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  1. when i press update profile on the top right i get a bad gateway site. i can only update when i type in my name edit: problem seems to be gone now
  2. havnt gotten the ac3 plat yet, i might do it before the remaster, but im gonna go for the remaster for sure when it comes out
  3. yeah its fixed, can finally plat this game
  4. lol yeah that one was also the one for me, i was looking for hours, happy that im not the only one, i felt like an idiot!
  5. its also one part for me, ive been trying for hours now
  6. south of Samos is a really small island, have been looking for 15 minutes till i found that one
  7. so does anyone know how to get Zoisme? its the last cultist i need but she is underground in delphi. i know she was supossed to spawn at the wild bear spot up north but she isnt there
  8. yeah they are so worth it, but from what i've heard the double pack will be 60$ so the same price as if you buy them in the 2 pack some sites had it as a pre-order but pulled it within seconds
  9. do you guys think a Crash & Spyro Double Pack might come out after the spyro release? i heard a rumor that it might release a few weeks after the spyro release.
  10. already said a month ago that they where gonna get a remaster and get released this year and people called me crazy for that smh
  11. still need a chest and maybe a convoy. my psn is ilikegoodgaming
  12. i heard that assassins creed 3 liberations HD remaster is coming the 28th of september to ps4 and xbox one
  13. (I was not sure if this was the right place to post this) hey im dex, im starting a new youtube channel for guides, news, reviews and other gaming related stuff called DEX.EXE ( ) i was hoping that some people can help me get gameplay for trophies guids with some tricks, tips and glitches that make getting the trophies/achievments a lot easier. you guys can add me on psn ( ilikegoodgaming) if you are interested and if i have some video's maybe some feedback. it would be highly appreciated. thanks
  14. ive been banned for 2 months or even more.