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  1. So I recently found out this game had new DLC trophies and redownloaded the game, in hopes to quickly get them all done. Only to find that, despite me still having my save file from 2017 in the ps4 and the ps+ cloud, I had to create a new character. Is my old character and world gone for good, unless I revert to an older version of the game (which case I probably couldn't get the new trophies)? Edit: Found out why I can't access my old character/world, it's probably because they're from the "old-gen console version". If I understood correctly, in October of 2017, the game updated to basically a PC version of the game. Meaning that if possible, the only way I can play my old save is by transferring the old files to a ps3 Terraria and that I have to start a new character and world on the ps4, if I want the new trophies. I'll keep the post for those who ever come across a similar problem.
  2. Sorry for necroposting. I own the collection and 100% the games back in 2017. I wanted to see for myself if I downloaded the game again, would it give me the EU trophy list. It did not. So to answer your question, If you're from Europe or Japan and buy the indivitual remaster of the game, then you'd probably (haven't tested it, but would assume so) get the EU or JP trophy list of that game.
  3. Hi, I'm currently trying to get the raid mode trophies and was mostly doing it solo, until I hit a brick wall with abyss. I thought I'd try co-op a couple of times and each time, there were these players, who could kill all enemies with ease, by blasting some guns super fast. How do I aquire such weapons? Do I have to farm ghost ship/ghost ship chaos for the necessary parts? I'm currently level 44 and it's hard to farm for higher levels.
  4. I can give the 24 pets if someone wants it. If you would like any of the pets, just send me a message to my psn account. Update: since the 1.3 update came out, idk if they have added new pets, that are required for the trophy, but im still willing to give all the pre-1.3 pets.