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  1. Finally got 5000 points on Jetpack Joyride (PS3). Got up to 490x years ago and rage quit at that point. It's so much easier on Vita... xP my highscore on there was over 6000. That's why I got the PS3 version to do since it wasn't that bad on there. Oh little child... oh well, got it finally now to grind out the coins to buy everything for 100%.

    And still trying to get the last dumb trophy in Jetpack Joyride Deluxe on Vita. I'm on day 4 of 5, hopefully I remember. I usually forget on day 5... never doing Deluxe again just because of this trophy. I wouldn't mind doing the score again on Deluxe, since it's easier with the mech and it seems to run better too. *shrug*

    Other htan that playing Killing Floor 2 just for fun. After getting the last two trophies, I just felt like playing more. And I've been trying all the classes, got all of them to level 10 at least now. Only one I don't like is the melee one. Melee sucks, it's cool to have regen health and stuff but... it's just not very fun. Especially to fight a boss that way. D:

  2. Just from what I've seen of the game being played, I would assume it's when you're close to either the ground or mountains and you have that red line showing up. With the title of the trophy that makes sense too since if you hit the surface you die and thus lose the race. So yeah, that's my guess. Be close to the ground or something for 15 seconds. But I don't know for sure since I don't have the game [yet]
  3. Please actually read what people comment instead of copy/pasting an answer. That's not a good look. Can't help but notice that list is filled with games that aren't "VR Games" in the first place. "Wow, this game got a VR patch, therefore it's a VR game that you can play without VR!" Uh, no. It's a flat game you can play in VR. And literally zero games on the first page have "VR" in the title. The closest is Hyperdimension Neptunia VIIR, and that's just a gimmicky title since it includes a VR mode. Again, a flat game getting VR support after the fact. Not the other way around. This is Borderlands 2 VR. And someone asked if you can play Borderlands 2 VR without VR. No. Of course you can't, and literally none of your answers have made that question any less ridiculous.
  4. Please list the very large amount of VR games with "VR" in the game's title that can be played without VR. People conflating games with PS VR support when they were initially flat games is hilarious. That's not the same situation at all, but I guess it's all you can really do to pad out the "very large percentage" of "VR" games playable without VR. It doesn't support AIM unfortunately.
  5. Nope. Any point he makes that's worth listening to is one that tons of better content creators are already making anyway. So he has nothing to offer me on that level. And I can't stand him, so he's not entertaining either.
  6. Was going to get those Killing Floor 2 trophies, but it doesn’t want to load... :( 

    1. Kittet3


      Had this same issue! My partner redownloaded it and managed to get in and then invited me which let me in.

    2. Elvick_


      Apparently it’s not even done downloading lol, maybe that’s why... but why would they even have it “ready to start” at a point where you couldn’t even do anything but look at a load screen.... I don’t know. We’ll see when that’s done 

  7. [SoulCalibur VI] Libra is so unbalanced and cheap, holy hell.

    1. RedRodriguez87


      lol I figured there would be SOMETHING wrong/cheap with the AI again.


      It seems like the Soul series has favored unfair challenge over legitimate since SC3.

    2. Elvick_


      Increased critical chance and increased critical damage + AI that reads your inputs

      Totally fair... and I'm 20+ levels above that specific AI too! These dumb ancients... almost had him one time and now I can't even beat him once. Not fair they get to start soul charged. :( And my mercenary at level 80 doesn't do squat 99% of the time. Got lucky the first try with them almost killing the Ancient.. but then I failed miserably and back to square one.

      It's going to be fun to do these remaining battles. :/

  8. I'm sorry, but you're objectively wrong about The Kid levels. The sprites of the spikes are not the actual killbox of the spikes. You will struggle because you die from nothing (visually). This is a fact. The spike curves, and that misleads where the hitbox actually is. That is the exact same problem with Flappy Goat. The Kid levels were hard because the tight platforming, difficulty compounded by the shitty hitboxes on the spikes killing you when you don't even touch the spikes. Because those specific levels are poorly designed. It's not a problem in the main game, and I don't remember them in any of the other side levels I did. But it actually is a problem in those shitty levels. Turn this on .25 he doesn't touch the spike, yet dies. Hmm. But no it's fine. It's not like I've done the entire thing and would know at all how it works. Except I did and do. Since I have eyeballs. Or 4:54... no it's fine, you're supposed to die from the air around spikes. It's like invisible poison. Or... orrrrrr, the visuals do not actually represent the actual killbox. As I said. I actually got through the helicopter part first try on FUBAR, but it took me like 10 tries on the previous difficulty. :/ I hate sections like that. Brutal was ridiculous on Uncharted 1 & 2, haven't even touched 3 yet. But, man... the running sections are just awful, and the checkpoints where you die instantly. It's obvious the game wasn't playtested for this mode which is a shame. Bluepoint are usually excellent developers and the other stuff they added was cool. But brutal was just unbalanced. Even Spec Ops The Line knew the helicopter part was b/s that's why they instantly restore your health at certain points while you run through. Doesn't help survive necessarily, but they know if you had to recover health normally you'd definitely die. If I were them that would've been where I would say, "maybe we should just remove this section or make it a cutscene instead". Because when you have to change the way the health works just so people survive it, you've messed things up. And that damn jeep in U1... it took me so long to finally get through that on Brutal. Worst part was the [lack of] checkpoints.
  9. Flappy Goat is objectively shit. Look up the hit boxes, that alone is why it's so shit. If it weren't for the massive hitboxes that extend beyond the actual sprite on screen it would be piss easy. Like if it played like a good game of that kind. I've played endless amounts of games like that, but they had actual hitboxes that were worth a damn. Rather than just random nonsense you can't see [much like the Super Meat Boy levels for The Kid - wouldn't be nearly as bad if not for the shitty hitboxes in those levels]. If you die from something it needs to have a visual representation of what killed you so it's not bullshit. If not, then it's just bad game design. And Flappy Bird is the epitome of bad design. And it's not even a hard type of game to do correctly either. Literally nobody thinks it's "hard", it's just bullshit because the developers are incompetent. Speaking of The Last of Us, that's a game I found hard even on normal so I just resigned to having barely any trophies in that game (still haven't finished the story on PS4...). MP, same thing with Uncharted. I actually dropped the difficulty down iirc in TLoU in that section where you're in a basement with no lights, and water and have to activate a generator. lol Spec Ops: The Line has a few problem areas for sure. But having gotten through Brutal in U1 and U2 Remasters... it's not nearly as bad as that. Granted, I cheated in those with the... well, cheats. 1 hit kills, but it's only fair given that they one hit kill you half the time. 2 hits if you're lucky. But yeah, Spec Ops had it's moments of pure frustration, but I love the game and really wanted to plat it for my 150th milestone. So I had the dedication to do it. And it only took me 5 years and 8 months to find the drive to do it!
  10. It's not that easy on Vita to do that kind of thing since it only supports one profile without a reset. I think there are work arounds, but it's not as easy as it should be. The game has never been on a good sale in NA that I've seen so I wouldn't know about the trophy.
  11. Personally not going to do super hard stuff. I mean, I guess in some ways I'm sticking through with some hard things... Flappy Goat comes to mind for Goat Simulator... what a garbage trophy in an otherwise fine plat. It made me go from "This is a dumb game, but I like it for what it is." (albeit think it's too glitchy, and people are too quick to go 'it's supposed to be bad!' to excuse the criticisms...) but that one trophy/minigame made me loathe the game. And I still have to do the rest of the DLC. If only I played the PS3 version. It would've been done forever. But, I just play what I want. I generally drop a game quick if it frustrates me. Unless I feel otherwise motivated, often through a story. If Super Meat Boy didn't have a story, I probably never would've finished it at all. It was quite frustrating at points, and I didn't even do everything. Don't think I finished the Dark World... It has little to do with trophies specifically, because there are games without them that I still need to get back to and finish because I just got frustrated because I wasn't good enough to get through whatever part I was at, or got confused on how to progress. Trophies add a new layer to that when they have unique unlock requirements. I just try to do what I can. And only find myself pushing if I'm super close to a plat. That's why I never bothered with the competitive MP trophies in Uncharted. Or most online trophies in general. I just find it too stressful to even play, let alone get the requirements needed in most of them. If people read my status updates for SCVI, they know that. Took me over 40 games to get my 5 ranked wins and it was incredibly stressful for me. [thinking back 10 of the plays were casual so didn't count] It's why I don't tend to buy anything with procedurally generated levels anymore, because it's too annoying. I can eventually learn the patterns of actual level design and enemy placement and trial and error my way through, with dedication... but the randomness is just not fun for me at all. Some may love the 'endless' playability, but it's not for me.
  12. [Vita] Men's Room Mayhem, one trophy remains for years... figured I'd try to get 100% after all this time. And while I knocked out 12ish missions toward the last trophy, the last three have been such a pain in the ass. It took me probably 4 hours just to do one of them. Now I have two left, which I can't stack since they're the same. It's for 18 washed hands bonuses in one wave. Then I have to do it again for 20. It feels impossible. It's so infuriating. If the waves weren't random, in terms of which kind of guy you'd get waltzing in then it wouldn't be so tedious. But sometimes you just get fucked over through random chance and I don't know if I have it in me to keep trying. We'll see. I'm so close... and it's a gold trophy so that's at least nice. [PS4] SoulCalibur VI, it's getting on my nerves how the AI is so cheap in the story mode for the player character. But we'll see how things go, I definitely need better weapons. The only 3 slotted one I have is for the evil affiliation. I'm good damn it. Wish you could buy better weapons. The best available to buy in towns all suck.
  13. Oh good someone posted about it, I just find it so ironic that the game has "HD" in the title and the banner looks so low quality.