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  1. didnt a few leakers say ps5 was gonna be announced early 2019 a while back? maybe this is the time?
  2. ive made a little guide for the game thought i would share it here. its my first guide so its not perfect. video's will also be added in there for the collectibles when those are finished. feel free to give some feedback on it https://dexdotexe.com/the-lego-movie-2-the-videogame-trophy-guide/
  3. loves far cry and other ubi games
  4. Likes to take on a challenging trophy
  5. the other ps4 version is the physical version of the game
  6. when i press update profile on the top right i get a bad gateway site. i can only update when i type in my name edit: problem seems to be gone now
  7. havnt gotten the ac3 plat yet, i might do it before the remaster, but im gonna go for the remaster for sure when it comes out
  8. yeah its fixed, can finally plat this game
  9. lol yeah that one was also the one for me, i was looking for hours, happy that im not the only one, i felt like an idiot!
  10. its also one part for me, ive been trying for hours now
  11. south of Samos is a really small island, have been looking for 15 minutes till i found that one