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  1. Oh please it was trash as soon as they added this shitty PS4 beta store to the PS3. It's never functioned properly and has been a turd, and that was during the PS3 before PS4 came out. Vita's store is the same thing. PS4's store is the same thing but at least you can still use the now shittier webstore to avoid that turd store. PS5's store sucks too. Sony's UI designers are terrible and they don't give a rats ass about the user experience and fixing shit that doesn't work even during the generation. Sure it's not surprising they won't fix it NOW, but people should stop forgetting that they didn't fix it THEN either.
  2. Two other things I thought of... ICO. ICO did not do that great when it came out. Team ICO was still allowed to make a follow up release, granted not a sequel but it's still in the same wheelhouse. Shadow of the Colossus came out and was well received and also didn't sell that tremendously well, but it did well enough that it increased interest in ICO to the point that Sony printed more copies of it to sell. This shows how you can BUILD upon your success. And over time word of mouth propelled both games much higher than they had originally reached on PS2. Apparently Sony has forgotten it's own history. Odd given they were on PS2, PS3 and Shadow was remade for PS4. The other thing is... Sony is going full on with increasing the price of games by $10. As are many other publishers. I'm not buying Ratchet and Clank for $100 with tax in Canada. Sorry, I love that series so much but I can't justify that cost. The $90 was already absurd and hard to balance. People have limited funds. The more you charge for each game the more you have to compete against other games coming out. Including the third party games. I always wanted a third person game from Housemarque, but I'm not paying that price. So they lost me on that too. Even if I was willing to pay that price, I'd have to limit what else I buy just to get one game in place of it. I've gotten an entire series on PC for cheaper than one new game. Fallout, Elder Scrolls... Far Cry I believe still came out cheaper. No thank you on paying $100 for one game. No matter what it is. And for games that Sony are making... they're a lot like many third party games now. And it seems like that's ALL they want to make... this is going to create so many more "Days Gones" that just get swept away and don't get bought day 1 because they failed to draw in the interest. "I could buy *new open world Sony action game*, or I could buy Assassin's Creed 42343..." You can't always have a winning idea, or a popular existing franchise to fall back on like Spider-Man. And when you're doing the third person action or open world games that's most AAA games too. So you really have to have that unique hook or people are just going to fall back on the familiar 3rd party game instead. And by the time your game is even on sale the next big 3rd party game is coming out too. Are they just going to make tons of spinoffs of their tried and true stuff now? Are we just going to get another Uncharted spinoff every other year until they run it into the ground because they can't be bothered to risk anything? Are they already working on remaking The Last of Us Part 2 in addition to the original game's remake? Are they going to remake God of War PS4? Spin off from God of War so they can make multiple games at once from it? I can't imagine what they're thinking. I'd love to think they'd crash and burn spectacularly, but they won't. That would be useful to get positive change and that's yet to happen to a degree that changed Nintendo around fully to what I know they're capable of. Though at least they still experiment, while PS seems like it's going to become boring as shit as a publisher.
  3. Please provide evidence of this. Also this goes far beyond just this game. It's concerning that Sony is placing such importance on metacritic which is utter fucking garbage, and early sales in what they deem worth continuing. PlayStation used to provide a lot of experimental smaller games that might not sell well, but would add value to their hardware. Something Astro's Playroom pretends that PlayStation respects and loves, but in practice apparently they don't give a rats ass about what made PS great to begin with. And a lot of those games were failed by their own marketing, or lack thereof. Just having a lower price wasn't going to get people to be aware of the gem that is Puppeteer. They just let it go out there and die. Only caring about their mainstream story based cinematic shooters. Even God of War moved more toward that with it's camera placement and gameplay shift. I mean sure it works, but it's also boring after awhile. Which is where Days Gone partly suffered. It had nothing to make it stand out compared to the other same games that Sony is pushing out. Why would people want that game over The Last of Us Part 2? They were literally announced in the same year. lol, Sony didn't even let Days Gone have a chance. Not that it having a seemingly bland protagonist and no great "hook" beyond "look at the number of enemies~" and "my bike" which is kind of tired given that almost every damn game is open world. Combine that with the multiple delays of the game, the troubled launch technically, not so great reviews [some of which lamented the main character for being a white straight male; which is one of many reasons why metacritic and reviews are useless]. Sony's going to struggle if all they want to put out are the same types of games. They're going to continue to cannibalize themselves and make their own games look lame in comparison. Days Gone also had to go against games like God of War, Spider-Man PS4... why would anybody get hyped up for Days Gone when you have those other games to look at and look forward to? Games that Sony is promoted better, in part because those games had good hooks to actually draw people's interest to while Days Gone... did not. Horizon - Giant Robot Dinosaurs, Female Protagonist with Red Hair [plus the rumors for years that it existed] God of War - Soft Reboot/Continuation of popular and successful series that was getting stale, new gameplay mechanics, different way of story telling, Norse Mythology Spider-Man - Spider-Man and Marvel, you need nothing else. But it also had Insomniac Games behind it to give confidence that it wouldn't be just like all the licensed stuff before it. I could go on, but you get my point. Where is Days Gone's hook? It's certainly not Bend Studios. I like them, but Sony let them fall to the wayside by not greenlighting any of their console pitches and regulating them to handhelds. And with Vita in particular, they didn't even give a single. fuck. at all. to stick with it. They just let it die and all the games with it. Is it the main character? because... that sure ain't it. Is it side characters? Nope. Is it the zombies? By the time that Days Gone hit we had an over abundance of zombie games and media. So that ain't it. Open world? Like every other AAA game that's made? pfft.
  4. Not when the game is said by the people who did buy it to be a technical mess. Which from what I've seen on this game... it was. So either release it polished or stfu about people waiting for it to be fixed, which by that time is likely to have had sales on it. It's not our job to keep you in business. This isn't a charity. If it was then I'd put my money into games like Gravity Rush. Which I did buy day 1. Which I bought the remaster day 1. And 2 day one. And talked about it tons online to promote it. Days Gone looked ehhhhhh so I cancelled my preorder and I don't regret that at all, despite that preorder dropping the price a good $20. Also as a person who started the game and thinks it's boring as hell, but was told by those who played into the game and beat it and enjoyed it that it actually gets better.... make the start of your game good too otherwise people will play an hour or two and say it's boring then people will be put off by that aspect as well. If you can't hook people early then you failed at game design. Even if the game gets better the early part is crucial to ensure people don't go return the game and play something else, and then go online to talk about how it was lame and boring. People shouldn't have to wade through boredom to get to when the "game gets good". Those are exactly the type of games that in my opinion you should buy on sale.
  5. Means nothing at all to me short of an actual consistent message change that they care about their legacy. Performative b/s like Astro's Playroom that they clearly don't mean as shown by being willing to just eradicate all PSP, PS Minis, PSone Classics, PS2 Classics and PS3 games available digitally is evidence of that lack of interest. And Jim Ryan's own foolishness at steering the ship. Show me you actually care by doing something. Bring back sales for these games. Bring back the games on the webstore, even with that terrible fucking awful UI it has it would at least be something. Hell, go out of your way to finally fucking patch the PS3 fucking store to not be a crashing piece of shit. Revert it back to the old design that actually worked. Fix the PS Vita's store and constant errors and fix the games not appearing on it. Fix the PS TV's store too. Fix it all. Then I'll think you give a shit and aren't just doing a temporary save face that you'll go back on as soon as you think it's safe to do so. My patience for PlayStation evaporated.
  6. Hmm... he's so bad that it got me to focus more on PC. Great job, Ryan.
  7. People have the silliest takes ever. First nobody "batted an eye" about it, now it's "Okay but why would you keep complaining about a thing you don't like when it happens on a large scale erasing three platforms of digital games from existence?" Gee, I wonder. Maybe.. just maybe, it's because people don't like it? Which is why people have complained about digital/delisting for years... and why they continue to do so. Why do people struggle so hard when people act consistently? You're finding a way to complain that people who don't like delisting are still not liking it when it happens on a grand scale... as if that's somehow interesting. You want to talk about people and being "so surprised" by the obvious, look in the damn mirror. A few of the PSone games are expensive to buy used/physically now. And that's not even factoring in that some of those will end up looking like they were scraped along gravel and put in a wood chipper and sold as "fair" and "like new" condition.
  8. lol, people have complained about delisting for many many years idk where you’ve been.
  9. Maybe because Sony stopped having sales for the platforms. And clearly didn’t communicate or care about addressing lack of price drops on old games on said platforms. They’re all things Sony can address by talking with their content partners instead of just shrug and focus on PS4 and now 5. my 200th plat was on PS3. Last time I played PS3 was April of last year a TMNT game. And wrapped up LBP Vita before the end of last year (at least plat wise). I’d play a hell of a lot more PS3 games if PS5 could play the damn things through b/c. and really free online when most games have been shut down? Lol. I still get free online on PC.
  10. Lol, not if you don’t want to pay full price for a lot of them with shifty publishers and the complete lack of motivation on Sony’s part to fix it or continue sales promotions for that content. I could buy entire series on Steam over decades of running for cheaper than some of the shit I was waiting for a sale on, but Sony already got rid of our wish lists on the webstore and ability to buy them there so into the ether they went never to be seen again. And soon they will simply cease existing all together.
  11. Not really, people want to pay them for older games and they say...... “nah”. it’s just shortsighted buffoonery. This sends a message to all, “We don’t care about our ecosystem. Do not invest in our ecosystem. We will fuck you in the ass if you invest in PlayStation.” No thank you. It’s like when they made PS Now only work on two fucking things, a PS4 or PC (which they don’t update much). Streaming only works when it’s easily accessible dumb dumbs. That’s why when people talk about game streaming nobody mentions Ps Now. Nobody factors it into the conversation despite being the first push of it. Just farting along.
  12. It’s a nightmare on Vita in particular since it takes awhile to load and you have to start over each time you download something. it also displays everything even things you can’t use on Vita... at least with the web store you could get a slightly less tedious way to go through the trash heap that is the download list. I guess rather than fix it they just make it so we don’t want to use it at all. all the web store being fucked did was make me spend significantly less on PS Store and significantly more on PC (Steam). you want me to invest more into your service you don’t even support? Pass. Other than exclusives (which are shrinking up, and I’m not paying $10 more for any), I don’t even really care anymore. I’ll buy multiplats on PC instead. I like trophies still, but I can’t be bothered to support Sony’s horse shit. Game preservation is important to me and I like places like Steam and GOG which carry games from even as far back as the 90s.
  13. So you think Sony is going to support the native stores forever? they already forgot they shut down the PSP’s store in the emails they sent out about ditching these platforms for the new trash heap that is the web store, telling people you can still access the content via the native stores. PSP included in the list in spite of it having been shut down already. whether it’s this specific rumour or not, these stores are not long for this world. It’s happening, just a matter of when.
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s going to happen eventually, sooner than later. The web store dropping these games and systems is proof they give zero fucks about people who invest in the PlayStation platform and especially the Network. Whether or not this rumour is true, it’s going to happen and it’s stupid. Webstore would let them keep them up for as long as the licenses exist, but fuck you I guess. Digital is the future!
  15. So cool they did it. I wish it were more common. Now I’m glad I bought it again on Steam, even though I got the achievement before closure and news they’d update it. Good behaviour deserves rewarding.