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  1. Yup it worked. I got it in Chapter 7. PS5 patched disc version, quit to menu after each move (but didn't start until end of ch 2) and then continued.
  2. Why do you need auto aim? Just so you don't miss? I switched it on for my all alive playthrough after having it off on my blind playthrough, and I don't even notice a difference. Edith: I had it on on not auto.
  3. ^ That worries me if it will work for me because I only started doing it in chapter 2 - chapter 3 interlude. On chapter 4 now.
  4. I'm already in chapter 3 of my all alive game after my blind playthrough but will start doing this now. Hope it works in chapter 7 or 8 or something.
  5. I think it's just some amount of distance you have to travel in elevators. I'd keep going up and down until it pops.
  6. Watch skins and resonated items unfortunately do not transfer. A few are missable too.
  7. That's what I'm doing yeah. BTW: for 3rd chapter boss, don't move an inch, parry and heavy attack. Don't try to parry his counter, just hold down L1. He'll attack many times but you'll block all of them. He'll continue until you're in the tired state but then he backs off and lets your stamina recover. Then rinse and repeat. Again don't move your player right to left at all. After like 10 times of this he's dead and you haven't taken a hit. I tried the other strats like place swap etc, but I couldn't pull them off. This is easy if time consuming.
  8. The Jumping Chips.
  9. Oh right there's auto aim now, which got introduced for Lost Legacy on PS4.
  10. Depends how much you die lol. Probably took me an extra2-3 hours on Crushing with cheats with the extra dying. But that's back in 2016, I thankfully autopopped crushing for this one.
  11. Felt like a big jump from Expert to Master for me. Did both legit. You also take more damage and also lose some magic when you get hit.
  12. That video implies the new glitch was not possible before 1.16. Is that actually true?
  13. Anyone know what the new score requirement is? This trophy is the reason I gave up on plat.
  14. But they'll work with the new glitch if what I'm saying.
  15. I did it legit (except the final boss exploit), but now I'm tempted to get the PS4 version and do an easy run lol. Even if they patch it, the Physical version should be good.