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  1. Nope. It's just a lame update.
  2. Not sure I'll even bother to play S2 of The Walking Dead now... why invest more into something that's never going to be finished properly?

    1. Spaz


      That's been out for four years now. Unless you mean Episode 2 of the Final Season.


      Sad. At least finish the goddamn game before you release it and charge people. Not leave it unfinished.

    2. Elvick_


      I mean Season 2... that's why I said S2. Why actually invest the time now in this, then further seasons when the story is unfinished? I'm finding it hard to answer that question. The first game kind of works as a stand alone experience with an open ended ending where I can just imagine what happens. If I go further, I may lose that.

  3. PSone games are either $5 or $10 on PSN. How is 20 for $100 not inline? That’s essentially makes the hardware itself free.
  4. PS4 can't even read CDs.
  5. People misremember the lineup of Vita all the time. It’s nice to see someone acknowledge that the support stopped when it was clear the Vita wasn’t taking off. Rather than pretend it never had any games. Vita had more games at launch than 3DS did, Wii U and I think around the same “in development” number as Switch. Can’t remember if it had more than switch launch wise as well or not. Could Sony have advertised better? Definitely. The ads it got sucked. It did get some though, and a Taco Bell contest like PS4 and PS VR. System price for me was fine. The 3G model was a waste of time for Sony, a pointless sku. And the memory cards were retarded, when Vita wasn’t selling, Sony should’ve dropped those prices immediately and made every standard unit have a 4gb card included, rather than only specific bundles. But alas.
  6. Even if it was successful 6 years is a loooooong time for a handheld. Particularly with mobile out there.
  7. I wish Tekken 3 was on PSN, but it isn't. This just rubs salt in the wounds.
  8. I read a tweet that said they do this to make shipping world wide easier... which would make sense honestly. From what I know, these cords aren't really expensive to include. But if you have to mess around with different production skus just to include the right regional cord, that would drive up costs I suppose. Still don't like it, but I can understand it from that perspective. And if it does just use pretty much standard stuff then it's not a huge deal.
  9. If there's no report trophy option does that mean that the person was already reported? I don't see one for what's obviously b/s.


    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory; Platinum in 27 seconds

    Sure. The entire profile the highest plat time is LBP Vita at like 49 seconds. True proskills this one. 4 days of mostly 30s or less plats from tons of JRPGs, and Vita games. Even Super Meat Boy. Truly a legend. Just want to make sure the person is being dealt with, given how obvious it is I'm sure somebody noticed the account already  before me. Just want to make sure

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Elvick_


      Alright thanks. :D

    3. Cleggworth


      It doesn't apply in this case obviously but it can also mean they've previously been flagged and had it lifted

    4. PermaFox


      I know what you mean. There is a player that has 12 games with hidden timestamps, including MP trophies.

  10. 53 Achievers Sir Eatsalot (Asia) Defender of Gluttington Achieve all other trophies https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/7458-sir-eatsalot/1-defender-of-gluttington Looking at it, the Asian version is more popular. Other version is at 48. Shame, it's a decent game. A bit wonky, particularly near the end on the dumb boat thing. But I had fun with it. Unholy Heights is pretty low too at 67. Recommend that one, it was fun for the like $2 I got it for on a sale. Neither have really hard platinums. Just unpopular games it seems.
  11. Wonder what a N64 Classic would have on it. Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64... Wave Race 64 probably, Video Game 64... :P Wonder if they would try to work with MS to get a license on Banjo/Rare games. And if MS would if approached.


    1. Venocide


      Smash Bros. is a cert, all Mario games of course, DK64, both Zeldas, Golden Eye, Star Fox 64, Pokemon Snap (just wanna go on record by saying that this is overrated as hell), Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 would be nice but not as fun without the transfer pack, Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark won't be there since MS own both games, Paper Mario, Wave Race 64 etc etc etc 

    2. Cleggworth


      Goldeneye. The thing could ship with just that on it tbh

    3. Spawn


      It's hard for me getting excited for these minis when I own the real deal, with games they'll probably never put on there (for SNES that included Jurassic Park, Astérix & Obélix and more, for N64 that includes Body Harvest, Jet Force Gemini and more).


      As for a title that will most likely end up on an N64 mini but which few people will think of when making lists... PilotWings 64.

  12. Yeah, nobody liked PlayStation. It's like Phillips CDi and Atari in 2018. /s
  13. Sidenote, why can Tekken 3 be on here but not PSN? That was my favorite Tekken. D:<
  14. Now I want Parasite Eve on there. Love that game.
  15. I hope it has Tomb Raider, Legend of Dragoon and some other kick ass games. I'd say Crash and Spyro, but... don't see that happening, particularly with the remakes. edit; "*AC adaptor sold separately" Well that's stupid.