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  1. :platinum: #25 - Batman (Telltale)


    What a great comic book story. Good number of characters and some cool scenarios for Batman to find himself in. I liked the investigation "linking" mechanic. Occasionally I found it difficult to see which button I needed in the QTEs, but that's a minor thing and for the most part the combat was well presented.

    I almost want to give this a second playthrough. It seemed like there were a lot of dichotomous choices I made that if I were to go back and do things differently would really change the feel of the story. Lots of "visit as Batman or Bruce" and "Go to place A or B". Obviously I know the ultimate outcome of the story but I'm intrigued to see how the story would be told differently.

    Tempted by the next series (which I guess is the point of this one being free :P)

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    2. DamagingRob
    3. MidnightDragon


      Though it was just QTEs, I thought the fact they added actual boss fights was pretty damn cool.

    4. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      QTEs are kinda a pain in the ass, but good job on landing them! :D