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  1. As title... Do crimes "respawn" from time to time or once I complete each area ones I can't to the 10 car missions?
  2. Thanks, I've see this has been reported by many players but I wasn't sure about the save system. Today I got all single-player trophies for the main story, next is going to be Left Behind (never played).
  3. I've nearly finished the game on Grounded + (I'm in the Hospital), but there's a little problem: Graveyard sub-chapter from Bill's Town level has not been registered as completed. How do I fix this?
  4. You can get the accessory (even before finishing the game) via using the Umbra travel, after you get the last weapon (Chapter 13) or anyone you've missed during your journey.
  5. I'm on Chapter 3 and I've reached the first workbench, what should I upgrade first?
  6. My heart was not ready for this unexpected up
  7. Played both your levels
  8. OK guys, like many of you played this great game years ago and I decided to do it again to get the platinum trophy (at least finishing new game plus and all collectibles). I've started a New Game (don't remember if at Easy or Normal) a few months ago and I reached level 2 or 3 (not shortly after we get Ellie) getting all the collectibles in those areas, and I am worried about the upgrades for Joel and weapons. I've read that you can't upgrade everything in one run, I'll have to finish the game twice (New Game and Plus) to do so... but does the game carries the upgrades I get even if I play at higher difficulties (for example: New Game > Easy | New Game Plus > Easy | upgrade everything | New Game Plus Plus > Grounded or Survival)? Does it work even if I use chapter select? And is there a single video with all collectibles (comics, jokes and all) AND supplements for Joel and weapons' upgrades?
  9. Please play my level, send me a message and I will play yours https://lbp.me/v/q0ejber/activity#
  10. How many controllers are required for the Move Pack?
  11. I'm on chapter 9, I'm reading that you need the special Armiger you get after obtaining all thirteen weapons to have better chances to win. Is it possible to return to the area where you (first time playing, so I don't know) have to defeat Omega after you finish the game?
  12. Just asking, is there a way to do something like this on the PS1 version? Playing on PS3
  13. I've tried to access to Comrades from the main-game and it tells me "You have to download it from PSN, do you want to do it now?", I answered "No" and the game didn't go back to the main-game menu, but to the Comrades' one, then I selected "Start/Continue" and it was loading something (in the next screen it asked me to create a new character/load the ones I have), but I don't know what. Is it an option for NG+ or what?
  14. With a full-strenght build, with Cid's 30% buff, (1 Dragon Whisker, 1 Honebami, 1 Dancing Dagger and 1 Kain Lance) all the missions are doable (with a few exceptions, but didn't struggle a lot), at least the ones you need for completing both DLCs (I also had the sigil that makes you dash in air). Would suggest a little bit of vitality and magic though (for Ifrit don't forget the fire resistance, of course)... and make some money: Norduscaean Garrison is available in the second half of the game, and you have to find him in a node I played Comrades today, after getting 100% in both DLCs, did a mission (would like to finish all missions, but some are pretty hard solo) and... Kenny appears at first try 😂
  15. So... any news about the stand-alone version of Comrades?