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  1. It's been removed from the uk store, however I was able to obtain an edition (cook's mad recipe DLC) which includes the code inside the box they're around £6 and can be found on a few second hand websites
  2. Yeah they're both ready games, just need to finish up 3, 4 and unity on this account and I'll be done with the series (apart from liberations which I'll probably have platiniumed soon enough) - however I do have brotherhood and revelations which I'll pick up on PS4 to save any grinding there (as I've already had my fair share of those games )
  3. Yeah I recall the mission now, although I've yet to do AC4 on this account so have the multiplayer to look forward to on that - however I've been informed that Wolfpack is an easy way of reaching level 50, so that's a relief
  4. Would've been nice to have a reason to revisit the game, although the further down the road we get, the more I keep noticing the price rises etc.... so in a way I'm glad there isn't any DLC trophies
  5. Ha they were indeed... did them in my old account and remembered the pain of them, the multiplayer for unity was alright from what I remember - short of getting all the trophies in public games with non-trophy hunters as I hadn't discovered the site back then
  6. I'm going for the 100% on the franchise, but Rogue can be a pain with the 300+ collectibles, not sure if it's worse than unity though
  7. Hi, I'd love to join this! I'm going to aim to get 100% of all games done on my list in order to allow me to start on my three major games - ESO, Max Payne 3 and Stardew Valley. However before I start these games I want to have the majority of my games completed before starting - so I'll use this as a way of tackling games on my list in small packages (like the rules state ). So for the upcoming season (1st of July) I'd like to add the following games: Uncharted 3 (PS3) Plat & 100% - aiming to get this done in around a month, currently at 18%. GTA V Plat & 100%- Two trophies left 91%, ironically the two which have been done on my previous accounts, with the level 100 being attained on about 8 different occasions in the past - with this character sitting at level 90 (more or less). Mini Ninjas Platinum (currently at 2%) - should be an easy one, just needs a day or two of playing to obtain, shouldn't be any issue at all (used to be a childhood fav). Beyond Two Souls Platinum - 25% through and as of yet to finish my first play though, a few days of playing during the summer should pop me this plat . Fallout 4 Nuka World 100% - Last DLC left at 18%, thought I'd throw it in as it's the last journey to the S rank for this game, with a few final grindy trophies left, but nothing compared to some of the ones I've already conquered. Far Cry 2 Platinum - Hardly casual, but I've been tearing through the multiplayer trophies and should have his done in around a month, currently sitting at 11%. Whilst a couple of the games aren't as 'casual' of a backlog of some, I'll have free time to tear away at these games, and will most likely have all the 'casual' games (FC2 & U3 excluded ) done within a month, and shall add some more games to the list by then. Hopefully the formality and what not is okay, and cheers for the event!
  8. Just a thought, but to tackle the easy game issue you could implement trophy rarity in the form of how many ultra rare trophies have been earned within a time period? Just a thought ;D
  9. I sure hope so!! As long as they're not too crazy or long winded. I don't have 100 million to spare I can tell ya that
  10. Got 2 people together already to tackle these trophies, one space left if anyone wants to hit them up (base game too) just hollah. And let's be fortunate that it's only 85 trophies, and not 523 like it is on pc
  11. I'd take any kind of story DLC, if it's our usual trio then even better. Who knows though they've promised it since day one, although we've seen the trio meet up quite a few times in the last couple of years.... but for what exactly is unknown. So so guess we're left to hope and speculate
  12. Just seen the article for the new DLC, and supposedly it's another massive installation which will keep us going until next year, which made me wonder..... will we get DLC trophies? It would be awesome to have a new reason to play the game again (played since day one so a bit burnt out by now) although we didn't see trophies for CEO or biker DLC's. So it's hard to tell.... What ya'll think?
  13. Likes AAA & Japanese Games!
  14. There is one on Xbox achievements - http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=624268 It doesn't seem extremely in-depth but for specific trophies forums and blogs can be found which help. As for a guide on this website I'll probably write once one I've achieved the platinum (which shall be a while yet as I haven't started it)
  15. My number one tip for anyone worried or thinking they can't do this - treat it like any Modern Warefare Spec Ops mission, because that's essentially what they are