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  1. #197 ~ Along Together
    (keep wanting to type Alone Together for some reason)


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      Nice work!

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      Congratz! 🎂 There’s no stopping you xD

  2. Platinum #197 Along Together Imaginary Friend Earn all other trophies in Along Together. lol that plat icon. Didn't think it would be so quick and easy to plat, but hey one closer to being able to play Ni no Kuni again. It was okay. It was a bit unresponsive at times for the 'hand' (which represents your DS4), if you were on a moveable icon at the wrong time you wouldn't be able to grab it, you'd have to remove your hand then do it again for some reason. Never got the hang of it. I didn't really feel much of a connection between the imaginary friend I was apparently playing and the character you can choose to play (between a boy and girl, girl was cuter so picked her but... her voice was annoying, wonder what the boy sounded like lol). You can high five, but there's no reflection in the water of what you look and there's no indication that you are anything other than a floating hand. And the main character rarely acknowledges you, they're focused on getting their dog back. Which is relatable, but kind of makes for a weird dynamic between the entity you're meant to be and the character. So ultimately it just felt like playing a generic puzzle game. Which is a bit unfortunate. It could've been executed better to make the VR more impactful. As it is, it doesn't feel much like a VR game. A bit more would've gone a long way. The only other thing is them pointing to things, but it's not nearly enough to me. Especially coming off platting Ghost Giant and Moss (and with Astro Bot still beloved in my mind) And quite frankly, I wasn't impressed much with the VR itself. The graphics are really simple and the art is fine, but it's just kind of bland in terms of VR. And the camera moves in such an odd way. It's like Astro Bot, if Astro Bot's camera also moved left right and diagonally constantly. It made me queasy at first, especially when it moved left to right rather than just turn you so the camera continued to move forward. A forward moving camera is far more comfortable. Honestly, they could've just pulled the camera back and let you see the entire level without having the camera move in most of the levels. Or at least did it that way and ensured that it only had to move forward like Astro Bot. And it was slow to move when you had to go backwards like if you notice a collectable you missed behind you or something. Don't mean to be so down on the game, but I see more potential in it than was accomplished. But I bought the devs other game just to support their VR efforts. The puzzles were pretty interesting though, and it doesn't really spoon feed you on what to do. Introduces new mechanics throughout, at most your little kid partner will point toward what a switch did so you can figure it out easier. Sometimes it's hard to notice since the camera is so closed in. It took me a few minutes of "hmm, what to do..." moments on a couple of them, but none of them were so obtuse that I couldn't figure them out on my own eventually. I always like that in a puzzle game personally. All the trophies were straight forward and easy. The only one people may struggle with is the flappy bird-esque minigame on the handheld [no idea what that genre would be called, I know there were tons of flash games; even facebook ones like that way before that game but I know people know what that game is]. But, unlike something like Flappy Goat on Goat Simulator it's actually programmed well. The hitboxes are done beautifully, the amount of room for error is great. And I didn't really have much of a problem with it. I think I got the 40 points the 3rd or 4th attempt at it. Not counting failing after 20 since the trophy icon popped up and covered half the screen of the minigame lol. The collectables were all easy to find, just keep your eyes on the look out for some sparkles and there it will be. Usually noticeable right on your path, it's just a matter of figuring out the way to get to it. Most super easy, others just take a bit of looking around and thinking. Excluding time I took as a short break (phone call, switching my controllers because my battery was dying) it took less than 2 hours to do everything.
  3. Platinum #196 Ghost Giant Boast Giant Unlock all trophies. Plat icon sucks and is literally the same icon for every trophy... trophy name is cute though. Loved the game. It's a bit more janky than something like Moss or Astro Bot, but accomplished the same feel for me overall. More focused on puzzles involving the uses of 2 PS Moves which is where the wonkiness comes in a bit. Granted a lot of that involves the big ass chair I sit in. An odd thing is when I boot up the game prior to booting my PS VR, it will always get stuck in a "return to play area" problem. Even though I don't move. Closing and reopening the game always fixed it. Both times I opened up the game I had that same problem. *shrug* Luckily you can adjust the height you see things so that kind of makes it easier to deal with. Just wish you could change without exiting to the menu every time and having to start a chapter all over. The story starts off really cute, then gets more emotional and impactful as things go on. It's got some nice pacing, and puzzles start pretty simple and get... I wouldn't say really complex, they're still simple but they get a bit more meaty. If that makes sense. There's just more to do in later chapters. Though some are still a bit short content wise near the middle for story to be put in the main driving seat. Visuals are really good, I love the art direction. Really adds to the desire of a Tearaway VR since this game's world is built with what looks like a bunch of wood pieces compared to Tearaway's paper. *sigh* Unfolded was wasted on flat PS4, oh well. The voice acting is awesome, music is good as well. I don't have a whole lot of criticisms beyond that a lot of objects require pinpoint accuracy to touch. I had to scoot my chair across the floor in order to get it out of the way so I could grab a stupid egg for example that had rolled half way down a hill [if you play it keep an eye out for the chickens and where you pop the egg out or you may hate yourself :P]. But anything indicated that you can interact with it with gold [most big things that tbh wouldn't need that] will give you a good few inches leeway to grab it with a kind of ghostly tether despite not touching it. I just wish it were consistent for all things you interact with. Would've reduced the frustration quite a bit just for that. Otherwise sometimes you'd grab something and the physics would fling it far, far, far away for no apparent reason. Or things could get stuck into the enviornment. Luckily things reset to their initial position the vast majority of the time to avoid that being a huge problem, just gotta be careful when snap turning between the 3 spots you can look. Which really only serves to not strain your neck more than being completely necessary. Otherwise your in one position like your inside a diorama. Finding all the collectables was fun I just missed two bugs and had to look them up and felt pretty silly for missing them both. :/ The rest was easy enough to find on my own. I always appreciate that in a game like this, especially in VR. Only other thing to say is that I wish you had a reflect in water like in Moss. You start the game in a lake so it's kind of a bummer you can't get that similar feeling. My criticism of Moss and how I wanted more moments where you could catch a glimpse of yourself in more reflective surfaces or just more water is 10x here since there isn't one. I just really like that further connection with the world. Astro Bot had it just enough with the cameras and seeing yourself that way that it didn't matter as much, especially since you are constantly moving and your character in that game is actually holding the controller you play with which is a constant reminder. And while this does have your ghost arms, they just fade off halfway up, it would've been cool to see your full body at some point like in Astro Bot and Moss [well, I think you really only see the mask/face in Moss iirc]. But like I said, I loved. It was right up my alley and I hope to see more VR stuff like it in the future. (if anyone knows of some let me know)
  4. lol, it's literally a "rare" though. And it's still ultra rare and under 1% on PSN.
  5. [Ghost Giant] beat the story in one sitting, didn't intend to, but it was really good. Got some clean up to do and another plat down. Shouldn't take too long.

    I want to do it now, but I'm tired... and don't feel like setting up the VR and moves to do it. Tomorrow's another day.

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Would you recommend it for VR users? I'm always looking to add to the collection. 

    2. Elvick_


      @Beyondthegrave07 If you like games like Moss and Astro Bot, then yes. I wouldn't say it's quite as good as those, but I really enjoyed it.

  6. Only a few great deals, on games I have. The rest aren’t too great, and most of the games don’t interest me even if they were cheaper. Big meh from me.
  7. Seems a bit late for that, especially with next gen looming. Unless it will be next gen.
  8. If this sells well, then yes. If this flops then no.
  9. [Sly 4] Cross save isn't popping all the trophies. ;/ I've tried redownloading the save which I've seen as a solution and it doesn't work. *sigh*

  10. Platinum #195 Effie Effie, a fantasy adventure Get all the trophies of Effie. I liked it, but I would have liked it a lot more if it didn't have so many framerate problems. And more problematic was the fact that I would often lose momentum mid-jump and die. Losing a lot of progress. The final boss was stressful worrying about that given how long the battle is. This even happened while walking. It's not my controller as other games are fine. :/ In a game with a lot of platforming, it's annoying. And some jumps require a good length double jump and dash to hit. (including the final boss) so that's really annoyin. Subtitles were often wrong which always amuses me. But beyond that it was pretty fun, well apart from needing a guide for missable relics... had to replay the start of the game, redo the open world section which takes forever and had to do the first real level again. I hate that, it made playing less fun because I was baby sitting a guide. I wish they just let you go back to the areas after beating the game. What's the point of collectables if they're missable? I don't feel like replaying the whole game just to do 100%. I mean, imagine if Spyro worked that way... and instead of more open areas that you can backtrack you get doors closing behind you so if you missed something in the previous section too bad sucker. That'd be lame. Spyro and games like it structure collectables properly. It was a lot more fun when I was able to just play through without worrying about it. That's partly self inflicted for caring about trophies so much, but still. Combat is a bit wonky, given the amount of enemies sometimes. But after you have the AoE shield move you pretty much kill everything instantly. Other than a few things. I wish the animation was a bit better, it's stiff. And in a platformer animation is a really important thing to making your game feel good. You can trick the eye with animations, both positively and negatively. End credits song was nice. Graphics for environments is nice, but I'd rather it be uglier and not have framerate problems. Character model is fine for gameplay, but the cutscenes show how limited it is. But it's an indie game so not that big of a deal. The only other qualm I have is the open world part, it's just so huge that exploring naturally is not fun. I missed 4 relics playing normally and I couldn't find where they would be for the life of me without the guide since there's just so much empty space with nothing going on and it's hard to navigate it all without just missing huge portions. Short of driving straight lines up and down until you see it all or something. Could've been better, but I still had fun.
  11. The same applies to all the Disney Infinity games since they all had goofy online trophies. Shame as the games are fun. edit; aside from the Vita version of 2.0 which had no online.
  12. Some of those are on PS Now if you don't mind using that [and if it's in your country..]. I played Brave, G-Force, Ben 10 Omniverse games which is delisted now since the publisher lost the rights, now it's with Outright Games who have made one game Ben 10 which I also played and platted on PS Now, and who are publishing Scrat [and the Dragons game someone else mentioned]. Disney Universe is on there [didn't plat it there though, I have it]. Cars games are on there other than the third one. Toy Story Mania, Phineas And Ferb as well.
  13. [Effie] Didn't intend to, but was listening to a podcast so managed to power through the first 3 levels again. The open world part is really annoying. And I've got my save uploaded on the 4th world just in case, and I'll be more careful so I don't have to do anything again. I like the game somewhat though, just hate when games have missable trophies. Why can't I go back into an area? I don't get it. Even after you 'clear' it it's not like it explodes or there's some plot reason you can't go back. You just can't because they close the door on you.

    I like collectables to be a fun time to get. Like Spyro, Astro Bot, Concrete Genie, whatever. You explore to find them and you can't miss them since you can return to where they are.