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  1. It's so cool to see Drum and Bass on this site. Keep it up!

    1. Mergo


      Yeah mate!

  2. The trophy description is poorly worded. What it should say is "Collect 20 UNIQUE Legendary Weapons [or Outfits]". Under Stats, check your Legendary weapons. If you don't have 20 unique weapons, craft or quest more until you have 20 different legendaries. The trophy didn't pop for me until I had 20 different legendary weapons. Duplicates of the same weapon or outfit don't count toward the trophy. It's confusing because the Stats page said I had 22 Legendary weapons, but when I checked the Weapons page itself, only 20 of them were unique. I had two Wazer Wifles and two Vengeance at 21 total legendary weapons; when I obtained Reckless Raider Sword (unique legendary #20, total legendary #22), the trophy unlocked. It was similar with legendary outfits. Bethesda didn't use bad code; they used bad grammar.
  3. hey Great, I saw you were looking for people to boost Payday 2. I don't know if you are looking to boost on PS3, PS4, or Xbox, but if I could give you a word of advice since your trophy % is still at 0%, it would be this: DON'T START. Earning 100% on both PS3 and PS4 versions of the game was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. The game is broken on so many levels, and Starbreeze Studios will never fix it. In fact, if current trends continue, SS will go out of business in 2020.


    https://www.pcgamer.com/starbreeze-files-for-reconstruction-to-avoid-bankruptcy/ - 2018


    https://cogconnected.com/2019/05/starbreeze-studios-ab-possible-bankruptcy/ - 2019


    While there are multiple problems with the game, one of the largest is the near-impossibility of remaining undetected. Stealth mechanics don't work - enemies detect you through solid walls with no field of vision. While you are crouched and stationary, guards two floors over your head will "sense" you through their feet. it makes no sense. In other cases, if you have to kill one roaming civilian or one roaming guard, the loss of stealth cascade will result in the entire map knowing where you are. You are completely powerless to stop it. This aspect ruins so many heists, and certain trophies are dependent on you remaining in stealth for the entire heist. Starbreeze released 21 seperate paid DLCs for Payday 2 on PS4 - 21! - and NEVER fixed gamebreaking issues like this loss of stealth. They are a greedy, irresponsible company that needs to go out of business for the good of the gaming community. My friends were relieved when I stopped playing Payday 2 because I was no longer so angry. Dozens of 20 minute stealth heists were destroyed by ridiculous, irresponsible programming. Avoid anything from this developer like the plague. 

    1. Great_MazingerZ


      I appreciate your warning, i platinumed the first payday and i will do payday 2 on ps3 and will skip the ps4 version, i asked friends and they said it is not hard plat and no one mentioned any issue on the ps3, so i hope the ps3 is working perfectly.

    2. poetic_justice_


      From what I recall, the PS3 version has fewer trophies. It does not include all the frustrating PS4 DLC like the Scarface Mansion. There were a handful of frustrating RNG trophies, like the location of the alarm boxes in the FBI office on Day 2 of Firestarter, but overall it is simpler.