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  1. I’ve started using a new account, so I’ll no longer be updating about my progress on this session, for anyone curious it’s @Waddlingdan
  2. Cheers, I figured as much but thought I’d check anyways, and yeah I’ll stick to the usual Karuma method
  3. I’ve recently started a new account, and seeing that this will be my third time getting the ‘Live a little’ trophy I’m curious as to whether the new vehicle upgrades for heist vehicles (such as the insurgent) count towards the 8 million, as it would be nice to spend the money on something other than karumas once I’ve purchased the desired vehicles . I’ll keep a record of all purchases heist related, as well as the upgrades from the newer updates in order to confirm if the upgrades count towards the trophy or not, and post it once I’ve found out (I’ll be doing a cmm run for the money, so it won’t be long until - if anyone is able to confirm until then that would be useful!)
  4. We found a solution, you have to do the prep, then the setup. So prep, setup, prep, setup etc... also the counter will count a prep as a completed mission in the awards tracker, however it will adjust this after completing the next setup. So for instance during act 1 after the second setup (2 prep and 2 setups) it will say 4/29, however this doesn’t make sense - as only 2 setups have been competed. So the game shall readjust itself after a while. Also I recommend continuing the challenge if the notification appears, as we had the issue with the original heists cmm, but it was still awarded at the end of the challenge; despite not being tracked. Also prep must be done manually for the award, and I’m unsure as to whether skip trip voids the challenge.
  5. @Toogie53 cheers, and sign me up! ☃️🎄🎁🍻❄️🎮
  6. The price you’ve stated is great, so I would go for it!
  7. @dadoudelidou cheers for the advice, I’ll be on the lookout!
  8. Count me in! 🎄🎮🎁☃️❄️ I'll be playing: Saints Row IV - How the Saints save Christmas DLC, I mean it’s Saints Row and a Christmas dlc, it couldn’t be better! Bully - I conviniently played the game up to the start of chapter 3, and shall be completing all the miscellaneous trophies possible during the chapter, as well as the chapter it self ☃️❄️ Assassin’s Creed 3 - Just for the story, as it’s one I’m fond of, and Boston during the snow and the homestead couldn’t have a more festive vibe if they tried. Harry Potter Collection - A two for one, but it’ll be done nether the less. My favourite movies for this time of the year, and what better way to relive them than alongside the games Remastered 🍻⛄️🎄 On the side I’ll also be playing some world of Warcraft, which is again another game great at capturing the christmas spirit, so I’ll definitely be frequenting this game. Mafia 2 and Skyrim (despite having the S rank for Skyrim and the plat for Mafia 2) are two of my most fondest games, and shall be getting played regardless on Christmas Eve, which is just a tradition. I’ll probably deck out a house on minecraft whilst I’m at it 🎄❄️🎮⛄️🎁🏰🌌.
  9. Weekly Update #9 Since the last post I’ve made a few changes to both my backlogue list, and trophy list as a whole. In its current state it was a mess , so I’ve decided to hide over half of my list as a way of focusing on finishing up certain games, and therefore quite a few games (some of which were on the backlog list, have been hidden - including a platinum!). As far as the list goes, I’ll have a new one setup for January, which I’ll carry onto season 5 using this new method of elimination as I’ve found it’s a nicer way of tackling the set of games whilst having room to add new games (as I’m a completionist) With December coming up I’m going to be playing the usual games I play around this time of the year, which are AC 3 (I love the snow theme and story), Mafia 2, Bully (which has conviniently been left at the start of chapter 3), Saints Row 4 How the saints save xmas dlc and Skyrim. If I’m feeling lucky I might even hop onto World of Warcraft and Trove, depending on how much time I find myself with. Trophies won’t be on the agenda for games like AC3 as I’m just looking for a good bit of story, and Skyrim has an S rank, but for Bully I’ll be getting all the misc trophies done, and the two platinums for the Harry Potter collection which is my rental for the month ☃️🕷🚙🏰 Does anyone else play certain games coming up to the Christmas holidays or is it just myself? 🎮🎄🌌
  10. @stcktoyourgunsx thanks for this! It’ll save valuable ammunition and convinient for those who don’t spec into magnum perks etc...
  11. Telekinesis. Thank me later
  12. Weekly Update #8 Well it’s been a couple of weeks since the last update so I figured I’d post an update. Notable progress has been made in Payday 2 Crimewave Edition, however I still have a few miscellaneous trophies to grab for the platinum (yet I’m going for 100% completion so infamy 25 is required anyways - and some grinding towards it has been started). I’ve also started and finish up the majority of Kane & Lynch 2’s multiplayer and about half of the story mode, which came as a surprise considering it’s reputation and a hard - and ultra rare platinum, however with a boosting group in place has proved no issue at all a couple of vita games have been started however I rarely (if ever) actively progress a vita game as they come over time, so progress shall most likely be slow. The platinum for 7DTD is also within reach as I’ve found a glitch to avoid the grind for 2500 player kills and having nearly survived the full 1250 minutes in single player leaving only zombie kills to do, which should come naturally over time as I play the game with friends and play on the offence when it comes to combat. Some DA:I story progress was also made and the 100% is looking a lot closer than ever before, with only two areas on the map requiring a clean up (I’ve gone for 100% in everything the game has to offer - and loved every minute of it ). Season 4 Dragon Age: Inquisition - Platinum (64% 39/51) Infamous Second Son - Platinum TWD: A New Frontier - Platinum AC Unity - Platinum TWD: S2 - 100% Minecraft Story Mode - 100% (19% 11/51) Mafia 3 - Plat , Perfect Playthrough and DLC Progression (69% 59/86) Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - Platinum (6/41 8%) Lara Croft GO - Platinum (4/18 22%) Uncharted 2 Remastered - 100% (26/53 42%) Wolfenstien: The New Order - Platinum (11/51 17%) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Platinum (8/48 11%) So whilst at first glance no notable progress has been made regarding the list above, significant progress has been made towards securing two (3 counting K&L 2) platinums which are of ultra rarity and considered somewhat hard, so that’s great 🍻. The next week shall be spent finishing up my rental Wolfenstein before it’s returnal date, as well as some general progress in DA:I and the returning to Mafia 3 and it’s dlc, which once I’m playing again should be completed within the next couple of weeks 🏎🍻
  13. As long as Wolf Among Us stays, I’m fine. But it’s gone be WW3 if some bs IP like guardians of the galaxy replaces it due to moneywhoring.
  14. After getting Alexander the Great using the trader glitch, I was wondering whether the trophy ‘Dirty Larry’ for 44 magnum kills would work as well using the same method, however I’ve not enough ammo to test this out, so if anyone would be able to do so I would be thankful, as it would save time and hassle on my world where I’ve got the magnum but aren’t able to go for the trophy as I’ve got the ‘Nearly Immortal’ trophy in progress