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  1. Got a PS5 preordered at amazon ca. Not my ideal choice, rather do it in a store, but at least I’ll get one. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      At least you got it.

  2. Anybody get "site blocked" from their antivirus when viewing certain threads? I get it viewing the most recent platinum thread.

    Some [dot] io thing.

    1. DaivRules


      Some peoples signatures were using insecure (not using https) links a while back that was causing either a similar or the same problem for someone.

    2. Elvick_


      Figured it was something like that, thanks.

  3. Hope to Yevon PS5 has a search for the library... and that is translated to the webstore, had to go through 100+ pages to find One Piece Pirate Warriors 1 & 2. I was starting to question if a) I actually even had them, I remembered them on my PS3 but must have deleted them b ) if they even released digitally.

    But yes. And yes. What a pain in the ass, and you can't even manipulate the page numbers because it's not loading a new page every time... I knew it wouldn't be in 2020 or 2019 and likely not even 2018. After that I had no clue. I think it was 2016 that I finally found them.

  4. Paraiso Island is funny. It came to steam awhile back and I tried it out there and it's still such a glitchy mess, but with dlc now! :/ It's so glitchy they literally removed the tutorial instead of fixing it so you can't even get that achievement now. lol... so much potential to be a decent free Animal Crossing game, but it's just so poorly made. It's frustrating to see.

  5. *has fun earning trophies*

    *finds RNG trophies unfun so won’t play game with them*

    ”omg you’ll miss out on having fun because trophies” 



    another week another “have fun exactly like me or you’re wrong and dumb” nontroversy on PSNP. Wonder what the next one will be. Probably back to easy plats/Rata again. The classics. 

  6. [Cuphead] So does parrying suck or do I? Sometimes it just feels like it doesn’t work. I know a lot of times are me, but sometimes it just feels like it won’t register. 

  7. #211 ~ Ghost of Tsushima



  8. [Nioh] Who could have guessed farming for poop would be so annoying...

    1. Nighcisama


      The whole game felt like farming poop to me, so when it actually came time for that and the game literally wanted me to farm actual shit I didn't even really know whether I should be impressed that it was at least self aware, or more annoyed because it even looked like it felt at that point, shitty:hmm:

    2. JaM


      oh... that sidequest... worse is the reward is... errr Sh..poop.

  9. [Nioh] How close to the end am I? I'm currently in 'The Iga Escape' [on PC].


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    2. JaM


      How's the game so far to you? Getting frustrated like I did? xD

    3. Elvick_


      There's some frustration, but my main issue is just my general fear of everything lol. I can't put too much into the game all at once because it's so stressful. Even being a coward and using enemy sense with Isonade [the shark guardian].


      The game really doesn't want to give me purple mage gear.

    4. JaM


      ahaha... same. I love using Enemy Sense Passive Skill... There will also be a Guardian that will have most of the Sense, pretty useful on navigating especially if you are going to collect the Kodama (hunting them using sound trigger can be fun sometimes too)


      For the gear, you don't need to pretty much focus on farming them especially on first run since if you are on NG+, the game will pretty much give you lots of them and even a new color, green


      Just use the best Set you have - I think I farmed a Warrior of the West set from the one on one battle with that Swordman guy that use Raiken and farmed a whole set on that one on one battle with the Swordmaster Tutor. Those are pretty much the set I used for the first run.


      Not sure that I could say "have fun" because I know you won't especially later on xD

  10. [Nioh] I don't think I'll keep playing on PS4. I started it up again after years on Steam to get through the tutorial with the intent to switch to PS4 for trophies.


    Worked out to me having more time downstairs than up, so my PC progress kept coming in and for awhile I was able to keep the PS4 up with it. But I just don't really feel like doing a lot of these main missions again. At least right now.


    I beat the first area on both, and I just really don't want to do those damn mines again in the second area. Man that place suuuucks. I got the boss first try on PC, but the level itself is a nightmare with those damn fire wheels. I lost 10ks of souls [or w/e they're called.. amirita? idk] multiple times.

    I beat Tachibana Muneshige on PC earlier. That's another thing I really don't want to do again. Maybe in the future.

    The lower framerate is really noticeable for me too going back and forth. I find it so much more difficult on PS4.

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    2. JaM


      Thanks... but I will pass for now... I stalled the game now and my net is not so good lately... :| I might still add you in PSN if you don't mind...

    3. MMDE




      And the build stuff, it's a bit complicated and not really a lot of good info. It's not made easier by the fact that you can only have x amount of certain types of abilities on weapons or armor etc, or all the randomness. As I said, the focus should be to get to the next playthrough, which means you do need to be able to beat The Queen's Eye mission in each playthrough. I recommend focus on attack for this and living weapon. You can easily reassign all your stats by using some in-game book there's infinite of, so there's no good reason not to if you would like to. Accessories usually have stuff that boost living weapon. 99 spirit maxes the time and it's abilities etc. Later playthroughs also allow you to level it up further, on WotN you can get it to level 60. I think the best one for actual use is the very first fire one. In later playthroughs you can even assign a second guardian, where you'll get 50% of one of it's stats. I think I chose one from one of the DLCs, basically a long worm-ish thing, looks like one of the bosses, at least by the icon. It basically allowed you to do piercing damage AKA harm an enemy even if they're defending. I got some of that from my weapon as well, and I was up at like 28% damage when they're defending, so certain bosses and enemies could no longer just defend to avoid damage. I personally loved the (Rising??) Shadow something skill for the Sword. Basically did several cuts around the enemy, where the last I think was more powerful. Hit in the back does way more damage too, so in that way it did quite a bit more damage. I also had it so repeated gave me an attack bonus as well. More importantly, because I loved that skill for the Sword, I was lucky to get an ability to it on a sword. That boosted it's attack by around 25-30% or something. This you can only get when the weapon is created (it will have a star next to it). Additionally, you do get some few bonuses etc from your currently equipped gun or bow. The gear or weapons with a triangle, square, triangle icon next to one of the abilities are what we can swap out between weapons or gear. For example, the hand armor is the only armor that can boost attack, if you get "attack" in one of those swap slots, you can max that armor piece and soul match it with something else to transfer the attack to the other armor. This means you can get +Attack on all types of gear. When reforging, notice there's a triangle option when selecting a weapon or armor, allowing you to "tamper" or whatever, where you can use special item to select a specific random ability instead of just gambling getting one as usual.

    4. Elvick_


      @JaM I'm not really struggling that much, I got that cave boss vampire-ish lady first try, the mine boss first try [on PC anyway, vampire lady took way longer on PS4 and I wasn't instant-paralyzed like on PC since I was prepared for that but still did worse otherwise]. I just don't want to do it all again on PS4 when I'm further on PC. Honestly so far the hardest thing is those fucking fire wheel enemies. I hate them, and the mines have them... lol.


      Otherwise the living weapon is pretty reliable to handle just about any larger enemy if I run into a problem with them. And I use the shark spirit so I see where every enemy is on the map so nobody surprises me unless I died and haven't gotten it back yet. But usually by the time I die I know the area enough to know what to expect.


      It's more that I don't want to play the game two times at the same time and I'm having more fun on PC than I am on PS4 due to the higher framerate. Maybe the PS4 version will get boosted by PS5 b/c and feel better and I can play it again there. I think I'd rather just focus on having fun with the game first and foremost.

  11. Two of my DS4s have problems with up on the analog stick, anybody have this problem before and fix it? The movement is stuttery. Like it can't properly register.

    I've looked up a few solutions and will try them, but curious if anybody's had success with specific ones.


    I'm mostly upset that my newest one, is one of them. Mostly because it's purple. D:<

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    2. closertim


      2 out of 3 of my controllers do that as well.  Didn't realise there was a fix

    3. DamagingRob


      It does seem to be a problem with newer controllers. Mine has started doing it, and I've only had it for about six months. :/ And the previous one has a left analog issue, which I probably had for less than a year. I don't think it ever happened to my original, but I can't charge it since the port is messed up. For the amount they cost, you'd think they'd break less...

    4. Elvick_


      Yeah I've tried the air and it slightly improves it for a few minutes then it's back to not working at all. Don't know if it just isn't going to work or if I'm doing it wrong but it seems hard to mess up.

      I'm afraid to take it apart, I have two i could do it on my extra black one that I wouldn't be that mad about if I broke but... man this sucks. never had this kind of issue before with controllers. DS4 overall has been not a great time. From the launch ones thumbstick material falling apart like nothing, still afraid to use even the newer ones without a thumbstick cover because of it. The shiny part of the facebutton panel wearing off and looking like crap to the analog stick having this problem. And the controllers feeling poorly constructed, when you squeeze them you can feel them give way a bit...


      Hopefully the PS5 controller is better build quality. :/ Especially if it ends up costing more because of the extra bells and whistles. I'd rather just have a more simple controller at this point that has less to go wrong. But I guess those days are over.

  12. Spider-Man PS4 DLC... is meh so far

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I think it would have worked well as side content in the main game rather than post-release stuff you had to pay for... but it also gave me more Spider-Man which was all I really wanted.

    2. MidnightDragon


      If you hate Screwball in the main game, you’ll want her dead by the end of the DLC.

    3. Elvick_


      I hate her so much she’s so annoying. And not in the “you love to hate” way, just annoying. 

  13. [FFVII] Missables dome,yay. And I’m now in parts I have zero memory of. I don’t think I ever finished the four huge Materia quest before. I know I’ve done the train and condor. But the other two were new to me (had to look up how to get to the underwater thing) lol. 

    What a relief.

    1. Elvick_



    2. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Even the Bromance trophy?  Good on you!  I totally forgot about it on my first playthrough.

    3. Elvick_


      That was the most annoying one. lol but yeah, so glad I don’t have to worry about them anymore. 

  14. [FFVII] Wutai down, that was super easy I think I'm way over leveled with  most characters being over 42. Even got Yuffie's final limit and Leviathan materia. That was super easy too, just popped on a cure materia with regen and regen mostly covered me through every battle. Even against poison. lol.


    Hard not to over level when you're able to do the limit break thing to grind the limit breaks to unlock them all. I'm glad I got all that over with and can focus on the game, just wish I was beyond the missables, but soon... hopefully~

  15. [FFVII] finished bromance thank Yevon, and got Aerith’s limit break. Can’t wait to use that the rest of the game~~ 


    its sure fun juggling missables. I assume “part 2” means “disc 2”, I’m pretty sure the only thing to worry about going into the Temple of the Ancients now is the Bahamut Materia. *sigh* fun fun fun

    1. Elvick_


      Oh yeah, gotta go to Wutai. Almost forgot, time to get robbed by that annoying butthole. 

    2. Sword


      I'm about to start this game and got the handy dandy guide open for those missables. Hopefully it's not too much of a pain in the butt to do... o_o ...


      But judging on your reaction it sounds like just soooo much fun. xD

    3. Elvick_


      It's just annoying to have to worry about, particularly Bromance. The rest shouldn't be nearly as bad as that one was. I had to ignore talking to Tifa and Aerith a lot when I otherwise wouldn't, I like talking to people. D:< And just making choices I wouldn't just to decrease their affection. *sigh* Oh well. I can play how I want on PC.


      I'm mostly concerned about the huge materia and other later stuff because I have barely any knowledge of the game at that point so I don't know what the guide is referring to half the time. But I'll get it. Hopefully.

  16. [FFVII] Bromance is so close. Got a backup save just in case I fucked up somehow... but I should be fine, I'm so looking forward to being done with this crap. lol, it's so annoying. Picky bastard, just go on the date. You know you want it.


    Then to switch focus of missables to other crap. :'D Primed for everybody's last Limit Break except Cid since I don't have him yet. I spent 3 hours yesterday just doing that so I wouldn't have to do it later and worry about it. Aerith was done ages ago since I didn't want to bother with it, think I did it when you get the summon materia from the chocobo. That's like one of the things I distinctly remember about this game. Despite never beating it before, always crapped out eventually.


    The four huge materia related stuff seems so daunting to track. Not familiar enough with the game at that point, other than the Condor one.

    1. Sir_Bee


      Good Luck :)  Keep at it, and I am sure you will come out victorious eventually.  

  17. [FFVIIR] Fuck these mini games. Whoever thought it would be fun to hide the button prompts AND speed it up is a dickhead and I will hate them for all time. It’s the antithesis of fun. 

    1. Cloudbahamut


      lol welcome to Final Fantasy.

      people always lose their shit over the FF minigames. Wether it is lightning dodge and chocobo race in FF X, rope jumping in FF IX or now the gym minigames in VII Remake. It wouldn't be a real Final Fantasy without a few frustrating minigames lol

      I feel ya though. While the squat challenges and Whack a Box challenges were fairly easy and even the Dart challenge did not take me very long, the pull up challenge is a massive pain in the ass. particularly the pro challenge because Jules always does between 42 and 44 pullups. Took me more then 20 attempts to beat him. Eventually I beat him 45 to 43.

      In that final challenge you just need to get the right order down flawlessly. Once the buttons disappear you can go as fast as possible. The tricky part is going extremely fast without messing up the order. I was able to do it when I did not even really think about the right order anymore and just went by instinct. It is tough and my fingers actually hurt afterwards but its definitely more doable then those fucking 1000 (!) ropejumps in FF IX.

      Now the one minigame trophy I have still serious trouble with is the Bike minigame one. It's the only minigame trophy I got left.

    2. Elvick_


      eh, I may just not bother. Not like I have many FF games platted anyway. Think only World of FF and that one was easy. Lol.

    3. Cloudbahamut


      I have platinumed every FF except IX, XIV and XV.

      FF IX because killing 10.000 enemies or doing 1000 rope jumps in a row is just too insane even for me. XIV because I don't play (and never will) MMO games and XV because I always have trouble getting into that game. FF has been my favorite gaming series for 21 years but XV just turns me off for some reason. I don't like the setting (only travelling around with three guys), the levelling system and worse of all the battle system (which is just an unfun chaotic mess).

      VII Remake however does everything right for me. Its actually my new favorite game of all time.

  18. I hate missables so much. Makes things annoying. Just in general, not even exclusive to trophies but that certainly doesn’t help.

    1. starcrunch061


      There's no excuse for 99.9999999% of miss-ables. Miss-able collectables really piss me off. 

    2. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Indeed.  Stick of Truth blew up in my face for this once and I never forgave it.  Got the platinum though.  Twice.

    3. effdeegee


      I share in the grief. Missables are nothing but a big poop suck.

  19. [FFVII] Quick question, will Best Bromance come up (be finished) before the other missable trophies? Keeping track of multiple missables sucks when one is this involved. (Already got the crossdresser missable trophy). I just want to make sure I’m tracking the right extra missables while worrying about this stupid trophy. And I have no clue when in relation to Bromance they happen. 

    missables are fun, they don’t make playing games annoying at all. :3 

    1. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      You should definitely get Vincent (Won't You be My Valentine :bronze:) before finishing up Best Bromance, and it's highly recommended you also get Great Gospel (See the Light :silver:) close to around that point, as the next destination after Best Bromance would pop is the area mentioned in the guide that is the last area to obtain that trophy.


      The other missables all happen afterwards and don't apply here.

    2. Elvick_


      Thanks, makes it more digestible to know what to keep track of. 

    3. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      At least you're putting effort into trying to remember.  I done forgot about it until near the end of my run.  I whined and grumbled as I did x3 on the gameplay to get to the Gold Saucer xD 

  20. I must hate myself because the temptation to do Ni no Kuni platinum again has crossed my mind. What is wrong with me? lol

    1. Neputyunu


      Why? It was a great game and the platinum was not too bad. :)

    2. LegacyJKO09


      ive had the same thoughts recently. Pick up the ps4 remaster. I did it in i think a month. I remember getting one monster that wrecked everything. But its such a long game 

    3. Elvick_


      @Neputyunuthe farming/alchemy is annoying as hell and nearly killed my desire to ever earn a platinum again lol.


      @LegacyJKO09well I’ve already beat the story on PS4, I used that version to get back into the PS3 version since I dropped it back in the day and forgot how to play lol. So it’s not entirely starting over, but I know I’d hate it if I did too for it again but having it would be nice... but it’d be dumb and I know that. I must resist the call

  21. Completely shocked that you can actually get Uncharted Collection for free in spite of having redeemed it via PS+. Where has this Sony been? I've wanted to buy super cheap games to override the temporary PS+ license for years and they apparently know how to do it... this better be applied to everything else. I give them credit for doing it for this, but now there isn't really an excuse to not let people 'upgrade' to owning a game digitally even if they had gotten it through plus at some point.


    And just makes no sense to not have since it's just more money coming in. You can argue it would discourage people from keeping Plus, but would it really? I don't think so overall. Most people pay for it to play online.


    Now add gifting, the thing the Wii was doing.

  22. #210 ~ Doom [2016]



  23. [Doom] Two trophies left. Need to master one upgrade on the rocket, the manual exploding one. I couldn’t find a place to fam It near the end of the game. Shouldn’t be hard just have to find a good checkpoint, and see a recommendation already. Then just the UAC on Ultra Nightmare. Even if I do the skip that in and of itself looks annoying. Lol

    1. Elvick_


      wtf the hardest trophy is a bronze 😒

  24. [Doom] Got all the Runes, so no worries about any glitches related to that trophy. Upgraded all of them too. 

    Currently on Chapter 11. Nearly forgot to do the challenges in Chapter 10, was in the last 2 areas when I realized it. thankfully everything I needed to complete them were in those parts. Hate the power up kill ones since I rarely notice the power ups before killing everything lol

  25. [Doom] Three chapters down, 100% of them so far. This game is lots of fun, but sometimes the map/level design is annoying, mostly just the third level lol. Hope there aren’t many like that one. Especially those stupid hallway mazes.