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  1. I wouldn't want to try to do the cursed chests on Mater but I think everything else can be 100%-ed just fine. It would definitely be more useful to do it on Master if you're only going to do it on one of them.
  2. I'm at corrupt Taro. It's easier at times and harder at others. For example, the woodnight took me about an hour of attempts on expert, but I got him on the 2nd try on master. On the other hand, I beat the Shrine Guardian on the first try on expert, but needed about 10 attempts on Master. Non boss fights are also harder, like the God Shrine encounter omg that was so hard on both expert and master. Well I'm going to push through but no idea if I'll actually be able to handle the final boss. I couldn't on expert, had to ratchet down to story difficulty. I know there's a way to cheese it, but I'm worried about
  3. Besides the ability to downgrade, is there any effective difference between playing the PS5 version or playing the PS4 version on PS5? I'm not going to rebuy to get plat, but I was wondering if the PS5 version was better.
  4. Yeah I guess. But as long a you don't manually delete the saves, there's effectively chapter select.There just isn't a menu option for it, you have to go load the right save.
  5. I'm just going to get the physical edition. But I don't think we know if there will be new lists or not. That there or currently no PS5 games sharing a list with the PS4 version doesn't mean there can't be a first time that happens. Have any other PS4 lists been reorganized like that after a PS5 remaster was announced?
  6. I though unmissable meant, finish the game and you will definitely have this trophy. And missable meant, if you finish the game and didn't get it, it cannot be gotten by chapter/mission select.
  7. Are any of these really missable though since you can load a save from the start of each mission? It keeps one automatically.
  8. Ehh, Pro let most games after that run at 4K or 4K-ish, and it kept the framerate more stable for games. It was worth it for me anyway.
  9. Without rebooting the game or rebooting the console? I rarely reboot the console, just use rest mode.
  10. I did it in 5 playthroughs. First one was blind, but for my 5th I realized if I deviated from the guide and did things just right I wouldn't need the 6th. But I don't see any reason to doubt the quick times. Yeah if you're doing it the way you're supposed to do it, by the developer's design, it's gonna be like 7 hours or something at least. But there could always be some trick or method to get them faster that's not apparent. And as the posts above show, that may be the case.
  11. You can also just pull the battery out of the nullifier. Then you can hack the radio while invisible. Unless they've patched that.
  12. Got all achievements on Xbox. I'll wait until this is on Plus or something.Plat is like 2-3 hours if you know what to do and are following a guide. But the fun is in trying to figure out what to do next to progress the story. I spent about 15 hours on the game. I did enjoy it, although some aspects are frustrating, like not being able to save state at a specific point in the time period so you can try different things to see if they have an effect. As it is, you have to replay the loop to trying something different.
  13. Weird how no one has plat, even on PSN, even though all trophies have reasonable unlock rates.
  14. She spotted me and it messed up a run. Pretty sure she was the only one who detected me.
  15. I couldn't find a physical version for the VR version. had to get it from the store.