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  1. R&C is fine, I don't get people's hang up with it. Jak Collection, I'll given ya. Even though most people seem to have never even touched the games themselves since sliding off moving platforms in Jak & Daxter is far bigger a problem than the framerate which is dependent on specific areas in that game. Yet nobody ever talks about that issue [almost like they never played it... including reviews; almost like they played the first few areas without any moving platforms to discover this was an issue... and finding that weirdly low framerate around the seagulls for some reason and just saying that was indicative of the entire game... but reviewers are never lazy or terrible.] Controls are just butt in Jak 2 and that game sucks in general, so I didn't get too far in it. But R&C is fine. Only really annoying part is if you don't have the L2/R2 attachment from japan and you want all the skillpoints/trophies since doing the tricks on the hoverboard suck on the real touch. @OP: The R&C Collection was only retail in EU so that's why it's harder to find.
  2. Got a Build-A-Bear Alolan Vulpix in the mail today, it's so cute I want to scream. I'm a 31 year old child, and I'm good with that.

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    2. Elvick_


      The Vulpix came with a "cape" and some pajamas. It's painfully cute. I never gave Build-A-Bear a second thought prior to this lol.


    3. PSXtreme_


      That's the outfit of our SuperBear...


      Image result for bathrobe build-a-bear


      Just too cute...

    4. Temmie


      Adorable overload.  <3 

  3. Well, not over 10 yet... but good grief. Doesn't feel like it's been 10 years since U2 came out, but it'll be there soon enough. rip time
  4. do what you want. Doesn't affect me at all.
  5. First two, eh... depends what they say while they do it I suppose. But generally no. Yes. Trolling in general is toxic, at least as far as strangers go. I think some natural trolling-banter is normal between online friends, and that is often miscontstrued as "toxic". Especially when social media blew up and more 'normies' [for lack of a better word] flooded the internet and failed to understand the idgaf culture of the online world. Only if it somehow ruins the game for everyone else, like hacking an online game so you can't be killed or using a lag switch or something. Otherwise, who cares? If it doesn't affect you, keep it moving. Not sure what that means by "withholding info", but I find there's tons of false flags of what "gatekeeping" even is. People don't like liars, so if you get called on bullshitting I don't see that as gatekeeping. It's calling out someone who is full of shit. Don't pretend to be something you aren't, NOBODY likes that. In any type of fandom. "I'm the biggest fan of Legend of Zelda. Zelda is the best, HE is my favorite character!" That shit always gets called out, I don't feel that's "gatekeeping". Maybe it is, but it's keeping out fake ass people and I don't see that as "toxic". Fake people suck. Just be honest. I never pretend to be a huge comic book reader when I talk about Marvel or DC characters and nobody cares, because I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about. For the first three, I think whining about it is pointless. Since we already have tools to control our online experience. Mute/block the dumb assery and move on with life. They just want the attention more often than not, so don't give it to them. They'll 90% of the time leave it at that and try to find someone who will be bothered enough to get a reaction. I bet that troll who got Oprah to go on her show and talk about "over 9000 penises" is still laughing to this day. I always say that the internet is like a party that's open to everybody. You let people come in, but as soon as somebody starts pissing in the corner you're allowed to kick them out. You aren't obligated to continue to deal with that person after they showed they don't deserve it. Block/mute away. As long as you do it manually and not through some lame blockbot. You should have a reason you actually mute someone, not just... "well, they follow someone who followed a person who followed a person I don't like!" That's just dumb. lol
  6. I was not good at this. It always amuses me how hard I find easy for fighting games. I wonder who play tests fighters on 'easy' mode. Put people like me in there. That guy who like back ups while kicking was the biggest pain in the ass.
  7. Platinum #180 ~ Heavy Fire: Afghanistan



  8. Platinum #180 Heavy Fire: Afghanistan Platinum Trophy For collecting all trophies This was... eh. It's clearly designed for PS Move, whether those control work well or not I can't know since I played through PS Now which doesn't support such things. And I'm definitely not going to buy it just to try that. lol, the DS3 controls are a bit strange. The main problem is the crappy motion controls which don't register 50% of the time. Luckily it doesn't matter and you don't die or take damage for failing, otherwise it would be a huge problem. You can massively fling your controller and nothing. Nudge and it works. Nudge again and it doesn't work. Fling it and it does. It's inconsistent and terrible. Luckily it's just for some QTEs and you can just relax through them since you don't need the points for doing it anyway. It's a on rails shooter, and I kind of like what it was trying to do. The way the camera moves around is really neat at times... but it moves around so much sometimes that it's just tedious with the DS3. Especially since sometimes the only way to get ammo/grenades/health is to get it while the camera moves around and you can't quickly do anything. A lot of eaten up inputs trying to shoot. I don't know whether that's PS Now or not, because I saw people complain about this problem from way back so it seems to be the game itself. The final level and 'boss' is really tedious and annoying. The final screen defeats the purpose of what you learned earlier. Which is to listen for the sounds of a turret, the sound of the helicopter is so fucking loud. And you can't hear when the turret is going and you can't attack the boss until you destroy all the peons including the turret guy... and I could never get to that part without more than 3 health. And there are 2 screens prior to it you have to re-do every time you die. Even on the easier difficulty it was annoying. Not too difficult overall even with those issues, but still it made it more annoying than necessary. There are certain sections of the game that the enemies don't even actually have to be shot at their deaths are scripted. I feel like the "!" indicator of when they'll shoot you is a bit bullshit as you constantly have to peak out and into cover and usually on the harder difficulty there'd be 3+ of them ready to shoot you at any given peak. It just made things a lot less fun. You'd think they'd have to take a bit of time from when you reveal yourself to aim and then do damage, that would be more fun and have a risk/reward rather than a random chance aspect going on. The lighting at times was more difficult to deal with than the game itself. The voice acting is really bad and flat,, but it was funny how bad it was. The story is just military mumbo jumbo, but I did listen to it. May as well. Music was repetitive. I might try the other game on there (Shattered Spear). I'm still undecided.
  9. I've had this issue with DLC before, I think LEGO games... but yeah, it's a common problem [for me at least] to see DLC for other games listed. :/
  10. Not sure why it’s surprising given how the game is built for them. Lol, they just wanted to have them not there for reviews most likely.
  11. While I don't care that much, I bought Senran Kagura Burst Renewal despite the censored b/s, it's definitely something to complain about. The whole "it's so minor who cares" attitude works the other way too.. and the default state then gets the edge in the argument. "It's just some pixels, so there's no reason to censor it or complain." Since that's how the game was actually intended to be... and every shit thing in the industry right now started small. So don't be silly and roll over just because it's "small"... lest we get more emboldened attempts at censorship like Devil May Cry 5. Or like Nintendo outright banning Binding of Issac way back, it took them flopping around like a magikarp to get their shit together and stop restricting content to that level. "It's just a few bucks a month", now we can't play online on any console for free [short of a minor set of F2P games which all have their own share of money making mechanics that started smaller than their current standard]. And digital pricing started at $10-15 and slowly went to $15-20, now it's $20 and sometimes all the way up to $40 for a full on digital game. (excluding retail games that don't get physical localizations in some countries).
  12. Fuck my eyes, the PS4 page for this is atrocious. Who thought hot fucking pink was a good idea? Yevon help us.
  13. All my game time has been in Farm Together (or my Tamagotchi On lol). Zero trophy progress, but I'm having fun. The devs of Farm Together just keep adding more stuff to put in my farm and I'm trying to make it all pretty and it's all I need. It's relaxing.I'll get to other stuff eventually. Probably. :P

  14. Do what I can... and only play what I actually am interested in. Well, I guess and not auto popping a billion things off one save (Sound Shapes). I earned the plat and that was all I wanted from it.
  15. I didn't even finish the game due to the looming stress of the speedruns again... I did the first two world speedruns and as soon as I got to the third one's regular playthrough with it's total lack of food... I can't imagine doing the speedrun. Maybe someday, but I doubt it... 2 looks a lot more fun and with more freedom. Not that I dislike the first though.