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  1. If you played Costume Quest, you are assured a great time with Costume Quest 2! The game-play is solid as can be, the many references to other movies, games, music, etc., is hilarious, and just a enjoyable game all around. If you are on the fence about this game, but enjoy good turn-based combat with some humor and a little thinking thrown in, be sure to give this gem a try.
  2. This to me is the best and to be quite honest, the least arrogant explanation I have ever heard...bravo!
  3. I think it is great! Not a 10, but certainly a fun game that can keep you amused for many hours. I think the story was fun, the dialog was quite good, and game-play very good.
  4. Here are my newest PS4 games:
  5. Here are my top 5 faves: 1, RFOM 2 2. RFOM 3 3. Killzone 2 4. Killzone 3 5. BFBC 2
  6. Got 3 of them for my birthday: 1. Madden 25 2. Puppeteer 3. Dark Souls
  7. Two games come to mind immediately: 1. Folklore 2. Costume Quest
  8. Pure classic cheese!
  9. I will delete folks that are either inactive (3 months or more), or those whom I have not gamed with in a while.
  10. This is my newest.
  11. Meh, I coluld give two squats what Plats people have for what games or the rarity of those Plats. I never check on other gamers to see which games they earned Plats on, let alone considered one better than another. The only time I check another players stats is before I send or recieve a friend request to see what game or games we have in common. Other than that, as long as that person had and has fun playing their games, that's all I care about. Want to earn my respect as a gamer...be a fun, decent gamer to know and game with.
  12. I have played the heck out of it, and I personally enjoy it. It offers a few good challenges, but nothing too tough; so it is a great game if you want to sort of relax while gaming at the same time. The graphics are quite good, but don't expect too much with the voice-overs. They aren't terrible, but kind of lacking. There are plenty of hunting missions to keep ya' busy, and a wide variety of game to pursue. If you can find it for say $25 or less, it is well worth it.
  13. once again hommie ya crossed Ma mind and I had to swing by. ain't hit ya up since I got back from My, how can I put it" real life event". but definitely holla @ Me next time ya pass through. ltr hommie, and U B safe.

  14. ...and that my friend puts you ahead of many here. Why else would one want to play a game other than those reasons right there. Good for you!
  15. That sums it up for me as well. IMHO, if you are rage quitting because of a trophy, you have lost the enjoyment of gaming for the sake of a trophy.