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  1. Unless you choose autodelcine in the options. Having mp doesn’t mean it’s the main focus. Splosionman, there’s a game that had as a main focus since there’s an entire coop campaign with unique puzzles. Not just a room off to the side in a handful of levels with a little more prize bubbles in them. Plus, local exists so online mp is hardly the main point. the only intention was play, create, share. And I don’t think level sharing really counts as “online focused”. Technically you can argue that as you need the internet to access these levels, though the goty edition I think came with some user levels or something... but that’s like saying infamous 2 was “online focused” since it had ugc.
  2. You said zero. I gave one example because 1 > 0. Which is all it takes to prove what I said, that what you were saying is false. I can give more examples. 2 > 0 too. By the way, AC3 Liberation was not a launch title, so that was not a "launch" trailer. It wasn't a trailer either, it was an actual ad that aired on television. The Taco Bell commercials were the first ads in NA, that aired prior to it launching since it was a giveaway like they've done with PS VR and I believe PS4 itself as well. I don't care that someone else said it had a "good run" that's so vague. I care that you said "zero". Be accurate, instead of fling out hyperbole. Plus, someone saying it had a "good run" is hardly something to argue against. Depends on what they mean specifically and they didn't specify. And you didn't ask. To Sony? Obviously not a good run, hence them pulling support. But, they still produced it and carts for a long time after it "died". It did decently in Japan, it took awhile to get there but it did. If you liked indies and Japanese games then it did have a pretty good run. If you wanted tons of Uncharted, Killzone and other bigger western titles, then it had a terrible run overall with everything being in the first 2 years. Depends. If you want to criticize Sony's handling of Vita, do so accurately. There's a lot of things to get into. Like I already mentioned the fact the ads they did have were TERRIBLE. Just like the terrible Kevin Butler or whatever ads. They may have entertained people, but they became more about the character than the games they were supposed to be selling. So they ended up failing. The Vita ads didn't sell the system or it's games. The memory card prices, and Sony not pivoting to adjust that huge issue when the Vita wasn't taking off (especially since Nintendo aggressively dropped their price $80; though they were always overpriced at $250). The dumb idea of the 3G model. The useless port, I don't know how much it would've saved in production but given it was used for literally nothing it would've at least lowered the cost somewhat to not have it there at all. Lack of Japanese games on launch for Japan, nearly everything was focused on the west. I could go on. But the lie that Sony put out "zero" ads and "zero" games is just useless for an actual discussion on the problems they made.
  3. I'm still bitter that while I was playing 2 the autosave just hung there and currupted my save. Hours lost... I never even played the game again after that lol. I miss it though. I even liked the show they had, even if it was a bit juvenile [to be expected though]
  4. False. False. Sony literally put out more first/second party titles for Vita than Nintendo did for Switch at launch. And I only put two videos because I'm lazy and that's all that's needed to counter the nonsense claim of "zero". Their marketing was TERRIBLE, not nonexistent. They barely featured the games, and the Taco Bell one sucked to advertise the system itself. And by 2nd year it was almost entirely about remote play, then nothing since leadership changed and so did priories and Vita got the boot. edit; And in Japan they had like two Japanese games so of course it flopped there forever because Sony focused on getting western developers. Square Enix then didn't really support the system after launch until it had already died in the west. Had they got on board earlier I think Japan would've bought into it faster. But they only released that Pikimin-esk Hell game and that one hunting game which I think was also on PSP. Which was another issue, lots of Japanese games were also still on PSP.
  5. Not sure how LBP was built with that in mind. The level creation? Because it's not that important to do or play other people's levels. The main game offers up enough content to be worthwhile on it's own. Playing with other players, even on PS3/PS4 sucks when you have a full 4 anyway since the lag is crazy.
  6. Not that surprising. Even if it had been successful, it's time to move on anyway.
  7. EDF2 - Finally was able to beat hard with Wing Diver/Pale Wing (which is it? they interchange the terms depending on games)

    EDF 2025 - The framerate is so bad at times, it's really rough. I wish they had lowed the amount of details in the environments or something to stabilize it. Though the open areas seem to run worse than the crowded city areas. *shrug* Especially in 2 player. I think it's just certain levels that take aaaages to load in co-op since, it's faster in some. Hit the 60 stage mark finally. The dragons are crazy.

    EDF Wing Diver The Shooter - This is fun. Seems barely anybody's played it. This might be an EDF plat I actually do get, I'm not sure yet.

  8. Oh I'm dumb, an even better one is Brute Force (Xbox). That's not even on PC like Sudeki or Super Lucky's Tale. I love that game. It doesn't even work with b/c on Xbone. :'( It's a great co-op game. Remaster and give it to me.
  9. Not an exclusive since it's now on PC, but I'd like Super Lucky's Tale so I can get the trophies.
  10. If only the text box had buttons for these things. Or you could use words like 'hey spoilers ahead'. But I guess your keyboard won't allow that sequence of letters or something.
  11. First level works for reviving your AI. The section where the vehicle with the turret shows up there’s a car with an ammo box. You sit at the box, send your AI forward and just shoot them over and over, revive them, repeat. There’s a video of someone doing it that way but I’m on mobile so can’t grab it now. I dont recall how how to get three enemies killed in 2 seconds though.
  12. Production value is the only thing I can give it credit for. Otherwise it was total garbage. The plot makes no sense, there are contradictions all over the place. They over explain a toy, but don't explain anything that matters. Nonsense film.
  13. Despite not finishing the first one [stupid world 3...] I can't wait for this. Loved the game, and the same with tons of improvement? Yes please. Looks like the townspeople do a lot more work for you and are way more useful than before too.
  14. Orcs Must Die Unchained. I spent a natural 200+ hours in the game (based on a yearly review email from PlayStation which is a rough estimate). And I didn’t even get a 4th of the way to Empty Pockets. I spent about 3 hours playing for the grind... and it wasn’t fun and was making me hate the game. I would rather keep loving the game than getting the plat and resenting the game.
  15. [EDF 2025] Coop loading is so bad like 7+ minutes. 

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    2. cris3f


      EDF 2025 is slow loading. I wouldn't recommend you playing it online if it's that slow as it's going to be tough for others, and the servers don't like that very much, specially with 3 or 4 players (with 4 usually shit happens).

      EDF 4.1 is a lot better. Almost no slow downs except if you rapier a shield or level down half the city at the same time. And a lot faster loading. It's also more fun as many of the levels and weapons become usable, which doesn't happen on 2025 specially in coop.

      Anyway game isn't difficult, take it easy. If you want to plat it concentrate on the 100% weapons, that's the PITA trophy.

      EDF games are a blast online with the right people.

      EDF 2 you'll never finish it without online or 25.000+ (probably 50.000...) armor. Yes, it's that difficult, AdHoc with 2 Vitas will not help on Inferno believe me. I think there's only 1 player who could finish EDF 2 offline alone, and still with some reasonable armor.

      If you have any problems drop me a note I'll help with hints.

      Have fun, the games are really awesome if you get the hang of them.

      Last advice, strategy is more important than shooting.


      You will get tons of ultra rare trophies BTW... but this you already know.

    3. Elvick_


      I have no illusions of platinuming any of these really. It's too much work to farm weapons, and I don't think I'll even bother with Inferno. I'm just playing for fun really. It's a good time killer. And doesn't really involve a lot on the lower difficulties.

      And yeah, it doesn't take a whole lot to start getting lots of rare trophies. Or even get above the average completion rating into an A-rank. Some of the trophies I noticed even have higher percentages on PSN itself than on here, so clearly a lot of EDF fans not on this site being tracked.

      I have 4.1 installed from PS Now too, I was going to just change to it instead of 2025 but i started 2025 a long time ago so figured I'd just keep going with it for awhile. At least beat the game once.

    4. cris3f


      Honestly the games are really only interesting on hardest or inferno.That's another major problem for everyone trying them. The only positive thing about this is that at the third EDF game or so you'll skip everything and jump into inferno as soon as you can.

      Farming weapons on 2025 and 4.1 is a piece of cake. At least on split screen. Use the WD since she's the easiest to learn and win with, but the AR is by far the most powerful class. Fencer is a pain, way to long to learn and doing most levels with him is a bore as it's attack and run away, ad nauseum. And he can't do several inferno levels anyway. Ranger is nice but on inferno he can't handle most levels alone.  But I still remember the first time I reached Star Eaters on 2025 (on normal...) and thinking, how the fuck is anyone able to finish this?

      I have mostly finished the japanese 2025 just a few days ago (inferno and 100% weapons, so yes it's finished) and I used the "reverse weapons" farming technique (something dumb i made up 😆). I jumped into inferno really early and only farmed weapons basically on levels 60+ and after 2 or 3 plays on levels 75+. That way I could only get weapons levels 35+. The PITA are the 87+ to get but I ended getting all of them while still missing more than 100 of the 700 something. It made it a lot easier. Compare that to 200 hours just to get 1 weapon on the american game and you can guess why I changed techniques.

      You can do easily or reasonably, all levels alone with one of the classes except maybe 2 which are only easy with another human player. Believe me you don't even need 5000 armor on the classes you really used. I can do all except those 2 alone with less than 2000 armor and I'm a really bad FPS player.

      On 4.1 you can do all more easily except 1, which is still easier than the 2 on 2025. And the last level on 4.1 is a PITA, it can be done with AR or WD in a few minutes but it's unreliable.

      Try 4.1 if you don't like 2025, but you'll find it difficult to get back once you do. 5 is supposed to be fun but I've not yet bought it.

      There's japanese players that manage to do all inferno starting from basic armor, with the 3 classes (no one has done it with fencer I think). There's even guys that manage to do the worst levels in 4.1 with 150 armor...