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  1. Actually, specifically relating to Hercules Cup there is a well known glitch that still works (was in PS2 version also). You reach Hercules, last fight, and press start + select restart. This restarts the Hercules fight but freezes the timer. Hope that helps! EDIT: I just beat the time trial first try (with 7 seconds remaining!) at level 43, chose Rod (more MP for thunder spams), Olympia keyblade, Final Mix difficulty with this tactic.
  2. Beginner mode also gives you a load of STR and DEF ups at the start! I just completed my beginner difficulty playthrough for unchanging armor. It was rather uneventful, sometimes a bit long to kill bosses, until I reached Riku II and really hit a wall. After perusing the forum, I discovered that beginner mode on Final Mix gives you these stat boosting items to make the game even easier! Upon using them, I had no problem beating him at all. Basically, because I couldn’t change equipment I never entered the Item menu either. Don’t be a scrub like me and make it less painful from the beginning! Use those STR and DEF ups for your run! Good luck everyone
  3. Rubberbanding is strong. Like, seriously strong, so you really can not treat this game like a normal racer. If you are playing a 3 lap race, you’re doing it right if after lap 1 you’re in 12-8, after lap 2 in 8-4, then in lap 3 USE ALL NITROS to catch up with top 3. This is because the game will allow you to catch up with them only on the final lap! Seriously, you can not get into 1st place on the first lap and hold it for the rest of the match, unless you’re playing early levels with a maxed car. The game will control when you’re allowed to pass an opponent (sometimes it reconfigures the AI position mid-match and you may have a car behind you zoom ahead slamming into the back of you until it gets passed and assumes whichever position the game wants it to be in - if this happens, move and let them pass). Spend your first lap going slower and picking up all coins (or learning track to then restart and pick up all coins). On the Tournament and Endurance modes, you can do the same and leave a few coins in the best place for the boost on the final lap. Save all nitros for the final lap. There are no exceptions. The straight leading to the start line and the beginning of is a good place to boost as it’s generally long enough to reap the full benefits and can sometimes overtake pole positions at that point of the last lap! You never need to brake. When you need to slow down, release R2 so you naturally lose some speed. You rarely encounter a sharp corner that you must slow down for (at max upgrades, there are about 10 or so of the 109 tracks that have horrible corners). This is mainly used on corners when there’s a bunch of cars blocking you, i.e. 4 cars on a narrow turn bumping into each other. When this happens, simply feather the accelerator, (lightly tap it and let go so you maintain you position behind them). Get super trophies as you go; you will remember the track better instead of coming back later. UPGRADES: 1: Acceleration - for when you collide with something, it will allow you to regain your speed faster. 2: Handling - better at cornering (later levels have very sharp turns) and makes your car easier to control. 3: Nitro - makes your nitro boost cover more distance for catching up to pole positions on your final lap. 4: Fuel - generally this can be ignored. Unless you actively avoid picking up fuel, you should always have enough fuel on the track so that running out isn’t an issue. This is still superior to top speed. TOP SPEED IS USELESS! - because of the rubberbanding, every AI opponent scales to your speed, making this stat meaningless. It doesn’t matter which car you choose in regards to their top speed. In fact, it may make the game HARDER because you start having to compete at a faster pace (especially so if your top speed is much greater than your handling for corners). BEST CARS NOTE: for the trophy of using every car once, I recommend completing a race with a new car every time you unlock one. This is so you don’t have to remember which ones you have already used (and it’s tedious to do ~30 races one after another at the end after you have unlocked them all). Order: Infinity -> Orient -> Ladybug/Nano -> Gentleman. Starting cars: Infinity. Soon after you can use Orient (unlocked after 1500 points). Once you have access to the Amateur tournament, finish all of them with gold for Ladybug. I virtually completed the entire game with this car. Later, I found the Nano just as good (1st place in all China races) and completed all my Endurance races with this car - very agile, high handling and acceleration too. Gentleman (unlocked after completing World Tour) for advanced players going for Master Tournament golds. I gained all of them relatively easily using this car. It has amazing handling, and an extra nitro for those pesky final laps, as well as a strong nitro stat. It’s terrible acceleration means you really need to know the game/tracks so you avoid collisions! Twilight for the speed (there’s a trophy for going 230mph). Master Tournament is definitely the hardest part of the game. Until the final lap, DO NOT use nitro, and do not be discouraged if you’ve crashed a lot - the came reconfigures the AI’s speed based on you (it’s amusing to see it happen). Once you reach the final lap, that’s when the hard work begins. You must get close to each car in front which will force them to use their nitro. On a straight, you can use a nitro too which you will overtake them. On a corner you can manoeuvre yourself around them as the AI will always slow down on corners. My observation was, if ONE of the top position AI uses a nitro, then NONE of the others will use one. It seemed as if only one AI at a time would use one. This meant if all three AIs were together, I sometimes saw 3rd use a boost and I would get passed him, then 2nd and 1st position would not, meaning I easily overtook all three. If I were overtaking them slower, then I would expect to see all three of them use a nitro as I approached them to overtake. For all the Tournaments, you must win via points OR draw but have won the final race. The AI positions remain the same throughout. If you are 1st, the same car will be 2nd, and if you come 2nd, that same car will come 1st - meaning it’s a two horse race! If you win-lose-win-lose you will come 2nd overall. If you win-lose-lose-win you will come 1st. This is because, even though you tied, you won the final race. A good run with the Gentleman usually was enough to grab the gold. I only encountered problems on one of the earlier cups (Brazil?) because it lacked enough track to catch up easily, and later China (because I subconsciously decided to suck). All the rest I could scrape through first try because of that fourth nitro! For Endurance races, they are much easier to maintain your lead in points because the game (unlike Tournaments) rearranges the AI positions so they will always end up with random amounts of points! These are my notes from getting platinum. It is a fun racer once you understand how it works. Think of being on par with your position after laps. Even when you collide with something and have to earn back that position, the game will allow you to do this very fast, meaning you can easily catch up to the position you were in. Many races you will feel you just about had enough time to get ahead for 1st. Sadly, for those of us that like skill-based racing, you HAVE TO ACCEPT that the game dictates what position you can be in. I hope this helps! Don’t get discouraged!