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  1. Hey, Some people might need a guide for the game and @Dino_Roar made one a few months ago when it came out. Feel free to check it out πŸ˜€
  2. Hi, I created a trophy guide for the game Feel free to check it out, it has all the trophies in a list with mission order Also, feel free to give some feedback! πŸ˜€
  3. i really loved "i am setsuna" when i played that on switch. didnt really play anything that i enjoyed more then that game
  4. i could not really get bothered to do it legit, was one of my last trophies so i did it during my boosting session
  5. I just got the disc version, episodes got delisted a few weeks ago. they are still possible to download now if you put in the disc on my end
  6. on the disc version?
  7. Anyone know if there is like a time the thing gets removed mid day? Mine gets delivered between 3pm and 7pm cest so i hope i can get them downloaded in time
  8. I love using discord myself, i cant use psn parties for voice because of the setup i have, its also nice so you dont get spammed by psn messages, its kinda annoying to have ur phone go off every 5 seconds. Heard that DEX.EXE server yuri mentioned is nice πŸ‘€
  9. likes to take on challenging games
  10. that is probably because you might be logged in into ryanrat98, that profile is private. because its private it cant see ur games and cany see any games to create a session for.
  11. is probably in the office way to much