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  1. @ShotgunSquirrel, thanks for the kind words. The DLC won't go to waste, though I have to wait to use it. It might be a while before the game goes on sale and/or is added to the PS+ catalog.
  2. This map was created by IGN. I take no credit for it. Although it has basically every site and found item from the game on the map, I found it helpful specifically when looking for War Totems and Sunken Caverns. Hopefully, other HFW players can make use of it. https://www.ign.com/maps/horizon-2-forbidden-west/world
  3. I feel your disappointment with Sony launches. However, I wouldn't say Sony is doing nothing. They are inconsistent with communication, though, and that is frustrating. I was pleasantly surprised that they resolved the issues with Syphon Filter within two weeks. I am sad to hear you have issues with Project Cars 2 & 3, though, as those games look like they offer loads of content for racing gamers. It may be Sony bit off more than they could chew with the addition of hundreds of games to the new Extra and Classics catalogs. I am certain that behind the scenes there are legal licensing issues and lawyers maneuvering for the biggest slice of the pie for their clients. The transition has gone well for 95%+ of the games in the new catalogs, and I am grateful for that. I am happy to have access to dozens of games I wanted to check out but did not have the money to purchase otherwise. Evil Genius 2 is a sore spot for me because it was such an unexpected surprise that quickly turned to disappointment. I bought the DLC in the morning, went to work excited to try it after my shift, and came home to be locked out of the game. After two days with no workarounds, I was finally able to reach Sony and be told... nothing. I am grateful for this site and the post from @Keidah, because otherwise I would not have known Sony removed the game without announcement. Maybe it will return, like the Voxel article says. Either way, I am grateful for this community. Thanks, Keidah.
  4. Sigh. Yeah. This is my first exposure to Abstraction, but Kalypso Media and Paradox Interactive's greed is also playing a part in this. I understand that for a business to survive, it has to produce a product. However, when you know the product is garbage, you have the ability to change it at the design level, choose not to, and shove it out on an unsuspecting public, it breaks trust. I used to trust Kalypso, and I was on the fence about Paradox. The way Tropico 6 and Surviving Mars have been handled leaves me skeptical about both publishers.
  5. Thank you for the response. Evil Genius 2 was never part of Playstation Now, as Playstation Now never had PS5 versions of games. I wonder if publisher Rebellion backpedaled on Evil Genius 2 being in the Extra catalog. Rebellion has always had their Sniper Elite series on PS Now, so I don't know why they would pull Evil Genius 2. Perhaps Sony accidentally added it as a mistake. As it is, this blows. I would have bought Evil Genius 2 when it was on sale had I known it wasn't going to be part of the Extra catalog. The Sony rep could have at least said the game was dropped without an announcement from the Extra catalog. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't expect the new Playstation Plus transition to be flawless, but this unintentional bait-and-switch is bad. https://twistedvoxel.com/playstation-store-removes-ps-plus-extra-catalog/
  6. Platinum_Vice is correct; the original developers, Haemimont Games, the minds behind Tropico 3-5, developed the base game for Surviving Mars. In my opinion, they are brilliant developers who work with less-than-ideal publishers. Haemimont Games left Kalypso Media to produce Surviving Mars with Paradox Interactive. Kalypso, who owned the Tropico rights, tasked developers Realmforge Studios and Limbic Entertainment to make Tropico 6, which devolved into a soulless update of Haemimont's games. Paradox Interactive is repeating Kalypso Media's mistake. Instead of ending the game with Haemimont's work, Paradox is trying to milk the Surviving Mars IP with a new developer, Abstraction. Haemimont focuses on the strategy/sim genre, and they excel at it. In comparison, Abstraction is a PC-focused company that is all over the place in terms of genre and products; console gamers are not their target market, and strategy/sim/survival games are not their genre focus. Haemimont built a name for themselves by focusing on one genre and refining their process; Abstraction has spent the last fifteen years throwing every genre and product at the wall and seeing what sticks. I'm not saying they are a bad company, but Abstraction is a bad fit to carry on Surviving Mars. They lack the experience with both the genre and PlayStation consoles to pull this off. You can see Abstraction's library below: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Company:Abstraction In short, I hope things get better for Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond with Abstraction, but I'm not holding my breath. Fixes could take awhile; hopefully they happen at all.
  7. Evil Genius 2 is included in the new PS Plus Extra games catalog. Excited to play the game, I downloaded it. During the current Level Up PSN sale, the season pass went on sale. "Awesome!" I thought. "Now I can play the whole game!" After purchasing the season pass and downloading all DLC, I attempted to start the game. A message appeared on the screen telling me I needed to "Upgrade your membership or purchase this game." This made no sense because my Extra membership worked fine the day before on Evil Genius 2, and the other Extra catalog games weren't telling me to "upgrade or purchase". I deleted the game and tried to reinstall it; I can no longer download it. I renewed all my game licenses, thinking that might help. Nothing. Upon calling Sony, I was placed in a queue behind 330+ other PlayStation customers. After listening to my dilemma, the customer service representative's response was, "Many other people are having similar issues. Sony is investigating." When I asked for more information, the person refused to answer any questions. They gave a generic response about following Sony's customer service page for updates. Another game I no longer have access to is Syberia 3; the streaming option was removed. Has anyone else been locked out of Evil Genius 2 on Extra?
  8. First, awesome user name! Is it possible to play the game solo (AI teammates only), or does the game auto-populate the rest of your Blackout Club with random human players? I haven't played Blackout Club, so I cannot answer the co-op/solo questions. However, the biggest issue for a game like this would be matchmaking. Say all your friends are online and everyone wants to play together. How difficult is it to get everyone in the same lobby? Does the game tend to drop players and add randoms while loading? One random in a game like this, particularly if he/she is the saboteur, could ruin an otherwise fun co-op game. I too have held off on buying Blackout Club, not only for the reasons you mentioned but also because it is an indie game. Indie titles tend to have less-than-ideal matchmaking mechanics and server issues. The game idea is brilliant, but I hesitate to commit time/money to a wildcard no matter how good it looks.
  9. 10tons is the best! There are many game developers I've wanted to hit in the head with a tennis ball; only 10tons has actually let gamers do it!
  10. Overlord, I am on level 37 and encountering the glitch you described. Unfortunately, the solution you described is not working. I've replayed the level four times, building the pool first, then the campfires, and neither objective checks off. How did you get this level to work? EDIT: I had to completely close the game, then restart. After that, I took the path eliminating the Fatty dinosaur (their name choice, not mine) and built the pool first. Only then did the objectives check off. Level 37 is the only level that caused this problem.
  11. Yes, Far Cry looks amazing in [email protected] Ubisoft could have optimized it for PS4 Pro or PS5 and sold it for $20. Perhaps they thought it wouldn't sell due to lack of interest. idk. The story is pretty terrible, and that's basically all the game is: campaign.
  12. My guess is this YouTuber, GamingRevenant, is playing on PC, perhaps with mods. He is rocking 4K UHD @60fps. There is no way to get that level of graphics on a PS3. lol
  13. Thank you for posting this, and I totally agree, eliminating that extra step is helpful for anyone reading this. Since Ubisoft already mapped the beginning of the level to a straight line through narrow corridors, I wonder why Ubisoft didn't place the armory directly after that first set of doors. From what I recall, once I spawned, there was a set of doors directly in front of Jack. I went straight through them and immediately encountered enemies without possessing any weapons myself. You're saying that if the player turns left immediately after spawning that there is an armory. It would have been helpful to know that earlier.
  14. Yeah, maybe. I've since deleted the game, so I can't double-check for the armory you're referencing. I recall that level 20, Volcano, started in a long, narrow set of corridors. I didn't see an armory, otherwise, I definitely would have used it.
  15. After playing another similar title from 8Floors', Gnomes Garden, I decided to give DayD: Through Time a try. I didn't enjoy the first 25 levels of Gnomes Garden, but the last 24 were okay. They had a good balance of challenges and provided the necessary time to complete levels with a 3-star rating. I had also played the tower-based spin-off of DayD, Day D Tower Rush, and DDTR was alright. Based on these two games, I believed DayD: Through Time would be similar. Unfortunately, DayD: Through Time is more punitive than enjoyable. The 3-star time limits for this casual, puzzle-solving game are overly restrictive, and the map layouts are confusing. In Gnomes Garden, you used every resource node on a map. You upgraded nodes to increase resource output, and this strategy was necessary to earn a 3-star rating on most maps. Gnomes Garden is all about resource node upgrades; players won't 3-star levels unless they upgrade nodes. DayD: TT is the polar opposite. This game is designed to mislead you. A map will present 2-4 paths to the main objective, yet only one path is the "correct" path. Maps are littered with extra nodes and paths that, if utilized, prevent the player from obtaining a 3-star rating. If you invest the crystals, logs, clay, or food necessary to access these trick resources or resource nodes, you will not have enough time remaining for a 3-star rating. Unlike Gnomes Garden, which presented resource nodes players needed and let the player figure out how to leverage them (How many times do I upgrade this node? How many resources will I need from it?), DayD includes nodes that are time traps. This is not explained anywhere in-game; players are left to discover it by trial-and-error. Even resource nodes you need can be tricky time traps; if you upgrade them one or more times, the resources you invested may unknowingly prevent you from obtaining a 3-star rating. The game meant for you to not upgrade that node at all, or to only upgrade it once, and you upgraded it twice. Oops, you ran out of time. No 3-star rating for you. You literally have to count how many resources it costs to complete the main objective (plus the cost of removing all obstacles on the one path to it) and ONLY use resources for those things. There is almost no wiggle room with resource management. This rigidity is the opposite of a casual game. Wins don't feel relaxing or rewarding. They feel rushed and sickly, like you're barely crossing the finish line in time. The win doesn't provide a recharging sense of victory, only a minor sense of relief coupled with growing dread that the 30 remaining levels could be as bad as this one. If only 1 or 2 levels out of 20 had these design flaws, no big deal, but the overwhelming majority of the levels I've 3-starred share this "gotcha!" and "rush-rush-rush" map design. If the time limits were increased by 5-10 seconds, the game would flow better. As it is, this game doesn't seem like it was designed by a generous person, but rather a sickly, penny-pinching miser. While there are YouTube guides, I would argue relying on them defeats the purpose of a puzzle-solving game. Casual, puzzle-solving games should be just that: casual, with an emphasis on puzzle-solving. Navigating intentional developer deception and restrictive time limits drains the joy out of the experience. Having to replay the same level multiple times because the third star disappears just as the final objective is being completed also lowers the fun factor. The story idea is cool, and the graphics are okay, but DayD: Through Times is not what I hoped it would be: casual, fun, and relaxing. I can't recommend this game. EDIT: In Settings, it is possible to toggle off the "Very difficult" setting which, by default, is toggled on. Strange design choice there. Toggling "Very difficult" off completely disables the timer, which makes it possible to 3-star every level regardless of how long you take to complete it. While some trophy hunters may rejoice at this, I found it disappointing. I didn't want the challenge of time management removed, simply modified by a few seconds. Disclaimer: Posts such as this seem to attract self-aggrandizing and critical comments such as "DayD: Through Time is so easy! I 100%'d the game in 35 seconds wearing a blindfold. You must suck!" Before attacking the messenger, consider this: the trophy Model Motivator/Use the Work Accelerator is unmissable on level 16. On PSN, that trophy currently sits at 33.1%. 2/3 of the people who played DayD: Through Time walked away before they'd finished the first third of the game. My guess is 67% of players didn't find this game to be as much fun as they were hoping either.