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  1. I I knew one person who did it legit at the beginning but other than that and my self included, everyone used the exploit. It was still damn hard but I have to say GG for the 47 achievers who got it this year. Impressive that they got it somehow and beat the bad chances of randomness, bad luck, not having luck and the skill of many player by now
  2. After some time, I want to get back into the Assassins Creeds (I can't play too many in a row). What is your most favorite AC and if you have time you can rank the existing ones too. I thought an overview isn't that bad when people decide to pick the next AC to play.
  3. I will give you 2 answers and 3 reasons. Answer 1: World of tanks because I want to have the rarity as low as possible for me and the 100% will be a pain and I guess you are going for the 100% Answer 2: Trackmania Turbo. Get the online done if you haven't already but if you ever think about getting all those medals then good luck. My adivce finish other games first and do not go for Trackmania Turbo plat
  4. That is a good idea or Oscar Mike. I had problems with the boss and his attack. With oscar mikes ultra you kill that boos quickly. Kleese did not work at all for me on that mission because he was good at defending but not at killing the boss
  5. 0.36% - Star Trek Online 0.69% - World of Tanks 0.75% - Battlefield Bad Company 0.85% - Laser League 1.31% - Shadow Warrior/ Fall Guys
  6. And sharing is caring is a singleplayer-online trophy. So don't just finish the Multiplayer, you have to get some of the singleplayer done too (for the online lol).
  7. I guess huge danganronpa fan, sticks mainly with RPGs or adventure games while avoiding any FPSs. Ohh and of course what comes with the majority of FPSs? Right! Online Trophies - so that is a good way to avoid them as well so we see many story-driven games
  8. World of Tanks All 66 Trophies 30th December 2020 • Completed in 4 years, 11 months Nice finish for this year
  9. I posted earlier about the platinum and now I got the 100% in World of Tanks I had to spam massive amounts of monster rounds in order to have one round which is good enough for the skill dependent trophy. The grind was just grinding and took me another 230 matches. To be fair 230 Matches for the remaining last three trophies is really generous. I was thinking whether to start the next year well or to end this year well with the 100% of WoT. In the end, I do hate platinums without 100% and technically this game was already done with the plat (for many ppl.) and I had to complete it once and for all (trophy wised - I defiantly kick some as with my new Jagtpanzer E100 just for fun but not today or in this year anymore (or maybe I will lol). World of Tanks All 66 Trophies 30th December 2020 • Completed in 4 years, 11 months World of Tanks - First trophy 30th January 2016 - completed in 4 years, 11 months. The platinum rarity lies at 0,69% while the 100% rarity is at 0,08%. Let's see if this will be the all time high lol or all time low depending on the perspective in this backlog challenge. Despite spending 550 hours into this game, I never felt bored or pissed off at this game for a long time. Just one line nearly killed it. Playing 100 matches with tanks I do not like in the never-ending story of the tiger tree was torture. Spending 140 matches to get the Tiger I which needed 160 Matches for the Tiger II which needed 280 matches for the E75 which needed 200 matched for the Tier X Tank. For me, the entire line except for Tiger II and E75 maxed out had a sign with spank me please on it. All your shots get blocked and everybody is hitting you (or maybe I was just bad in this game at that point of time since the german line was the first Tier X line I completed). All in all, I can say give this game a try if you have started it already (unobtainable 100%). If you become good then the game will grand you some really good rounds. But enough about WoT. Year Summary I am happy that I finished at least one game every month. Jan: Assassins Creed IV - I'm glad that I got it done because of the online grind and the online trophy in singleplayer Feb: Syberia - Nice game from my childhood but in the end not to enjoyable anymore and I had to force myself to complete this game Mar: Race the Sun - Finished that game on the 31st. Had to force me to finish this game too Apr: Battlefield Hardline - 40,000 kills ohh Gawd. At least I was doing the grind only while watching some recorded lectures and knew every world my professor said about certain topics (got this game done and a 1.0/A on my exam lol ) Apr: Battlefield 1 - Working my way through the Battlefields and kept boosting with my squad lead into this grindy 100% as well. Never enjoyed it so I am glad it's over May: Laser League - A friend of mine forced me to finish it and with shit servers, I am happy to have this over too (while the game isn't too bad) Jun: Battlefield Bad Company - Super Hard, Super Grindy, Supper Laggy and a long time unobtainable. Happy to see it completed this year July: Battleborn - 1 Hour matches often did not save, super grindy, and an upcoming server shutdown. Thank good, I had time this year to complete this game Aug: Sound Shapes - At the end not as hard as expected but I got trolled often with bad spawns in this game. A game everybody might have fun with Sept: Dead Space - Awesome singleplayer game. I am looking forward to the franchise now Oct: Grow Home - Finished on the last day. Short but actually an ok game. Now: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - Another Far Cry game from the list and also pretty awesome Dec: Bridge Constructor - Fun game but could be finished earlier. But my way of playing is to do what ever I want and to clean up the mess later Dec: World of Tanks - One massive grind game less on my list I like how I started good with MP games and then switched to SP games when my university started. Next year will be rougher and I might start many new games (mainly single player games) which will be finished in summer or right away - depending on my mood. I am glad that many online related games got knocked out of my list in 2020. Single-player games can be finished at any point while online games need servers. For the next year, I try to get some online games done (server shutdown candidates or some easy ones) while starting a lot of new games where I will make sure to get the online done right away and then just enjoy the game. This year I did besides those mentioned games just Fall Guys and yes with exploit if anyone wonders. The point is that I want to play just for fun again. Trophy hunting is fun. I enjoy that too but with just for fun I mean without paying attention to any missable trophies. With that being that my backlog will grow again but this time hopefully with less grind Let's see what the year brings. I hope everyone had nice Christmas and wish you a happy new year
  10. I don't have one but maybe take a look at my Tom Clany's Endwar rarity colection
  11. I am already at challenge 90/100. So 10 more steps and I do get that tank. I also have 1000 more gold than I started with thanks to the challenges (I got my gold from the story missions since they got delisted, WoT gave people rewards for it). The challenge is always points related. 5 Points equal a step so you have to do 500 points. You get 1 point per match (if you get enough xp I believe 300 is necessary) and if you complete ops. Edit: That do not work. I had to research the entire tree of tanks for the 5 Tier X tank trophy
  12. I do know, that you get more silver if you sport a vehicle and damage it than damage a spotted vehicle. The ratio is 2 to 1. So self spot and damage of 2000 is worth more than 3999 damage on a spotted vehicle (not by you). I assume those spot assistants and damage a spotted vehicle (not by you) are pretty similar. I am pretty sure that my light tank damage was 50% 50% on that round. So 3600 damage where 1800 were spotted by me so let's just make it easier and say I did 5400 damage on spotted vehicles with 6400 spot assistants -> I am at 11800 base damage. With the Draugen I did 2000 damage and 6500 assistants (pretty sure I made 500 damage by myself only). So 2000 + 500 = 2500 damage on spotted vehicles + 6500 spot assistants = 9000 base damage. The Draugen has a boost of 150% -> 9000*1,5 = so 13.500 real base damage. The difference between both rounds are 1,700 points in the favor of the Draugen (I did not include the Block and the destroyed vehicles so must be pretty close). What I try to say is, that if you do not spot the vehicle by yourself then maybe let other do the dirty work for you and use the Draugen
  13. Thank you I wasn't even going for it and the round was certainly not my best. I was playing with the Draugen (Premium Vehicle with 150% Silver). In my opinion one of the best tanks in the game. I haven't recorded my game since it was really not that impressive but I screenshotted everything I changed my setting so that I can see how much DMG I block and how much spotting assistants I get during the game - I think that is important in order to take risks in a game or to play it safer. With not even 2k DMG I was playing it very risky at the end and even died so the *ping* trophy sound took me by surprise. I stood in the game since there was just one tank left in the game (the one who killed me ). Kind of weird that this game gave me the trophy while my monster game with the light tank did not.
  14. If you buy the Season Pass (2000 gold) and completed all challenges then you will get 2000 gold - some extra stuff and a TX Russian Tank Destroyer ( Object 268 Version V ). Everything else you will have to grind out or wait for other Seasons. I do not believe that the war story is coming back so those trophies will stay unobtainable
  15. Since the new update today (the things you download from the WoT server, I am getting on average 7,000 Silver if I win and If I lose I am getting on average -12,000 silver each round. Doesnt matter if I am MVP or not. This game is just crap. So glad when I get my trophies and can delete that peace of shit. WoT was fun before the update but now it's not worth my time