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  1. The reverse chapter method doesn't work in this game. Even with just the accessibility options, Grounded was easier for me than Grounded reverse in the first game. It was useless for the resort chapter which was one of the hardest parts.
  2. I don't think the DLC is physical on the Aurora edition. The description just says access to the expansion pass.
  3. It's very doable at the same time. However, you will die a lot of grounded so it will be pretty frustrating getting set back 5-15 minutes so much. I did permadeath on very light+ and only died a few times in 1 hit kill/failure scenarios. If I did them simultaneously I think it might have saved a few hours but I'd probably also have less hair now, haha. You'll want to use invisible while prone. This lets you skip most encounters except for a few encounters with infected in which you are forced to fight. If you're doing grounded, scrounge everything and save your resources for these encounters! Enhanced listen mode lets you use listen mode even though grounded disables it. You'll want to turn off weapon sway and use auto aim so you don't miss, especially if playing grounded. Those are the only accessibility options I think are useful, at least in terms of surviving.
  4. I know collectibles do. Can't remember on kills but I think so.
  5. I would recommend playing on hard for 1 playthrough and using no guides which will give the most enjoyment (I think), but thoroughly raid everything to get all the parts and suplements you can. Then play on grounded+ with a guide for collectibles. Most collectibles aren't in combat sections so you should be able to get them all. You'll probably get enough parts and supplements even with skipping sections. Then permadeath on very light+ and you want to rush through this, because you will die sometimes because of a fluke or mistake and it wipes out everything since the last chapter ended. Most chapters take only 10-15 minutes if you're speedrunning them. If you're still missing any collectibles or somehow need more parts or supplements, you can get them now.
  6. I have been doing permadeath on very light+ and it's not hard at all, especially with accessibility option like magnetizing your reticle on the target, or invisible while can basically skip 4 out of 5 encounters entirely this way. I'm 3/4ths through and have only died twice (really more of a failure to save Dina, but they counted as deaths). It's cheap but I don't care, I just want the trophy out of the way.
  7. I saw on another forum that if you go to another sector of the map and then fast travel back it will rest the vending machines without having to restart the DLC. I already restarted so I can't test it.
  8. Well for me because it increases my score and also get me closer to my current goal of 100 plats.
  9. Yeah it's out. Turn on invulnerability and you can't die. You can turn on damage modifiers if you don't want to go that far. So far as we can tell no trophies get locked out.
  10. Well this makes all the trophies incredibly easy and I think takes the platinum difficulty down to a 2. With immortality you still take damage but you can't die. You just stay alive when the health bar is down to 0. There are some parts in the main game where you have to run between 2 tasks quickly, or quickly orient yourself to fit through small gaps, but the vast majority of the game's difficulty is gone with this. Not sure how I feel about an optional god mode being included before completion. I would rather the difficulty would be more balanced and for it to be less likely for your whole health bar to be depleted by freak explosions you can't anticipate. I wonder if they'll include this in the ultimate edition. Seems like it's not an accident that they waited until the last DLC to add this.
  11. But what about I'm assuming that's no joke and accessibility doesn't help much.
  12. i like having both lol
  13. This was annoying but it's not hard. Most of the time you're controlling the main character with the main controller but sometimes you have to control another character with a different controller.
  14. Just for the record.
  15. That will go away if you back out and then load the item from the menu manually. So it's just a temporary glitch.