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  1. Hey yall, We got a trophy guide for anyone that needs some help with it! Let us know some feedback or ask some questions if you have some!
  2. 16 minutes is the fastest 😜
  3. haha yeah, i should have thought it through more, its not 1 code its 5, so 5 lucky winners. I have to rethink this comp haha
  4. yeah, it's more for people that like to stack or to give to a friend I guess. in our mind it sounded like a fun idea, but now its a bit strange.
  5. Hey everyone, we found out how to plat the game in 15/20 minutes Read our trophy guide for more info: We are also doing a giveaway and competition Giveaway: the first person that beat @Dino_Roar's time and replies to this tweet with a screenshot gets a NA key for the game. Competition:
  6. Hey yall, we got an early Trophy Guide for you: Let us know some feedback if you have some!
  7. Hey everyone! We made a trophy guide for the game, feel free to check it out and give some feedback on what we can improve! thanks for reading!
  8. Hey everyone! We made a trophy guide for the game, so feel free to check it out. Feedback and stuff would be appreciated 😀 thanks for reading yall
  9. Guide of the year: Borderlands 3 - great and clear guide, had everything in it to make the plat super quick DLC guide: Borderlands 2 Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC Guide - makes getting the trophies quick and easy Walkthrough Guide: Persona 5 - Complete 100% Walkthrough: just wow, so detailed, so much work for it, it's great. Gameplay Guide: Resident Evil 2 - Ultimate Survival Guide - didn't go for the plat for this one but it was really helpful as someone who never played a resident evil game before with the maps and item locations
  10. thanks man, had to pull an allnighter to get it out as soon as possible after release haha
  11. Hey, Some people might need a guide for the game and @Dino_Roar made one a few months ago when it came out. Feel free to check it out 😀
  12. Hi, I created a trophy guide for the game Feel free to check it out, it has all the trophies in a list with mission order Also, feel free to give some feedback! 😀
  13. i really loved "i am setsuna" when i played that on switch. didnt really play anything that i enjoyed more then that game
  14. i could not really get bothered to do it legit, was one of my last trophies so i did it during my boosting session