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  1. I just finish today with 330 hours. Nergigante was the worst for me, 150 attemps with at least 1 gold reward. Kirin 70 attemps. All the others under 40 attemps. good luck to everyone going to the plat.
  2. I understand your point of view especially for lagoon (these drift ...) which is the most Dpad friendly environement i think. it really depends on each player feelings. There are view of the best players on PC who only play with keyboard. I've wasted a lot of time because of this choice. 20 first hours only with Dpad, 20 next hours DPad only for lagoon. 20 next hours only DPad for sand and rollercoaster of lagoon (i had to switch during somme track). Now i have 160 trackmaster medal, i'm really better and more precise with joystick, so no more DPad at all. Good luck.
  3. Ok i understand, thanks for information. i will play it alone, Trackmaster time are very good but not so difficult when you know well the track and understand how to keep the speed( no mistake allowed of course unlike gold medals) This topic can be deleted if anyone know how to do. Thanks and good luck for trophies 😉
  4. I know about super solo mode but it's really not for me (some black tracks like 190 and 180 gave me nightmare lol). i've seen supertrackmaster videos and it's really impressive. i've not the skills, the time and most of all the envy. For the moment i just want to plays tracks i like and i'm really happy when i have some new trackmaster medals.
  5. sorry if it's not the right place. i don't knew about game session for fun. how can i delete this topic please ?
  6. Hello, After getting the platinum I want to continue this game for fun once in a while. My goal is to try to have between 130 and 160 trackmaster medals. I think it's a good challenge already. For now I have only 70 Trackmaster medals and I'm looking for players to add as friends who have between 130 and 200 trackmaster medals (or less if they want of course) My goal is to fight against their ghosts and learn from them of course in order to improve myself, enjoy more this game and maybe on day have these 150 medals. Thank you and have a good game. 😉
  7. same opinion. If you look psnprofiles rarity there is: 6 very difficult trophies (between 0,8% and 1,3%) 2 difficult trophies (between 1,3% and 2%) 5 moderate trophie (between 2% and 5%) on red series you can try because you only need silver medal to get trophies but tracks become more hard. all the others 36 trophies are easy (you can maybe have problem with 2 others because you need 2 controllers for them)
  8. I think you're right about the ghost if you have a friend with good ghost it'll make things really more easy. I had the 50 trackmaster medals before track 70 too, that part was really not a real problem.😎 But if you are a pro player (world records in wipEout) and if you like challenge, this platinum will be not so hard...the key is to well control the 4 cars with a joystick on these differents environment grip, to not quit when the game become more difficult, to not be scared by full speed and crazy track 😱 lol. I've seen trackmania video from riolu and spam on youtube, the way they control cars is really impressive. (probably a lot of skills and time) for them, it's a 2/10 difficult game. I'm OK with that but not sure that is the case of majority of gamer. PSN rarity is 0,1% and psnprofile rarity is 0,9%.I don't hink there is any coincidence. That's why i think 8/10 and 40 hours is just a litlle bit underestimated in my opinion. (maybe i'm wrong, it's possible) It's just the opinion of a random player who have really enjoy this fun game, finish it and struggle by moment to be honest. Good luck for the end of the game JFthebestJan. PS: sorry if my english is not very good, i try my best but it's not my first language.
  9. yes the guide on this website rate it 10/10 and it's really not an easy platinum to get (vettel time to beat was really difficult but not the others trophy) For me it was more like 9/10 because i have play gran turismo since the GT1 and i had a wheel to play it.(G25😎) but i'm just an average GT gamer. In my opinion 10/10 is just a level of difficult that you feel when you try to achieve the platinum trophy, it doesn't mean impossible.😉
  10. maybe rating is personal, but others game have 10/10 and people have achieve platinum trophy too. I have gran turismo 5 platinum for example which is 10/10 too and it was easiest for me. In trackmania, tracks are really crazy and car very difficult to control.
  11. Just finish this game. It was really hard for a beginner in trackmania. i don't understand the guide rating and time for platinum.(that's only for alien and trackmania veteran) It took me 100+ hours and difficulty was 10/10 in my opinion.. For me, the 3 worst track were 190 (6 hours), 180 (5 hours) and 178 (5 hours). not 175 (1h20) because the gold medal is not so fast. you can drive a little bit slowly before all big jump in order to keep the good line and don't forget to air control your car during the 1st jump. good luck for all.