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  1. Last boss of the last raid of the FFXIV expansion, really cool fight with a beautiful music. Paladin pov


  2. First phase (clear) of the final boss from FFXIV shadowbringers raids. Boss its a bit weird, but its a fun fight, as usual.


  3. Great fight with an excelent music, Final Fantasy XIV


  4. Final Fantasy XIV - Shadowkeeper - Paladin pov


  5. Final Fantasy XIV - Cloud of Darkness - PLD pov


  6. Final Fantasy XIV - Emerald Weapon extreme - Paladin pov


  7. Final Fantasy XIV - Shiva (savage) - Paladin pov


    1. Raveniteh


      I really want to get back to FF XIV but I know I wouldn't play anything else and all other games would go down the drain. Amazing fight, I always loved Shiva.

  8. Final Fantasy XIV - Shiva savage (Samurai pov)

    Such a beautiful (and dificult) fight with an amazing song.


  9. Final Fantasy XIV - Warrior of Light extreme - Samurai pov


    1. Glowbugg


      How do you get those little hot bars above your regular one and how do you use them?

    2. Menediel


      Sorry to be late, but Its called Cross W hotbar, you can activate It in the hotbar configurion settings menu.

  10. Final Fantasy XIV - Shiva (Unreal) - Samurai pov


  11. Final Fantasy XIV - Ifrit + Garuda (Savage) - Paladin pov


  12. Final Fantasy XIV - Ramuh Savage (E5S) - Paladin pov


  13. Final Fantasy XIV - Ruby Weapon extreme (Phase 2) - Red Mage pov


  14. Final Fantasy XIV - Ruby Weapon extreme (First phase) - Red Mage pov


  15. Final Fantsasy XIV - Titan savage clear


    1. FawltyPowers


      So this is end game raiding in FFXIV, looks good. Gz.


      Looks more complicated than any raid bosses I ever did in WoW.

    2. Menediel


      Yeah, its a great game, with fun fights and wonderful music.