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  1. Tempted by this, trophies look do-able, especially if the Xbox practice mode trick works for the 147.
  2. I bought it in the current sale and am going through it post patch. Think I've still got quite a while to go but I'll post back when I achieve/think I should have achieved it!
  3. Patch released for PS4 / Xbox explicitly addresses "Cash Money" trophy:
  4. I just followed the guide by changing the balls to bananas.
  5. Ok cool, thanks for the explanation - perhaps whoever looks after the lists could add the regional variance to the title, save the confusion?
  6. Hi all I was trying to join a Burnout Paradise Remastered session for boosting but it says "You don't own this game"... But I do. I created a session of my own on here and it worked. But when I pick from the drop down list to show specific games I noticed that Burnout Paradise Remastered is listed twice (see image below), so I guess this is why it thinks I don't own it?