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  1. People with different opinions as me have low standards! Make sure you don't get dizzy from the thin air up on that high horse of yours. Don't like something don’t play it.
  2. Well then that sounds like a you problem. Just because all you think about is masturbating to naked women when you see a fanservice game, doesn't mean that's what the rest of us are doing with it. Fanservice is silly fun. I'm a gay man, I enjoy the fanservice in Senran Kagura. And I sure don't care to look at naked women, but the extreme fanservice is amusing. And on the same point, you can see people be murdered in movies. Why do games have to show it? Think of the children!
  3. They didn’t “just about” catch up, they did. As far as i know the PS3 eventually outsold 360 too. I hope they learn from their blunders this gen, but I doubt it. Talking 8k when 4K isn’t even standard yet for games. Don’t know the adoption rate of the TVs either. But 8k is such a stupid thing to be talking about at all at this point. This gen didn’t even have every game at 1080p, but sure. 8k is realistic.
  4. It specifically stated PS4. Better than nothing I suppose. @ topic - I am reminded of a person on another forum who argued with me that the next PlayStation wouldn't have physical media. Oh you!
  5. I like it. I wish it wasn't always online, then I'd keep investing time in it. It's not perfect, the combat is pretty lame since the basic attacks are automatic no matter what and after awhile you can just set it to auto for everything and sit there. You can literally just have the game move you to quest locations too. But in terms of graphics, I really like it. There's a surprising amount of cutscenes for a free game. It's in English despite only being out in Japan, which is neat. Even the ingame chat has an internal translator which is neat too. I never did get to tame that damn cat... but I hit the current cap so can't do anything else for them until the caravan levels up to I think 5 where you can buy the size increase. I might play more, but with it eventually being shut down I don't know how much more time I will invest in it. I spent an extra hour in the game after getting the last trophy as it is. The UI is a bit cumbersome.
  6. I guess you don’t like replaying games lol. I love NG+ and want it in everything so when I replay I don’t have to just start a new game. I like having access to my abilities and weapons earlier. Replaying PvZ on PC his is probably the 6 or 7th time I’ve played through the main campaign. And it has what would amount to NG+ so you can go through the campaign again with different, better, plants. I would rather it be in the game from the start just so it’s on the disc. Don’t really care if there’s a trophy for it tbh
  7. they play fast and loose with terminology for themes. The actual product name is dynamic theme. lol I don't think the store team pay much attention to themes.
  8. From my understanding the open world game was built using a lot of reused assets from Amy's game.
  9. November 15th, but no gameplay. Come on. edit; "We're trying hard to hit that date"... mmm....hmm.... Even in the best case scenario where this is single player with no strings, why the fuck was Amy Hennig's game cancelled then? Or that open world game? And why wasn't 1313 just taken over by EA? The EA deal was the biggest mistake Disney has made in terms of getting games to fans. They all could've sucked ass, but at least we would've gotten more than two games in all this time. And there wouldn't be a strangle hold on the IP from EA. I'll be forever bitter about Amy Hennig's game.
  10. Watching the stream I struggle to maintain any excitement at all, because it's EA. It's so annoying. And the fact they didn't put actual gameplay in the reveal, which in general would be fine but the game is supposedly coming out this year (I doubt it will). I know Respawn claim they get a lot of control over what they do, but I can't just trust that. Even if Titanfall 2 was amazing.
  11. It should just require you to delete the game and reinstall it.
  12. [Onimusha] ugh, missed a magic thing. Thanks a lot soldiers. You’re useless! 

  13. Pretty sure it was Ralph as well. Good grief, didn't click that it's been over 2 years since I did that... doesn't feel like it was that long ago. Time sure flies.
  14. I initially played this in 2009 (delisted game </3) and never intended to get 100% as Survival Mode was not something I wanted to try. But I went back in 2017 since I wanted to increase my completion and was looking at what I could try and I knew I could do at least a few more things in the game. But I went for 100% by the end. Survival mode was really stressful, but I got it first try. I nearly choked on the final boss and I would have been crushed. But thankfully I got it. It was very rewarding as well. 7 years, 4 months, 4 weeks, but I did it! I didn't like it as much as Hyperstone Heist (which I know isn't Turtles in Time, but they're similar in a lot of ways). It was a bit wonky, and I know a lot of people were disappointed by it but I still found it fun despite it's issues. And since I read the actual first post too. I think I'd go with Uncharted 1 & 2 Remaster. Brutal was a fucking pain in the ass beyond words, what a shit difficulty. Blue Point, you're the best at remasters and remakes... but that shit was bad. And you should feel bad. I never thought I'd even try it, or the speedruns since I hate speedruns... but I did it. For two of them... and I still have to do Uncharted 3. :'D Speedrunning through Uncharted is not fun, imo it completely ruins the fun of it. Not nearly as much as Brutal though. I think LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2 as well, some of those level packs were annoying at times from what I remember. And the first game just in general was quite the challenge in comparison to 2. And it took me ages to finally get them to 100% and I love LBP so getting them done to show my love of the games was a proud moment.
  15. Your comment makes no sense to me. 2 Million sales is great. Their streaming data is also a positive. And while I don't like it, companies care about about metacritic ratings so that is also a positive to be rated that way. They aren't overselling anything, so what isn't "as nice as they made it sound"? They literally just told us what it was. It does bring something special and unique to Activison's portfolio. And it was quite an impressive launch in terms of online interaction about it, unless you missed all the people talking about it [especially over the difficulty stuff]. Which is all just free advertising for the game. Which again is positive, and not untrue in the report. I don't get it at all. This even gave us hard numbers and not some b/s equation for a dishonest comparison like a certain other game recently on a certain store.