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  1. 1) FAR CRY 2 2) FAR CRY 2 3) FAR CRY 2 and Resident Evil Code Veronica
  2. Actually I was expecting an AC in Iran about Persians after seeing the end of the Legacy chapter in Odyssey. It seemed also logical as the last entry into the first age saga which is a habit of the series. (2,brotherhood, revelations - 3,4,rogue) But I won't mind Norse setting too 🙂
  3. @Valyrious, you opened up a great thread here man and compiled things from the sources like a professional journalist 👍 But I recommend you (if you want) to add gamespot, gamesradar and hardcoregamer results too if they are released which are more respectable than some of these sources.. I am not DMC fan but I am happy with the results and a precious addition to an already precious series.. It seems Capcom is the most consistent and dependable company in recent years with Monster Hunter World, Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition, Resident Evil 2 Remake and now this, which all are around 90, and they didnt ease their trophy lists unlike almost any company!
  4. How is it to become troll? Describe.. Is it providing a link from gamesradar?? What would I gain starting by this thread as if I need, have you checked my past posts to call me troll coming out of nowhere.. You are the troll becauce you are off-topic, of kinda people searching the forums and opportunities just to attack without any argument.. HUH, HATER!! 😄 @Han_the_Dragon, mate believe me I'm not hyped by this game.. I expressed it in this threads and many times before.. this game made me mad by only its glitches.. I had to run 1,5 playthrough more.. I reject this to be the best game of 7th generation let alone of all times.. I just put a link here from gamesradar but I understand and respect all your points.. I dont really know about the news spam aspect of them but they are really producing one of the most respectable and definitive reviews in the market.. I hated Last of Us this moment 😄.. of course a joke but I'd rather it to be elder scrolls, resident evil or tomb raider to make me argue here
  5. @Han_the_Dragon, you aren't wrong man but neither do I.. There are question marks on the title and there is no comment on my original post (I said "apparently", I said "I wonder if") and provide a link from a renowned and respectable site... It would be a move from the publisher to increase the hype or a cash in for the retailer as you said.. But could it be possible for amazon to use modern warfare 2 remastered to advertise and this retailer to use last of us 2 without consent of activision and sony respectively, if not they can be charged heavily 😀 TIME WILL TELL!
  6. of course it's not official so we used the word 'leaked' not 'announced'.. Also, no one here yet wanted it to be rushed on the market asap 🙂 For the part of me, I found the first game very good but overly exaggerated to the level of the best game of all time so I'm just wondering what it would be like but not excited and wont be a day 1 purchase for me.. But, given the game is a cult classic, there would be an excitement for this leakege in the certain part of the community.. If it was elder scrolls 6, I would get really excited so I understand those guys
  7. Apparently some Peruvian retailer leaked the release date of the long anticipated TLOU 2, as fall... I wonder it is real or a delibarete speculation, time will tell 🙂 https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/the-last-of-us-2-release-date-might-have-just-been-leaked-for-real-this-time/
  8. That's the spirit and main point for success!! when you did it, Always the satisfaction feeling pays off everything you've been through.. I remember the thrill when I earned Meticulous Collector of Shadow of the Colossus - PS3 3 years ago! The harder it is, it gets more valuable and unforgettable The only letdown for me is lack of time to play all other games..
  9. there was already a post about it and in a related thread... so no need to create this... at least you could have mentioned or quoted, man... Whatever!
  10. Nomura confirms critical mode and some dlc content.. I hope it would be free and no critical trophy https://www.hardcoregamer.com/2019/02/27/nomura-confirms-critical-mode-dlc-plans-for-kingdom-hearts-iii/325864/
  11. TOP FIFTY 1) Far Cry 2 2) Mortal Kombat 3) GTA 4 4) Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles 5) Batman Arkham Origins 6) Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles 7) Shadow of the Colossus 8) The Division 9) Ultra Street Fighter 4 10) GTA 5 11) Battlefield 1 ALL ULTRA 12) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 13) Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes
  12. yes, there is nothing wrong but he could have been unflagged too.. taking this as an example I am offering a new approach for the future to similar cases.. In the end, they are these kinda players, if clear of course, adding value to the PSNP enriching competition side of the community and encouraging many players to do the same..
  13. @fbdbh and @BigBossImBeamer, I see your points mate and i dont disagree with you too. Cause I hate cheaters and only myself probably reported more than 30 people, I even opposed whitelisting, voted against, and posted many times, also i m reading every dispute's every post early or lately.. 90% of times, disputers got caught with at least 3 cheated games as they were trying to save (or literally fool us) their current game.. also, we rarely see that players let go unpunished because of lack of solid proof, and more importantly having seemingly a clear profile but just reminded of the demokles' sword if they ve been caught by doing naughty. This one was one of those extreme cases if not the most. We cant approach somebody with hundreds of clear ( I havent seen the guy's profile, just read the posts) games as we do with common cheaters. We need much more solid foundations to punish them not only suspicions and inclinations. Dont forget he didnt prove himself but we didnt prove too and dont forget the extremely glitchy games like far cry 2, last of us and the games in which hackers dance with each other. While we have to let the cheaters of those kind of games go as we cant separate the right and wrong, this punishment just feels harsh and unfair.. Now, the guy's gone we are actually talking about the future, maybe we should implement a small team to monitor this kinda profiles and disputes over some period of time as number of cases far and few, maybe there is already.. But I dont wanna see this kinda things again and i hope i wont.. Clearly this guy took it as an insult when he couldnt find the common sense he seek, and the result being against him as either side have no solid proofs, maybe even too sentimental and proud he even left the site (and punished himself much harder than we did) unable to bear to be on trial here while innocent (moreover, we are not an actual court) .. I guess i would have done more or less the same.. I need to live through for the exact answer but I dont want to experience I dont know, maybe he is a cheater but then why did he reject some solid looking propositions from discussers to save himself and close the file for good just by taking the boat, I just feel he is innocent!
  14. Hi, Firstly, I use the site 99% of the time on my mobile and almost always been online and there has been no problem at all, my phone and everything is still same with the same conditions.. I dont know how long since this is there but today suddenly I discovered that when I post a topic, i cant see the topic in recent forum posts to follow whats happening in that thread more easily.. I dug in a little more too and checked my activity settings and saw that unread content to be shown first is the default setting. I thought the site has been updated and decided to change my personal settings, change my read status in everything, save it and renew the page, and what the heck! unread content is the default setting again.. tried again and i created a stream this time with read status is everything, saved and renew the page and unread content is there yet again!! It is very very very inconvenient, practically killing my usage of the forums.. this way, everytime i had to go to my forum profile or manually changing activity settings to find the link of my posted threads instead of just finding it on the recent forum posts of home page.. I dont know what happenned and I hope it is just me doing something wrong but i am pissed off. Can anyone from moderation or anywhere look into this and confirm what is the case to solve the issue quickly, Thanks in advance
  15. Yes Did you ever exceed 200km/ph while you drive?