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  1. Cleaning up backlog, I downloaded this 2008 PS3 release to the PS3. I hoped it would be better than I remembered it to be, that my patience and skill as a gamer had improved to the point where the platforming experience would be enjoyable. After several hours of pointless deaths from nonsensical mechanics, I remember why I stopped playing Fancy Pants. It's a subpar game that takes itself way too seriously. Brad Borne, the developer and programmer for this 2D Flash platformer, never released another title on Playstation. While Brad developed other titles on PC, EA didn't port them to PS3. If they tried, Sony never approved them. 13 years after Fancy Pants Adventures released on PS3, only 300 people have completed 100% of the trophies for the 14,000 copies sold. Brad Borne's website is no longer functional. I'm willing to take the hit on my completion % to walk away from FPA. In my opinion, crappy game mechanics and challenge are not the same thing. Unless you are a hardcore platform fan, steer clear of Fancy Pants Adventures. It's more like Fancy Pants Aneurysm.
  2. I wish APCGrayLocked and woggly4 headed up EA's customer support. In two pages, these two players have shown more intelligence in solving EA's problems than EA customer support has shown on two hundred pages of its own site. Gamer: Dear EA, the Autolog function isn't working on PS3 in NFS The Run. EA Customer Support: So sorry to hear that! If you tell me more about your system's specs, perhaps we can help. Let's get started! First, I'm going to do everything I can to hide the fact I've never played the game you mentioned and have no idea what you are talking about. Gamer: OK. EA: Second, rather than do any work myself, I'm going to ask you to spend an hour hunting down useless technical information on your system and typing it up to post it in on the thread. I hope this calms you down to the point when I redirect you to another non-human resource, you don't angrily ask for my supervisor, revealing to my boss I'm useless at my job. Gamer: Wait, what? It's Autolog for PS3. It's a standard console. EA already has this information. EA: I don't understand a word you're typing, but it's my job to pretend I do. Please refer to Need For Speed The Run's FAQ page from 2012. Now that I've wasted your time, would you mind filling out an automated survey and give me five stars? Gamer: No, can you just fix Autolog on PS3?! Or connect me to someone who can? EA: I'd really love it if you gave me five stars. I'm trying to get promoted to the Battlefield V server support team. Those guys don't even show up for work and still get paid! Sigh. Living the dream. Gamer: ...
  3. I've noticed on PSN Trophy Leaders (URL not allowed) unobtainable trophies will suddenly be "earned" by random players, but it turns out the people in question are attempting to hack trophies, not actually earn them. One example is the old PS3 game Burn, Zombie, Burn. The Zombie Sushi DLC was never released on the PSN store, but numerous players have "earned" the Zombie Sushi trophies over the years. It turns out everyone who "unlocked" the trophies was a hacker and eventually proven to be a fraud. My guess would be this unicorn NFS The Run player is also a hacker.
  4. I wondered about that first suggestion: cannibals waiting until I rejoined the other two players then attacking all three of us at once. Whatever it was, their not attacking while following and howling was more unnerving than if they had just attacked.
  5. Interesting. I read claims from the developer that the AI "reacted to player presence" in The Forest, but saw very few instances of it. The ones I did see took my experience to another level of freakiness. In one case, I was playing a multiplayer game on another host's island. I became separated from the other two players at night, and a group of cannibals began chasing me. I had almost no weapons and couldn't outrun the group, so I turned to fight with a spear (no fire). Then the unexpected happened. One of the cannibals ran up to me, and I thought, "This host is not communicating or helping. I'm not going to fight, go down, and see if either of the players comes to revive me. If not, I'll leave the server." I didn't attack. The cannibal ran up, practically touched my character, made that creepy shouting/howling noise they make, then ran off. None of the other cannibals attacked. I thought, "That was weird," and continued to search for the other two players. A few seconds later, the same cannibal came running back in the darkness, but this time from a different direction. All I heard was the "huff, huff, huff" of his heavy breathing coming closer. I turned, and he was lunging toward me. He stopped. practically touched my character, and howled. This time, the other cannibals in the dark howled back. He ran away into the black background, only to come back later and repeat his actions a third time. The cannibals in the forest began to howl intermittently. They were tracking me but not attacking. At night, alone in the forest, looking for other players, this was a freaky experience. I can't think of any game I've played recently that unnerved me like that. The host left the game shortly after that and the session was terminated.
  6. I've been having the same problems. Redownloading the same save multiple times from the cloud finally worked. Still, this is inexcusable. I never would have bought this game if I had known 1) how missable and random certain trophies are [the trophy descriptions are garbage] and 2) how technically defective it is with save corruption. If RedRuins Softworks had spent 40% more effort on making the game work on a technical level and 40% less effort trying to be verbally clever, Breathedge could have really shone. As it is, the game is subpar, frustrating, and most definitely NOT "Subnautica in space." Subnautica's crafting progression made sense, particularly with modules. Breathedge's module crafting system doesn't explain the service/habitation/transport module conflict - certain rooms can only be crafted in certain modules, yet the game never tells players this. This save corruption problem on top of random missable trophies and unexplained crafting limits really drags the quality of this title down.
  7. Stratege, thank you so much! After multiple save corruptions and a third attempt to play through this game, your directions helped me obtain this trophy.
  8. Yeah, there is an Australian gamer on YouTube who speedran the entire game on the hardest difficulty in one life in under 60 minutes. He used the flare gun bc it is essentially a fire shotgun with a huge cone of hit detection. Bullets, molotovs and arrows can pass right through the enemy’s limbs without making contact, and you’ve already described the problems encountered with non-sticky, bouncy explosives. The flare gun always seems to connect, even if it’s a glancing shot, and that always sets the target on fire. You wait until the fire burns down and the target stops making a specific noise, then fire the flare gun again. Flare, kite, flare, kite, repeat until you run out of flares. A hack-and-slash approach is too risky imo bc once the target starts the “death spin” at close range it’s impossible to get clear before it wipes out all your health. The flare gun stops the target from performing its current attack, so even if the enemy starts the death spin, the flare gun can end the attack and allow you to run to a safer distance. Even with fifteen flare hits, I still needed sticky explosives to finish the enemy off. It’s possible to do a 1-2 attack where you immobilize the enemy with a sticky explosive, then immediately throw a Molotov on the immobilized target. However, you must be quick to switch weapons and have good aim. When this 1-2 attack works, it’s beautiful, but the window of opportunity is brief and your aim must be just right. Without near perfect aim, the Molotov can sail right through the limbs and explode harmlessly on the floor. Again, that wonky hit detection effects Molotovs just like it affects arrows.
  9. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limbic_Entertainment Limbic Entertainment has primarily focused on using the Unreal Engine with the PC gaming market, releasing strategy games like Anno series and Tropico 6. Memories of Mars is quite different from their other titles, so it would explain some of the unusual interface decisions.
  10. The premise of the game is intriguing, but when I started to play last night, the interface for the user inventory felt non-intuitive. Having recently played Subnautica, The Forest, and other survival games, I expected a learning curve, but I was wondering if anyone who has spent 20 or more hours in MOM feels like the learning curve is worth the time investment.
  11. The final encounter is disturbing, and given the game’s wonky aiming mechanics, the flare gun is definitely my weapon of choice. My second choice for weapons is the DIY sticky explosives. the non-sticky variety seem to bounce off the target and explode harmlessly behind what I am aiming at.
  12. Yeah, I'm taking it as a win. Of the four times I've reached the final boss (trying to avoid spoilers here), twice the game has frozen. I am really happy this trophy didn't bug out, because The Forest has a number of good points but also a number of coding problems. If the coding for 100 Days without Timmy works at all, regardless of Journal or Save data, that is a really, really good thing. It seems like PS4 is the redheaded stepchild of The Forest ports and last on the list to receive updates/patches.
  13. 😆 Episode Four: Alaskan Petting Zoo.
  14. The Forest Wiki specifically states console commands do not work for the PS4. Given the amount of bugs the game has for PS4 two years after release, the debut of the PS5, and Endnight's focus on the upcoming Sons of The Forest, I doubt PS4 will ever receive a patch for console commands. There's no money in it for Endnight. http://theforest.fandom.com/wiki/Console_Commands
  15. I have no idea why it is happening, but I also experienced the disparity between Save information (lower number of days) and Stats/Survival Journal information (higher number of days). The 100 days without finding Timmy trophy unlocked for me when my Stats information hit 100 days; my Save information still had me on Day 98 when the trophy unlock occurred. I did die, though, so Idk what to say. However, I had only played Single Player Peaceful. Sounds like bad coding, but if the trophy unlocks sooner rather than later and it's consistent for all players, I'm good with that.