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  1. Thank you!
  2. I can't seem to get the Are You Entertained? trophy for having a sim reach max level in the entertainer career. I've been using the mic etc. Is there a faster way and is there a way to check progress? I am following this video guide and have popped all the other trophies relating to maxing out each career. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Yes this works still. I used it to get all my cars purchased. Also you can use this as a XP glitch too. It ranks you up once almost twice each time.
  4. I know. I'm going to need a lot of practice yet and will be tackling these one by one each night depending on how long each one takes me. I plan on have recorded videos of each and will definitely share my tips here with everyone.
  5. no its not unobtainable. I guess i sorta answered my own question. After you have the platinum and your only trophies are basic bronze, gold plated, and hit the ceiling switch your game over to "Prestige". This mode grants massive amounts of xp even if you don't get a medal.
  6. Does anyone have any tips on ranking up this high in 2019? Seems like all the old glitches are patched up. I've just finished the main game and eddies challenges and am only level 50 now. I haven't tried for my gold medals yet but do plan do have them all in the end not sure if i should wait to worry about this after?
  7. I also started playing this again and I'm enjoying it. It's still very active and in my opinion if you do not have both journey trophies yet then do not worry about these DLC trophies. They will come naturally. I am using the skip method for a few games just to speed things up a tad.
  8. I was playing this last night and stumbles across a glitch where freakers can not get you. Makes getting gold atleast very easy. If anyone is interested heres a video.
  9. Glad it helped out a little. I also am getting together a quick video for ammo, med kits, grenades, and a few weapons locations to help everyone out. This may help some of you out. -
  10. I've just completed the gold medal while playing as rikki. I feel like she was able to run faster than deacon or boozer for some reason or just didn't loose stamina. Anyway I ended with 144,826. Died by my own mine, lol. I used my own method after enough trial and error. I'll post my video soon.
  11. Is Rising easier than Fusion in terms of the trophies? No doubt. However If you are a player who struggles with just completing Extreme tracks then Rising is going to prove to be quite the challenge. The problem most players will have here is earning the gold medal on ALL of the extreme tracks. Plus there are a few other minor things such as the "Loose Screw" skill game gold medal. If you loose your patience fast then trials might not be for you. All depends on where you skill level sits. If you have 100% in fusion the rising will be somewhat easy for you. If you haven't played much of trials games then with this is still a difficult game for most.
  12. I agree with this completely. Everyone who has put the time into Trials Fusion is thinking this game is easy and it might be in comparison. However to a new player this is still very challenging. I'm guilty of thinking the same way that perhaps the game is a tab too easy this time around. The only thing the DLC was missing was maybe adding a few trophies relating to the two new skill games they added. There was no attention given to them.
  13. I find it easier wheeling with the Rhino bike. That's also how I got my gold medal. Either that or the Helium. This wheelie skill game is borderline ninja difficulty due to it being Rear Wheel Only. Good luck and keep practicing. You can be good at trials and completely suck a wheelies until you learn the proper way to pull it off
  14. I have the platinum to this game and I would never recommend this to anyone. My friends and I are huge Payday fans so we bought this day 1 and what a disappointment. We carried on with the platinum and it was a nightmare. I posted my thought more of this over on the forums.
  15. The guy voices his opinion on here and creates his "first video guide" and you people come at him with pitch forks. This site is so welcoming isn't it. Yuri you made me cringe mr trophy god.