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  1. I've played the game a few times. Beating the game on on hard with hardcore mode is the blocker. It is extremely difficult. I have not been able to get very far on it. Everything else can be done with a guide or without much difficulty once you have all the skills/upgrades. Regardless of the trophies, it is a wonderful game worth experiencing. And if you have a 3D TV, the 3D is amazing. Once of the best games for 3D.
  2. I'm not saying playing on vanilla survival unlocks 2 Days 2 Done. Can't confirm it doesn't (although that seems weird if it does). But all I can say is I played on survival on NG+ (or Survival II, whatever you want to call it), and unlocked Surviving is Living, 2 Days 2 Done, & One More Ride, upon completing that run.
  3. Playing it on survival on new game plus gives you the trophy for beating on survival, the trophy for beating on hard 2 or survival 2, and the trophy for beating on new game plus. It's confirmed.
  4. After you've completed your initial run of the game, start a new game plus run and play it in survival difficulty. That's what you need to do.
  5. You just have to do survival difficulty on new game+ and you'll get every difficulty related trophy and the new game+ trophy. Make sure you kill a horde in under 60 seconds and and kill something with every ammo type with the new weapon and you'll have all the DLC trophies (other than the challenges). They've just named things kind of funky. Survival II just means "Survival on a new game+ run."
  6. I have the platinum. It's not hard. If you're dying easily you have to get a better gem to update your defense (you lose your weapon, mask, and gem when you die or quit the game). The biggest thing is the collectibles, which is tedious but easy with a video guide. The kill count trophies will probably come automatically from playing through once and then hunting the collectibles, as long as you kill all the golems you come across. If not, you'll be close. Pretty sure there are no missable trophies.
  7. This is my GOTY and it's about as good as Spider-man.
  8. Yes I would get all the other trophies first and then start fresh, if you want.
  9. I assume so but even if you can the quickest way is still to play Riverside over and over, with the change the date method.
  10. The patches are definitely a huge improvement and do make it closer. I don't know about "much" closer. I think the game is worth the price. But the coin grind and weapon mastery grinds are insane and the patches have only helped a little with that.
  11. I have no idea what's up with that, but you could try deleting your save game and starting fresh. You could get the uber hammer with maybe 5 hours or so? And it's real quick to level that to level 10. That's when the trophy unlocked for me. You might want to play patchless (if you have the disc version) in case the patches messed with this somehow.
  12. Apparently in the patch today (1.07) there is a new pep power that restores your Hammer weapon ammo. Well that sure would have been useful.
  13. !!!!!
  14. For the dieselhammer, if you have the physical version, you can delete your game and reinstall and refuse the patch. Then go to the casino in the first mission where a heavy has the dieselhammer. Jump off the side of the airship after you've killed everything and repeat. This is much faster than the Lab X method of collecting ammo. If you have the digital version it won't work because they removed the mission checkpoints on replays.
  15. The trophy for acing this is definitely the hardest trophy. I've seen elsewhere that you need 90% gold hands, but I don't think that's right because I'm pretty sure I didn't get that. The only tip really is to do it over and over again and eventually you'll anticipate what's coming next, and the movements you need will be burned into your muscle memory. It took me dozens of tries.