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  1. Hey everyone, the game is a amazing puzzle game that is basically complete the game, should take between 2 and 6 hours. Hope our guide can help you out when you get stuck on some parts: We also have a little review for people that might be interested: Please give us some feedback on the guide!
  2. so its a glitch from patch 1.04 - everyone gets this after they started the game/completed the prologue after november 26th 1pm CET. after asking one of the people that had this issue about when it did it popped at the same point as me - after killing the 1st enemy right after the 1st synch point 5 people has gotten this now
  3. yeah think im gonna do that, 2 other people i found have the same thing as me so at least i know im not the only one
  4. Hi, so i just started playing the game on my main profile: DEXdotEXE and 2 random trophies just popped randomly when i killed my 1st enemy in the game The 2 trophies are: - Is There Anybody Out There? - Calling in a Favor has anyone else had this issue?
  5. Happy to help 😀
  6. Hey everyone, we made a trophy guide/walkthrough. Hope it helps people out!l Feedback is always welcome
  7. Hi yall, we made a video guide and a text guide, Hope it can help some people out! Let us know some feedback 😀
  8. Yes this has been patched.
  9. Hey guys, we made a trophy guide a few days ago and released that yesterday. Hope everyone is enjoying the game. Let us know some feedback!
  10. @Beyondthegrave07 ill send you screenshots in discord mate
  11. Ive been setting up psnp sessions for a while and we use discord for voice and text chat. There is this 1 dude being super toxic and inviting people to psn chats and ruining sessions. is it possible to ban him from even seeing the sessions?
  12. Hey yall, we made a trophy guide for the game a few weeks ago!
  13. Hey everyone! I made a trophy guide for yall to hopefully help you get the platinum trophy! it also includes a list of every enchant in the game and some useful secret levels that should make the powerlevel grind much easier. Hope yall enjoy! let me know if you have some feedback.
  14. Hey yall, We made a trophy guide for this game a while ago. It has all the collectibles and the glitches you have to watch out for. Let us know if you got any feedback!
  15. Hey yall, we got another trophy guide with the fastest way to get the plat! let us know if you have some feedback