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  1. My rarest non platinum is C’est Magnifique! - complete score attack mode with all characters (Persona 4 Arena: 0.43% rarity) and by extension my rarest trophy is the P4A plat (0.38% rarity). I’m extremely proud of both. My rarest used to be brimstone boy but I guess that’s become more common recently. I would have been proud of that one but not quite as proud as P4A.
  2. My rarest plat is Persona 4 Arena but IMO my hardest is Gran Turismo 5. No glitches used. The Vettel Golds are some of my proudest gaming achievements.
  3. You have very good taste. Fata Morgana is amazing. My 50th was Gran Turismo 5 and 100th was Hollow Knight. Very proud of both of them. It’s a long way off but I’m hoping 200 will be Super Meat Boy. Don’t know what 150 will be yet. Maybe Morgana.
  4. I’m in 3rd right now but only 109 people have taken the challenge which is unusually low for a weekly. I might try for 2nd but 1st is definitely impossible. That guy must have gotten really lucky rng grabbing lums you wouldn’t normally be able to on the optimal path. Even with perfect platform movement I have trouble seeing how I could squeeze .3 out of this, let alone .8.
  5. Platinum #112: Rayman Legends (PS4) talk about a long and frustrating grind. Thankfully there’s still a good sized player base so getting diamond trophies is manageable in the challenges. I’m also working on the Vita version. Still at least 3 weeks to go for that one. I started on FF7 Remake but I might avoid getting the platinum until later when I can make it a milestone plat. Maybe 125.
  6. Platinum #111 Final Fantasy XV Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 7/10 I know I’m in the minority but I really enjoyed this FF. Even before this current situation started I had been working on my backlog. 100GB opened up on my hard drive. Got 100% on most of the DLC as well. Surprising to see Lotus Juice on a FF soundtrack. My next target is probably going to be either Rayman Legends or Valkyria Chronicles remastered.
  7. Compared to Outlast 2 this game and the DLC is a cakewalk. Just don’t choke on the final jump in the main campaign. That happened to me twice and almost made me give up on the 100%.
  8. Grand Theft Auto 3. Kind of apropos I guess considering one of the games most controversial features back when it released on PS2.
  9. I already have the trophy for diamond but another 50 points is always nice. Thanks a bunch for the tips. I had no idea you could shake skeletons for lums.
  10. I just joined the 100 platinum club with one of my favorite Metroidvanias ever, Hollow Knight. Honestly the final pantheon wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I died to Absolute Radiance twice and the second time was a bad choke with just a few hits left in her final phase. After practicing a bunch and winning on ascended I took her down easily on my next attempt in the pantheon. Definitely a platinum worthy of being #100.
  11. The Furi vinyl OST. And on top of that I got a 30% discount on it from the developers website because I had the platinum.
  12. I loved 1/2 Genie Hero so I’ll definitely pick this up.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I’m just going to unplug my PS3 until this issue gets resolved.
  14. Just got around to picking up my preorder today. I’ve been very intrigued with this one since seeing the trailer. Looks kind of like a role-reversed Dokuro, and I loved that game.
  15. Any word on Fata Morgana yet? The trophy list just came out so I would imagine it’s pretty close.