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  1. If you are willing to finish this game then yes it is worth starting it (also considering that your main goal is to have all FC2 plats and not the experience of that game). I hated every minute of boosting. Sign up for a war party trophy boosting group and if you get it the amount of players you need for the plat gets reduced to 2-3. Finding 1 or 2 people is doable for this game especially if you joing boosting sessions and discord boosting groups.
  2. Here we go again.... new DLC trophies.
  3. Close to the Sun like wtf is even that game?
  4. You just reduced his time to finish this game by 66.66%
  5. Here we go again....
  6. Looks pretty easy. Maybe Earn a score of 55,000 Intel in a single incursion could be difficult depending on the scoring system. The grindy trophy could be Equip Headgear on 18 different level 10 Operators. Don't know how fast the leveling is but that could take some time. All in all pretty easy list imo.
  7. Reaper does not like the idea of Fallout 76 becoming unobtainable
  8. I hope so too as I am always running away from some kind of shutdown
  9. And V-Tol mission in the first game
  10. Congrats I hope I get there somewhen too. Ohhh yes you should if not you who could beat this game?
  11. Well to give a true answer Aiming: You need to aim well in order to kill people Map vision: You need to know the map to know where to hide or where others might hide or in general which route works best for what type of player A good headset: You can hear steps pretty well so you can train on that too Skill: You have to train the skill to have good movements. Like when to run in cover, when to push, when to avoid a fight, when to risk a fight etc.
  12. I thought it is time to say something since I am not gone.... well temporarily. I finally managed to finish the online stuff from FC2 still have to do the single-player but hey... one game less to worry about shutdowns. Currently playing BFV for fun and looking for a game to complete in the next months (most likely a PS3 game) so that I have at least a couple games completed this year.
  13. @Johnathan994 Streetfighters or Mortal Combad X because they are enoying to plat @ObsiEez Far Cry 2 because it is a waste of time or Neverwinter if you are aiming at 100% because that is even more wasting time.
  14. Yes I did manage to get 1500xp in one round and at the same time I won the game (not sure if that is requiered but I did that too) If you are below 1500 xp in a match, then you have to derank to level 1 with 0xp. And then restart the game as mentiont by OJ
  15. @ExcitedKumquat Thank your for your post it helped me a lot Maybe you can add something because the step by step plan was at one point different for me. I always had the problem when I was saving stats, that I have to rejoin twice in order to make the game count my stats (or rejoin three times if the lobby crashes). So about the step by step plan. I went all the way down to level 1 with 0 xp. I then got more than 1500 xp and won the game in the next step. I followed the next steps of deleveling and restarting the game. Here comes the part which was different to me. When I entered MP I was level 1 with 50xp. So I had to rejoin again (rejoin in terms of going into the DLC kind of store, so that I can go bakc in to the MP a second time). The Level 1 with 50xp changed to level 30 with -100 xp. What I am trying to say is that if you did everything according to the steps but stil end up with level 1 after resarting the game, then go once in the DLC/additonal content store and back out in order to move a second time in to the MP -> this might help you.