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  1. Got a SNES Classic and Ni no Kuni 2 today. Happy day. And got a nice pin bonus from Ni no Kuni 2. So I'm glad I decided to go to Best Buy.

  2. Just stuff I have hidden which is mostly terrible games I hated but gave a free trophy so early on in it that I can't get it off my list. Only exception is the EU version of Burnout Paradise which I got from PS+ for free when the PSN hack happened. But never felt like importing the EU version to keep playing it. So hidden it is.
  3. On one had, that means no worry while playing the DLC [missables and things]. But, it also kinda sucks. Guess I won't bother and look up some LPs. I don't really feel like playing more when I have other stuff to do. Haven't played anything in awhile anyway. xP
  4. So standard MMO fare. Used to have to camp out in Lineage for bosses, people had the rotations down to a science and I did for a couple of the areas. Ah I miss that game.
  5. I've outright given up on Ape Escape 3. I think at this point we'll just see a new Ape Escape made before we see Ape Escape 3 come out. And I think we all know the likelihood of a new Ape Escape... sadly. Unless it's some gimmicky PS VR game like that PS Move game.
  6. How is this compared to Freedom Wars plat?
  7. We don't know. It would have been great if they did it a few years ago in preparation for Ni no Kuni 2's release, but that's not happening obviously. So who knows. I hope they do though. I think the best we can do is just tell Bamco we want it.
  8. [Jak 2] Welp, so much for quickly doing the PS3 version with the debug menu. All the videos seem to be about the PS4 version which is the easiest one to do. Not sure how to do it on PS3.

    If I ever do this legit it will be Vita, because you can't do everything there anyway. And I got further on that version than PS3 just playing.

    1. RedRodriguez87


      The ps3 version only pops a handful, unfortunately. The rest have to be done legit. And that alone will make you happy for the debug mode.

    2. Elvick_


      Oh well, maybe I'll pick it up later. At least I don't have to do everything in it.

  9. Literally already addressed this, so I didn't bother to read your comment as you clearly did not read mine. Have a nice day.
  10. I want some Witcher 3 stuff.
  11. The entire point of a leaderboard is to show legitimate rankings. If any are illegitimate... then do the math. And no, that's not what I'm saying. Don't be obtuse. I'm saying that if you deny something just because of how it might affect the leaderboards, then you should probably argue against removing them entirely. Because there's always going to be problems with it. You can't just arbitrarily say that x is bad because it could affect leadeboards, but y is fine despite it also having the same potential of affecting leaderboards. That's hypocritical. Hold the same standards. That's my point.
  12. I have never been so confused in my life it's like I'm talking to two different people. Re-read your original comments, because if you don't understand how someone would get the impression that you're entirely against it based on how you responded to everybody about it... then I don't know what to tell you. I even re-read them and I still get the opposite impression.
  13. That's an interesting point. Though, I wonder how many trophy hunters are going to even start a game with closed servers at this point. And then there's non-trophy hunters to consider that are on the site, who earn trophies but only because they're unavoidable. Thanks for bringing a different perspective on it. Well thanks for telling me how I got it wrong when literally all you've talked about is how it's hacking and therefore flaggable. What even.
  14. You are clearly against it in the terms we're discussing. In that it shouldn't label you as a "cheater" to earn trophies if you accomplish the requirements. Which you clearly believe it should count as "cheating". And the only reasoning behind it being that "well people CAN cheat" this way. But people CAN already cheat, and others have pointed out that if they're going to hack trophies.... they'll probably just do it. Not go through the hassle of establishing an emulated server and then hacking them. Of course they can go through that, but you aren't really preventing anything. Just people from legitimately earning trophies in games through clever innovation that solves the problem of official server shutdown. If you want to say "it's just too much work to deal with" I'd actually respect that honesty, but you haven't done that. That is how it seems to me, that you just don't want to have to deal with figuring out who is and isn't doing it legit, and don't want to have to deal with appeals and evidence about it. If I'm wrong, feel free to say so. But it comes across that way, and again if you had simply used that as your argument in the first place then I'd disagree with you, but at least respect it.
  15. Well that isn't projection at all. You literally talk about "potentially this" in this same comment, and "what if that"s more than anything related to what we're actually talking about, which is legitimately earning trophies this way. Of course you'd agree with whoever agrees with you. You have yet to explain to me, or anyone else, how legitimately earning trophies this way is bad. And instead deflect entirely to fantasy. "What if a dragon earns the trophies for them!" That's irrelevant and not the point being made. Explain why what we aret alking about is bad. Not about why something else is bad. Something that everyone already agrees is bad, using modified servers to make it easier or to autopop trophies, but that is not what we're talking about here. I feel you ignoring my last comment was deliberate as you can't actually honestly discuss this without deflection. Apparently all you can do is talk about something else instead of actually talk about what we're talking about. If this is how the site is going to be run, it honestly makes me want to seek a replacement. You're being dishonest. edit; Yevon grant me patience. You literally said in a future comment; "So it's okay because you presented some other problem?" You are only against it because you present some other problem. Come on. A single person being on the leaderboards successfully while bein a cheater delegitimizes it. Let alone more than one. So...