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  1. I've completed the Heist DLC and just trying to clear up the SB challenges for 100%, but for the life of me I can't complete the Gadget one in the park. I'm scoring the points, the timer runs out and it tells me I didn't defeat all the fans or something like that, my only option on the screen is to abandon or try again. I've done this 5 or 6 times now - restarted, died and respawned from last checkpoint etc... but nothing. Am I missing something here?
  2. Did it first time last night with 30 seconds to spare. Woo-hoo! Went on a rampage after and I've done them all on TH and TW. Just the 1 left on SL. Cheers for the advice! 😎
  3. I did the same Played it last night and realised I was spamming R1 to throw webs at Brutes - Have no idea why I've never put 2 and 2 together and realised it works with all gadgets! I am embarrassed haha. Gonna give it a whirl later on and try to finish up the SB challenges on The Heist and Turf Wars before starting Silver Lining.
  4. Just tap LT to spam?
  5. Man. So many times I've had 1 or 2 left >_< How is he/she using gadgets without aiming? Maybe that's what's slowing me down.
  6. Yeah there is a timer on. It's the anti gravity and trip wire gadgets. It's a piece of piss, I get the score required for at least Silver, the time runs out, and it says retry or abandon. I'm at a loss as to what else I need to do.
  7. I'm just using the 2 gadgets and getting more than enough for at least Silver every time.
  8. Anybody able to help me get this trophy? Last one I need and I haven't got the energy to play through the entire story for a third time. Need someone with a save before the final boss so I can join the game and beat him. Can help with other trophies if you need them in exchange
  9. Is it total kills, as in team also, or just kills made by Ryder?
  10. Exhibition match, 1min quarter, rookie. Takes no time at all working through the teams from A to Z.
  11. I've just picked this up and I'm down for some MP so if peeps still play send me an invite across.
  12. Being in Skyrim I had to go Nord. Big, bearded, Ginger Nord. Called him Tormund. He's a heavy armor wearing, Sword and Dagger wielding, shouty Dragonborn.
  13. I've really enjoyed my play through of this game. I remember back in the day I didn't get into it as much as the previous games. Over 80 hours invested so far and just need 7 more creatures to complete my Bestiary in the main game (without using Trial mode). It's been a blast.
  14. Shellga definitely helps. Excalibur - White Robes with bravery, haste and berserk in critical HP made short work of him.
  15. I had nightmares about Abysteels in the original version. A lot less of a pain in TZA.
  16. 128 games, 99.8% completion. That's... impressive! Dedication right there. I'd love to know what the 0.2% of trophies are that you haven't got!
  17. I got the Black Hole finish last night when fighting Trickster. The one time I didn't try to get it I got it. Just 2 more concurrences to get now, but at least the hard one is out of the way.
  18. Skeletons in Lhusu is the easiest one to chain IMO as in that area it is ONLY skeletons with no chance of accidentally attacking anything else and breaking the chain. If chaining wolves in the desert there is always a chance of attacking a cactuar or trice. It's where I got my chain trophy. Think I got to about 260 before turning around and selling my loot.
  19. I wanted to use all the jobs and went with the below. Pretty good all round Shikari/Breaker: Hunter's ninja swords are one of the best weapons to use with Genji Gloves, and Hunter/Breaker is arguably the best way to do so. This combination gives you 3x swiftness, a decent ranged weapon (hand bomb), all 4 breaks, Genji gear, high strength and HP, and ninja swords. Black Mage/Monk: perhaps the ultimate offensive magic user. Monk upgrades your Black Mage with 3x swiftness, tons of HP, and access to White Magick 9-13. Being able to exploit Holy weakness is a huge advantage, and the best staff (Staff of the Magi) boosts Holy damage by 50%. This combo also has excellent physical strength, which especially comes in handy earlier in the game before you get all the really good offensive spells. Samurai/Uhlan: katana damage benefits from Uhlan's high strength and heavy armor. Uhlan's Holy Lance benefits from access to holy-boosting White Robes. White Mage/Machinist: This is a nice upgrade for your healer. Machinist gives you lots of HP, 3x swiftness, eventual access to Hastega, and guns (which do fixed damge regardless of your stats, making them ideal for a weak healer-type character). Guns give you a way of doing some decent damage during downtime from healing/buffing. What's more, you can equip Dark Shot + Black Robes to boost their damage by 50% AND heal allies with dark-absorbing gear. Just be sure to set up your gambits so you don't heal any dark-absorbing enemies. If you want to use guns, this is the best combo to do so. Archer/Red Mage: Archer gets the fire-boosting Burning Bow to boost Red Mage's Ardor spell. You also get 3x swiftness and all the item lores. Overall this isn't as powerful as the Black Mage/Red Mage combo, but it's a good choice if you already have a Black Mage/Monk and you don't want to double up on the Black Mage job. Knight/Time Mage: Time Mage gives the slow Knight 3x swiftness, a ranged weapon (Bowguns), and some decent magic power to make the best of his White Magick. Plus Time Magick, of course. This combo makes for a great attacker with lots of support abilities. Love this one. The synergy here is incredible. Samurai's katanas do damage based on both strength and magic. Samurai has very high magic power, along with the magic-boosting mystic armor, but has just mediocre strength. Knight has excellent strength and strength-boosting heavy armor, so this combo will greatly increase katana damage. But it gets better. Knight unlocks a bunch of excellent White Magicks, but has lousy magic power. Samurai's magic ability will make those spells far more effective. What's more, this is the only combo in the game that allows White Robes (50% damage boost for Holy element) + Excalibur (Holy elemental sword) + 3x swiftness, making you the ultimate undead slayer.
  20. I always liked Borderlands trophies. I wish that the trophy art could be used as your profile avatar once you've unlocked it. Or more games should have avatar icons available once you've unlocked a trophy.
  21. Think I got to a 240+ chain when I did this a few days ago. Got my 99 Bone Fragments well before that but I just couldn't stop with the auto attack and 4x speed! If you head north of the bridge and go all the way to the end (where the bounty hunters encounter you in the story) the undead will have spawned again on the bridge. The bonus? There is only undead in this area too so you can fight your way to the end of the map increasing your chain. You don't have to worry about turning off gambits and fleeing 2 screens away.
  22. Got mine first time last night after following the 20 second exit/enter method and waiting for the boy on the deck to hit the corner 4 times. Hooray!
  23. Can't beat a bit of the Cap. His shield throw is boss, plus reserve strength buff is a life saver when facing a load of enemies. Black Panther is great to play too. Stealth is such an OP ability.