular updates or do I have to actually buy them ( can't find them in the PSN-Store)
  7. Does Trials fusion and all dlcs included has one which can be unobtainable in the future because of online servers getting shut down?
  8. its either for lvl 35, 36 or 37 at least thats what a rocket league friend of mine told me + dudes play this game ledgit and dont always focus on trophies first, you will evenutally get all trophies naturaly
  9. Had to reinstall the game but now its thanksfully working fine So if any1 has that problem just reinstall the nearly 20GB
  10. i havent but I can even play contract from friend of mine
  11. Its getting stuck in the loading screen after the video sequenz ( Play first contract trophy- Blood Money) - but the Create contract tutorial works finde for me
  12. When I start the tutorial by myself or when I want to stark a contract and the game asks me to start a tutorial first and I press yes, which leads me to the tutorial then, I always get stuck in a loading screen. Had any1 else a similar problem with contracts and found a fix for it?
  13. Thanks for the reply - got the trophy 2 Hours later ( I saw the trophy poping up but it didnt show up on my trophies for some reason but PSN had alot of errors and long loading times for friend list etc. maybe it kinda bugged because of the bad Sonsy servers)
  14. Hey I just played Laser League and got a trophy in that game. The Symbol popped up ( like it always does when a trophy gets unlocked) and it's on my my notifications as last trophy. To the trophy is a lvl trophy ( reaching lvl 10 by reaching lvl 11 in game). So will This trophy forever be locked or does it show up somewhen at my trophies ?