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  1. Looking to get Challenger done. PSN: Zebkoril GMT -6
  2. As of right now, it's still only possible to complete the 72 variants with a boost from the events. Only 67 non event variants currently in game, and some of them are virtually impossible without having most of the event characters. I'm currently at 66 completed, so should make it during next week's event. The freeplay runs are taking me on average 30-45 minutes now and have just over 140 left to go for that one. The one that astonishes me is how fast some people got the 1 million monster kills, I've been playing pretty much only this since mid-December and just passed 750k. At current rate, I anticipate having the platinum sometime in February.
  3. So in the interest of testing, I decided to buy more champions and see if the time gate champions counted as part of the 9. On reaching 9 champions, including time gate unlocks, the trophy did unlock. Last champion was paid for, so it seems they are counted in the total but must be bugged and don't trigger the trophy unlocks themselves.
  4. I also suspect anyone with the platinum already hacked to do so, as there aren't 70 variants available yet without playing the event specific ones. I have the 1 and 3 champion trophies, but I bought a few that I wanted to play with so I can't shed any light on time gate champions unfortunately.
  5. Dang, that sucks. Hope they can get it resolved for you. I DOUBT this is what the requirement is, unless it is bugged, but the run I got it from I earned 11B favor. Just to cover all possible variables.
  6. May be necessary then, I spent over half of mine in the run before it unlocked trying to push to area 250 and had just over 10B spent at the end of the run.
  7. It popped for me on starting a new adventure with over 10B. My total was somewhere around 20B counting what was invested.
  8. Haha, yes it was. But, at least he finally unlocked, so not gonna complain.
  9. Lol, 2 days after registering for the newsletter, my game errors out at area 77... and when I relaunch it, then it decides to give me Hitch.
  10. About how long did it take for you to see him after doing this? I initially registered on their website and also couldn't find anywhere to enter the code, so after reading this I used the method in game yesterday, this morning still no Hitch despite restarting the game twice.
  11. Haven't checked this in awhile and missed that you added new bonus games. I'm already in the hall for 11 games, but I could you add me to the bonuses for: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Secret of Mana https://psnprofiles.com/Zebkoril
  12. Research is cumulative, Zenny requires having it all at once.
  13. I have never signed up for one of these before, but couldn't resist this one! Easily one of my favorite series of games and a large part of what has kept me gaming so many years. I have plats for: Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XV Type-0 World of Final Fantasy Adventure of Mana I've only been putting off 9 because I dread the jump rope *shudders*