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  1. Flappy Goat is such horseshit. Everything else is fine, but that trophy is awful. It'd be easy if they bothered to make the minigame work properly, but the hitboxes are so fucked you can't ever really play it properly. It's entirely guess work.
  2. I don't really like autopops, although I did do Sly 4 [granted haven't even earned the platinum on it and it won't properly sync my trophies so they're not even even now] and I guess Senran Kagura Estival Versus which doesn't let you just autopop everything, but does cut down the second plat a ton by popping most of it. From memory you just had to do the last part of a chapter or character's story to pop the trophies that didn't automatically unlock. If I like a game I like earning trophies for it again. I could earn the R&C series trophies all over forever. And Jak & Daxter, that's always fun. I've done a lot of 100% stacks too, Machinarum I did on each platform, Flower, Journey, Unfinished Swan, Costume Quest [have done it on 360, and PC too], Trine [PC too]... just finished Bayonetta on both PS3 and PS4 recently[ish]. *shrug* Do what you want. edit; I don't bother with a regional stack, too expensive and I prefer the look of platform stacks over regional. It just looks and feels nice to see a game with PS3, PS4 and Vita [where applicable] have a platinum earned.
  3. Nice. Grabbed it on Xbox Live, Steam and PSN~ Just wish I didn't own it on disc for PS4, oh well
  4. But those reviewers are on aggregate sites and you base game's success clearly on those. Which in and of itself is silly. Something tells me you don't go and read every review they gather to make that aggregated score to see if every review is legitimate opinions and not somebody mad about something stupid. Because no one has the time, which is why aggregates get attention so people can be lazy yet still base their decisions on arbitrary number systems that not a single person who uses will be able to justify.
  5. Reviewers are elitists on the internet, and you apparently think their opinions matter. So which is it?
  6. A poll with a good option for me yay. No, but I wasn’t interested in the game. The original ended fine I don’t want more. And knowing the leaks, I was right to be happy with the original ending.
  7. I got stuck there a grenade got me out and almost killed me. lol, we're not supposed to be up there so it's not surprising you'd be able to get stuck in places like that. Gotta be careful
  8. [FFVII] Missables dome,yay. And I’m now in parts I have zero memory of. I don’t think I ever finished the four huge Materia quest before. I know I’ve done the train and condor. But the other two were new to me (had to look up how to get to the underwater thing) lol. 

    What a relief.

    1. Elvick_



    2. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Even the Bromance trophy?  Good on you!  I totally forgot about it on my first playthrough.

    3. Elvick_


      That was the most annoying one. lol but yeah, so glad I don’t have to worry about them anymore. 

  9. The trophy only requires you to beat the first level on the difficulty. This just lets you beat the level without going through most of the level.
  10. [FFVII] Wutai down, that was super easy I think I'm way over leveled with  most characters being over 42. Even got Yuffie's final limit and Leviathan materia. That was super easy too, just popped on a cure materia with regen and regen mostly covered me through every battle. Even against poison. lol.


    Hard not to over level when you're able to do the limit break thing to grind the limit breaks to unlock them all. I'm glad I got all that over with and can focus on the game, just wish I was beyond the missables, but soon... hopefully~

  11. If you selectively pick and choose which platinums you want to talk about then yes. If you look at reality there have always been easy platinums that don't require you to do everything in the game to get the platinum (or 100%). Trophies have always been useless and only hold the value we give them personally. Earn trophies how you want. If other people having easy trophies bothers you then maybe you don't really like earning trophies to begin with and are just earning them in order to flex your e-peen and flop it around at other people to compare how better you are at video games. Problem is the vast majority of people who play games think any achievement system is stupid and for losers. And even of the minority who do care about such things, the amount of people that actually care about YOUR profile and earnings is waaaaaaay smaller. I know I don't care about your profile, or your standing on leaderboards. I just wish I could stop the leaderboard on my card from turning red since it's ugly. How many times must we have this useless conversation? Oh no, now my picture I unlocked is worthless. Oh the horror, how will I validate my gamer cred now? I don't know, maybe just earn the trophies because you like to do it? Feel the accomplishment for yourself. I don't know. But nah, let's endlessly talk about Ratalaika until we all die. I'm sure making them up to be some powerful demonic entity capable of toppling the magical trophy system that once brought peace and property to the world is a great use of time. It's not going to just give them and their games more exposure and greater sales. It'll totally make them fall away into obscurity. Afterall, if it's one thing leaderboard chasers care about it's the quality of their platinums in the eyes of randos on forums. I really don't understand why anybody gives a shit about this. Just don't buy the games if you don't like them or don't earn the trophies if you think the platinums are lame. You have your own account and profile for a reason. How would Rando 423243323 having Barbie's Dream House platinum affect somebody else having a Super Meat Boy platinum? Maybe stop thinking of all platinums as the same. Because they never have been. Anybody that follows trophies already knows which games are piss easy, and if we didn't it's easy to know based on rarity [more or less]. So just disregard those if you want when viewing someone else's profile, if you even bother to look at them.
  12. Hannah Montana says hello. And they've never had "value". Not real value. They're digital images for doing a task in a video game. Sometimes that task is as easy as starting a game. The value they hold is determined by the people who earn them and look at them. If you don't think they have value anymore that's you. It's not hard to look at a profile and see what their platinums are from. People are so lazy. You seem to care so much about other people's profiles but do you even look at any? I barely go to anyone else's profile, I care about mine. Not yours. You could have a profile of entirely Rata games and I wouldn't care or be affected by it. My profile's worth doesn't change based on yours. Someone can think my profile is just easy games and I don't care. I'd probably agree since most are easier games but I play what I have an interest in and my one platinum regret wasn't the one Rata game, it was that shit garbage Energy Invasion. How do you mess up brick attack, I'm still mad about it. And it fuels me to never just buy a game thinking, "well you can't mess up this simple game type..."
  13. I know, that's why I said it's easiest to cheat there. Did you read what I said? And those steam spam games sell mostly to people who want the extra spam. Almost like some people do like them there. Which was my point, so thank you for adding to it I guess. I accidentally bought one and it annoyed the crap out of me. It's one of the negative things I put in my review of the game. Since I rarely check the achievements before I get a game on PC, since I don't care as much there. But I'll still do them if they seem doable or fun. Not going to go out of my way as much as I do for trophies but it's a neat extra still. It pops up in the bottom right for me. And the new library highlights them a lot more with the play summaries as well as 10% and lower rarity having a gold shimmer around them. Plus profile showcases related to them. YOU not caring and the entirety of Steam not caring are not the same thing. edit; also, looking at the reviews of Rata games on Steam most are way less than 30. With the highest being a free to play game with 50 reviews. A decent amount had 30, but there are also ones in single digits without the average available since that needs 10 at least. InkSplosion only has 3 and it's been out since 2018. So the claim that their games are probably getting more attention on PC seems silly to me based on that.
  14. Yeah they do, even though it's easiest to cheat there. People are usually in a forum of any decent looking game without achievements asking for those and trading cards. And any game with broken achievements has posts in the game forums about them, as well as tons of games having guides for them. All within Steam itself. Don't even have to leave to look at any of it. People who care are probably about the same amount who care about PlayStation trophies or Xbox achievements. A small subsection of gamers, but they are certainly there.