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  1. Thought to have same glitch but when I've seen that I had 3 power of origins I realized that maybe I got it as a mission reward, so I crafted one more and trophy popped, don't think this trophy is glitched
  2. I'm ask just for curiosity, for a trophy hunter its so annoying to worry about trophies virtually bugged while playing. I think have no choice but to create more saves.
  3. In according to psn profile guide the trophies have a chance to be bugged. How many players have reported this issue? There is also a topic that say there is a permanent regen glitch that afflict the game. Have u ever had problems with trophies?
  4. Cant unlock this Trophy...i have Digital Deluxe edition....cant believe today is still bugged...
  5. Hi guys, It is possible to unlock all trophies playing in solo? I mean the base game and all dlc...Or I need at least other players to complete for example an Easter egg?