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  1. I've just got the platinum and Sentinel Archives were the last ones I needed for it. I've been farming them yesterday until the game itself decided to switch Sentinels into Arcanist ones (fortunately I needed them too)... changing the environment where the collectible is found (I was going through the one in this VIDEO... when it is a Sentinel there's a camp, for Arcanist a medium-size robot). I think (but may be wrong) that doing the whole route swaps entirely the place and the item too so, once you go there and find the Sentinel do the same but stop inside the first tunnel on the right, go a little further (but still in the tunnel), then go back to the item location and try to repeat.
  2. Anyone knows how to trigger the "Exactly" skit? It's the one where you have to take three LV1 monsters with you, I'm on chapter 8. Maybe I've already seen it, but I'm not sure.
  3. Maybe it will be just a character pack like others they've already released, and will not feature any new content
  4. Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto Game's Video Previews 'Next Generations' DLC A new DLC has been confirmed for the game, adding some new characters... not confirmed if will have new trophies too, we'll discover sooner or later
  5. The Steam version got updated, you can still play Portal 2 on PC and Xbox but not on PS3.
  6. I'd like to spend as little as possible, and that one is a bit expensive for me. I can just get one that works on PS3 only, don't care about PS4
  7. I want to buy a turbo controller to boost some games, anyone can suggest me one (possibly cheap)? I'd prefer one for PS3 only (to not spend many money), but I can value every option available.
  8. Where do I start? Do you think it is doable in 2 months to get 100%? Better starting with 2-controllers treasures? How? Give me any advice you can, Thanks I used to play multiplayer (competitive) when it launched, but never had DLCs
  9. I can't see (from this site) my trophies anymore, was able to like an hour ago and I haven't changed a thing about privacy settings and all
  10. As title... Do crimes "respawn" from time to time or once I complete each area ones I can't to the 10 car missions?
  11. Thanks, I've see this has been reported by many players but I wasn't sure about the save system. Today I got all single-player trophies for the main story, next is going to be Left Behind (never played).
  12. I've nearly finished the game on Grounded + (I'm in the Hospital), but there's a little problem: Graveyard sub-chapter from Bill's Town level has not been registered as completed. How do I fix this?
  13. You can get the accessory (even before finishing the game) via using the Umbra travel, after you get the last weapon (Chapter 13) or anyone you've missed during your journey.
  14. I'm on Chapter 3 and I've reached the first workbench, what should I upgrade first?
  15. My heart was not ready for this unexpected up