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  1. Platinum #173: Witchcrafty Fun: 3/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Picked this one up about a month ago when I heard that it may be one of the last Vita games released. I think the devs had to rush it out under the deadline because the ending was extremely abrupt even for a low budget indie game. Also the game is quite glitchy. Your character model will often get locked into an animation and be unable to move. Unfortunately can’t say that I would recommend this.
  2. Hmm… a surprisingly hard choice. It’s too hard to nail down just one. It’s a tossup between Hyper Light Drifter, Muramasa Rebirth, Red Dead Redemption, Mirror’s Edge and Metal Gear Solid 4.
  3. Not Family Jules standard fair but still one of my favorites. I’ve been listening to his CotND cover album a lot lately. Anyone else get Uninvited vibes from this?
  4. What a pleasant surprise. I loved RCG so this is a day 1 pickup for me. If the OST is as good as last time I may double dip on that too.
  5. I had this game through ps plus but when I went to redownload it it gave me an error, c0-9250-6. Does anyone know how to fix this? I downloaded it on PS3 but it gave me the same error when I tried to transfer it as well. :edit: I just tried copying it from PS3 again and now it’s giving a different error, NP-9968-2
  6. Final tally for the day was 213 trophies. Sound Shapes: 199 Arcade game series PAC Man: 14
  7. I fell a little bit behind. I wanted to pop a whole bunch of trophies right after midnight but I fell asleep. Still making very good progress though. 28 trophies earned in the Vita version of Sound Shapes. I should be able to complete all of the beat school levels in all 3 versions today. The beat school trophies alone should get me over 200. I’m not going to bother with the death mode trophies for now. Maybe I’ll come back to them if the other games I plan on doing go very well. After SS I’m going to do PAC Man and Dig Dug. I should be able to get the plats in both pretty quickly. If I still have time at that point I’ll move on to Astro’s Playroom. If I still have time after that I’ll probably do either Spyo 1 or one of the Goat Sim DLCs. I may also pop some of the quick and easy ones in BlazBlue Chronophantasma at some point mixed in with the other games.
  8. Whoa, I got in just in time. Saw the game mentioned in this thread yesterday. Watched a trailer and instantly knew the game was right up my alley. I love parkour platformers. Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite PS3 games. I bought it early this morning. I may have been the last or one of the last people to do so.
  9. Looking forward to tomorrow. If things go to plan I’m thinking I’ll be able to get 150 at least. If things go very well I think my ceiling may be over 300. And that’s without a single trashy platinum.
  10. All done, although I’d be happy to help anyone else with a colored item. The the guy I traded with let me keep it. PSN: postofficebuddy
  11. Actually the way I do that trial as well as Viper’s 22nd trial is to do a very fast 450. It’s a more of a fluid motion for your hands to get used to.
  12. Maybe Rockstar meant the servers are going down after the 16th.
  13. Anyone else looking forward to Melty Blood Type Lumina?
  14. Tier 4 1. Minecraft (PS4, 0.43%) - 100%, second list complete 2. LittleBigPlanet (PS3, rarest obtainable trophy: 3.05%) - 50/59 3. Blazblue Chronophantasma (PS3, 2.19%) - 0% 4. 2Dark (PS4, 3.76%) - 0% 5. Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PS4, 0.07%) - 100% A rare double update for me. Skullgirls and Minecraft complete, if only temporarily for both of them most likely. Will probably start BB this weekend or next week. Despite the server closure nothing changes for me with LBP since I finished the online just under the wire. Although now I’ll have to do the X4 prize bubbles with 4 controllers on my own. That’s going to be a pain.
  15. Just out of curiosity what does the trophy list description say?