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  1. I've played over 3000 hours on this game and levelled up and platiniumed the game legitimately numerous times. An old school way was to hijack civilians cars, as it would take a few at most before they set a bounty on you, appearing as 'unknown'
  2. Jorah's a favourite, but so is Bronn Dany, Jon, Tryion and a few others are just givens, and Jaime has grown on me Did anyone see the jail break trailer before season 7 out of interest, might be slight spoilers here so be warned The two major points was the Azor Ahai in a midst of fire with a mix of dothraki and white walkers in the background, in which he slammed his sword into the ground causing a strip of fire seen previously by the children of the forest. From this I'm gonna put my bet on it being Jorah, and I sure as s**t hope so. Also it was somewhere in northern westeros, so I'm gonna guess Dragonstone or Winterfell (meaning winter has broken through the wall ❄️) . The second clip was drakaris flying over the red keep smashing part of the keep, which was awesome 😍πŸ”₯β˜„οΈπŸ’₯. Again, this footage wasn't official, but it certainly looked authentic, so I'm excited alright πŸŽ‰β˜„οΈ
  3. I did once, as I decided I wanted a fresh start and to go for a 100% account (which I still am! ), but ironically the one trophy left from my platinum in GTA V is the trophy which I've done on 8 other accounts..... reach level 100! but I'm at LVL 90 again so
  4. Assassin's Creed 3 as you're close and it'd mean you've got the first 3 done
  5. Update Due to having been abroad without any console apart from my vita I've been unable to tackle any backlog mentioned above, and with one week left on holiday I've used the time to clear out a couple of Lego games as well as make some progress on a couple of games - Hitman GO and Borderlands 2 to be specific , Hitman GO only needing a couple of hours left into it (I'm not using a guide ) as I found the game quite fun.
  6. I gotta agree with you to an extent, if it were one of the first few seasons then I'd be singing the fuck the Lannisters and let em burn song, although I didn't like Dany for what she did there - but then again I like Bronn and Jaime has grown on me too. If it weren't for Cersei I think Jaime could have a shot at retribution with Tyrian, especially after discovering who poisoned Joeffey (Lady Tryell was a legend ) although it's more Dany who he could get along with, even after their strange history they even out and maybe end up facing the night king together with Jon. As far as Jon and Dany goes I hope Bran informs them of their relation, although I could see Dany using it to her advantage to claim the throne - not that Jon would be bothered by that. But the most frustrating thing is that the last major/public conversation between Ned and Rodrick was of Ned leaving the hand of the king over an arguement in which he defended Dany's life .
  7. Gotta agree with you there, I started it recently and couldn't help but notice the over hype on the game, but then again I play a lot of games and it didn't appeal as anything new
  9. Sign me up for bronze, I've 100% Skyrim and Dragon Fantasy Book 1
  10. Sign me up for adventurer, I've done 3, 4, Primal and are currently working on 2!
  11. Update: GTA V: Using all of the double RP events I've been able to climb roughly 10 ranks, now residing at level 90, which I anticipate will be platiniumed within the next two weeks. FC2: Completed a few more field manuals, however still have roughly 23 weapons left as well as revives and single player, but I'm looking to dedicate a few days during the summer to pure grinding on the game (stocking up on snacks, streams and sugar ) in hopes that I'll make some solid progress.
  12. Advanced Warfare or Watch Dogs, both of which I'd done on my old account
  13. Already got the S rank......
  14. @Vegi85 modern warfare remastered, to finish the modern warfare trilogy.
  15. Just a quick update, but I've nearly reached rank 100 on GTA V and have collected half of the peyote plants, as well as starting my Mini Ninjas Platinum Playthrough.