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  1. I've sent a request aswell. Thank you. My PSN is ZachSmoke Edit: Thanks fudge126. Got my trophy tonight when I hopped on.
  2. feels bad
  3. challenge accepted.
  4. 16 hours of rubberbanding for me. Got the trophy and the platinum this morning! Plenty of glitches but not with this trophy.
  5. I would definitely try that challenge again. I hope that works for you.
  6. I recently did this trophy myself and the same thing happened to me. I'm not sure if you can remember after you beat the challenge if it ever said "Night Survived" but this was the difference for me. I made a mental note of the challenge name when I saw this and sure as shit the trophy for completing them at night didn't pop. I really don't think this trophy is bugged as this happening is common considering the night cycle runs even though you restart multiple times. After i redid the particular challenge I had my trophy. Good luck
  7. should still be there. You may need to restart your save.
  8. I actually have a fix for this issue. The card spawns in a different room for some reason. I'll post a video of the other location ..This had me stumped for hours.... Edit: Theres no information on this and it needs to be known for those of us that don't have the fortune teller side quest..
  9. So apparently the infected volitile playing card has bugged out of my game and is not there in the jack and joe camp. Anyone have this happen? need a quick fix because this is only collible i need for the trophy..
  10. Debris and Ashes glitched on me..
  11. Im2Fast_4U has you covered!
  12. Give it time..
  13. This is for Dying Light 2. The OP was asking about the first Dying Light. The Co op trophies are easy once you get a group for the 5 quest. I'd recommend completing the "Pact with Reis" main story quest to get access to a bunch of easy side quest that unlock at the tower. Then complete the few that need you to turn them in but don't and wait for a boosting group. The trophy won't take long this way. As far as lucky 7 goes you need at least one other player to let you win the random event competitions 7x and also play 10 of them for Harran olympics . This will take an hour or so for both people to get this done. Either way about two hours of prep.
  14. This is definitely is an issue but it doesn't mean this is unobtainable. So I just played completely on PS5 and got the platinum yesterday. I had one crash in each outpost, however upon reentering each place all enemies I cleared were still dead. So just run through and clear the rest if you missed any and leave don't waste time inside. There is NOTHING worthwhile inside anyway. This is stil very much passable regardless. Don't get discouraged.
  15. The trophy was glitched back in 2015 but has sense been patched. I'm confused though you never finished those quest not even on other saves? If that's the case yes it glitched.. in a good way I suppose? I just got this platinum yesterday ALL on PS5 and had to finish all 51.