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  1. "character models are atrocious" clearly you're not thinking objectively as they are no worse than KoF14's character models. Which look like poop. Not as terrible as they did during early development/trailers, but still don't look like a game released in 2016. And where have you been? This was announced ages ago.
  2. [Tiny Brains] This game is really frustrating. Now I see why I just got a few trophies and didn't play it much after beating the main game.

  3. "hacked" a lot of the time = "I signed up for some small forum and I use the same details on that as I do everywhere else and that small site got hacked and someone used the same info on PSN and stole my account... PSN WAS HACKED GAIZ" It doesn't get legitimately hacked that often. Gets DDoS more than hacked, and that too gets called "hacking". Even though it's not.
  4. 100% ~ Bloodstained: Curse of the Night

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. Fidel


      Nice work!

  5. Bloodstained: Curse of the Night [Vita] Awesome game, and I'm not much of a Classic Castlevania person. Not sure if later games in the classic games were more like this or not, but I like this one. Branching paths, multiple endings, upgrades to find, shortcuts, secrets. Fun to be had. Other than the kind of swarm of bugs and running from them the game performed very well on Vita too. There was slowdown in the last level where that happens, but other than that didn't see a problem. Not sure if that same issue is in other versions or not, but it was in this one. Wouldn't mind doing it again on PS4 some time.
  6. Not sure where he is, maybe it's different in different countries? But in Canada, the card is attached to the main thing with some sticky goo stuff after you peel it off from that then it looks like this which is just a peel off sticker to reveal the code. Scratch codes suck. [not my picture just got it off google]
  7. [Bloodstained: CotM] Yay Boss Rush done. Just two more endings to 100%.

  8. I do, I get them as gifts from my fiance. I wish they'd discontinue the current 'model' [for lack of a better word] of how the card is done though because the iTunes cards are way better.
  9. [Bloodstained: CotM] Man Boss Rush is frustrating me. It’s more the first phase of the final boss that gets me in. 

  10. I enjoyed the game. It's not worth it's reputation, it's at worst mediocre and simple. But it was sold as a simple game from the onset so I don't feel you can criticize it for being what they always said it would be. Despite that it offers a challenge if you go head first into the higher difficulties without a crystal Knack to make it easier. Getting the platinum not so much fun since getting diamonds is garbage in this one and is tedious as hell, the best method to do it is to force close the game at every chest until you get a diamond, which means running through the level up to the chest every time until you get what you need. For some reason crystals just keep pouring out even after you unlock the skin for it. And Diamonds can't be obtained through friends. So the only way is RNG. Been awhile, but I think it took me like 3 playthroughs to finally get all the diamonds I needed. (some chests take so long to get to from a checkpoint that it's not worth retrying them) Knack 2 is a better game and one I'd recommend over 1 all day any day.
  11. Oh the irony.
  12. [LEGO Dimensions] Ghostbusters [2016] done, took longer than I would've liked. Hated the movie, but the LEGO version wasn't as terribad. Just two more story packs to do and I'll be at 100% finally.

    1. DrakeHellsing


      Man, I would love to 100% this game myself, but I think some of the packs I need I can't really find as such anymore.  Well that, and I don't recall where I put the portal thing or some of the figures for the game.  They're in my room... somewhere xD

    2. Elvick_


      I asked for some for Christmas from my fiance and he got all the ones I gave as options instead of a few like I expected. Just getting around to them now. I'm glad I got them because some of them are already over the retail prices here when I look ,or impossible to find otherwise. Kinda annoyed at myself for not getting Beast Boy and Raven since it's over $50 here now and I can't find it anywhere. D: I may not like TT Go that much, but I still love the Teen Titans and the minifigs are cute.

  13. Wonder how many more times they’ll do this lol
  14. [LEGO Dimensions] Finally getting around to the last DLC trophies. I asked for the remaining things I needed last Christmas and got them all. Just haven't felt like hooking up the base lol. But I've done Goonies and Mission Impossible so far. The rest will likely take awhile to get around to since Story packs are longer than level packs.

    Don't even bother putting the vehicles together anymore. It's just a pain to have them around when you only need like 3 of them. The requirement for each pack to have them was a stupid choice. So many unnecessary things instead of characters that would've been better. Gimli's wagon everybody. So iconic... they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of them.

    1. Teslacron_Prime


      Totally, the vehicles got so annoying i just started writing over the same one every time we had too. Fully upgraded a batmobile ofc but otherwise used the ghostbusters car's disc x) Well, except for the Tardis.. that one comes in handy..

      Still need a few sets, haven't gotten around to updating the ones we got (for Christmas also lol)

      Good luck on the 100%!!

  15. I forgot this existed.