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  1. should be from the game launch
  2. https://www.aliensfireteamelite.com/en/community/afe-season-2/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=Post&utm_campaign=S2&utm_content=Blog
  3. No, you wont beat extreme or insane solo. If you’re good you can beat a few extremes solo. But the amount of time it would take you to be able to solo extreme wouldnt be worth it
  4. Correcting someone that has no clue on what they're there talking about is breaking the rules? If not, can I go on other games sections and post misinformation, then moan when I'm proven to be wrong?
  5. Because every time I post something it gets reported by a certain person on here, then get deleted by mods.
  6. I honestly don't find any extreme missions hard if you have able players. Insane is harder, but good map knowledge, team work and comms is a must. Unfortunately once people beat insane, they leave behind everyone that still needs help. There are still a handful of excellent players that are willing to help, tho. But at the end of the day, insane mode is not designed for everyone to beat it. All the missions that were considered the hardest have changed as people learn new strats. I have over 400 hours in the game and im still being shown new ways all the time. Unfortunally, all this knowledge is gonna end up being lost as more and more leave the game.
  7. game dlc is free, the paid stuff is cosmetic only
  8. https://www.aliensfireteamelite.com/en/community/afe-year-1-roadmap/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=Post&utm_campaign=Roadmap
  9. The trackers don't work correctly, they never have. Just keep a manual list of everything
  10. Both the related trophies are now broken as they managed to wipe the current progression with the new patch. If anyone has questions about the game, dm me to avoid the misinformation that's being posted on here.
  11. The game is great and if you enjoy shooters and aliens, you should get it.
  12. Patch Now that we have a month of data and feedback, we’re making our first pass at some improvements to the guns in the game. We’ll continue to evaluate the performance of all weapons, so keep that feedback coming! We have implemented the following changes. WEAPON BALANCING AND IMPROVEMENTS Kramer Short-Barrel: Base Spread was higher than intended, and has been adjusted down ~20%. Base Max Ammo increased to 80, up from 60. Time to Reload per-shell has been decreased to 0.3s, down from 0.4s. M10 Auto Pistol: Base Max Ammo increased to 600, up from 520. N79 EVA Laser: Decreased charge time to 0.2s, down from 0.3s. Post-shot cooldown decreased to 0.3s, down from 0.4s. Heat generated per shot decreased by ~20%. L36 Halberd: Weak Point Multiplier increased to 225%, up from 200%. M41A3 Burst Rifle: Damage increased ~10%. Mid-burst Recoil reduced ~25%. AM-16 Gruppa: Now properly gets 0.5% damage per stack of the Rank 4 perk, instead of 5%. Base Max Ammo increases to 360, up from 300. Damage increased ~5%. Mid-burst Recoil reduced ~25%. LEM MP11 Stormsurge: Damage increased ~5%. Post-burst cooldown decreased to 0.135s, down from 0.15s. Mid-burst Recoil reduced ~25%. Type 21 Tactical Shotgun: Damage increased ~5%. Reload time decreased to 2.1s, down from 2.4s. L59 Minigun: Damage increased ~5%. Base Fire Rate increased ~10%. Magazine Size increased to 120, up from 100. Base Max Ammo increased to 360, up from 300. ACHIEVEMENTS Fixed various instances of Achievements not being awarded when they should have been. COMBAT Emotes should no longer incorrectly interrupt certain Kit Abilities. Fixed an issue where meleeing during a reload could make the character appear to be in a broken state until the reloading completed. Melee will now interrupt reloading properly. Hoenikker should no longer be instantly killed by grapples in higher difficulties. UI Made some UI improvements that should improve performance on lower end systems. GENERAL Improved stability. -edit- looking forward to the new excuses why people cant get the trophys now.
  13. You can get the gun trophy, but the way is a little awkward. You need to know how many guns you had 4* before the patch (to make it easier). If you had 15 b4 the patch then you need to level up another 15 on the base game. Delete the game, Reinstall and dont patch Pick any class and any 2 guns. Go in to a mission and quit out, back in ur ship the 2 guns you had will be level 3 (if they're not go in to the mission and get killed). re level those 2 guns back to 4 if i dont pop, rinse and repeat. fyi it takes 3 runs on standard to rank the gun up
  14. there is no auto pop and no free upgrade for disc owners
  15. All collectables apart from weapons and intel will auto pop Edit - Its not buggy at all