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  1. Thank you for the replies. I got the achievement!
  2. I missed the 2nd word for the Storm Call shout, located at the Skuldafn Temple. As I have finished the main story, will I need to load an earlier save and re-do, or is there another way I can still learn 20 shouts?
  3. If anyone would like to boost this, send me a message psn: dirty_darkin Can take turns getting wins until we both get the trophy.
  4. I used Nuka-Cola for my last 2 themes as I was struggling to find the missing pieces and the trophy still popped for me. Collecting them just means to uncover all of the squares on a particular theme.
  5. Looking to get the throphies 'Unbeatable' & 'Contender'. If anyone can assist, that would be great. I'd also be happy to return the favour. Message me on PSN