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  1. Apparently in the patch today (1.07) there is a new pep power that restores your Hammer weapon ammo. Well that sure would have been useful.
  2. !!!!!
  3. For the dieselhammer, if you have the physical version, you can delete your game and reinstall and refuse the patch. Then go to the casino in the first mission where a heavy has the dieselhammer. Jump off the side of the airship after you've killed everything and repeat. This is much faster than the Lab X method of collecting ammo. If you have the digital version it won't work because they removed the mission checkpoints on replays.
  4. The trophy for acing this is definitely the hardest trophy. I've seen elsewhere that you need 90% gold hands, but I don't think that's right because I'm pretty sure I didn't get that. The only tip really is to do it over and over again and eventually you'll anticipate what's coming next, and the movements you need will be burned into your muscle memory. It took me dozens of tries.
  5. Pretty sure nothing is missable. After you solved everything, you can progress through the day quickly with the green dialog selections. Just wait and select nothing until the dialog option goes away, and you can access parts of that scene that no longer seem accessible otherwise.
  6. It's interesting, I had no memory of ever killing one charging, but the trophy popped after I killed 6 deliberately. I guess if you play this game for the 50+ hours needed for plat you'll end up killing a few charging just by chance haha.
  7. Thanks!
  8. That sounds great! Do we know if you beet Survival 2 if you get the previous trophy for Survival as well?
  9. Do you have to complete the game in Survival mode normally before you can do Survival II? Or can you pick survivor when doing new game+ regardless of your first playthrough?
  10. I'd be ok with the maps if they had a waypoint finder for your selected objective.
  11. Yes especially now that they've fixed some of the biggest issues (inability to pause, checkpoints, sister AI) I think it's a pretty good game for the price. Platting it sucks though.
  12. Yes you can choose any of the difficulties with mission select. It actually tracks separate scores for hard and normal. You only need to get 5 starts on one of them for each mission.
  13. With the patch I seem to find more hammer ammo in the crates in Lab X. I don't know if that's true or not, but it seems like it. The patch notes did have this line: "Added more special weapon ammo throughout more difficult areas." I only need 2 trips to Lab X to get a good amount of hammer ammo now, as opposed to 3-4 before.
  14. The VR game worked just fine with me, both with the Dualshock and the move controllers. I didn't start playing until it had been out for several weeks though. I would try to update and if that doesn't work, delete and reinstall.
  15. Because for some of us getting trophies is fun in and of itself, in addition to the fun the game provides separate from the trophies. So we're upset that the grind is making it so hard to get this extra bit of fun. Yeah I can not do it, and I'm still considering that, but I still want the plat.