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  1. The problem isn't standup or takedowns, it's the pathetic stamina system. It's ridiculous that you lose a chunk if you miss a shot, but the computer loses nothing. I'm fine if it's equal but it's infuriating to lose a ton of stamina for throwing a head kick and the computer sways around it. Do the same and the computer doesn't miss a beat. This game is a steaming pile of shit in it's current state. I was willing to look past Battlefront in all of it's missing features but there's no excuse for this. There was no reason to change it from UFC 2 where your own repetitive actions cost you stamina, not because the computer forces it out of you. The new grappling system is fine, it's completely insane to punish the player but not apply it to the computer. We don't all have gold users as well, that logic goes out the window. I'm willing to bet at least a few platinum users got assistance in giving them wins.
  2. I have to question it too, but I had the same issue with Battlefront II. This game is trash, focus on standup, when the computer gets cute (cheese) just let them beat you down and focus on the next fight. Don't bother with takedowns, this game is a heaping pile of shit. I'm so disappointed as someone who LOVES the series. This iteration is pathetic.
  3. Has nothing to do with divisions, I've tested this theory. Deliberately went down to division 2 and it's still there. You can tell the difference, three-four opponents with average skills then suddenly one or two of them with the ability to drain your stamina like it's nothing. I'm not a terrible player by any means, this is a stupid tactic by EA but I'm not surprised given the track record lately. The game matches your performance, you do too well and suddenly you get knocked down a peg or two. I'm all for it if it was division related, but it seems to be directly linked to how fast you are finishing fights. Not everyone has a gold fighter to offset those changes Testing this even further, I deliberately lost matches by doing nothing. I sat there. The computer for 99% of the time did the same, literally made no movements. Total strikes after the match was 10 for the computer. I input a few actions and the computer goes wild. Rubberbanding at it's finest. EA's built a smart AI machine that matches your own abilities instead of just having constant difficulty based on your divisional standpoint.
  4. Got it thanks, I just ended up using gold to buy tickets and got them all fairly quickly. Defeated Enah once my stats were upgraded with rapid edge. Good game, I miss these old style RPG's.
  5. You can do just fine with a good head kick and stamina. I will say however that this game is garbage compared to UFC 2. The ultimate team is ridiculous, there is a clear spike in difficulty when you are champion. You will on occasion face a fighter who's near unbeatable and will drain your stamina like it's nothing. I've played the game enough to notice this, it's infuriating to go on a four fight win streak only to face the same fighter who's now unstoppable for no apparent reason.
  6. So you can win one regular and one gold of the same animal?
  7. Trying to get the six trophies related to the special animals from the lottery. Obtained two regular and one golden, is it still possible to obtain the other two golden and regular on the same play or do you need to start a new game and try your luck?
  8. I am available today if anyone wants to boost the online trophies. Send me a request through PSN. On EST time.
  9. I actually did it legit last night. You can upgrade the MP40 for added damage and range. It helped me a ton with jack-in the boxes and I found it was so much easier. Good luck!
  10. Looking for someone to do this with. Send me a pm request if interested.
  11. What's ridiculous is you filing a complaint over an imaginary digital list. Get a grip, it's a set of trophies aligned to a packaged set of games. You know when you read about a customer arguing over something so trivial you can't help but think "why would you do this?". You've just hit that criteria. Argue over something worthwhile.
  12. I figured there was either major grinding and/or help involved. I was hoping for some kind of XP event or trick that increases it quickly. HVV is still the best mode I guess, looking for a 2X event soon.
  13. The grinding trick only gives credit, it would give at best a few thousand XP overnight which would barely be 1/4 of a level.
  14. Honest question, not trying to start drama/crap but I noted there's two people with the platinum and three with lvl 50 currently. They all got there relatively quickly, within a week. Assuming you play non-stop with some rest breaks, I still find it near impossible to achieve lvl 50 that quickly, it's a massive grind and requires hundreds of games. What gives? Are they just amazing players, boosting help or some kind of XP break we aren't aware of?
  15. Sent a friend request, would love to have these out of the way, thanks!