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  1. disengage
  2. Do you "believe"?
  3. Resozialisierungspolitik
  4. I would put it into a molotow cocktail and throw it into a church. If life gives you death from life to life from death.
  5. Banned because of banning the ban that bans your ban 10 times before my nocturnal ban in history beyond our black hole in realizing razors in hollow minds.
  6. eating your flesh
  7. Ocean?
  8. Fellatio
  9. Most human beings would kill the truth, if the truth would kill their religion.
  10. Dunkelheit
  12. Best fucking solo in this fucking wurld
  13. You can't undo actions. Whatever you do is forever..... I still love myself
  14. Peperoni Pizza Bathory or Burzum?
  15. No. If you have to add me as a friend on PSN?
  16. No. (unfortunately) Am I cringe?
  17. No. Have you ever played a game just for the trophies?
  18. Neither. SNES or Sega Dreamcast?
  19. No. Is it cringe if I ask u about my cringy attitude?