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  1. No, it’s the same. Games just get easier when you’ve played them (or similar games) before. It is less painful thanks to quick loading vs PS3. The more you play something the easier it becomes. That’s why Crushing in Uncharted is always my easiest play though. I play through on normal and then hard first.
  2. I had the same problem with it not saving a few of the memories I played.
  3. Well it’s stupid it was ever an online feature at all. Vendettas act similarly to those player graves in Nioh, and in Nioh there are also NPC graves to spoof what you’d experience online. They could have developed the game like that to have offline spoofed “vendettas” and the online ones. Even Knack 2 used this for the treasure having NPC’s to pick items from if you had no friends who played. curious now it’ll work and if it will truly work.
  4. 125 reviews is a lot for a random indie game in a sea of them... do you use Steam often? Because it's not uncommon for them to have less than 10 reviews for years. Bet you've heard of Ratalaika, and they have barely any reviews of their games on Steam. Only one I see with over 100 is Devious Dungeon. Most are less than 50, InkSplosion or w/e has less than 10. Even games older than Devious Dungeon have less reviews. I think a better example of it being for attention is just pointing to the writing in the game itself. There's some dialog about people who complain about games manga they will never buy and play read.Actually I'll just post the screenshots I saw. It's so on the nose and so fitting to the situation it's silly. Almost like people should do a bit of research into something before knee jerk reactions based entirely on assumptions. That way they can have an argument that's not shit, but who cares about that. Feelings~ Regardless, the entire purpose of throwing "that's sexist" and "learn to draw women" is to associate it with being bad. Being sexist is bad, everyone already knows this, the entire point of trying to label people sexist is to alter their behavior and control what they can and cannot do. You're either naive or being purposefully obtuse about that. You don't have to directly call for the removal or censorship of something for that to be your end goal. "I'm not saying it has to be removed or changed, just that if you do that you're a horrible person and endangering women!" You should see what some of those deleted replies were.
  5. I mean there's plenty replying in here. Not sure why people would doubt that part of it specifically. Twitter whines about a lot of dumb shit, "oh no this person used a skin tone one shade too dark for their Animal Crossing character they're racist!" And many of the "hate mob" as you call them are from the 30th.
  6. If you sacrifice your morals for money, then you don't actually have them to begin with. So thanks for proving my point. It's just a facade that vanishes as soon as the money flow starts to get affected too much. Which means it was never actually there.
  7. ah, quote above. That makes sense. thanks for the clarification.
  8. [Dreams] Mm knows how to make a soundtrack. This is what I felt was missing in Sackboy. So much more at home again.


    Very impressed with the game so far. I don't look forward to getting the platinum though.

  9. I did, you're the one that ignored the point I made to try to create a strawman. I reiterated that point in defense of your nonsense. All of it has to do with Gal Gun since people defending the restriction on the game are all using moral arguments, when none of these companies actually give a shit about morality. They're billion and trillion dollar corporations. They don't care about children. So Gal Gun being banned has nothing to do with that. If they cared about children, I refer you to my previous posts you ignored where I explained a few ways you'd see that manifest itself if they were consistent in their "morals". But somehow it doesn't, because... it's almost like they don't care. And apparently now that has nothing to do with Gal Gun, even though that's the entire foundation of the issue. If by "person above" you mean me, then literally how. If Sony/MS' issue with Gal Gun was that it was "exploiting children" then you can't reconcile that argument with the fact they all still allow access to Netflix, and thus the film that actually exploited real children in it's creation. And continues to exploit them by still being available. I couldn't care less about Gal Gun, it looks lame to me as a series. Don't see how that "unwittingly defends" actual pedophilia at all. I'm not sure how the other people's comments I see are doing that either. I do care that people continue to believe that billion and trillion dollar corporations have morals. They don't, which you can see it so easily by opening your eyes to how they operate in countries like China, Russia, or the Middle East in general. Or in this case, how they just operate in the US itself. Even in the same country it's hypocritical and runs counter to the moral position people are claiming they have. But you are right that there's virtually no point in talking to people about these things because it is mostly just "reee pedos" and "reee sjws". I mean people really bringing up Tifa being censored again when she literally wasn't.
  10. The fuck does Weinstein have to do with anything? You said you've never heard of them, I pointed out a recent example of them getting their name out there. Then stated I had already heard of them before that. Just because you're ignorant of something doesn't mean the reason you finally hear about them is a lie. It's not even a healthy amount of skepticism it's just cynicism. I don't care what other people do or why they look into or decide to buy a game. It's not my money. All I'm saying is that just because you hadn't heard of the company before doesn't mean they're lying for attention. Whether they are or not is probably something we'd never be able to prove. I'd disagree with the way they handled it because I know how the internet works. And even if it were true, addressing it will just increase it. The same way that telling someone to not say "♥" on the internet is going to result in multiple people popping up to tell you to "shut up, ♥". The only way to win is to report them and move on. So regardless of why they decided to address it, whether if true or a lie, I'd disagree on that. And I sure wouldn't base how I react on my own ignorance. There are so many gaming companies out there, at some point you're going to run into one you haven't heard of being talked about for some reason. It doesn't mean it's a conspiracy just because you never heard of them before then.
  11. Why do people flex their ignorance as if it matters? All it does is show you're ignorant and shouldn't be talking about the subject matter you're discussing. It isn't some gotcha on other people that you're not aware of a wide spread controversial film release. It's not some obscure nothing like Gal Gun is. No mainstream media is going to report about Gal Gun games at any point. They did however report on Cuties, and largely defended the film as 'art'. Including tons of people in Hollywood calling it "beautiful". Go figure. That's not my point at all. My point is that people pretending these billion dollar corporations (or trillion in MS's case) have some moral argument for what they do are stupid and foolish. You can find their hypocrisy as plain as day. All you have to do is use your brain for five seconds. But oh, you've never heard of Netflix's Cuties. So that makes you not a pedo. As if that's a logical argument, you utter clown. It's also not a documentary.
  12. These same guys offered to help release Red Candle’s Devotion. while scepticism is fine, sometimes when you’re ignorant of something... it’s just because you’re ignorant. I’ve seen them on steam a lot In my daily recommender even before the Red Candle stuff.
  13. Cuties is on Netflix which is on Sony consoles and Ms consoles. They could have banned the apps until the real exploitation of literal children (not character models in a video game that people call “children”) real 12-14 year olds being sexually exploited was dealt with. Hundreds of them if you count the auditions where these underage REAL children were made to dance in front of God only knows how many adults. And then for those hired to have cameras zoom and pan around them as they grope themselves at the direction of adults. weird that they’d instead ban video games that the ratings boards find legal to sell. That are still on Nintendo and PC. But Netflix is fine. YouTube is fine despite many children being exploited on there by their parents. That shitty Ryan kid even got a game despite clearly being exploited by his parents and both MS and Sony are fine with it. if you think Ms or Sony actually care about pedos, pedobait, or children’s at all then you’re a fool. The fact everyone has to moralize by pretending these fictional characters are “real” and “literal children” when they’re not to justify being offended says it all. Whether fictional directions are an issue that grows a problem, I’ve seen zero evidence. But I do know, as we all do, that children who are sexually exploited in real life... You know, not in video games, are harmed by it. Yet not a one of these companies bothers to take a stand against that happening. nevermind Hollywood. If they really cared they’d refuse to host any Hollywood content at all until they purge the pedos out of there. But they all just keep selling it anyway. Just as they all still work with China.
  14. Rush through to the second area, the gameplay opens up once you can turn ulrics or w/e into your allies. Let’s you tackle forts in different ways and helps avoid being overrun. More upgrades help too. The pacing kind of sucks in the game. It didn’t fully click until I had done the first area 100% (which was tedious) and then a few missions into the second area. Had I known it got better with story related upgrades I would have done those first instead of spending all that time on the first area. the plat can be a bit tedious by the end of it, but overall the game is fun but not without its problems.
  15. Not when Nintendo is allowing them already. I think Japan will adopt PC faster than Xbox. But they need neither as long as Nintendo holds. Only real difference is Japan calls the ultimate shots for Nintendo. MS/Xbox and PlayStation are HQ in the US.