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  1. Sorry, I meant did u try this message before a couple of days ago?
  2. @woggly4 Did u try that method? Want to know whether it's just luck now or if it's a permanent solution.
  3. @Leigrez with my devil dogs for bad company 1 seems unlockable now - you might want to give it a try
  4. Trophy list looks pretty easy with just completing the game so here comes the interesting question. How did you like Praetorians? Are you looking forward to this game? I played it when I was 5 or 6 and I was totally into the Roman Empire and so I enjoyed this game pretty much. So I defiantly get my hands on this game.
  5. It took a while but I got my game done for this month. Dead Space (1). I think every1 who wanted to play it has already play it but I came late to the party. Buying old Single Player games instead of new ones safes money and most likely prevents any upcoming dlcs or you own the dlcs because of a good deal. I bought DS2, DS Extraction and DS3 because of DS1 and looking forward to completing the entire franchise. Most likely no other game will be considered backlog but who knows if I play through the games and clean up years later. Dead Space - First trophy 4th June 2019 - Completed in 1 year 3 months Another update is that I am working on X-Com Enemy Unkown now. I got the game again from USA and going to get the HongKong DLC in order to clean up (Hong Kong DLC is compatible with American Disc Version). Far Cry 2 is at roughly 5,000/10,000 online kills. Aiming for every ps3 game and maybe mad may since server are going to shut down soon.
  6. Congratz - you deserve it
  7. Boi can you stop the propaganda and stick to the topic? So I personally think that all races you need to be good at which mean you are reaching always the finish or get screwed by RNG but you can leave in time. Tip Toe: Get enough practice to feel the flow. Stay in middle of the group and keep an eye for the last 3 lines of those piles. Make sure that other people fall so that if you stay in middle, there will always be enough space for you to reach the finish line. Slime Climb: Get good here. Everything becomes easy if you have practice. On the last step be aware of people who throw you into the slime - dodge them by jumping and diving or leave the game if they are everywhere. You can always leave on time on team games. So those shouldn't be any problem. Jinxed: Except this one. Gamble when having maybe 1-2 wins but other than that this is a dead end Tail Tag: Tricky since everything can change in the last seconds. Up to every1 how long they stay Survival should be doable too: Block Party: Leave if you don't like it with a lot of people at the same time Tail Tag: Doable and enough time to leave as long as you know that you survive the last 5 seconds Final: Hex A Gone: Get good and know how to leave quickly. This is highly skilled dependent so make it one of your most favorite finals Fall Mountain: Know the way but every1 does so make sure to leave in time if it becomes unsure that you win Tail Tag final game: Don't bother with it unless you have 2 enemies or less only Jump Showdown: Random if you win. Can take 30 seconds or 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Don't gamble at a win streak
  8. Guess who won the crown....
  9. Maybe 50-60 wins but it's getting extremely hard to win now. Everybody knows the way for fall mountain, royale fumble is shit, hexagon is skill and bunch of luck that you don't have bad luck and jump showdown is.......
  10. 50€ for Battleborn #Wasted money or if you count ps plus too then around 100€ (50€ ps plus and sub 50 for a bunch of games which were on sale)
  11. Siad the guy with a nearly 50% rarity completion, nearly piss easy games only on his profile, taking years to complete crash or jak games, got the trophy after 12 days (1st win to 5 in a row) and last but not least yea sure you got it multiple times already while playing all the other games on your account. Stop trolling around.
  12. 1253*
  13. Likes the Devil May Cry franchise and challenges like in Furi (+ other games on his account) and last but not least likes FPS - especially Overwatch which is a great taste of games. Could be likes UR Trophies only too
  14. It's a free and fast platinum
  15. I haven’t seen it today in 25 finals and all the people I have played with today, haven’t seen it too. Bad luck or are you guys having issues getting this final too?
  16. Nice! Awesome! I change the title then, that it's back
  17. Played 1 round and left on the second and my score didn't change. So we can assume that it still works
  18. Got 4 legit wins in a row yesterday so it's still possible imo
  19. jinxed, tip toe, block party....
  20. It's still hard since you can easily die due to bugs (happened too often), people are not shown were they are, even if you leave then your kudos can increase. It's 100%easier but not piss easy.
  21. Is it all luck? No! Is it skill only? No! In my opinion, you need to have luck in this game or better to say you need to avoid having bad luck. That's the first thing to say. The second thing is bad luck and bugs like when people grab the tail from a mile away (I know on their screen it maybe works). On fall mountain you spawn at the last row. On jump showdown you can get grabbed and on the tail grab final you maybe end up 1vs4 because the others play as team. I don't mind hard trophies but I mind bullshit trophies and 5 wins in a row is one of them. In the end it's all about luck. If you don't end up on perfect spawns in final, you have to hope that people fail. It's not about your skill, it's more about getting into the right games and then yes.... then you need some skill. I think ridiculous trophies shouldn't be in games. Wolfenstein is none of them. Wolfenstein is singleplayer and the randomness is pretty slim. Everyone has the same chances which make the trophy hard but fair. Fall Guys 5 wins has a lot to do with luck and randomness which I dislike. You can be Jesus but still don't get the trophy because of cheap methods of other players. You can have the greatest skill in all game modes but still don't get the trophy because of the bad luck with the game (bugs) or players and that second thing I dislike. For me a trophy should be unlockable with skill and maybe a slim amount of luck and not let's see if you get lucky and play with bad players
  22. Damit again. I died right after my 4th win. Again due a bug
  23. My winning streak got broken. This could have been my 5th win. Never play hexagon guys.