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  1. They published it, not 2K (hence Rockstar logo on the box fyi), thus approved of the final build that went gold, and shipped it out and took people’s money for it. “Rockstar didn’t do anything wrong gaiz, they’re oppressed by a no name developer!” Note the publisher here as well 🤔 https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1004-PPSA05804_00-GTATRILOGYBUNDLE
  2. Oh no, the horror. An inquiry. Nobody suffers like billion dollar corporations needing to put up with such toxicity! who fucking cares lmao, good god people are soft. A simple question justifies being a contrarian? Yeah okay.
  3. EDF is fun. Probably won’t ever plat one of these damn games though. Playing World Brothers on PC and that seems the easiest to do, or maybe Insect Armageddon. Just beating 2025 was a nightmare, that last level took two tries but it took me forever. And there’s one level with like 5/6 dropships and just so many enemies it was hard to do at all. Took probably over 10 tries. And that’s on normal. 🤪 But the final level was just tedious as hell. 

    probably shouldn’t do the wing diver, or whatever equivalent, my first go given how squishy they are. But I find them to be the most fun. 

    I should track down physical copies of IA and 2025 so I don’t have to worry about them leaving the PS Plus… Collection? Is that what the streaming library is considered now? Whatever… assuming both even had physical copies in NA. 

    1. AJ_Radio


      Earth Defense Force? You have to be a bit crazy to get a platinum in that series. 

      Way too long, way too tedious. The difficulty for some of those games are no joke either.

    2. Elvick_


      Difficulty is pretty crazy in some levels just on normal. In theory you could be insane and get tons of armor, idk what the cap is for it. But at least for 2025 it's really slow to get armor on the Wing Diver. (and I just realized 4.1 is the same game as 2025; oh well~) I don't remember it being so slow in other games. Even in World Brothers it isn't that slow. Seems like it's capped at +5 each mission for WD at least in 2025. 

      Farthest I've invested in any of them is EDF2 on PS Vita. Beat up to hard with Pale Wing in that one. I think I was in the process of doing the next difficulty when I got tired of doing it. The controls in that one are really dated and janky, but it's fun. 


      It's mainly the weapon drops that put me off ever bothering. Even with WB it seems like a pain since they're tied to characters which is RNG, and then the weapons they have is RNG. ;/ 


      I wish they just leveled the weapons up or you got materials to upgrade instead. Always fun to play a higher difficulty, pick up like 10 weapons and they're all shit you already had. What a waste~

    3. AJ_Radio



      I just remember someone saying EDF games on PS Vita can take a couple hundred hours or more. 

      Crazy stuff.

  4. Especially when it’s a game mode that’s tedious af to do so procrastinating on it makes sense. I have a few plats in single player games that took me over 8 years to get around to finishing. These types of trophies are so dumb.
  5. #235 ~ Suicide Guy



  6. Platinum #235 Suicide Guy Platinum TrophyCollect all the trophies Already played this on Steam. Fun fact, the dev got banned from Steam for leaving fake reviews on his games so the games aren't even available anymore there. lol It's a weird game. I love the concept, but I wish there was more freedom in how you can kill yourself each level. Instead it's very linear and limited, which kind of makes it a bit tedious. It'd be more fun in a sandbox design I feel. Doesn't help a few of the levels are just designed to be really tedious and the controls leave much to be desired. And the physics. I had to restart the game because Chapter 11 (Dinosaur Egg one) wouldn't work. The egg you're supposed to heat up in three different sources would almost instantly cool off when I picked it up and it was impossible. Worked first try after I started again. That was annoying. Didn't have that issue on PC. On the other had, I didn't have as much trouble with the terrible level where you have to drive a car off a ramp into a crusher thing. So not all bad. THe level select is very tedious to go through. But I didn't mind going through again for the most part. Especially for a few bucks. It's not a great game or anything, but it's an interesting premise.
  7. #234 ~ Moon Raider



  8. Platinum #234 Moon Raider Moon WalkerUnlock all trophies. It was ok. I'd say a little less than medicore just because sometimes your jumps would like get tripped up on the walls for some reason, and you couldn't shoot out of a double jump which was annoying as hell. The level design is a little lame. The game only really started to utilize the tools you had in the last area, that's when you start to need the dash more often to get around the levels but you get it after the first boss. The upgrade for "more energy" didn't seem to do anything either. The little gem things you're supposed to have 200 of to "save your mom" ended up not mattering, the final boss gives you a magic gem which just fills you up to 200, so if you had zero you'd get all 200. :/ I went out of my way for that stuff for no reason. *pout* Oh well. I got it for a few bucks, and it was a decent side game and the Steam Guide for collectables worked really well. The pixel art is the highlight. It looks really nice. I just wish it had more depth.
  9. Pfft, my last post was 4 measly years. Pathetic. 10 years, 2 months, 1 week Got the urge to do it when I was replaying the game on PS4, and ended up doing both at the same time. I played the game probably 10+ times through each platform and it was a nightmare I got so sick of the game. Do not recommend doing that fyi. lol, but I never thought I'd be able to do it so I'm proud of it.
  10. #233 ~ Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl



  11. Platinum #233 Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl [PS5] Leave Everything to Me! Collect all the trophies. What a turd. I mean, it's not without some fun (with very specific characters). I found Michelangelo, Garfield and Reptar to be fun to play. Though it still feels like a chore to play even them. Something just feels off about the gameplay itself, and not having jump to 'up' is stupid. Not even an option. Only on a button is awkward as hell. Even online people were making the same types of mistakes with directional inputs. I think it's literally just the game at times. I mean in matches without tons of lag of course, which were not a lot at least. Even if it took forever to a) find players b.) find players who wouldn't leave/disconnect immediately when found. Most of the fun was just grinding out the 50 boring online matchmaking. Since I didn't care. lol, I still put up a fight if that's what people seemed to want, didn't want to hand out any perfect wins for free ;p. Only one immediately dropped off the levels which we did together for about 3 matches which took me to 50 coincidentally while I was grinding it out today. I wonder if it did for him as well since he left after that... or he's just a trophy farmer Angel sent by RNGesus to give me a nice ride out of this boring ass game. If this was free to play, or like $20 without DLC, I wouldn't feel the need to be as harsh. But it just comes off as the biggest cash grab ever. It feels more like a knock off game that stole assets from something else and shoved them all together to release on mobile than a legitimate game. The characters don't mesh too well together. It's better than PS All-Stars in that regard at least. But to me the only good looking characters are like those two I've never heard of from some newer show and Catdog. The art of Powdered Toast man looks good but the model looks trash, because of how his face is lit. It's honestly a little creepy. Zim looks okay, but I feel like the animations aren't too great for him or anyone really. Aang and Toph look like garbage. Spongebob looks creep with his eyes ingame. Nobody is worse than Ren and Stimpy though, they look straight out of a PS2 game. I mean, the entire game looks like a remastered PS2 game... but, they just look like they werent' even remastered. The roster is bizarre. No actual Rugrats. I would imagine they didn't want to beat up babies or too young of children (no idea how old Helga and them are 10ish?, I know Aang is that age and Toph is around the same iirc). That's the only reason I could think they didn't choose Donnie for Wild Thornberries who is the one I'd think has the most logical reason to be in a fighting game given he grew up wild and has fought many wild animals in the series. (and poachers) I guess they chose Nigel because he's a meme? I don't know, I don't get it. They could've had a girl from her own show but I guess that would make too much sense. Plenty of animal friends she could've used to attack or even call in Donnie or Darwin. But that would require animating a bunch of animals for attacks and that's hard. Two of four Ninja Turtles. I don't get it, and I don't get why they chose non-Nickelodeon versions to use. I mean I do for nostalgia I guess, but they didn't utilize the fact that they all have the same body to make more characters for less money. Sure, you still have to do new animations and moves and balancing, but the model itself is just a color and weapon change. Oh and a letter. Four total TMNT characters and not the turtles... April when she was just a reporter. If they had chosen the CG show they had like... 2013? ish, they could've had it make sense why she fought. And it would make a bit more sense to only have 2 of 4 turtles since they had different [albeit not as different as Rise] designs. Hey Arnold is repped by... Helga. What. I get you probably wanted more girls, but why go this route? I was imagining how if Arnold was in how he could've had his super jump be the pigeon man show up and carry him upward. That would've been neat. Helga just has generic dash jump that is reused between multiple characters. I don't get it. Aaaaaah!! Real Monsters Oblina... girl again I have to assume, because why wouldn't you go with Ickis? He's the most iconic design to me. I don't know. I would've liked all three of the main characters tbh. But they had $5 and some chicken wings to make this I guess. Spongebob gets three, which I guess is inevitable. Whatever it's fine. Avatar I don't get either. I guess we didn't get Katara because Korra. I'd rather have Katara... and Zuko. At least one of each type of bender. I'd like Sokka too, but they were already out of wings by the time they got to Avatar TLA at that point. Running on fumes. Danny Phantom is a good one. Jenny should've been in the main game. She even looks good in the art style of Catdog and two kids from modern show. Which everyone else should look more like... Whatever, roster aside the modes are as barebones as you can get to call it a 'game'. Arcade is boring and tedious to go through. Especially because the stupid text dialog intros. The voice acting didn't help because they all sound like crap other than like Spongebob and Patrick who I guess give it their all in the 2 minutes it took to record for the game and everyone else half assed it. Some are actually the actors too which shocked me I assumed 100% other than Spongebob were just cheap sound alikes... some still are of course, but geez. I digress back to modes. Um... online, which is dead as hell and spotty. Sports which is garbage, there's like 4-5 of them and they're almost identical in every way other than the ball visual and how it acts when you hit or pick it up. Terrible mode. It's so bad it makes me mad that they wasted time on it instead of anything else. And... just free play I guess, which is what it is. What else... lots of stages are just not fun. The game just is not fun. PS All-Stars for all it's faults at least put more effort in, and that still felt budget and cheaply made... but it had far more content than this stupid game. I felt like that Cartoon Network game Battle... something XL (I got the plat but am too lazy to relook up the name lol). felt far more like a completed game and I got that for like $2-3 before it was de-listed on PS3. The only real positive I suppose is if you're looking for some of your favorite characters for some Milestone achievements, here you go. Some nice, if bland, icons of those characters. So that's something I guess. GOt it for PS+ and got it from Humble Monthly on PC and still feel ripped off by it. :/
  12. DS4 too. I have had stick “stutter” (stops movement) compressed air and pushing down and rotating (not easy to do all at once) tends to fix it at least, but I’ve never had such issues before. Got my N64 launch controller and it works fine other than L being sticky (which luckily is rarely used in any game). Plus the thumb stick material falling apart on DS4… one of my DualSense seems to have this same analog issue, need to get a can of compressed air again. At least it’s not my purple controller this time. Even the DS4 “2” (the updated ones with the way to see the lightbar when actually using the damn thing) still had this issue. they don’t make them like they used to. DS2s and DS3s all work fine.
  13. Took a few tries but yeah the guide’s suggestion made it easy. The AI is not smart. lol, every time someone died. I just kept getting too close to the edges so got killed. Until this one. Probably 6-8 times or so
  14. They did a PS VR tech demo with it but that’s the last they’ve mentioned this game even existing. I’d love a remaster and port to PC.
  15. Such a weird outlook. Just earn it legit? I did that with Spider-Man something, I think both Miles and Remaster had it. I got both legit because I wanted to. I don’t care if other people autopopped it. Why do you care? It’s clear when someone auto pops from the time stamps and time. How does it take away from platting a game you allegedly enjoyed getting the plat for? i play the PS5 versions first to get the best experience with the intent to get the plat again later on PS4 if I like it enough. I’d get people being mad if they forced it but from comments it’s an option to import your save so just do it legit again. Don’t get the fuss