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  1. Seems almost too easy to be true. Still will wait a few reviews for this game, but judging by Sony's recent trophy lists for first party games I'd expect a new game + DLC and probably some more added DLC later this year.
  2. Any chance you could pass on their PSN names? Struggling to find anybody with mics or anyone in general to do chapter 2 with
  3. Anyone got a PS3 world with Map Room trophy? If anyone does that I can use, my PSN is Skalesandfang101
  4. Just spent about 3 hours and game crashed at round 19 wave 3. Such a waste of time. Doesn't help the rounds are slow and some of the maps are stupidly big, most of my time was spent running around looking for just 1 or 2 enemies. Don't want to use modded weapons really, but there's no true way to speed these trophies up
  5. I got the Odyssey season pass, I loved this game to bits while getting Platinum on PS3 (well, not all of it) but a genuine remaster this time around. Can't wait to get invested all next weekend
  6. Any idea how to get the following trophies: Ability Skill Master J-Skill Master Upgrade Master I've been researching these trophies because a lot of the other random ones are easily done in the lobby or the menu, but these ones I can't figure out how to unlock. I think you get J Skills from free missions, but am totally unaware how to preform upgrades (I only have about 10) or where to obtain 30 ability skills. And the other one, roughly whats the best way to get 1000 dropped items? I thought I would've unlocked it by now, I suppose I should just keep playing. This game has no trophy guides or any detailed videos, and honestly I can see why
  7. Looks really fun, only having to win 2 online matches makes it already sound nice and forgiving. Allows trophy hunters to be able to play online for fun without having to stress for wins. Still not sure if I should pre order or not, the S rank trophies sounds like the decider for a lot of people. Gintoki didn't make it to the roster which is the only lame thing about the game for me.
  8. Yikes. I've only been skipping the side quest dialogue every now and then lol. I don't want to rush this game - sure it's repetitive, but I know that considering Ubisoft made it. Sure, I love myself a quick platinum but I knew this game is about 80 - 100 hours, and then I also have all the DLC. Nobody asked you to come here and be a complete twat. There's plenty of good games out there I want to play for fun while not bothering about trophies like Persona 5 and Red Dead 2. I chose Kassandra, what makes it better to play as Alexios? Nobody is forcing me at all, I could drop it but I am invested enough to keep going. Apart from Chronicles since I haven't found a physical cheap copy yet, I want to platinum every AC game, so I do need to do this one. I'd say some dull moments between quests (not to mention the long load times, even my pro still takes awhile, which sucks since fast travel is really useful) are worth it for that platinum. The skill trees are a lot of fun though
  9. I gave up and started skipping a majority of the quest line dialogue. More fun that way.
  10. I've been playing Odyssey for a few hours most days of the week and nothing has really peaked since Episode 1. After each story quest the game makes you level up 1 to 2 levels. At first I thought it was reasonable until I saw how much xp you need to level up. I'm level 21 and it's almost 50,000 xp for level 22. I am enjoying the basic combat and setting, maybe I'm just still not used to AC being a JRPG.
  11. Just started chapter 5 now to get some extra animals. Do you need to track the animal or do you only need 75%?
  12. No trophy for 100% sync all main story missions is a big plus for me, not because they're hard it's because it takes away the freedom when playing the story
  13. Nice they added these trophies but totally pass on this, found one playthrough boring enough.
  14. Well, I've encountered a pivot that is inside a building in Boston with no entrance..... things are looking grim
  15. I got it to work and hunted down my first pivot, it's a terrible collectible system, do you know how many I have to collect for the trophy?