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  1. Yeah, you will also get all trophies below your current difficulty.
  2. The free upgrade is live now in Europe.
  3. Just happened to me now got 23/24 of the rots in the village. What also happened was that I didn’t get any blue crystals anymore, apparently you can only have 9999. So I reloaded my save from before I started to collect rots from the village and spend my blue crystals on hats. This time I was able to get all 24 rots.
  4. I done the whole campaign solo and tried the last chapters in coop and the trophy just won’t pop for me. I need a break from games with glitchy trophies. 🤮
  5. I like this one: Plus click on any game and they have descriptions, pictures and trailers. Btw they have lists for all platforms.
  6. You can’t do it in an occupied Dark Zone, you have to wait for it to become unoccupied again.
  7. Here’s my list of completed bounties: Meatwagon 12th Street Spicelords Wolf Pack Jefferson’s Legacy Lafayette’s Regulars Kindled Front Bully Buzzards Embers Movement Strike Team Echelon Garnet Squad Omega Company Beta Company Griffin Company Team Sapphire And finally the bounty that made the trophy pop: Peace Movement I can also confirm that liberating the safe houses does not make the trophy pop.
  8. Just unlocked this trophy. Both TV players have hold the same statue while stealing it.
  9. True. This challenge was not meant to be hard, it’s was just to try something different and be fun.
  10. Am guessing that no trophies are missable?
  11. I really like this game, am done with the non lethal playthrough and had no big problems with Lily. I would recommend that you keep an eye on where she is and if she begins to run back towards the start of the level, just rewind time. Also I really love the rewind time and stop time mechanics of the game. It’s gonna be fun too experiment with different methods to kill all enemies in my second playthrough.
  12. I would be a little easier to do it in February.
  13. Am not limiting myself to easy and short games. What am doing is playing some longer games, while I have a bunch that take less than 2 hours to pop. I will use the short and easy games as little as possible, am really just playing what I feel like and is by no means the most efficient way. It does feel kinda weird not to pop the last trophy in a game, but at the same time I think is healthy to learn to wait. Yeah, the thing is that I started the challenge without any setup. But yeah to make it easier do setup some games before beginning. ;-) But it is a very good way to clear some of the backlog.
  14. Can you even pop all those in one day? What range of time would take to pop each one?
  15. I really should limit my brain’s free time, to avoid more silly ideas.