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  1. In one superflight is the wrong description in my opinion. Only thing for the trophy is that the superflight meter never runs out. It doesn´t matter if you land, crash into walls or anything else, just keep the meter running. Weird thing is when you kill a few rounds of bugs there are 1- 3 bugs that will stop spawning and you can loop around as much as you want they will not appear. Just die and you will be fine. I got it minutes ago and landed 2 times on purpose because i missed 2 bugs. Good luck everyone.
  2. I´m not that long in console gaming or gaming in general (2 years on playstation) and until now I have not played so many big games, but here is my list. 1. Persona 5 2. God of War 3. The Last of us 4. Horizon Zero Dawn 5. Uncharted Series (3,4, lost legacy) 6. Last Guardian 7. Bloodborne 8. Witcher 3 9. Gravity Rush 1 & 2 10. ALL the LEGO Games ^^ I try to play as much genres as possible and there are a lot of indie games that are also very good. Game on!
  3. I platinumed the first one and it was such a huge painful grind, 60 hours straight trying to get 1 trophy. I think I´ll pass on this one for now.
  4. Tested a lot of Games but always stick to the shooters.
  5. Gran Turismo Sport for sure. Nice tata_arek, well done
  6. Even if we ignore the fact that sony paid their network bills with the subscription fee it´s still cheap. i mean come on, 2 ps4 games for 5 Bucks each month? Yes the actual situation is more gamer friendly and i have a ps3 and vita myself and download the free games every month but... when to play them? I got a pile of shame high as a tower so it´s fine for me that they stopped the support for those 2 systems through ps plus. Think most of us can life with that decision. it sounds harder than it actually is.
  7. Master of Master Builders! Lego Worlds 1,96% 207 Achievers This Trophy was very very stupid at the end, but finally I got it...
  8. Around 70 hours later after aiming for that trophy i got it with Nigel vs. Shufflebottom in the Pet Store. Satan and 100 duels to go and allready 90 hours in, fuck that game!