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  1. Is it weird that I enjoyed the rage i got from Trials Fusion. I got it done after months of practice but the feeling of conquering that game KaKrackle is a inspiration for us all! KaKrackle get Crypt done will ya?
  2. Finally got Demon Boy. It took me a lot longer than I would of liked but those damn hell maws enemy are the worst for me. The Gish strats for 4-8x and 4-19x that are in SirKnights videos are not worth doing to much effort. It was easy for me to use kid or meat boy.
  3. Missile Boy is definitely a brutal iron man run. It also made me quit the game for a few months due to the difficulty increase. I’m back and only have four trophies left. Just got maggot boy today before work. I was working on Demon Boy however every now and then I like to switch of the worlds and levels so I don’t drive myself insane with failure, lol. Either way I’m going to pop that platinum one of these days 😀
  4. Thanks a lot for this. The more tips out there the better. I also found sir knights videos very helpful for missile boy. Good idea compiling all these video into one place really helps out.
  5. Thank you. I was only missing a few dark rapture levels for it. I’ll snag demon boy soon enough. Just need some time off to practice a few more of those levels. Also the “demon maws” enemy or what ever it’s name is are extremely frustrating to dodge. It’s the only thing I can’t figure out how to properly get around them. Dark hell has a lot of levels with these guys so I’m in for a great time..
  6. Nice one man. Congrats on that. Your definitely on your way to the platinum now. I’ll hopefully have my 100% trophy done tonight and after I’ll get back into demon boy. If you can do girl boy you pull missile boy off with some practice. Good luck 👍
  7. Thanks man. That trophy is brutal. Took me a day or so to get good enough to pull it off. I love the feeling of popping those hard iron man runs. I will keep at it until that platinum pings 😁
  8. I’ll take those dark souls plats off your hands 😁
  9. I’ve been playing a lot of SMB lately and have been trying for the no death trophies. Managed to get Missile Boy and Brimstone boy after a few days practice. Just need five rapture dark levels for 100%. I’m scared of what I have left though. It’s all the brutal no death runs. Maggot boy won’t be bad but the rest ughh...
  10. I take that Just Cause 3 Plat off your hands.. Save me some frustration
  11. I have been boosting using the two PS4 method. The game is still active enough during the day hours that its really not possible to boost. I'm in the states EST and boosting is easier around any hour past midnight. Anytime past this you rarely run into people and most are fellow trophy hunters
  12. Yeah thanks for the tip. However, I was reading through your guide and you say it's rare chance but if the host leaves during your match it can wipe your online progress? If that's the case I'll be staying far away from randoms while boosting this out. Luckily I do have a second PS4 to use. Hopefully the game isn't too populated now..
  13. Glad we get a another chance at the first two trials. Started the game too late and wasn't able to fight them. Should be ready this time around
  14. This was my first Trials game ever. oddly enough I had the same attitude as "Recreatee" back in 2014 when he posted that, haha. Today I still play Trials Fusion and have switched accounts sense then etc. I played for years on and off never actually trying the challenges because most where way to far out of my skill level so I ignored them. These past few months I put in a lot and I mean a lot of effort into these challenges (Mainly Pipe Phobia & Top Roach) and tonight I popped my "Is There Anything You Can't Do?" trophy. If you're willing to put in the time you can and will get this trophy.
  15. You need to complete every quest in the game. The Final Attack show's up at the pylon after this. Edit: Both, The Good Samaritan & Elite Survivor bugged on me. When I completed my last quest and got the Final attack to show up I never received those trophies. So I completed the Final Attack and got the trophy for defending the Pylon and leveled up to 51.