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  1. This video helped me the most with the race on classic. Shows how to take each corner properly. And here's my successful run. Only took three tries after watching that video.
  2. It definitely is a trial. I just downloaded it and tried to start it offline and it wouldn't start. It said it couldn't verify the trial.
  3. Probably story related.
  4. Out next week.
  5. Select a video in your bookmarks then click on the middle option next to the trash can and apply tags to it. I just went through each letter until it popped.
  6. Animal Logic - The cat runs across the keyboard. Click search on the jumble of letters it leaves after. Organizer - On the bookmark tab go to tags and put some on the bookmarked videos until the trophy pops. Missing King - Get to the end of a game of solitaire and see you can't actually win because the last card is missing.
  7. For death of a hired man is it alright to meet him in act 1, finish the chapter then go play act 5 and finish it. Or do you need to play through each act again?
  8. How do you get the 6 bridal dresses trophy? I've just got the one for getting 3 and I'm not even sure where I got them! Great bit of the game there. Completely bonkers.
  9. Still nothing for me. Edit - I unlocked a trophy in Yakuza 5 and synced it. It took ages on the processing games and trophies bit, at least 5 minutes, but it did eventually go through and now my account shows up again. But now on the country and world rank bits it says soon whereas last time it had the numbers there.
  10. Not sure what's happening on my main account but for some reason I've suddenly started getting a screen saying there's no trophies here, the account is probably set to private. I've looked on my PS4 and all the settings are as they were when I was last came on in the week to sync The Complex plat. Trophies say anyone can see them. The only games I've played since are Resi 3 and I had Final Fantasy 7 Remake arrive early. My profile synced fine on True Trophies with my Resi 3 plat from today. My main account is Elmagnifico83. I haven't changed username or anything either.
  11. Thanks for that. I was missing 3 trophies and wasn't sure what to do to get them.
  12. Played and finished it last night. I enjoyed it. It wasn't too long and thankfully after you've seen a scene once you can skip it on other playthroughs and just get to the decisions. The plat will be easy enough. Most of them are for different endings.
  13. Release date has been broken in France and somebody has it already. Long thread on it here, I haven't looked through it all to see if they've posted the trophy list yet.
  14. Seems some might be glitched. I didn't get the trophy for finishing act 2 and read others have had the same issue with that one. I didn't get the trophy for the interlude after act 2 either.
  15. The plat should be simple enough. You get most for playing normally. There's a few things I'm not sure what to do though. I'm missing one piece of art on page 5 for Art Connoisseur. I'm guessing it is something for Freya but I've had the same ending twice with her. I don't have the second one in from the left. And I don't know what to do for the God of Caffeine trophy. Finished twice and still haven't got it. Everything else has been pretty straightforward.