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  1. Dude, I really want to talk to you. Really. I’ve been playing Rayman for 4 mounths, and every day I’m seening yours diamond trophies with crushing times and unbelievables distances. Dude, how?!? Unfortunately, I just achieve 715,97. But Didn’t get… One time, I did 715,99, swear… but… don’t know…..
  2. The thophies Completionist and Farmer are glitched. We can't earn 200 Iridium crystals and at Chapter 7-4 some enemies are invisible and invincible, so you can't have the "Destroy 90% of the enemies" side objective in this mission. Anyone knows if there will be some patch in next days?
  3. Don’t forget the Trophy “Six Degrees “, a viral Trophy that where you need to play against a dud with the same trophy.
  4. I have 02 PS3 ( Slim and a Super slim) after years, I decide play to plat. I insert a disc in both PS3, but it didn't start. I buy another disc, but it was the same. Two discs, two PS3 and an incomplete plat. Any idea?
  5. 0,9% from pool of all players has already get 100%, but anybody from PSNPROFILES. How can it be? And when’ll @35bigthings do a patch?
  6. Nobody get this trophy/achievement. I haven't achive the level, but, what the problem with the Iridium crystals? I'm playing in PS4, the tracing of PS5 say something? There's a mission os 4th level with 31 crystals, so...
  7. Do you have this email? I’ll send too.
  8. Thank you, I've already send my request. Hope many players do it too. The game deserves it.
  9. You did your job. I needing 256 scraps. When I reach 500, the count stops. It appers Around 600 scraps, but the challenger show: 0/2000. And before was 456/500. At thursday. Is it fair?
  10. My trophy was ok.
  11. @Sergen, you are misunderstanding me, a lot. When I see some games complaining about the fall of a plat rarity in this conditions ( with a huge Marvel fan-base; turned into a impossible plat; the wrong dead line), like Gryfter and Elvick did, I'm sorry for the community. Seems they are selfish. Some friends of mine, and I, could't play for many reasons, but had no time. And we were a bit sad, meanwhile some lament the loss of some platinum status.😒 Well, well. About NG2, and I be 99%, look my plat PSN, you won't see Massagy in a Goat with some Maionese, while play some tons and tons of novel. Got it? It was a allegory. You're judging me, and that's no problem. The problem is to do without knowing me. P.S.: You are awesome. Congrats.
  12. Hey, Guys, don't worry, Ninja Gaiden 2, 3 and Yaiba always will be under 0,2%. Go try it! Plat Pay-to-win games do not make you a Hardcore gamer. If you seek rarity, come to do some ones like this...
  13. Please, for the ones who gets the Doop, tell us where it appears. So if I enter in Op and I don't see it, I must restart ?
  14. THis Sunday 10/01, me and my friends will boost the "To the Victory" trophy. At 03 pm, GTM -2.