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  1. Finally after a couple of months I am going to write my last exame tomorrow. So I will be back in the event maybe in february. If anyone has good advices for games on my account I would like to hear them. Star Trek Online will be my 50th and games like rocket league with a lot of DLC which take to much time to 100% won't be a good choice since I wanna platinum games only when I have done the DLCs too. What games are doable in a week on my account with less effort?
  2. What about no trophies in any day of a month? Tha would be harder IMO
  3. @Gretchen27 I won't trophy hunt till March except a server shut down is coming which I could avoid. So you I would like to switch to inactive participants.
  4. I wont - everybody who knows me, knows me under reaper4536 or just reap. So I believe Reaper will still be taken and reap too so nope. Even if the names will are free at the time I won't change since REAPER4536 became my Identity and not an other name
  5. I would like to know the most time consuming games in terms of grindiness or just a huge story for 100% Titles, Platinums and of course DLC. An example for DLC would be BFH 40,000 Multiplayer kills and imo. Star Trek Online has a huge story and the dlc + Colectibles r grindy too but what about other games? I wanna talk about 100-200h+ games so grindfest Gauntlet is not involved.
  6. Hey I am just wondering if its possible to play FIFA 19 without PS Plus. I have two accounts on my console and one has PS Plus ( Primary PS) so I should be able to play with both and both together online matches but on a friend of mine's Playstation its not working ( havent testet it by myself) - so my question is: Is he noob or do both account have to have PS Plus to play at the same time on one console?
  7. Hadn't much time for Backlock but I got good progress on Battlefield Hardline and Battleborn, which both dont fit the requiermens for progress on the event. But I should have good lead in terms of finished games. But for October: Super Exploding Zoo! - First Trophy June 2015 - Completed in 3 Years and 3 Months
  8. @Floriiss there is no release date yet but it could be the same as for pc just 2 years later in February. For Nintendo switch it Got released this year in February so chances are high for pa4 in February 2019
  9. Gal*Gun 2 - I don’t even know this game Thanks All you need is a friend who tries to platinum it before you [ I have won the race ]
  10. Number four goes with Titan Souls 100% - First Trophy January 2017 - Completed in 1 Year and 6 Months
  11. Slain
  12. Wow that’s true. I didn’t thought about that but on daily base it’s eating to much resources I guess.
  13. Hey I don’t know if it’s to diifuclt to Programm but I would like to see an average completion graphic. It would look like the trophy per month graphic just instead of trophies we would see the average completions and the month would still be the month. I haven’t been trophy hunting for a long time and I played casually till the release of Battlefield Hardline and since then I work on my completion and maybe get distracted here and there again. So it would be really interesting to know what my all time high completion looks like or in general to see the increasing of the average completion. Am I the only one who likes such a feature or is there a high number of people who think it would be a good implement in the stats? Im sorry if my English isn’t that understandable
  14. And for the hattrick Assassin's Creed III 100% - First Trophy November 2012 - Completed in 5 Years and 9 Months
  15. No clue what I am. I 100% games, if i can’t do that I won’t get the platinum. But my average completiion is a little bit more than 50% so I’m not a completionist and since I won’t buy my name is mayo games I am not a trophy hunter either. I just play watherver I want and after the fun ends I try to get all trophies as a challange ( wich makes fun again).