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  1. My 100th platinum was NBA2K20 and it just worked out that way. Since I'm a basketball junkie and used to play 2K every year (I skipped 2K21 because I'm fed up of grinding the same thing for 6 months and then never getting to enjoy the fruits of my labour since it's obsolete when the next year's title launches) But having my only 2K platinum as the 100th was cool since it was a game that was easily Top 5 in terms of most hours put into it.
  2. So this is the last trophy I need for the platinum and can't for the life of me figure out how to get the 3 edges in an innings. I am playing the strongest team (England - 83) vs. the worst (Nepal - 57) and 20 overs in cannot get an edge. I am playing a first class game to try to get as many deliveries into them, but of course, with no urgency, the batsmen just leave everything alone. I have replaced all Nepal's batsmen with bowlers. I have a full cordon of 5 slips and a gully. I am constantly bowling at or outside off-stump with outswingers with James Anderson and Stuart Broad. Nothing is working. They either leave the ball alone or play a shot to point or mid off. If I drift to middle or leg with the outswinger to try to swing the ball to off and force a shot, they play it to the onside where I have no fielders because they're all in the slip cordon. This is kinda frustrating because Level 25 players on Nepal shouldn't be surviving balls from Level 80 guys like Jimmy and Stuart. So clearly it's my deliveries that are the issue. What line and length should I be bowling and what speed? I've varied it all over the place but never know if THAT was the right delivery or if to consistently bowl that one and the edge will come eventually. Can anyone help? Please?
  3. This trophy is bugged to hell and it hasn't popped for me yet. 96 files on September 20th 102 files on September 21st 110 files on September 22nd 114 files on September 23rd (day of 1.08 patch) 119 files on September 24th 125 files on September 25th 126 files on September 26th 138 files on September 27th 146 files (so far) today, September 28th If they reset the counter of fixed the glitch as of the big 1.3 patch I'd have it already, since I have collected over 50 since then. If they reset the counter on the small 1.08 patch on Thursday 23rd, I'm screwed since I was at 110 that morning and 50 files from that is 160, and there are 153 files total in the game. Can't believe they could screw up such a simple thing and deny people their platinums. I am beyond pissed.
  4. I was under the impression that PSNP removed cheating profiles, but I looked at the GOAT Trophy (for which I was the fourth achiever) and realised there is no way that the first achiever could have gotten the trophy in December when there were not enough cards in the game there to achieve this trophy. How do I go about reporting this?