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  1. After reading that thread, I have little to no faith in Ubisoft's tech support. Ubisoft techs have a general idea (but no solution) for why the issue is happening on PC, and they only have that knowledge because the community gave it to them. Breakpoint PC gamers are doing Ubisoft IT's job and troubleshooting various issues. The support thread is almost exclusively PC gamers providing incredibly detailed hardware and graphic driver specs, while Ubisoft reps scratch their heads and repeat, "We have no comment on why this is happening. Please see our troubleshooting guide. If the troubleshooting guide doesn't resolve the issue, please see our troubleshooting guide." PC gamers are running circles around Ubisoft's tech support.
  2. I miss free. Looking at his trophy card, I did not realize how many crappy, terrible games he played. lol RIP bud.
  3. Multiple sources describe Tina's Toy Factory as an "easy, 2/10, 2-3 hour platinum." I did not find this to be the case. Most of the trophies come naturally, but this does not qualify the entire game as 2/10. Two trophies in particular are troublesome: Speed Demon (a timed trophy) and Moves to Spare. Speed Demon is very RNG-dependent and requires multiple restarts. Even with a high skill level (I am below average at match-3 games), this trophy is like juggling plates. One wrong move can make the whole attempt fail, and there is little margin for error. After attempts on eleven different timed levels (11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 31, 33, 35, 40, and 48), I think they are all crap, though some are crappier than others. Level 15 has the least amount of obstacle blocks and the most "extra" time granted for joining toy parts. This doesn't mean level 15 is good, it's just the least stinky turd on the pile. I completed Moves to Spare on level 45. As someone else noted, higher levels provide more moves. It was less frustrating for me on level 45 than lower levels. The successful attempt also had a coincidental near-perfect arrangement of blocks. None of my previous attempts came close to having more than two blocks of the same color in the bottom two rows. The hidden trophy for building the locomotive is accomplished by finishing level 31. I recommend connecting a second controller while playing in order to switch the game into local multiplayer mode. Multiplayer removes the timers and "number of moves" restraints, allowing you to play each level without stress until completing the level's objective. Speed Demon and Moves to Spare must be completed in single player, but completing level 31 is much, much easier in local multiplayer mode. I don't recommend Tina's Toy Factory for "easy" trophies. As a match-3 game, it's fine, but the Speed Demon and Moves to Spare trophies subtract whatever enjoyment Tina's Toy Factory has to offer.
  4. Here are some guide options on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/761830/guides/?browsesort=trend&browsefilter=trend&requiredtags[0]=English&p=1 This is a Speedrunner guide from Game Pretty: https://www.gamepretty.com/mr-prepper-speedrunner-achievement-guide/
  5. Thanks for the tip; no, i did not know that patch notes could be accessed on PS4 games. I agree that patch notes on PS5 games would be helpful. With Sony releasing more and more formerly PlayStation exclusive titles into the PC market, it seems the line between console and PC gaming is becoming more flexible. I hope certain PC features, like patch notes, make their way into console gaming as well.
  6. I think I understand what you are saying: in regards to your own knowledge, you consider it incomplete and don't want to spread misinformation. What I am referring to is lack of communication between developers & publishers and us, the customers. This is a related but different topic. In today's age of social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), many companies will tweet or post information about patches and updates. For Activision/Blizzard's many faults, they have attempted to inform customers about specific World of Warcraft problems each patch was attempting to balance or fix. Not all companies do this, and smaller companies may not have the manpower or budget to post patch updates. It is helpful when companies communicate patch information, as it provides a reference that customers can read to see whether an issue has been resolved or not. However, it also holds companies accountable, and I think this is part of the reason some companies will not post patch notes. Patch notes seem to be more common for PC games than console titles. Here is an example of patch notes from Valorant: https://playvalorant.com/en-us/news/game-updates/valorant-patch-notes-6-0/ The developers provide screenshots and explanations of changes, which is cool. In contrast, when I looked up "patch notes Last Kids on Earth Staff of Doom", all I found was this: https://steamdb.info/app/1263100/patchnotes/ We don't really know what the patch fixed (if anything) for Staff of Doom because no patch notes were posted. That is not-great customer service, but at least they tried to patch something.
  7. I was confused by this at first too. The game rolls over the counter once the final number is hit, e.g., once 5/5 excursions are successfully completed for Explorer, the counter rolls over from 4/5 to 0/5. On the stats page of multiplayer, look for a line of text reading "Number of times completed: X." Every time you fulfill a counter in stats, it rolls over to zero, and begins counting again. However, the rollover will add +1 to "Number of times completed." If your Strike Team is nearing level 20, don't even look at them in app. I made this mistake. Even though I did not select "End Mission" to level the team up to 20 in the app, when I tried to do it in-game, the trophy did not unlock. This forced me to level a second team (currently 17/20); I hope this time the trophy will unlock.
  8. That's what I mean: there's no clear confirmation that this small studio/small developer has actually patched the core problem. Even though you yourself have 100%, you're saying, "I think it's fixed, but I'm not 100% certain." As far as the boring/repetitive gameplay, that's a shame. It seems like Gamemill Entertainment (GI Joe) and Outright Games (Last Kids) are inadvertently creating a niche for low-quality games with toy & cartoon tie-ins. Although copy-and-paste design is easier from a programming perspective, it's not a good strategy for long-term customer satisfaction. I hope they do better with their upcoming titles. Thank you for the heads up.
  9. Hey Blackmist, I don't own Port Royale 4 but was wondering about it. You've probably already figured out whether or not you have access to the DLC at this point, and your experience with the matter would be helpful. The Buccaneers DLC introduces "Buccaneer" mode to Free Game. When you check your game menu for Free Game, do you see if that Bucanneer game mode is an option? If the mode is available, it would appear the Buccaneers DLC is active. Per the PSN store description, the Extended edition is nothing more than "4 pompous lighthouses and the blueprints to 5 magnificent parks with varying types of sculptures." Calling the addition of 9 cosmetic building structures an "extended edition" seems misleading, as none appear to extend the game itself. Is there more to the Extended Edition than lighthouses and parks? In the in-game building menu, when you check to see what lighthouses and parks are available to build, were all lighthouse and parks unlocked? Or were certain lighthouses/parks still locked? It could be the available DLC was written on the disc itself but was locked behind the code, or the DLC was lumped into larger downloadable patches or updates the game required. Or it could be the developer and/or publisher made mistakes when coding those digital items for the PSN store and that is why you couldn't download them. Anyway, I hope you found a solution in 2022.
  10. It sounds like neither the players nor the developers can confirm if the trophies are actually fixed. Hard pass. Sad.
  11. Good job standing up for yourself. He dismissed your experience, dismissed the evidence you provided, and insisted on pushing an issue that is off-topic to the thread. He kept insisting that YOU were the problem because HE knew what was REALLY going on. You said, "Nope," didn't insult him, and walked away. Good for you. When I was a kid, my Dad and Uncle would have friends over on the weekends. We lived in California, and the San Francisco 49ers, an NFL football team, were a popular topic of discussion. Post-game, these guys would turn into armchair quarterbacks, especially if the 49ers lost. "Joe Montana shouldn't have made that pass! He should have waited till Jerry Rice was clear and thrown it to Jerry! What was he thinking?! Come on, Joe!" As a small boy, I believed all these grown men with their opinions on how someone else should be playing football. If Joe had done what they said, the 49ers would have won every single game they played. As I grew older, I realized Joe Montana was the one being paid to play football, not them. These "experts" who knew football (just ask them, they were first-string offensive line for the high school varsity team when they were only sophomores) were actually paying to watch Joe play. Joe didn't know they existed, but they talked like he should be paying THEM to coach him. Being an armchair quarterback with friends can be fun, no doubt, but at some point, a person must admit that is all it is: fun, not an actual shared experience. Publically second-guessing a quarterback's decisions from the comfort of a living room is not the same as being on the field with him. Being on the field inevitably means hard contact; the job of the offensive line is to repeatedly slam themselves into the opposing defensive line in order to keep pressure off the quarterback. I don't know why that guy insisted he was right and you were wrong, but he kept slamming into the wrong person. He was not on your team, not part of your line, and not your coach. Good job walking away. There was no win in that situation. Going back on topic, I am relieved to hear Gotham Knights is more forgiving than the Arkham series in terms of combat. After gathering 500 collectibles for Assassin's Creed Unity - literally, 498 separate cockades, chests, and tricorns - having to find less than 200 collectibles sounds like a relief.
  12. Well, the accent mattered to alexandra-jane09, who knew where all the different English accents come from, so that was cool. Valid point otherwise. It was quite odd to receive a quest from an NPC who explained the details with a British accent, only to accept the quest and have the same NPC begin speaking French in a completely different voice seconds later.
  13. Amauri, I wonder if your trophy issues were region-related. Your profile says you are in Brazil. I have no experience with coding or writing patches, but if Ubisoft were writing different patches for different regions, your region might have gotten slightly different code than say, North America or Europe. Ubisoft Montpellier was involved in developing both Unity and Syndicate. Unfortunately, they have a history of writing bad game code, so if they were writing patches for Brazil & South America, there is a high probability the code had mistakes. The other issue you mentioned could be data corruption in the PS4 hard drive itself. However, you stated no other games were unable to unlock trophies once the requirements were met, so that lessens the odds your HDD (hard disk drive) has bad sectors. It's a pain in the neck, but reformating the entire drive and reinstalling applications (games) was necessary for me in two instances. I am not advising you to reformat your HDD! It is simply something to be aware of, especially if other games start behaving oddly (crashing, loading screens stuck, weird audio or visual glitches). If these events start happening in addition to glitched trophies, suspect the HDD. Your current description sounds more like a software issue than a hardware issue. So sad you had to go through this.
  14. Nice. I liked all the villain rogue-lite DLCs (Vaas/Pagan Min/Joseph Seed) much more than Special Operations too. Oh, check your Ubisoft Connect for Challenges related to the DLC. Completing challenges earns Ubisoft Connect XP, which grants 10 golden coins per XP level. All new Ubisoft games have little add-ons (weapons, cosmetics, chibis, etc.) that can be purchased with these golden coins. Some of the challenges are non-intuitive, though, like "Kill 10 eagles playing as Pagan." However, the weirder or harder the challenge, the more XP it seems to give.
  15. Not stealing my thunder at all. The more options in ways to track progress, the better chances players will find one that works best for them. Bring on the tracking and get this platinum done! I am glad to hear the original spreadsheet helped other people, though. Thanks for letting me know.