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  1. This trophy works on veteran.. it is bugged on normal somehow
  2. Should be a marketing tactic but I don't get it. I talk about Turkish PS store. Ubisoft's games have generally the same pattern as well if on sale...
  3. local pricings are very different then, i just checked digital deluxe is cheaper than the pass which is weird
  4. Is there any other way to obtain these DLC's for 100% completion? Such as with in game currency or do we have to buy it with real money? I m new to the franchise, i m considering it. Also, I can't see any piece of DLC sold out of season pass except classified.. This PS+ version means nothing for players who seek 100% as digital deluxe edition which includes season pass with other goodies is cheaper than the season pass alone and content isn't sold seperately.
  5. I started recently as well. Never waited out for more than 5 minutes which was a Breach match. Dont know about region lock, if yes i m in European server
  6. Great game, great choice!! I didnt have any technical problems with my game 3 years ago but hard mode trophy bugged on me so i had to play twice back then. I love old school tomb raider 💟
  7. no offence but clearly you are not a veteran then 😀
  8. What can I say against the naked facts, you are both right, guys.. Actually I was going to write many things in my first post but feeling that we could diverge from the main discussion like the post below which i don't ever understand its relation to what should be discussed, I cut it very short. But I have to mention some part of it after these sayings. Unfortunately, even in given conditions Turkey may be around the 40th or 50th best country in the world. Imagine there are more than maybe 150 worse places so that world is actually quite an awful place for the majority of its people and quite a handful people benefit from its lovely side. As you know the reasons of this disequilibrium lies deep within the history, politics, etc. of the last few centuries. This is unsustainable, even the naturally world is dying. Look at the frequency of diseases or changes in climate and so on.. Whatever, as to main topic, I don't think this would affect much the pricing policy of Sony on Turkish PSN store. It has been better if it had never surfaced though because there is still a slight risk. Simple law of economics as you know, if demand is increased so does the prices but I believe its effect would be limited as, like stated on many posts before, there is not much price advantage so demand won't increase dramatically. But believe me even a 5 % increase could be enough to impose taxes for the government here as it is their habit even if Sony doesn't change their policy You can't imagine for what things we are paying special consumption or luxury taxes.. I am not complaining about the people who want to benefit from the price advantages here, it is unpreventable. Since the introduction of internet, actually we are on the same market especially on technological sectors. Typical consumer behaviour, to save more for the very same thing if opportunity arises. I would have done the same if it doesn't require this much chore. I remember Hong Kong store was quite popular as many people buy their DLC's from there, may be still is. Although we are on the same market on internet, consumers are shackled with their real life's restrains. This is the source of the problem which is unsolvable because everyone seems right to me. @Golem25, everything is great both economically, socially, politically where you live or presume you are living? Do you know number 1 country's rate of unemployment, how vulnerable they are to social disturbances like most Western countries? *How did you come to the comparison of our Meditarrenan beaches to the Mauritius' Indian Ocean beaches or Adriatic. How about your dislike about Ankara's greyness and seriousness to topic at hand. Although I have respect for your thoughts I found it to be quite teasing and ill-intended
  9. The problem is here in Turkey that purchasing power parity is really low. Minimum wage is 2.500 TL, Last of Us 500 TL. You can buy only 5 games for one full month's hard work other costs not into account. I dont think minimum wage is 300 usd in western europe
  10. Offline level 50 grind is the worst in history and incomparably harder than online feats you indicated above!! Offline level 50 grind is the worst in history and incomparably harder than online feats you indicated above!! Offline level 50 grind is the worst in history and incomparably harder than online feats you indicated above!! Offline level 50 grind is the worst in history and incomparably harder than online feats you indicated above!! Offline level 50 grind is the worst in history and incomparably harder than online feats you indicated above!!
  11. I like drama and even some scrap of tragedy in all kinds of art, it makes the things more real always but isn't this game too sad, too heartbreaking? Even the fun moments along the way contributes the sorrow, when you reached any ending you see that. I am glad i spent money and time on Steins Gate (even bought my darling's embrace and 0) but now it raises a question in my mind... Does any game have a right to be this much sorrowful? 😭😭 PS: I'm not giving into details to avoid spoilers but the players who played the game will see what I mean
  12. Circuit experiences will introduce you to tracks greatly and provide valuable insights but you will have to race with another car in sports mode which nullify everything you've got but at least you had learnt where the corner is, what can be the optimal line etc, at that point... But it is a very different story with another car, and racing this time not a lone traning session
  13. You can't stand any chance if you cant beat Crushing so it's not that of a bummer.. after crushing tweaks will unlock so that brutal can be done much easier but as long as i know tweak glitch doesnt work on uncharted 2 digital version so you must get in the hell for that 100%
  14. Record Number of Races Matched Rubens Barrichello's record of 322 F1 races Poles and wins versions will be released soon but I think it's still a leaving with a style 😊
  15. this leveling system should be overhauled asap in the first update.. even if you do grand slam in an online race you'll get only 200-300 exp.. This is the worst grind in gaming history, and will become so for ages to come if polyphony doesnt change this!!!