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  1. From C to Shining CYou think you're good, don't you? Prove it by ranking up all characters to C Rank PS: It is legit 💪🏼
  2. I have only the base version which have been distributed for the PS+ before the release of forsaken last year.. Will it be enough? Past expansions became free and included in the base game? I am stranger to the franchise so I don't have any idea. I want to try it but buying options are confusing like all MMOs
  3. If we start this game anew, do we still have to buy shadowkeep for forsaken trophies to complete it %100? With the release of new expansion, i cant see it anywhere any more
  4. you dont need a detailed online guide for this game.. win 20 times against your boosting partner with all 35 character... if the dummy is higher ranked than the one on whom you are working then it may help you reach rank C 2-3 matches before 20 matches.. also if dummy is a low health character like seth (as the guide says) or akuma it will help you a few seconds but these differences are negligible in that loooong way although 1 round set up is a must.. you also need 30 chip wins, 30 ultra finishes and 10 super finishes for some specific icons and titles if you are going for those trophies (online part) also you need to do all trials and finish the arcade on hardest with every character of ss4 roster (singleplayer part) That's all, you don't need a more detail for speed because there is none!! I m doing this legit and only one character left..
  5. most people go for ultra hard trophy lists for the feel of satisfaction at the end of it, and to tackle and overcome what the games can throw at them, some also go for it because they want perfection with a game or series they adore so much.. In short, motivation comes from within naturally, there is no specific or artifical way..
  6. Far Cry 2 Iron-guts Earn the highest honors Mortal Kombat Platinum Trophy You've unlocked all Trophies! Grand Theft Auto IV Taking A Liberty Sorry for taking liberties with your time.
  7. Although this guy has some serious bad habits for competitive environment and untrustable answers and attitudes all along the thread, still these don't necessarily mean he should be left out of the leaderboard this isn't cheating, very bad but not cheating.. Sending someone out because of his/her unreliable attitudes, past actions wounds my inner conscience. But this ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ makes me real sick!!
  8. I m planning to return to this game after years to raise my completion even further and I am happy to see there are some other players like @Tarsier182, @xJaegerwulf, @Afro_Gear as me in that regard. Maybe we (me and you three and anyone willing) should come together and get these trophies out of the way? It started to irritate me to see 25/59 at the bottom of my profile but I am severely worried about the safety, would playing invite only private lobbies solve the problem certainly? Also, I never played online so how long would it take to get all trophies in private lobbies (excluding RLTW of course), how many guys needed, what execution level required, which is the most effective way, etc. Can someone please explain these to me?
  9. If you have started directly from Atlantis before finishing Pythagoras questline in the main game and The Heir of Memories lost tale, all trophies will be locked already.. or you toppled over an very unfortunate glitch that you'll need a new save! EDIT: checked your trophy list and its not to do with anything what I said, seems that an unlucky glitch
  10. I am dissapointed not to see Street Fighter 4, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Shadow of the Colossus (PS3), Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil 5-6... Also, clearly if there is 3 different games for the 20th game for example, the next one should be 23rd not 21st..but I guess it's done intentionally to include as much game as possible.
  11. survival is the best part of the game and one of the peak points in games if you ask me it is the original battle royale, it is too realistic to be a game which is good for me.. maybe because of that a lot of players constantly die and felt unfair. It took me many runs too to get decent.. Approach the game as if it is real and dont you ever put out of your mind that you can die in any moment in any gear. Even though you performed extremely well Hunter can lock you and kill you easily in the end which probably devastate your mind and cause you hate the game calling it unfair. But, yes survival mode is harsh as it is its purpose, its name... Learning the layout which is very wide and put up a good strategy is vital.. Your strategy shouldnt be too rigid to bend and need to be elastic as you can start anywhere in the map and you may not find the guns, gears, eatables or drinks as fast as you hope but you must have a general strategy and you should be in the well know of the usage of crafting interface as time can be your worst enemey here, you should also craft the right thing according to your needs.. I see people trying to boosting this mode. Any Division expansion isnt suitable for boosting particularly this one, because resources are limited and you feel it so especially at the start. one of you may be going to die more easily than solo if you arent already extremely good (then what is the need of booasting!) , even so it is still possible to die at the start given how weak you both start and thus how harsh the environment and big the pressure to reach resources but you are now two stomach to feed.. you will always feel this pressure although at a lowering rate but it is not worth at all IMO. I am aware that I talked too pessimistic here but experience and the instinctual want to survive is the key here, I believe you will start to get results after 8-10 runs.. It is just hard, not impossible but doable like FromSoftware games.. I personally consider it as an insult to the mode to compare it with last stand, it is a bad joke.. Survival is the sheer quality.. I cant still forget the thrill I felt in this game all along, the excitement at the start of the Hunter boss battle and first hearing of its music after you shot your flare gun.. oh god, it's unforgettable for me.. SUMMARY: Give this game a chance you'll love it, It is not harder than base game's DZ
  12. hi, i hope i opened this topic in the right place and i hope we dont have to say same things again and again about run like the wind, whitelisting, etc. yes, I know what cheater removal team members @B1rvine and @MMDE think about the run like the wind trophy that they still have to met certain conditions although the bounty was off rules and they will be reconsidered in the future with regard to the future of whitelisting.. But what is this search of hacker, what you guys think about this, what about innocent players(!) just playing their game, and if this is possible why there are disputes and rankings, etc. https://psnprofiles.com/session/182857-grand-theft-auto-v while all these things going on I remember a player opening a topic how to dispose of hacked gta online level trophies but after just a few days solving the problem, getting the run like the wind happily ever after also I remember another player with around 300 legit plat being removed from the leaderboars because of an unseen glitch (I believe so) in a stupid game.. dont get me wrong the team, i do not blame anybody but I am really CONFUSED about some things maybe I JUST feel some things unstandartized
  13. AC multiplayer is the best among all and I consider removing multiplayer from the series as a loss, never thought about nor did boost any AC mp trophy..
  14. community wants its destruction here, in every community basic things shouldn't be changed.. What do you mean by letting go off illegitimate trophies, man..
  15. I can't believe how this topic receives 74 posts in a relatively short time because we have been already very deeply discussing this under some name or another in countless topics for years and most people are fed up with this already.. I wont repeat myself like in whitelisting, run like the wind related topics but even considering this would be a suicide for this site.. Rules are simple and clear why people still insist I don't understand..