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  1. It’s a switch exclusive as much as my dick is 24 inches long. it’ll come to PC and probably PS5 (maybe even still PS4) eventually. NIS always pulls this crap. I think that’s one of the reasons they have financial problems. The first version of Disgaea is always made worse by some enchnaced version released later that includes all dlc and new content. Japanese devs need to stop with this crap. Idea Factory did it all the time too With “Vita exclusives” that came to PC 6 months later. i get if you’re small enough that you don’t have the capacity to support multiple skus at once, but stop selling things as fake “exclusives”. But NISA got Ys because they could port to multiple skus for Falcom, so I don’t see why they can’t do their own games. and if the game is really already coming to PS4 in Japan, lol. Nintendo of America is touting the “exclusivity”. I’m just growing very tired of all these fake exclusives.
  2. Got a PS5 preordered at amazon ca. Not my ideal choice, rather do it in a store, but at least I’ll get one. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      At least you got it.

  3. Awful decision to pretend they're PS5 exclusives. Makes them look bad.
  4. Well it was a marketing beta so you should. Nothing about the game changed. Where’d I say you can’t enjoy it? I said it’s trash, which it is. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Bulletwitch is a shit game, but I love it unironically. I’m not going to pretend it’s amazing just because I enjoy it. When you say casual fans all I think of is people with no standards who buy things based entirely off brand recognition alone. It’s not based off “my mind”. It’s based on the capabilities of Crystal Dynamics and comparatively how Spider-Man turned out as a similar “AAA” project. if this were just some tie in to a movie, it’d make sense being how it is. But it’s not. It was supposed to be a AAA game and it’s shit. Clunky combat, slow movement, awful writing and terrible Main character, performance issues, riddled with ways to milk you for more money, superfluous loot, sponge enemies, brain dead AI, I could go on but you love this trash so enjoy.
  5. yeah, it’s not like there was a FREE open public beta to play the crap game. Anyone that bought it after that is somebody already biased in favour of it given how mediocre it plays. Not to mention the trash mission structure and horrible writing that contradicts itself within seconds. You’d have to already be jerking it off in your mind to go, “that’s worth $60 and ignoring the games as a service and per character season passes”.
  6. Well you shouldn't have. They made FFXV after all, which they never even finished. And that was going to charge you the entire time. This is funny to me. Destiny was the last time I invest in any Service Game. Yet people bought 2 and were shocked at how shit it was and how little content it had, even though it was literally the same shit with the first game. I'll play a free service game, if it's at least fun but I ain't spending money on that shit. Some people will just never learn it seems. Beta wasn't even fun so idk why people would even buy it.
  7. Given most "Betas" are just bullshit demos that are so close to release that there's no dramatic differences that could be made in that time beyond server stability, it's perfectly reasonable to judge a game off it's promotional demo disguised as a beta. The first guy to talk positively of the game couldn't help himself from pointing out a flaw that was present in the beta already and thus is still there. A flaw that I saw multiple people complain about in the "beta". Yet it's not addressed. Shocker. Stunning. A feather could knock me over, I'm feeling so faint at this unexpected turn of events. Imagine Russian Roulette in reverse. Instead of one bullet, you have just one missing. Would you say the gun is safe to point at your temple because the small chance you won't die? I wouldn't. Exceptions prove the rule. Most "betas" are marketing tools and not actually to listen to feedback. There's a lot to infer that this game is a cash grab as it is. The way in which the beta itself was handled should be a tip off to you, but apparently not. Which is why it keeps happening, I suppose.
  8. Square Enix, who takes months to fix audio issues in games like one of the FF games on PS4, forget which. I think either X/X-2 or XII. Yeah, you'll be waiting months for this too. They clearly didn't do any playtesting if the game doesn't function properly like any modern online game. And I can't see them drastically altering how the online works through a patch, I think if they were going to improve that they would have done that when building the online. This isn't an early access release, it's supposedly a final product. I don't care what somebody tries to rationalize it as, the way it works is absurd and doesn't have a place in current year game design. Especially from somebody who isn't just 2 dudes in a basement making their first game and for some reason decided to have online in it. At least that would make some sense for it not working how you'd expect. Though maybe that's who did the remaster since SE clearly didn't care about it. If you can't make concessions for quality of life gameplay features, then I don't even know why you play video games at all. You'll never have a game free of various concessions made in order to build a game around it. Uncharted, it doesn't make sense you slaughter thousands and have zero comment on it and it impacts the story not at all. But you make that concession because the game has to have compelling gameplay inbetween the cutscenes and set pieces, and it works as a full package in spite of that. Even action adventure films like Indiana Jones did this stuff. You have to suspend some level of disbelief, and for games that means overlooking silly things like an RPG's urgency 99% of the time meaning nothing. "Oh no, we must stop Evil McEvil from blowing up the Wizard Academy, urgently! The bomb will explode in 30 minutes!" *spends 400 hours playing a card game before getting back to the story* Gameplay comes first, story concessions always have to be made in order to build gameplay around them. Especially online experiences, Halo comes to mind. Why are there more Spartans in co-op campaigns? Because it's a game first and foremost. There's no reason for this limitation other than SE not feeling like putting effort into this release. It's a shame, Crystal Chronicles was a unique game that they never got right after the first release. People have been waiting for years for a proper CC game with online co-op again and it looks like we will still have to keep waiting because even them just remastering the original couldn't get us what we want. So a new game that is actually good like the original (haven't played the Wii game) and with online coop that doesn't work like crap is definitely never happening.
  9. They are once you figure out how to spam it. It’s been ages, but I remember that I just ran around spamming a move and never engaged much directly. I was always moving and very high up on the levels. Sorry I can’t be more specific, haven’t played in years.
  10. Played it on Steam and man I'm glad it was in a Humble Bundle and I didn't get it on sale, would've felt ripped off. It's terrible. One of the worst TPS I've ever played, it feels like you're shooting air at enemies. The sound design leaves much to be desired and the impact of your shots is not noticeable besides looking at the ugly health bar of enemies on the screen slowly fall. And even on easy you can be shredded by the bad encounter designs because it'll just spawn like 8 drones instantly in front of you because why not. On PC it had horrible optimization and framerate and tons of glitches and you get stuck on everything around you. What a trash game.
  11. Dick riding is fun, try it and maybe the stick up your bum would find its way out. I could respond to a few of these points (the ones I bothered to read up to at least)l but why bother. You just want to shit on people who like the game, not talk about it. edit: always find it fun when “honest” just translates to “an opinion I agree with”.
  12. Oh cool, thanks. Will pass on PS4 version of the dlc then. Glad I don't have to play a third time, don't mind playing a second time but three so close together is pushing it.
  13. The free game has like 3 or 4 levels. Part of the $5 goes to charity too. I played it on Steam and happily paid for the DLC. $10 [more around $12/13 CAD] for the entire package is worth it to me. The nerve of developers not giving entire games for free and dlc for free for nothing in return. That's a great business model! And I'll pick it all up again on PS4, though maybe not the Dino one as there's no trophies currently. They did add some to PC though, so maybe they'll add them to PS4 eventually as well. Had to replay the level to get the achievements despite doing the dlc without them. Don't want to have to do that again unless there's trophies for sure. Look forward to more crying about it if they do.
  14. I mean they had tons of server problems so people couldn't play, and their online sucks so you get latency issues where you can "win" on your screen but actually you lost because you were behind. Really common on the tail minigames. So saying it "works", I guess, but it's hardly without it's own problems. But it is more understandable given the scope of each match and how many players and them being indie vs Square Enix who should know what they're doing but half the time seem like they let the janitor have a crack at programming.
  15. Wait, how could they fuck it up that badly in current year. lol... oh my god. They really don't want people to have a good time with this game in multiplayer it seems.