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  1. Yes, but some part of me wanted to do the plat the new way it was intended. I know it is stupid, but here we are.
  2. If I have to scan one more fauna I swear to god I will burn the center of the universe. 

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    2. kingdrake2


      part of me wants him to find the thing he's looking for, the other part wants to see some burning.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Burn the witch!

    4. Burkhard_lycan


      I was playing No Man's Sky, the fauna scanning for 10 planets almost broke me.

  3. Finally got the plat. Every trophy was pretty much straight forward and easy, just time consuming, but damn that scan all fauna for 10 planets trophy. The game 99% of the time made it almost impossible to find the last animal no matter what walk through you read.
  4. This looks easier than Shenmue 1's trophy list.
  5. I almost plated this game and I have done it all on my own, as it isn't that hard of a game, but oh my god. Can someone please help me with Serpentine forest lurkers and Ruined Griffen. I have done all the other quests but these two are like the worst torture ever.
  6. That wasn't that bad of an adventure. I know a lot of people didn't like the Mad Max game, but I grew a bit attached to Chum and Max's adventures. I mean I kind of have a huge interest in Mad Max in general and also Cars but still, it wasn't that much different from Assassin's Creed series with the constant grinding and side missions. Not sure why everyone was so annoyed by it. Will probably play it again on Xbox One in the future.
  7. Guilty here as well.
  8. I think the major issue with the difficulty in the game is that typically all you have to do is not get caught. It sounds easy to say it,but any person who has played this game multiple times will know that the game is riddled with cheese spots and tactics to not get caught by anything. If a difficulty mode came out where the Alien was quicker on your ass, or maybe more than one at a time, it would be more interesting.
  9. I can upload screens if people really want. Though It looks just like a normal Vita, The packaging is in Japanese though. The one big difference is that the O and X button switch purposes on the system. Where I live, (Canada) to buy a used one can sometimes be the same price as a new one. There is no point. Oh man, some of those rare ones like the Final Fantasy 14 label ones (Even though that game didn't come out on Vita, so strange.) are super expensive. Did you want pictures of the Vita or of China? They hate it, but the truth is that they hate them selves more for not supporting it right, and not giving their new child a good starting. Imagine a rainy scene where Sony is yelling at Vita, about how they despise it, and utterly hate it but then it slowly turns into Sony saying they hate them selves. Then you got it.
  10. I had an old classic Vita that had a failing battery and the oled screen was forming black spots. I loved the vita and I wanted a new one. Not just a new one, but a different color and something special. Of course the vita is no longer in circulation where I am from, so I had to come up with a plan. I could have easily have gotten one from ebay or some other online store, but you know who has a lot of Vita's? China. Specifically the black market stores and stores in hong kong. I have been to China before, seeing as how my wife is chinese, but I actually went there to visit family and also go on a wild hunt around Beijing area to find a Vita. I think in the history of systems, I have never taken something so seriously before. It was fun though, and I got my japanese region brand new Vita in dark red. There is no purpose to this post, I just wanted to share my love for the Vita with others.
  11. To get that last colossus in the time trial to nab my PS3 shadow of the colossus plat before the new one comes out or not. Argh, what an annoying trophy.

  12. Thanks darth! To be honest the hardest trophy for me to get was the fifty I.D tags because I refused to use a guide at the beginning and only found like 35 of them before I cracked.
  13. Phew, finally got the 100%. Wasn't a bad experience for this one. I am even thinking of doing it for the PS3 version as well seeing as how I already got a good start on that. Anyone find this one to be quite an enjoyable plat?