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  1. I keep getting robbed of my death match win trophy. Tied at the end a few times and it always goes to the other player. Played my first two games of Last Worm Standing mode and won them both using the rocket launcher, lol.
  2. Awesome 👏 I’m actually really enjoying this right now. Thanks for the videos pal! Edit: Here's a video of winning the "The last Worm" standing mode for the trophy. I used the rocket launcher the entire play.
  3. Just started playing it. I’m enjoying it so far and already popped quite a few trophies. Ranking each weapon to 10 is definitely a huge grind.
  4. If you were on a 4 streak then that’s just crazy. I feel for you bud!
  5. Keep at it. Good luck 🙂
  6. Awesome! I’m gonna play this very soon and I may refer to it as I want to experience the story first. Thanks for the post! It will come in handy!
  7. I can’t believe how some act over a $1 game that’s suppose to be a joke/Fun for a hour of your time. Pathetic.
  8. Well that’s what I am testing I suppose. There was a glitch if you left before being eliminated your streak would be intact. However sense they broke it and refixed it seems like nobody knows or has really even tried.
  9. Ughh. I really wanna know what’s going on here. I may try to get the 5 wins using the glitch tonight but even that isn’t a easy feat just to find out it’s not working will be very irritating..
  10. I don’t believe there is any information on this however I really hope they don’t, lol.
  11. Shadow of Mordor dlc . Lord of the hunt
  12. Well it’s out. Patch 1.11 and it states that the infallible trophy is fixed. However my question is does the leave trick still work?
  13. I’ve ran through shadow of Mordor twice recently and my experiences with getting vendetta missions to show up is right after the 4th main story mission. Give it time it’s not immediately. Just play naturally and they will appear randomly and I’ve had multiple different ones appear. There’s a lot of players on this rn.
  14. I really curious about this game. The one platinum achiever has gameplay of being on wave 68 on PS4. I’m going to buy it and give it a go. I’m surprised only one achiever after all this time.
  15. Awesome thanks for the heads up. I’m going to grab it. Just got my SE4 platinum a few weeks back and I’ve been waiting on this.