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  1. You have to unlock one before the list loads in at all, even offline. Go and do a quick one like buying 10 things from a shop to get them to show.
  2. It'll definitely take a while. The sub stories one is at least. I left the first area without doing them all and I'm not seeing a way back there. The game warns you when you're about to leave.
  3. Yeah I definitely think some could be missable.
  4. I've only just found the shop that rents the fishing rod out so I'm not sure if you can come and go between the both areas. So far I've noticed two fishing spots in Bailu. I was surprised to see it has 3 DLC trophy sets. I hadn't heard anything about DLC. Only one looks story related, the other two have challenges and stuff. One of them seems a bit over the top though. It says to spend 100 hours doing chawan signs!
  5. No problems, go for it. Happy to help.
  6. Right. It has 37 base game trophies. I'll leave the hidden ones out because they all sound story related. Then there's three add on trophy lists.
  7. I'll post the full list a little later but I've worked out what was wrong. You need to unlock a trophy before the list appears at all. Even offline. And there's a lot of miscellaneous ones.
  8. I'd be okay if they didn't have any. I'd still play it, I've waited 18 years. Spent two hours on it already trying to work out the systems and whatnot. Screenshots don't really do it justice either. It looks great in motion. Playing in English too. For old times sake.
  9. As I said, even going offline it says no trophies. There's nothing there at all.
  10. Hi all. My copy of Shenmue 3 came a few days early. Great so far. One thing though, it says it has no trophies. I know they wouldn't be on the servers to sync yet so went offline to see because that will load them in. But it still says no trophies. It already had a patch when I started so I'm not sure if they'll be adding them for release with another patch, which would be something I've not seen much before. Bit of a strange one.
  11. 13GB patch is available now. Same size as the game was originally.
  12. Yeah they do the same. ShopTo has a reward scheme too that can get the price down by a quid or so on each order. And they're usually cheaper than Game in the first place.
  13. Yep, that's the one. I usually go for them or Simplygames. But I noticed yesterday Simplygames were saying they wouldn't be sending it out until this morning. ShopTo ended up sending it yesterday afternoon and it came today.
  14. Online sites in the UK mostly send games out a few days before release. Mine from ShopTo came about an hour ago.
  15. They've issued a press release now.